1. Thank you Nick for this talk. For me you are a genius.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Cheers for this

    Also you don’t seem to be ageing.
    Looking pretty youthful here (no homo) [Maybe I’ll start selling pills and Alpha PUA Soap. K.]

    • Yes, and you can tell here that Nick lost a lot of weight and gained muscle.

      I am wondering, Nick, whether you noticed a difference in the IOIs you get from girls?

      Only because I want to lose as much weight as you but I noticed that with a bit more weight, your face looked a bit fuller and more youthful.

      Before with your fuller face, you looked 28-29, now you look more muscular but with the fat loss in the face, you look in your 30s.

      If you’ve noticed the IOIs are the same or increasing, then I’ll take that as an encouraging though and not get bothered with the weight loss affecting my facial fullness.

      It is normal, people do not lose weight uniformly over their body. I also lose weight in my face before my belly!

      Overall, do you think you’re getting better reactions / IOI after your weight loss and muscle gain compared to before?

      • Can’t speak for Nick, but just chiming in from my experience decreasing my body fat % (while keeping muscle mass the same) definitely had a slight but noticeable improvement in IOIs. Think it was around the time I hit 13-14% body fat. I was on keto though, so not sure if it was the other effect of the diet, an increase in testosterone or just the fat loss or both that contributed to the increase in IOIs.

      • I can 2nd BV; When my waistline shrinks to 31″ it must show in my face. I get a dramatic uptick in IOIs on the street. The lean look must signal something at a genetic pull level. Seems to work even when my vibe is neutral or even slightly lousy.

    • haha!

      The fact that the bullshit ” tactical” soap is gaining traction among the “red pill” market shows that most of them are not aware of basic pickup theory. Reminds me of Krauser’s post cargo cult daygame reminding readers to read mystery method.

      • Great read on that.

        I think “Beach Muscles” and his crew are almost entirely cynical. They are purely milking a market of men they know are older, clueless and desperate. Almost intentional exploitative.

        Pure marketing play.

    • Everyone knows you don’t use soap!

  4. Nick what does a red pill marriage look like? How do you integrate what you’ve learnt from game into getting married and raising kids? How do you choose a wife? Surely you must have ideas about it but people like Jimmy only talk about game not what they did after. It’s like a taboo for PUA to talk about but surely you can‘t have a totally blue pill marriage after the PUA experience. Any ideas or recommendations?

    • @Johnny, I’m reading this book at the moment and It’s excellent so far.
      The Author is a Redpill clinical psychologist.

      The Tactical Guide to Women: How Men Can Manage Risk in Dating and Marriage

      For men, love is a high-stakes gamble. The right woman can be the best part of a man’s life, and the wrong one can lead to personal and financial ruin. In today’s climate, no man should venture into romance without a reliable risk-management strategy.

      The Tactical Guide to Women delivers a solid plan for allowing the right women into your life, and keeping the wrong ones at a safe distance. You’ll discover how to:

      Identify good women of low drama and high character
      Reduce your vulnerability to women who seem perfect for you—but aren’t
      Spot the early warning signs of emotional instability
      You’ll also learn:

      Critical techniques for seeing women clearly
      The most common mistakes that lead men into disastrous relationships
      How to reduce the odds of a good relationship going bad
      Impeccably researched and backed by the author’s decade of clinical experience, The Tactical Guide to Women provides men with desperately needed, rarely discussed strategies for finding sanity, joy, and companionship. This is not another book about getting laid. This book is about not getting screwed.

      • I read that book recently. It’s good advice and some good reminders here and there. Sometimes slips into PUA bashing, though it seems his idea of a PUA is purely based on Mystery.

      • Very interesting I’ll check it out. I feel like getting married and having kids in a red pill way is the new “secret society” that nobody talks about. Along with narcissism and childhood trauma in the PUA community. I guess Neil Strauss The Truth talks about it but no London Daygamer ever talks about that book.

  5. Thanks for the promising support.

  6. Hi Nick, long time reader and fans here. Thank you for the talk. For me, your talk is very personal, and inspiring at the same time..
    Right now I am 33 years old and about to embark this Hero’s (Player’s) Journey. I knew it’s a bit too late, but it’s better than never, right
    However, my question is: If you can go back to age 34 and re-start this whole 10 years experience over again, what would you do differently?
    Thanks a lot!

    • You’re not alone there, many of us are in a similar situation. I think it’s mostly a consequence of big societal changes that started in our sexual primes:


    • I’ll chime in…

      — I’d have committed to daygame earlier

      I did years of night game and other approaches before I committed to direct street game. Once I did, I learned so much faster. Daygame offers more opportunities to practice.

      I am watching my friend Runner go thru the same exact process. Years of night game. Decent knowledge of game. Then… DAYGAME. It was very challenging for him for a few months… now… he is taking off. He is learning so fast… because there are a lot of opportunities and… he is putting in the work.

      200 girls a month. Get started. It’ll change your life.

