Cargo Cult Daygame

September 17, 2018

Back in the good old days of Empire, explorers from Europe would sail the high seas and discover savage tribes. Whether it was Columbus headed West or Captain Cook headed East, it was a surprise to both the civilised and uncivilised when the European ships showed up. Sometimes Pocahontas and South Sea sexual hi-jinks ensued. Other times, the poor explorer was chased down by headhunters and found himself in the cooking pot.


I think the headhunters won this round

Happy days.

When civilisation reached the Melanesian islands off the North East coast of Australia, the local savages were rather impressed by the cargo of the white colonialists. Every few weeks a white voodoo man would put a metal piece to his ears and fiddle with dials on his special shaman-board that hissed, fuzzed, and through which he talked to the gods. Hours later a giant metal bird appeared in the sky with a low droning mating call. It would then glide onto the long flat stretch of land the natives had heard whites call an “air strip”. From the belly of this metal bird, the whites would cart off big wooden crates of cargo, a gift from the wind god. Breaking open these crates, the whites would have loads of cool shit to adorn their habitations.

“That’s cool juju” said one savage to another. “Methink me, um, want some cargo.”

So the savages huddled around and tried to figure out how to appease the gods and perhaps nudge them into sending some cargo their way.

“We could sacrifice white man, cut off his head, and offer the skull to the wind god,” suggested one hardy warrior.

“No no, that’s bad juju,” chastised the witch-doctor. “The white man is in favour with the gods, so we must not anger them. We can instead build our own shaman board and call down the cargo.”

So the tribe busied itself creating a replica short-wave radio from bamboo, palm leaves, and rabbit shit. They had a grand ceremony around the camp fire, cut the throat of a goat, and poured it’s blood on the bamboo “radio”. [1] The witch-doctor approached the radio and the whole tribe went silent, in tense anticipation. He grasped the dial, put a bamboo replica of the white-man’s headset to his ear and called on the gods.


“Unga Bunga” he cried

“Unga bunga! unga bunga munga!” he cried over an over.

An hour passed and no metal bird appeared in the sky. Then a day, then a week. Still no metal bird bearing cargo from the gods. The tribe held another council. This time they determined to clear a landing strip. That didn’t work. So they built a bamboo “aeroplane” on it. Still nothing.

The cargo never came, but by now a strange religion had grown up around the practice. This was a cargo cult and every weekend they cried “unga bunga” into the bamboo radio, arranged candles in the bamboo aeroplane model, and sat waiting at their “airstrip”. The cargo never came, but the religion was self-propelling now [2]

Cargo Cult

JMULV launches his first instructional product

There are certain witch-doctor daygame coaches on YouTube whose videos look a lot like grunting “unga bunga” at girls and then waiting for the cargo to arrive in the form of numbers, dates and notches. The fact it never does seems not to dent their optimism. I call it Cargo Cult Daygame.

So, why this analogy?

The island savages made a reasoning error. The white man receiving his cargo from the sky was the result of a process based on science, engineering, and social organisation. The importance of the radio was that it transmitted messages by radio waves, and it worked because it was powered by electricity. The planes flew because of aerodynamics. The cargo was aboard because of a system of economic exchange using money, including abstract constructs such as credit and bank accounts. The goods were cool because they were made in factories.

All of this was unknown to the headhunters. All they saw was a radio operator who they took to be the white shaman, speaking a strange code into a mouthpiece that sounded a bit like “unga bunga.” So, the savages reasoned, the causal mechanism to get cool shit was to screech “unga bunga” into a box-shaped object.

They completely misunderstood the process, and thus completely missed the point.

Mystery Method

For God’s sake, just read this

Few daygamers have read Mystery Method. It never fails to astonish me. Mystery Method is the foundational book of Game. It explains what Attraction, Comfort and Seduction are and why they matter. Mystery gives example operationalisations of each, and though his examples are specific to a lunatic narcissist picking up broken women in ratty LA bars, the principles hold true everywhere in the world under every circumstance of pick-up. What we call the London Daygame Model is entirely consistent with Mystery Method, it’s simply tailored for a different social situation and different type of girl [3].

Yet how many daygamers actually understand that? Sure, the competent guys do but the legions of incompetent clowns don’t.

Game is an art form that rests upon the shoulders of science. Just like boxing, swimming, or many other competitive sports. There is a theory to it, from which you deduce principles, and then best-practice that you can drill. Yet in so many daygame infields I don’t see any game being done.

