Some Corona Thoughts

April 4, 2020

Serbia has been in lockdown for three weeks. Not to the extent of Chinese measures, such as welding people into their homes, but they are taking it rather more seriously than the globalists running the UK. So, everything is closed except supermarkets and pharmacies, which themselves close at 3pm. There’s a curfew from 5pm, but food delivery is still allowed. It’s all going swimmingly, as society continues to function and Krauser continues to maintain his bodybuilding macros.

So, everyone is happy.


On my way to Maxi for a pint of milk, yesterday

I was on a big conference video call last night with a right bunch of cunts and it was my first social contact in a fortnight. One topic mentioned was, what is everyone doing with their free time in isolation? The main thing I realised is that my life hasn’t changed in the slightest. I’m still unemployed, with no mates, and no birds. I was doing that before Corona made it cool. That got me thinking about introversion and Game.

Have you read Susan Cain’s popular book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking? I did last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Her main thrust is that extraverts outnumber introverts 3:1 and through weight of numbers have convinced us that characteristics of introversion are dysfunctional. They’ve pathologised it. We see this in game advice constantly. You’re supposed to go out to social environments packed with people and stimulus (bars, clubs) and then talk to every cunt there. Be friendly to the door whore, high five the bouncers, get pally with the bar man, chink glasses with every group, open some pawn sets, merge them forwards, get bummed off a fat hairy Turk. Okay, that last one is still non-standard advice. But, the point is, traditional game advice maps directly onto extraversion. Be More Extraverted.

What if you think bars are shit? What if you’ve no interest in faking palliness with strangers? What if you don’t want to befriend jackasses? Then you have bad game, brah! None of this is news to avid daygamers. Most of us already had that eureka moment of I can shag birds without becoming a social monkey. We know we are introverts and that a path of tight game exists for us too. No, that’s old news. What interests me about Corona is extending the thought: what if it’s not just simple introversion that is being unfairly patholigised by insufferable extraverted big mouths?


The Corona Stop

Think of the following behaviours which are generally considered socially dysfunctional:

  • social anxiety
  • compulsive hand-washing and surface-cleaning
  • homophobia
  • racism
  • standoffish with wop-style hugging and cheek-kissing
  • hoarding

What is the one thing all of these behaviours have in common? Minimisation of exposure to infectious diseases.

The Corona lockdown is reminding us why the environment has selected for introversion. We haven’t had a major human pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918 [1] so we’ve been lulled into a false sense of security about how regular these things decimate humanity. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are Conquest, War, Famine, and Pestilence. Civilisation is the art of allowing people to live in cities without dying like rats [2]. Globalisation massively ups the risk, by expanding the scope of where diseases can be found and the speed of how quickly they can be imported into our countries. People seem to forget antibiotics weren’t invented until 1929 and didn’t enter widespread usage until the 1940s.

That’s why we haven’t had a major pandemic since 1918. We forgot about Pestilence, just as we forgot about Famine and, until recently, Conquest (i.e. mass immigration)



This cunt dies first

So, when wondering how certain “dysfunctional” traits emerged in our population [3] everything changes when you interpret it against a backdrop of ever-present disease risk. All that rabbitry of the past eighty years was enabled not just by the spectacular resource growth of capitalism (suppressing Famine) or keeping all our wars outside of the Western lands (suppressing the popular experience of War), but by the impact of antibiotics and sanitisation in controlling pandemics. Thanks to the commie Chinese bastards, perhaps that era is coming to an end. The four horseman of the apocalypse have appeared on the horizon and that’s turning us wolfish.

I couldn’t help but notice the January/February fad for prepping on Twitter. To me, this is the wolfish trait of “preparing for winter” expressing itself. The squirrels are collecting nuts. The world continues to shift from r towards K. I like it [5]. It’s becoming a world I recognise and enjoy living in.

So, what am I doing in isolation? Just the same things I always did, because I’m a wolfish introvert. There have been some tweaks. The gyms are closed, so my training regime has shifted towards endurance/flexibility, seeing as muscle-building is out. Concordantly, my diet is back towards low-carb and -300 calorie deficits. After running surpluses and carb supercompensation, I’d have to cut eventually. Might as well do it now. I continue to read more than I should (just started book #44 of 2020), and I’m catching up on my video games. I recently completed Division 2, Yakuza Zero, and Sunset Overdrive [4]. I’ve also gotten my ass in gear for writing my two planned books of 2020.

What should YOU be doing during a lockdown? Well, what better time is there to do your daygame homework and really learn the theory, so you are well “prepped” for when the streets reopen and the bitches start looking for dick? Get yourself Daygame Overkill, by far the best infield video series out there.


[1] I don’t count Ebola because that only affected Africans, or AIDS because it only affected degenerates.
[2] That’s an aphorism from Vox Day.
[3] I’m talking about introversion etc again, not faggotry.
[4] All excellent games. I’m currently level 38 on Assassins Creed Odyssey and halfway through Resident Evil 2 remake.

[5] Fortunately I did all my shagging while rabbitry ruled the world.


  1. Glad your ok Mah nigga! I see your in Serbia at the moment and I’m guessing if there wasn’t a lockdown you’d be having a crack at the local Serb gash😉. Old habits die hard and all that! You never know you might get super lucky and bump into your mate the white van man 😁

  2. I see pubs and degeneracy mainly associated with large cities.
    I did Euro jaunts last year with moderate success, but large number of people and repetitive Groundhog Day grind really gets to me.

