Ask Jimmy #2

September 3, 2018

We are quite pleased at the amount of interest shown in the first Ask Jimmy post and he’s had a look at the questions readers left in the comments below. I’m leaving it entirely up to him which ones he answers. Till then, here’s his thoughts on a question I put to him a few weeks ago.

Liam Gallagher

Clearly a wowser

Question: How long should you be a player?

6 months ago I was in Central London with my old mate Xants, rolling around, helping Xants look for skirt, Xants telling me how to get rid of my beer belly, when at one point we saw an excitable young pup running sets on Oxford Street. At one point he got kicked out of set, with a smile on his face and his chin up, just as we were walking past and seeing us watching, he acknowledged us and we got into conversation. At some point he asked me if I did game and I said that I did a few years ago, but I am 40 now and….. He looked at me through narrowed eyes and sagely advised me, as he talked over the top of me, that ‘age is just a number’. He then ran off down the street, as God is my witness, a jaunty ‘I’m a pickup artist’ hat perked proudly atop his head.

He missed the point of my statement. Who at 20 would understand the world through the same lens as a 40 year old man just because they share a common pastime? So, leaning heavily on my cane and puffing my pipe, I strolled on, probably complaining to TK about arthritis or gout.

As I reported last year, I am indeed back in London, working hard, saving up and bouncing around with the lads at the weekend. My girl is with me most of the year and I am on the whole pretty settled and moved along from those amazing, free-wheeling pickup days. I am happy with it all. I don’t know if it is because of my transition in particular or just the fact that most of my mates are getting older too, but the longevity of one’s game career has been one of the dominant conversations in our friendship circle this last year.

How long should we be players? How long should we pace the streets for hot skirt? It’s a juicy topic and I generally have two return questions for people when they ask that. My first being, do you move on from game through ‘preference’ or ‘necessity’? Are you off the team because you retire just after your peak but still on a high, or because you don’t get picked anymore? That young pick-up legend I met on Oxford Street was looking at it no doubt through the necessity lens. He thought I was complaining that ‘I can’t day game because I am too old’ (necessity), whereas I was trying to say ‘at some point, you’ll be over all this’ (preference).

(NB: I’m only 40, everyone at work thought I was 27. While I joke about it, I’m hardly past it).

You surely want to eject at a point that you choose rather than a point that confronts you? This may leave you having to accept that you quit while you still have a fair bit of juice in the tank, but also while your market value is still high enough to make you a chooser in the market place. We’ve all seen the fading Hollywood star who mismanaged his finances, left having to ruin is reputation doing junk movies in his later years because he didn’t milk it and cash out in time.

My second question is, what do you want out of life? If you just want to chase hot young skirt into your 50s, you will absolutely be able to, if you know what you’re doing. It’s been done before and it will be done again long after we’re all gone. I see it all the time, but from, let’s say early 40s, onwards, every year you spend you begin to take on some tiny compromises. It’s like weight gaining on you in tiny increments. The big thing is, you can be 50 and date a 21 year old 9, but it is more than likely going to be a sport fuck. Marriage [1] and kids are likely off the table. If you are 50 and decide you want kids, you’re going to be attacking the market from a very challenging position. You’re not Mick Jagger and having game, as good as it is, is nowhere near as much value as having written songs like ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ or even ‘She’s a Rainbow’.

So if you don’t want kids or marriage you’re fine, you’ve got years. But don’t stop reading yet, remember you may change your mind, as I did, for reasons I state below. I can only ever speak for myself [2] and here are some the things I noticed about me as got older.

Waning Enthusiasm – The novelty for game will probably wear off (but not much 😉 lol). The thirst for new skirt and just getting laid in general will wear off. You’ll always look at girls tits on the tube in summer, but sexual adventure in general will just slip down the priorities list. Likely far from your top three, it will likely not even be in the top ten. Of course it’s supposed to because by your 40s you’re supposed to have a family of your own. I remember last year telling Nick that (assuming I was single) if we met two double hot, slightly drunk, naive 19 year-olds in extremely short skirts, who wanted to party with us until the early hours back at our hotel, I’d say ‘no’ if my team had an important game that I wanted to watch. He didn’t believe me, but it’s absolutely true. Watching a great game is far more interesting to me than yet another bang with yet another skirt.


