I’m not dead

October 26, 2018

I just realised, tonight while having a drink with an active daygamer, that there is a general impression afoot in the London Daygame Community that Nick Krauser is no longer writing about daygame.

This is not true, though I can absolutely see why you’d all think that. This blog is one long procession of book reviews with only the occasional daygame post, is it not? So, I can hardly blame inquisitive minds for wondering, is Nick done with daygame?

The answer is no, I’m not done. I’m no longer a player, I don’t particularly enjoy blogging about daygame right now [1] and I certainly don’t want to see any bloody YouTube infields. But I’m not done. Not done, I TELL YA!!!!!! Let me tell you what I have written about daygame in 2018, while all those book reviews were flooding my blog:

25,000 new words of technical daygame advice for the second edition of Daygame Mastery, already published this year [2]
140,000 new words of Younger Hotter Tighter, volume 3 of the memoir, already published this year.
140,000 new words of Little Brown Sex Machines, volume 6 of the memoir, to be published later this year [3]
200,000 new words of Balls Deep second edition, volume 1 of the memoir, to be published later this year [4]

That’s FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND WORDS of new content all about DAYGAME that I’ve written this year. Do you know how much that is? It’s HALF A MILLION WORDS. Is anyone else writing that much daygame advice and field reports? No, they bloody well are not. It should now be clear why there hasn’t been much writing capacity left over for the blog.

But of course, you lads didn’t know that. How could you? I hadn’t explained it. Sorry about that. I understand this is a sub-optimal state of affairs for those of you who like a daily fix of short ephemeral daygame talk, as I’m packing everything up into big books released only a couple of times a year. It’s also sub-optimal for those of you who refuse to pay for anything and want it all for free. I’m not judging you, as I freeload plenty on YouTube myself on other subjects, but naturally you are not the market I care about [5]

So, keen daygamers and enthusiastic voyeurs alike. Keep your eyes peeled because plenty of new content will be dropping towards the arse end of this year. That stuff combined will absolutely blow away – in both quantity and quality – the kind of hastily scrawled blogposts I used to throw up for free a few years ago.

Sit tight. I always deliver on my promises.

If the act of sitting tight has caused you to notice your wallet is uncomfortably fat, perhaps consider lightening it by purchasing one of my fantastic products. Check out this product summary page.

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[1] That will change in the next couple of months, I think.
[2] And the new layout was bloody hard work too! There’s a reason everyone else’s game books look like shit. No-one else is dumb enough to work as hard on them as I am. For fuck’s sake, the EXTRA CONTENT added to the main book is more than most people’s Game books have in their entirety.
[3] Probably.
[4] Almost certainly, it’s the next in the queue.
[5] That doesn’t offend you, right? You can see why I’m more interested in satisfying customers who pay me than freeloaders who don’t. If not, try writing a 5,000 word book chapter and you’ll see just how much work goes into it.


  1. When not Daygaming itself, you make reading about it really fun! I enjoy

  2. Glad you’re not dead.

    Looking forward to your new and updated books.

    Will re-read your blog from the beginning in the meantime.

    • I second this!

      Also, the meta reason why people seems concern about your content continuity is that your blog is just one the few that could generate a quality in this small piece of niche.
      It’s like an oasis in the dessert. So when people lost quality, what they feel really is a disappointment but express it in form of cynicism. [Thanks for the compliment. Think of it this way: At my peak activity I’d blog about three times a week, about 1k words per time, mixing field reports and theory, always posting an unedited first draft. 50 weeks of that means about 150k words per year. One volume of my memoir contains the same wordcount and same topics, but it has been written, rewritten, test-read, professionally edited, then rewritten again. It’s FAR FAR FAR superior. The difference is you get it all at once. What I’m doing now is considerably better then prior years, it’s just not dribbling out weekly. K.]

  3. “It’s also sub-optimal for those of you who refuse to pay for anything and want it all for free.”

    Guilty as charged …

  4. To those interested and to Krauser, I’ve made a list of all the blog posts from the beginning to August 2017 in chronological order. Makes it easier to navigate, methinks. Would you like me to post it here? [Holy shit, I just saw the comment. I appreciate you making the list but I don’t think it’s needed. Anyone can go through the sidebar option “Prior Wisdom” and find them by month, no? Did I miss something. K.]

  5. Moscow hustler and Counter are the same person methinks… [I always have a few anklebiters trying to impress me. This is indeed the same person. K.]

  6. PUA encourages degeneracy so I am happy you are leaving it behind. Players break up the fabric of healthy societies by encouraging women to have fast sex outside of a serious long term relationship that leads to marriage. They go to other countries and steal women from that nation’s men. A squad lifestyle is promoted by PUAs that also encourages acts like sodomy.

    Will you marry up a K-selected religious white girl and have children now Nick? That is my plan going forwards also.

  7. I for one would like to see you writing more on non-PUA subjects, if anything. For instance, a treatise on becoming a Sigma,in ALL areas of life. Or a Robert Greene esque treatise on power, influence and strategy – if Greene is already quite red pill then this would be a deep crimson bordering on black. Or maybe a guide to personal development, self-learning and general lifestyle thriving for the high-IQ crowd (your thoughts on “reality-weaving” from a few years back offered a glimpse into this area).

    Basically, I consider you a great writer, but find “pick-up” very boring. Consider doing more non-PUA writing. [I’m going to continue writing, as it’s my major passion. I’ll probably cover these kinds of things but it all depends where my interests go. I always write about whatever I’m most interested in at the time of writing. K.]

    • Ay, that came off a bit Gamma.

      To clarify: I personally have no need for game in the sense of tactics purely designed to attract women. But I do greatly enjoy the bits that have carry-over to other areas (ie concepts like vibe, raising value, reality-weaving / cocooning, being Sigma, dealing with Gammas, Count Cervantes type stuff, etc).

    • Krauser: Fair enough, and I appreciate the work you do. Even with the game stuff which is not directly applicable in my situation, I usually can pick up a lot of the stuff I want from reading between the lines and adapting a bit. Ie the same frame crushing you invented for pick-up also works in sales for instance. Things like that. Cheers, and keep up the good work.

  8. Many of us wish you were.

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