I see a man standing in front of a woman, talking. But there’s no game going on. He’s not doing Attraction, nor Comfort, nor Seduction. He’s just chanting “unga bunga” and hoping for cargo to drop out of the sky.


“One more thing before you go….”

It’s like watching a man jump into deep water, thrash his arms around uncontrollably, and then shout “I’m swimming” before he drowns. Or a man step into a boxing ring wearing gloves and trunks, put his head down and windmill his arms. Sure, he might claim to be “boxing” but a real boxer drilled in the actual art and science of boxing will just spark him out quickly, like this:

No, that’s not a Natural Lifestyles infield but it might as well be.

Just because you’re standing in front of a girl chatting, it does not mean you’re doing game. Even if you somehow get the girl, why would you think it was “game” which got her? People get laid every day without having a trace of game because, ultimately, men and women are designed to mate so if they bounce around randomly in the world long enough something is going to happen.

Game is about achieving results above the stupid, the shy, the incompetent, or the deluded. It’s about outperforming what nature intended for you by the skilled application of the art form. Just as boxing lets you knock out men better than your natural level, and swimming lets you move through the water better than natural, so it is with game.

If you want to get good at Game you must learn the Game. That means studying the books and video instructional material created by people who actually know what they are talking about [4]. Otherwise you’re just running around shouting “unga bunga” and hoping for the best.

If you’d like to move away from Cargo Cult daygame and towards proper skills, start with The Mystery Method and then move on to my products listed here.

[1] Yes, I’m rather embellishing the details here.
[2] Unlike the metal plane.
[3] Though you could easily adapt it to better catch broken women if that’s your thing.
[4] Sadly, that discounts at least 90% of blogs and YouTube channels


  1. In your FAQ you write that Mystery and Style were bullshitters who wrote some good material but were not good with women.

    If you think Mystery wasn’t good with women how on earth did he manage to write what all reputable PUAs agree is the foundational book on Game. [Was Alex Ferguson a world class footballer? K.]

    • ah ok yeah that makes sense,

      Side note: Rollo and the Red Man Group are having a podcast next week on the topic of cold approach pickup. You might want to email him offering to be on. Trying to do a cold approach dating podcast without a reputable London Daygame coach or writer would be a waste.

    • I’m going to offer a different take than Krauser’s.

      Roger Bannister ran the first 4 minute mile. It was a great breakthrough at the time and revolutionized running.

      But a modern Olympic runner could, with justification, say he was “shit at running”, because he would be laughed off the track now with the same performance.

      The LDM luminaries are the top pickup athletes of today, and likewise they see the limitations of their forebears.

      I think it’s as simple as that.

    • I’d agree there were a few useful first principles in the book but basically it was a ‘first mover’ which was over valued. It was written from the perspective of a 6’7″ stage magician who was accustomed to entertaining groups and being the centre of attention for long periods of time. That translates to almost zero men struggling with women in the real world. In fact I’ve never seen any community guy succeed at the whole ‘seven hour’ choreographed night pickup sequence. The fact that 20 years later the now savile-esque looking guy is still lurking in nightclubs flogging overpriced bootcamps to unsuspecting incels is a superlative example of the long con.

      • > That translates to almost zero men struggling with women in the real world.

        This ^ is an import thing to understand about men trying to get better with women.

        Various “special” guys can teach you very important things. But they are often “isolated concepts,” in that you are not that coach, so “doing what he does” will produce nothing but incongruence… even over time. This is Mystery. This is RSD Julien — such a smart guy, great game, but he’s a ADD retard that most men will never relate to.

        You can still learn from these guys, but you have to incorporate the “foundations” into your style.

        You style will evolve as you gain experience, “get better,” “unlock” bits of knowledge as you see them at work in the field… but even with all that… you’re not likely to “be Mystery,” ever. And much of his game will be like an ill-fitting suit. You won’t look good. And it won’t feel right.

        From my POV, one great SPLIT I can see is “strong silent type” vs “romantic type.” There is much more subtlety than that, but that is one area I can recognize. If you’re not “built” for “strong silent type” game, you can still learn A LOT from those guys… but you will never be “that type” of seducer.

  2. So what you’re saying is, if I find jmulv, follow him around for a bit shouting unga bunga, and then a girl gives me her number, he’ll suck my dick?

  3. I met one of these NL guys the other day. The guy is a fucking prick. Lucky I didn’t fuck him up. How women sleep with these men is beyond me. No vibe and teaching a boot camp with a shitty mood I felt sorry for the students.