A game, yesterday

Shrinking Market – In my late 30s I dated a hot 19 year old who is now 22 and she would have married me if I’d wanted (and she probably still would). But at some point your market is going to begin to shrink. At 35 you’re top of your game and you can have almost anyone. At 40, you’re starting to be a bit of a wild card, maybe even a bit of fun. At 50, I guarantee you’ll still be able to clack hot young women, but at that time a family is a big ask for her and not all top drawer skirt under the age of 30 will be willing to commit to a 50 year old. When my dad was in is 50s, after his wife died, he dated a few girls in their early 20s, but they were clearly all just flings. Some may have married him I guess, but it was thin end of the wedge (meaning he got a bit lucky and the girls would have been making serious sacrifices, such as no kids).

Mismatched preferences – The larger the gap between you and your skirt, the less you are likely to share in values, preferences and desires. When you’re both 20, you can live the same life of work, clubs, festivals, political ideas and holiday destinations. I’m 40 and I’ve seen my last nightclub, I hope. Now this isn’t a problem, but what happens at 50 when I’ve seen my last beach party or maybe even my last long haul flight? Things you don’t consider now will rear their heads then, such as at 40 you have to change your diet significantly if you want to stay fit. That means your girl probably does too. Now that in itself isn’t a problem, but straight away you need to find a girl who is willing to make more changes and sacrifices for you.

Sacrificing your bloodline – All the above considerations lead to a fairly clear likely outcome. Men have it better than their skirted counterparts (I am talking here about women, not the Scottish) when it comes to shelf life… to a point. We can crank it until our 40s until we start to worry, but we do have a shelf life. I think I got out at a decent age. I didn’t plan it, it just happened. My girlfriend is much younger than me, good looking, a good friend and good mother and wife material. All this offered to me at the same time as I just couldn’t be all that arsed anymore.

If you want the family and that whole next part of your life, and if you can see it coming, then in your late 30s be sure to realise that you want to cash your value as close to the top as you can, balanced against getting the highest value mother you can find for your children. Now I’d suggest choosing the mother your kids want, rather than the porn star you want, in the same way you put your spare coin into a pension pot rather than spunk it on a red Porsche. You’re doing your future self a solid favour. I’m not saying you should settle with a 6, just that it’s quite possible you banged hotter skirt in the past. I look down the road and see how much I love my son, and I want my son to be as happy as possible. If I’d give my actual life for him, then I can surely choose an 8 over a 9, or a 7 for an 8 for him. She’s gonna be a 6 by the time she’s 30 anyway. I wonder if some people fall into the trap of thinking ‘I’m a pick up artist with a blog so my final girl will be the one my whole game career is judged against’.

It might be hard to walk away for good from the freedom of the single life and the sexual variety. Yes I think it is, because it’s so final. You close a book and can never, ever go back, not with much hope of doing it successfully. I notice back in Burnley the lads I know who have families and kids now are all really happy. They’re at times a bit downtrodden, possibly it’s because, as I believe, they did it very early before they got their money sorted and they cashed out while their value was still low and before they’d had time to experience any real adventure. But they’re happy and they love their brats. I don’t think, once you have a child, that you worry too much what point your wife is or was, as long as she is a good wife and mother. Like I said, they all look shit at 30 anyway. They’ll drop a point easy the five years between 23 and 30 and then after that God knows how fast they’ll plummet. It’ll be like taking a new car off the forecourt. If you don’t choose someone with good character you’ll be telling your mates ‘yeah she’s a total pain in the arse but she was a 9 once!’

By the time you’re 50 you’re probably not going to care all that much about shagging, so you might as well get busy making a little lad to take on the football match. Finally, for those of you who want to be single forever, let me tell you a story from my life this last 12 months.


I met an old guy. 75 years old. I knew him through his wife (20 years his junior) and his daughter. I met him at a party. He was like my dad, handsome, charming and a deplorable Marxist, but I stupidly really liked him. He’d lived a grand life (probably on the tax payers’ dime) and we nibbled at each other about politics. I considered smashing his head in on the canapés but we said we’d go for a coffee sometime. No doubt he wanted to trick us into thinking political disagreements are just part of the ‘wonderful tapestry of life’ rather than a life and death struggle.

The funny thing was he confided in me at me at this party that he was very old. He told me straight three times ‘I’m not much longer for this world, James’. It was November when I met him and by February he’d died of pneumonia.

At his funeral there was a picture of him in his funeral magazine thingy. He looked good. He looked top of the world, in a nice suit, cool beard, smiling like the cat that got the cream. The point is, he looked a man in his prime. I asked his wife how old he was in the photo and she told me he was exactly 35.

My heart sank, a whole 5 years my junior.