      • But would you have had reason to commit earlier, given an earlier cultural context. I know there’s a self improvement aspect to game, but I can’t help thinking it’s been largely a reaction to a culture where the average man gets a shitty deal, if any deal at all. Bodi said recently that Poland reminds him of England in the 80s, i.e. women more accepting of their feminine role and hypergamy more in check. Maybe there’s some hypocrisy on my part in wishing for a more ‘socialist’ sexual marketplace, while accepting the merits of a more laissez faire economic one.

    • At 33 it is definitely not “a bit too late”. The bigger problem is how unchangeable you think are your habits, how long are the hours you work each day, the responsibility of your job, your other life goals, etc. .

      If you wanna get good in it, other goals will need to be postponed, if not even sacrificed.

  7. Hey Krauser, u ever thought of doing a podcast? Compared to my youth i rarely hear a proper British accent, i think there would be an audience. Also, alot of the successful podcasters dont prepare, i dont think it takes alot of time out of thier day. Anyway, i got alot out of the WB series. Thanks for the video great lecture [Can’t be arsed. K.]

  8. Great video Nick. You’ve truly lived your life and its inspiring to see.

    Now don’t immediately judge what I’m about to say, but I think your spiritual growth is what your looking for right now, and I think you’re close to understanding it.

    So here’s a few statements of truth.

    Paul DIracs’ Equation
    The Golden Ratio
    The Teachings of Jesus and Buddha
    The answer at Delphi gnōthi seautón = “know thyself” and mēdén ágan = “nothing in excess”
    The Aztec Conception of Teotl
    The Kybalion

    The key thing is to understand the fundamentals of Impermanence, Renewal, Balance and Oneness as nothingness, hopefully you will experience the true nature of your divine Being.

    Good Luck Pal

  9. Hey Nick, any chance for some honest feedback on my infield. This is definately not my best infield, I’m much better off camera. And I saved my better infield’s for a USB product.

    No intent to leach off you, if you don’t have time fully understand.

    Thanks heaps for your content.


    • Lol you’re like the jacked Latino version of Yad. Good stuff. Couple of observations. You never touched her, don’t even think you shook hands, super important. Also you’re bent over for 10+ mins while she’s in a relaxed position. Good to sit at the end but you probably want to sit after she hooks so you’re on equal terms, throw in a false time constraint if you’re worried she might be uncomfortable.

      • PS – don’t bother with 30+ women, usually damaged goods screening for a provider, not worth the effort.

  10. Thanks for inspiring and honest video. There was a time I was frequent reader, and now it’s first time since maybe year I’m here so will take this oportunity to share something I spent 4 years trying to figure out and might be of some use – namely, that there’are no weak points in “no ego” paradigm. Is only that the definition of ego in this case is different than we’re used to. Namely “ego” here it’s nothing “real” or “alive”, not an actual energy, “inteligent entity inside”, some “enemy” to be crushed, smashed and buried – it is only disturbing aspect of energy – a tendency to keep this energy somehow trapped, limited, “owned” instead of letting it flow further and stay open for the new instreams of energy coming. it’s the lack of belief that this new streams will come and we have to stick to the current ones. so “removing ego” is about distilling clear aspect from disturbing aspect of energy and it’s always good for all involved parties because basic “disturbance” is sense of separation from others – this “owning”, “limiting” tendency. so the less ego (separating-disturbing aspect) the more we act in sync with ohters. and of course there can be different layers of cooperation – parnters, family, local society, country but what is common for all people (and animals too) is pursue for happiness which is freedom of suffering (obviously) and also, which is less straightforward, freedom of sensory pleasures. its ego – disturbing asepect of conciousness which tricks us that happines = pleasure and makes us addicted to this and ultimately prone to suffering, as pleasure is kind of high that temporarily keeps problems at bay. so liberation from ego is liberation from this delusion. and also very, very important is that if we distill pleasure from ego what is left is so called “pure” or “empty” bliss. which is the essence of happiness. closest to which we are in post orgasmic state. where we are fulfilled yet need nothinng. so this is no-ego state. only by inertia of habits the ego kicks in and make as pursue the happiness in sensory pleasures which of course is there but with unnecessary effort, stress and resulting suffering. so that’s why there are ups and downs. so where is the trick? point is that this distillation of clear, vital energy can ultimately be done only by conciousness, intuition – beyond intellectual concepts which are too coarse a tool. why? because concepts always “carve out” some living part of ourselves. trying to catch the ego-villain and thus hurting the vital, alive part of ourselves. only tool that is precise enough is conciousness and that’s why meditation is needed. it can work with continuity of our being. and of course – it doesnt mean abandoning intellect or body or sensory pleasures ,it’s exactly hero journey pattern – going to place of pure being (where there are also others’ “pure being”), intuition and then coming back and utilizing all we have – intellect, body etc more as a tool, more flexibly but not bound by it, not glued. so philosophically there’s no flaw in “no-ego” approach, although its probably only Mahayana/Vajrayana Buddhism where it is precisely pointed out (Buddhism is a very broad term and one cannot find it in just any casual place with this “brand” ), and no simplified versions (like New Age) can be probably acceptable for a precise thinker (although may be useful for more emotionally oriented people). For example in Tibetan traditions there’s a fully blown infrastructure of methods, teachers, materials – providing the layer of abstraction of reality not available in any of western school thought. So anyway- the less ego the more one can achieve because one acts collectively, and the better defend oneself because one feels strong collective support. and the key is is inner aspect of this state which is always there – acting not on behalf of one individual (i.e. “ego) but for broader good. so this sounds counter intellectual – by dissolving ego layer we get access to the place of our subconcious where we are in union with others and this gives us rock solidity and external independence. why? because no one actually _wants_ too hurt us because in this place others _sense_ we are no different from them so hurting us they would hurt themselves. same with joyful things, we are open to give and receive all good things. This is called beyond personal compassion or “com-enjoyment” – this sensitivity aspect whch makes us able to experience things collectively. Of couse full ego removal is just bit too far from our experience yet it makes perfect sense as an “asymptotic” direction to go – one example can be like mother who defend their children – no fear, no hesitation, full “wrathful” power yet still, calm, clear, conscious, not blinded by the energy flowing trough her – something like this, there are a lot of different visual archetypic forms which point to this state beyond words-some are peaceful, some inspiring, some enriching and some wrathful/protective – so called “deities” but far from our western notion of “personal deity” whith its moods and preferences – just expression of clarity and compassion that can work trough any beings here and now according to situation and can change while after while, same with mantras – they dissolve our stiff speech patterns, which are often pain in our neck area 🙂 – and what we speak becomes in sync what is beneficial in broader sense not what will make us “special”. And definitely this is hero journey with fractal structure – one has to go deep into subconcious to find out that theres nothing individual there and anything that seems to be individual is a problem and contrary – everything collective is a joy. And then come back to real world test it out, and then again into subconcious and so on. Ok, that’s it. cheers and fingers crossed for the success in your “next step” endavours!