  4. Hey Nick! I saw in your other posts’ comments that you recommend (besides Mystery Method) the following foundational material:

    – 60 Years Of Challenge
    – Assanova’s ebooks
    – Frank Core’s Core Influence video / Tyler’s Blueprint Decoded

    + The Fountainhead and Economics in one lesson as non-game (loved both and started to study more about Austrian Economics).

    I’ve read Nitro V2 and your first memoir. Before moving to Daygame Mastery, I want to make sure I cover the basics I get more practice in the streets (I’m at 400 sets now). So I’ll read MM + 60 years + Assanova.

    Is there any other material you recommend a beginner to start with besides what I mentioned above?


  5. Haha nice story.
    Honesty though very few guys are doing pure game.

    White guy banging Chinese, Indian or black/mixed girls?
    Nah mate, very little game involved for obvious reasons.

    Banging sluts?
    A girl in her late teens early twenties with a high lay count isn’t too bothered about who dumps his muck inside her. Just open and be sexual. Again not much game involved.

    Good looking guy game?
    Everyone knows that good looking guys have pretty shit game and get laid on their physical apperance. An 8 banging a high 6/low 7 ain’t game 😆

    And finally I’d say some countries are easier than others. I know it’s tough to admit but it’s the truth. Again it’s not the game tgat is getting the result, there’s other factors at play.

    • Doordie2013 what you say is true, but identifying proper targets is part of game too. Krauser himself once admitted (I think it was in a podcast) that English girls generally don’t like him, that’s why he specialized in Slavic women. Same applies to me for instance. I can bang hot women in countries like Poland Ukraine Russia Belarus and average ones in my country. Guys from my same country at the same level of age-look-status, bang average girls and their lay counts is way lower. Good looking guys banging 6s and 7s is because there are no many 8s and 9s on the market who are single or open to casual sex. If me, as an Italian, have status in, say, Belarus, do my bang count less than those of a black guy in Senegal? Sincerly I don’t know. In general, “comparing”, in game, is wrong. What’s important is the integrity. If you decide to settle with a 7 and then criticize guys who are still in the game and work their ass out to get notches and some of them are 6s, you are not being honest.

      • That sounds like a cop out to me Vic I’m sorry. There are 8’s and 9’s out there if you put yourself out there day and night enough times. Just admit it’s difficult and move on.

      • That’s obvious but find me a guy who has a high notch count composed mostly of 8s and 9s – he’ll be for sure a guy who does “fame” or “power” game. What I know for a fact is that even the most skilled pua bangs a lot of 7s and below, and just once in a while he catches the 8+. Moreover, 90% of the players I know, as they get an 8+ they stick to her and get in a monogamous relationship. This is real life guys, and I dare to add that as long as we won’t stop talking on unrealistic terms, the grass will always stay green for scammers & frauds.

    • @ Doordie2013, believe me there is no pussy paradise. The hottest girls you’ll find will probably be from the FSU and they are a different animal. For them they believe giving their instagram to you is doing you a favor. It’s only easy when everything clicks and you’ve found your girl.

  6. TLDR – Agreed.

    I had a look at a lot of daygame infields recently. It’s a good laugh to watch while doing some menial work.

    Most guys just approach and talk and talk. They do the essentials, open, hook close, but just talking isn’t communicating much value. From what I see, most of them aren’t even getting sexual. No strong eye contact or verbal escalation.

    However, there are some interesting styles to look out for though. From the natural lifestyles I saw this guy, I think his name was Tim. He had the eyes going and a calmness, both coming from meditation, which helped with his vibe. James Tusk who you all say is just good looking guy game, uses the confidence he has from his good looks to do a lot of group sets. That was the only good game I saw.

    I saw a daygamer from India in India doing a set. Standard daygamer, but you can learn from the reactions from the girls that are typical over there.

    So there are some things you can learn. Just have to stick to the most experienced guys. The newbies suck.

    Ah by the way. RSD Madison rebranded the Yad stop as the J curve. Crazy right. How behind are these people.

    I don’t hate RSD. Although RSD Todd has basic daygamer skills. You can see he is too cerebral and so he is in his head too much. He uses language that he thinks is helping him because it’s so thought out, but it doesn’t.

    Again, just look at the guys with the most experience. Tyler and Julien. Tyler’s infields nowadays are hard to explain to a normal person. His ability to instantly create a fun vibe is really good. And Juliens negging is crazy to watch. Not sure I would recommend that though haha.

  7. Artistry built on Science +1M.

    The painter intuitively knows the physics and chemistry principles of the medium and tools from years of painting. The materials scientists knows the chemistry and physics and can extrapolate how the medium and tools should interact or behave. Neither one is better, but I do think you can get better quicker starting from a science perspective. The caveat is is there must be accurate and precise data collected, and that is tough on the old ego as a PUA.