    So this year I am getting a white van. More freedom, more mountains and less people.

  3. There’s definitely a tug-of-war going on between ancestrally adaptive behavior that doesn’t scale beyond a clan and what the markets – scaling up to billions of individual transactions – want out of you. As an example, I lived in Atlanta, Georgia for eight years, great job, hated the city – its density, noise, constantly having to converse with strangers – so I moved to a smaller town close to family, job pays less, but I have room to breathe and I’m happier. I’m not even particularly introverted. I think a lot could be said for finding good ways to prioritize ancestral psychology in modern life.

  4. Now I know why the upper class wore gloves in the old days. To avoid infection.
    I was alerted in January looking at the vids of dead chinese ppl lieing in the streets. But today I am calm and wonder: were are the dead in Europe. I dont see the apocalypse here in Germany. Its all media frenzy with no core. I am sure that the 2020 stats of deaths wont differ to the prior years. Its an attempt to take our remains of freedoms and to topple Trump. Its an all out war against us.

    • @Chazz Reinhold, This whole fiasco was “induced” as Trump put it by the Chinks, no doubt that vile creature (and patsy for the vanderbilts etc) Clinton has her fingerprints all over this. Too bad for them that it’s going to backfire spectacularly, Trump has played a blinder and will probably sail the election with even more votes come November.

  5. I started prepping in September 2015 when Merkel opened the borders.

  6. Welcome to the jungle. We got fun and games.

  7. You don’t need a corporate gym to build muscle. Charles Atlas (one of the bodybuilding pioneers) advocated isometrics/dynamic tension and the gym industry only came in later. Pretty much all forms of strength training work in some way. I have more muscle mass than at any other time of my life and have performed body weight exercises only for the past two years. Key is to doing them properly in a slow, controlled manner – not just busting out as many reps as possible in fast and terrible form, which is what most people do with pushups etc.

  8. The issue with game and extroversion is that girls want status from men above all. Introvert means basically no status. Unless you are rich or famous from some other way. And even then girls want you to have a social life to stay with you long-term. There are exceptions to everything of course, and that’s what you look for in daygame, and that’s partly why daygame’s abysmal ROI exists.

    Bottom line, for the best results in game, it helps to be extroverted, or to at least make some effort to move in that direction.

    Personally, I can be extremely extroverted when I want to, but I only want to a few days a year. So for the most part I look for introverted daygame unicorns too.

    • Let me put it more bluntly. You say that “a path of tight game exists for us too”. My point is that, no, you are wrong. Your “tight introverted game” will lead to much worse results than someone else’s “tight extroverted game”. Ergo, your game isn’t tight from where he’s standing. And that’s okay. It’s not a competition. As long as you get your needs filled, it’s all good.

  9. I think you could also do quite a lot with simply a pair of dumbbell bars, enough weight plates and a basic adjustable gym bench, should you decide to go for a training regime that makes use of free weights.

  10. Love how your product sales paragraphs almost look sarcastic and out of place. 🙂

    On a different note though, it sounds like you have reached a post-daygame stage in your life and corona has helped solidify it. Don’t misread this as some moral judgement — more of a curiosity about the deeper reasons that seem to have led you away from that ‘PUA lifestyle’. And rest assured, this is coming from an admirer and adopter of your interpretation of the LDM who has yet to see anything close to the level of detail your writing provided. However, it would ultimately appear that this whole paradigm is not sustainable as a long-term lifestyle without severe brain damage or hopeless hormonal addiction. Clearly, you don’t seem to fall into either category, which makes one all the more curious about your thoughts on retiring from ‘the community’ and all that.

  11. Hey Krauser, I was interested in your low carb diet, could you describe it? And I was wondering if you thought keto would be too extreme / too much effort for similar results. Thanks.

  12. This is what a gymnast looks like:

    No weights. Strictly bodyweight. No stupid shit like “bulking” and “cutting”. No gym fees. No gym commuting. All you need is a pull-up bar at home.

    Read Convict Conditioning. It will change your life.

    If after you’ve reached the level of a gymnast’s physique, you STILL want more strength, THEN pick up a weights bar. But it’s assbackwards to pick it up before (and that’s why everyone gets crippled sooner or later).

    The book explains it better than I just did, so just read it. [Remember what I just wrote about bluster? If you think those guys are natural, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. K.]

    • No professional athletes are natural. But gymnasts don’t use weights. You won’t look exactly like them without drugs, but they do prove that you can get pretty far with bodyweight, far further than what most people achieve WITH weights.

      You read countless pulp books a year. Convict Conditioning is not pulp. It’s the top fitness manual of the era. Just put aside one pulp novel and read that book, and you’ll understand. Now is the perfect time for it too, since you can’t go to a gym. I picked up that book in prison, so I was in a similar situation. It was necessity that brought me to it, and I thank the gods for that necessity.

    • Come on, to say convict conditioning is a life changing book is ridiculous.
      It is a handy guide to progressions of exercises which can be performed without access to a gym – nothing more than that.
      The TLDR version of the book is
      – pushups
      – pullups
      – handstands
      – single leg squat
      – bridge [So it’s just the same as Matt Furey was selling twenty years ago. K.]

  13. I noticed you wrote you’re working on the “two planned books of 2020”.

    Could you please elaborate? Which 2 books would these be?

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