I was regretful because I never went for that coffee with the old bastard and I listened intently to the service. The guy lived a marvellous life and he died at the age of 75 surrounded by his young wife and three kids. He’d done it right and he’d milked the world for everything it could give him. He’d won. I took it personally. We’re all going to die and it’s coming at us sooner than we think, so play the game as long as you want, but don’t let your opportunities pass you by. Who is going to carry you to the final resting place? Who is going to care when you go? You can die in a care home, or sort it by your own hand, or you can be surrounded by your family. I don’t believe in the myth of the lonely old man, single old men do just fine playing chess in the park with their mates or sitting in the pub watching the footy, but is it the first choice overall? What’s their final 6 years like? What is their final 6 months like?

Whatever you choose, you’re choosing it today with each decision you make and the last decade will come probably sooner than you think. Our time is finite. We’re not pick-up artists forever. Enjoy it while it lasts because what is freedom today could turn out to be a one way ticket.

If you’d like more of Jimmy, head over to his blog here. If you’d like more of Krauser and have your PayPal or credit card ready, consider my products here.

[1] I am just using the word ‘marriage’ in this post as a reference to ‘long term pair bonding’ I’m not advocating a position on the legal stuff. It’s just easier to type ‘marriage’ then ‘long term pair bonding’, though to be honest, I’ve probably gone and typed ‘long term pair bonding’ more in this footnote than I would have done had I simply used it in the post in the first place. I’d have probably only typed it twice, and this footnote is already 85 words long and I haven’t even finished yet.
[2] I’m always keen to point out that I am not an expert on skirt or dating, I ‘m probably not even close, but I am the world’s leading expert on my life and my experiences and I can just tell you what happened to me. Take that information as you please, I hope it helps.


  1. Brought a tear to me eye mah nigga

  2. The feelz…
    But a great point and something all guys should have a real think about rather than gung-ho eternal bachelor approach.

  3. well written and hits home.
    i was 40/41 and (for the best part of a year) banging a great girl of 23 who i had so much in common with, got along so well with, so many weird coincidences too, i felt the universe was pointing at her with a giant finger saying “marry this girl” but i was too stubborn, too cocky, too short sighted and too much into banging other girls.
    now, two years on sweet young poon is few and far between, but not non-existent. but the guy of two years ago .. he’s never coming back. and the chances of meeting a girl under 30 who’d wanna marry me – slim to none, and slim just left town.

  4. I liked it from top to bottom and all the way around. Nothing like a honest man writing about what he knows the most, his life.

    What would be the upper limit of that age range you should cash out at?

  5. Excellent post on the dillemma of being an eternal bachelor vs settling down to start a family. The one thing Jimmy didnt address was the possibilty of a serious open relstionship or OLTR marriage as Black Dragon calls it. Its a way to cash in on your peak SMV while still continuing to bang young hotties for as long as possible. [I wouldn’t take him too seriously. K.]

    • You talking about Jimmy or this “Black Dragon” fellow? I’m getting “black dragon”. Open relationships are for cucks, IMHO.

  6. Wonderful post and everything rings true to me.

    At almost 43 now, I wish I could have had access to such precise advice regarding a man’s life cycle about five years ago, instead of just complying with circumstances and more or less wasting some more crucial years in a somewhat stagnant life situation. Not to sound like a whiner, but it is looking like I’ll neither get to have my notches (in the measure I always wanted since I first discovered game eight years ago) nor raise a family, but I’ll have no choice but to keep playing with the cards I’m currently holding, as efficiently as possible.

    For that however, I am constantly struggling with the immense scarcity of available daygame targets that I would be able to identify quickly and confidently enough on the street, whether we are talking about sport fucking and honing my game with 19-23 year olds, or serious relationship considerations with the few available quality 27-30 year olds.

    • Just read this comment and thought: why not aim for the Inbetweeners (24-27) and try turn an “early bloomer” into an LTR?

      • That is a very good question and something I have thought about recently quite a bit. I’ll try to describe my current reasoning I’ve arrived at (subject to criticism of course): up to about 23 are some kind of party years for girls, and things are often not too serious for many of them, so it is fine to have short flings, casual sex, whatever, and it can be just fun for both sides and no one gets hurt. After that, in the 24-27 range, girls with better backgrounds start to become settled in more serious relationships (and real sluts become more problematic and thus less desirable). Now, as I am also ready to consider a relationship with a well adjusted “good girl” (well, at least after getting just a couple more notches because it would probably be my last chance with young ones), I would personally be fine with seeing a girl in that age range (even if they are often not yet that mature (on woman scale) until after 25). I’d be able to be honest in telling her that I consider a serious relationship with her an actual possibility – so not just using her for some fun times and interfering in an important phase of her life. So no problem in that sense. But for a relationship I prefer to look for someone with a similar cultural background, and in my own nordic culture and for girls in that age who are from any kind of stable family environment, the age difference of over 15 years is more than likely too large for the family to accept, in the current environment. And if it seems unacceptable for the family, I think it is then neither acceptable for such a girl who cares about what her family thinks. After 27, and especially from around 30, I think the situation can be different as firstly the age difference is of course smaller and also the girls that are still single start to worry about finding anyone they’d like to settle down with.