    My favorite quote lately, “You can’t learn con by memorizing words. Every mark and every play of any con game is different. You have to memorize the elements of con.” – Iceberg Slim

    Hypotheses into Theory into Principles. Once you’ve done that you can stand on the shoulder of giants and come up new models to test.

    One re-occurring pattern I’ve noticed in my small circle of hustlers is that 90% of follow-up dates and lays come from women on an adventure. Almost 0 local gurls. There’s a lot going on here. Part of it is hunting ground selection, part of it comes from the City we live in isn’t known as pussy-paradise, but is a world tourist destination in the US. Still 24 months of pounding pavement and there’s something worth testing built on the principles we know to be true.

    Good post – still haven’t read Mystery Method

  8. I wander when you show use noobs examples how it must be done.I have learned from you and tom torero and john matrix from t
    2012 on.
    I hope i am doing something right but why dont you make some instructural videos.
    I am old man waoting for jesus is commi g down to earth and shows me the one and only trued [I can’t believe you said “why don’t you make some instructional videos?” when you’ve followed my stuff since 2012. I can only assume you weren’t paying attention. K.]

  9. I have a wing for seven daygame can you ask him if he can get in contact with me or check his twitter account the guy us russian but very hard charging guy


  10. I would rank Daygame Mastery and Infinite as some of the best technical reference material there is. The knowledge contained is genuine, comprehensive and hard won from the streets .
    Reading both also made me aware of my inner game failings , something I have consistently worked on since. I am very grateful to Nick for putting his knowledge out there…

    I experienced first hand last Saturday the difference between those of us who are students of game-‘fighting the good fight ‘ -and the pussy beggars /semi rapist wannabes….

    Our modern social media allows women to post Instagrams to collect likes, and retarded wannabes to post ‘PUA’ videos and ‘life advice’ to collect the adulation of other equally retarded wannabes…..

  11. Did you make up that story about the Melanesian encounter? I”m aware that they were literally still in the Stone Ages and that some (like the Maori of NZ) had absurd and equally unbelievable customs (check out their idea of social justice, Muru) that totally explain their backwardness, but this was too much. Really funny, I must admit, but also kinda depressing.

  12. Good God I’m back in shitsville and my eyes hurt!

    I see London as a place to stack paper in while spending the warmer climes on the continent.

    A couple mediocre girls to get me through the winter months is a bonus. I definitely won’t be aiming YHT here and hamstringing myself! Please don’t judge me Nick! 😂

  13. @pinkpanther There are 8’s and 9’s out there mate. Just put yourself out there day and night

  14. Pingback: My coaching session with Jimmy Jambone – Costello The Kid

  15. I looked this post up because I was arguing with Sundance about “all high value players screen, so screening will signal ‘high value player.'” I was working thru the argument in my head, and I said, “that is cargo cult understanding of reality… didn’t Krauser write a post about that?” Yeah… he did.

    I am sure guys would argue this point: But “screening” is not really a mechanism to CREATE attraction. Screening is done, out of necessity, after attraction creates unwanted/unneeded leads. And misunderstanding that is a sign to take a deeper look.

    Which brings me to preselection: Which is ANOTHER “cargo cult” idea in Game.

    “I just need to get girls around me, so other girls can see that, and then they’ll think I’m attractive and want to have sex with me.”

    The order of operations is wrong here, once again. You are a cool guy, and that is why girls want to hang out with you (at all). If you weren’t cool, the girls with you would probably treat you as such – you’d be low value guy in the group (and 3rd party girls would not magically get horny for you). It is your value, Game, and energy, that is the interesting factor.

    I see guys dying to use the concept of preselection. They meet a girl while they are with another girl. Maybe the target even mentions the other girl. They proceed to fuck the target. They then attribute the success to the girl with them (preselection is a dumb concept, but a famous one… and guys are dying to use it analysis). Meanwhile, what girl would put up with you being a dipshit, and fuck you, just because she had seen you standing next to some other girl, etc? She wouldn’t. Even if she was initially attracted, she’d test/screen you (certainly before you got your dick in her), and you’d pass/fail. And your ability to pass/fail would be based on your value and your Game (not external circumstances). To assume it is an association with another girl is to miss the meat of what closes the deal…

    More Unga bunga! level of understanding of why girls fuck guys. Preselection (or at least the effort to create it as a route to getting laid) is cargo cult Game.

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