  11. Piotr, there is peace in paragraphs
    – Grasshopper.

  12. Watched the whole video. Got a lot out of it.

    What type of fiction are you planning on writing?

    I read some Flashman novels last year and thought the style was similar to your writings

  13. I think its fascinating to hear you say that you would consider children and marriage ( i believe you said marriage).

    I wonder how you reconcile your game knowledge, and your thoughts on monogamy.

    How is it that you can envision settling down, especially as an older guy, knowing what you know about female nature?

    Would you just accept the risks, and anticipate the eventual demise? Idk maybe its different in the UK as opposed to the US. Seems like a very scary and risky proposition here.

  14. Fascinating video. I read Daygame Infinite very closely… and yeah, lots of “loose” Buddhism in the vibe part. It was a different side of Krauser. You can feel the transition is a bit further along here.

    I am in no position to analyze Krauser, but he seems very healthy and “at ease” in this talk. Doesn’t sound like he has it all figured out, but he’s got a great frame for how to look for what’s next (“what catches his attention”).

    So much honesty… and very little (if any) regret. Great view into the full path of a man that actually “made it across the river.”

    Favorite line: “Results vs Satisfaction.”

    It’s ^ on my mind a lot for where I am on the path.

  15. I don’t know why, but out of nowhere, Tom took another cheap shot at you in his Podcast from today.

    In it, he explains how to do Deep Conversion (he used those words, but says better to call it Obsession). He gives all the elements to trigger Deep Conversion in girls, based on his study of pimps.

    But he spent some time saying that PUAs who do Deep Conversion are very creepy, weird, and total psychopaths. And he recommends to never Deep Convert any girl.

    So basically, he spent time saying that you are creepy, weird, and a psychopath with dark triad features (he used all those words). He didn’t say your name, but all in the know realize that PUA who do Deep Conversion = Krauser, since you’ve originated those words. [Tom is entitled to criticise me as harshly and as directly as he wishes. I don’t have a problem with it. K.]

    • It’s pretty fucked up that Tom doesn’t reference Nick at all. Even Rollo gives Nick a mention here: https://therationalmale.com/2016/11/11/deep-conversion/.
      Perhaps Tom simply doesn’t respect Nick? Weird.

      • I think K always talked about how Tom never mentions directly the people he criticizes. Or even never ever criticizes anyone (except Nick, apparently).

        So he did not have the balls to mention the name of Nick, but he kept on talking shit about the “PUAs who do Deep Conversion” in his podcast today, and talking about Nick subliminally today.

        It was a weird podcast. He is talking about how great pimps are and what we can learn from them about Deep Conversion, but at the same time recommending to never ever deeply convert any girl, that it’s dark triad and never ends well for you or the girl. But what if you want her to be your girlfriend? And then he also goes to say that 99% of men who will attempt it will fail to deeply convert girls.

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