  7. Depressing read, sounds more like a PUA who at last realises he’s fucking useless with women and decides to knock it on the head [Might want to ask Jimmy if he values your opinion. K.]

  8. Tons of respect for Jimmy, but I’ll second EKV… depressing read.

    Jimmy is right, exactly right… about a side of life. A side that Jimmy is looking at.

    There is an expression I like that says for any choice in life you get 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. Jimmy is pointing to feeling “past your prime” and not wanting to die alone. That’s a POV, a real one… and a quite mainstream and popular one.

    There is another story to “cashing in” and settling down: You know how many men can’t wait for work on Monday morning so they can get away from their wife and kids?

    Let’s say it another way: Ice fishing. I’ve never done it… but I understand you sit around a hole in the ice, drop a line in, kill beers while you freeze and wait. How many guys do this so they don’t have to listen to their wife yammer all Sunday afternoon.

    My guess about Jimmy’s POV here, is: Jimmy was (is?) “Chad.” Am I wrong? Wasn’t Jimmy both the leader of men and quite tempting for women… when he was in his 20s/etc? He was peak of the hierarchy. Being “past his prime” is real for him, as he peaked like the guy in an 80s movie, gloriously.

    No disrespect to Jimmy… but most of us did not have that experience. Over and over I see guys in game, particularly daygamers… as acting out a second chance at life. That is certainly what I am doing.

    I am way, way beyond my “peak” (I suppose), but I think in many ways… I am only now hitting my potential… or getting close to it. My potential for now. At 45 I think I am having my best year I have ever had with women. I’m pushing business/live goals father than I ever have. My house is very much in order. And as I started lifting for the first time… I’m bigger than I’ve ever been. I didn’t even find game, or embrace my potential as a man, until I was 35… how much would I have missed if I had chosen the mainstream path.

    Jimmy’s story here is wise and sober and I respect it. I also reject it, for me. It sounds like the path of man that postponed the bluepill… and then bought in 100% because he didn’t want to die alone. That is real. I get it. That’s not me and it’s not inspiring.

    We have more choices than that. Bluepill death surrounded by family is one way to die. And it also has 10,000 sorrows. And very little adventure.

    • I agree 100$ with Nash here.

      What I notice from this whole situation is:

      * It seems the most active followers of Nick are older gents

      * These guys have not had their share of women yet, so they cannot even conceptually get that you can so much pussy that you won’t want more.

      For me personally, I spent most of my life trying to get women, failing miserably, and settling for mediocre relationships. So I have been the guy who can’t want to run away from his nagging girlfriend most of my life. Then I discovered game, got rejected a shit ton, and did not give up because the alternative is not at all that pretty. And now, I can get 1 new girl a month, but that doesn’t last. She might be boring so I am bored of her other than the few first exciting sexual moments, or she goes away known I am not in a relationship phase, and if she stays, it’s not like I logistically can fuck her every day without her feeling like purely a booty call, and neither do I want to have the same pussy every day. So for most of my life, there was a drought of pussy, and now it is a pussy trickle. Not a flood.

      Thinking about it more psychologically, there is a HUGE difference between us and young guys, the guys most “get a girlfriend” products aim at, so you see the message of getting a girlfriend all over the PUA market. We had girlfriends, maybe a 6 or a 7, and as expected from a guy with no game, the girl turned into a crazy bitch over time. So we have a kind of “relationship trauma”. And because of that too, even when we had girlfriends, the sex was scarce. So we have the association: relationship = crazy nagging bitch + no sex. Fuck that.

      This is different from guys who started early in the game and never had a girlfriend or just stumbled into 1 relationship at maximum. They start with a strong desire for some specific girl or to have a girlfriend, and think “Oh, I have to get good with women in general, then I can get a high quality girlfriend!”. It is my experience that 90%+ of PUAs don’t want to be players, not really. Maybe they want to do it for a little while, but their real aim is to settle down and build a family.

      But for us, relationships have not served us well. The price of having a family and children just to end up with a nagging girl past her wall (which is all we know, really. I don’t think we would be here if we have ever met a girl who stayed sweet and loving and submissive etc after 3-6 months from starting the relationship). There is a joke, I think it’s a joke from a part of the UK, not sure anymore which, “How do you make a woman frigid? You marry her.”

      So yes Jimmy. You had your share of women and of life and I am truly happy for you. But we are more like the great Steve Jabba when it comes to money. He never really had the financial success he desires. We too never reached the level of success with women we want, and we might never reach it, because the longer we stay without having enough pussy, the more we reinforce that it’s not normal, so even if we have it, it will feel like it can slip away anytime. We have spent 99% of our lives incels and trying, not giving up. So the message of “oh, it’s all meaningless, you might think of stopping it all and settling down” is somewhat repulsive to us because it translates to “yes, you didn’t have enough pussy in your life. Stop trying and get a girl who will turn frigid and bitchy soon anyway so that you make sure you’ll never ever have sex for the rest of your life.” We can’t see or even fathom that having sex with a new girl can be as easy as just going to the fridge and picking up a can of beer (Nick described that Steve Jabba feels this way about women, it’s not a worry at all for him).

      Finally, a VERY important point. There is a parallel between this message that “pussy doesn’t make you happy” and “money doesn’t make you happy”. Well, this seems to imply that the opposite is true. And it is not. People without money are not happy. People who don’t get enough pussy are not happy neither. The human brain itself was not created to give you lasting happiness. If you read about neuroscience, you will see that happiness is a temporary reward your brain gives you for achieving a goal, then it takes away all happiness to send you back to the rat race of increasing your survival and replication one more time. So the choice is clear to me: I would much rather be unhappy with my cock inside a young 21 years’ old pussy that be unhappy with my cock in my hand.

      Again, as I said before, we truly have no frame of reference of “happiness in a relationship”. Both our previous experience from having had girlfriends or wives, and all the married men we see are unhappy. Very unlike what you described, saying your lads are happy with their mediocre birds. I literally have never seen a man happy with his wife after the first year. It might exist, but I have never ever seen it. Jimmy, you might be projecting your own desires for a happy relationship onto them. That’s what I believe. Nothing wrong with that, you have a PhD in women, you know how to choose the right one and to keep her interested for ever, it is part of you, and you already had sex with a number of hot girls that is higher than all of us combined.

      Like Nash Daygame said, Daygaem for us is a second chance at life, we have started it the opposite way to yours: we started the relationship way, and it sucked big time. We would be walking around next to our nagging girlfriend seeing all the pretty happy young girl strutting around yes and not being able to do anything about it, except being stuck in a sexless situation in an unfulfilling relationship. So now that we finished that part, we don’t want to be back there, and all we want is to make up for the lost time, the time where we didn’t know at all about game, and get as many strokes inside the soft and sweet pussy of life as we can.

      • Interesting perspectives, I’m of a similar mind. One can imagine there is an ideal path for a man, but it’s not an ideal world and none of us is the ideal man (although I suspect Krauser might disagree). For those of us who missed out with women in our early lives a ‘second chance’ is welcome, but it’s not ideal. I’d argue it is however better than the alternative of settling for an unattractive woman and a relationship not on one’s own terms.

        I agree with the notion that men (in general) have a need to pass through a phase of significant sexual dalliance when young, and that this need does not abate if unfulfilled. It sounds like Jimmy more than passed through said phase without trouble, so it’s not surprising he feels entitled to ‘cash out’ on his own terms. Personally I can’t say I’ve achieved anything remotely similar, and maybe I won’t, in which case I know I’ll be too stubborn to settle. Having said that I wouldn’t wish such a ‘second chance’ situation on any man, as if it were some glorious adventure. You might convince yourself of this as a motivational tactic, but objectively it isn’t true. This is in contrast to dubious marketers like TT who obviously have no qualms about extracting money from older wealthier men by selling them fantasies.

        I think Jimmy’s argument about the window of opportunity for having a good family life with a woman of one’s choosing is pretty unassailable. Pointing to celebrities who father children with young women in their twilight years and saying ‘look it’s possible’ is delusional. I also think ‘open relationships’ are just another form of dalliance and not amenable to raising well balanced children. Long term relationships ARE relatively boring, and inherently so to provide stability for raising children. There’s no way around that, it’s yet another compromise made in the real world.

      • Blue, really great comment, you summarize well and I fully agree:

        “I would much rather be unhappy with my cock inside a young 21 years’ old pussy that be unhappy with my cock in my hand.”

        “[Jimmy] has a PhD in women” 🙂

        I think most PUAs or outside viewers overlook one point: it’s not about the sex nor about the actual LTR we can get out of game—it’s about our inner growth and especially about healing the wounds we got earlier in our (dating) life. To become a better man, to complete ourselves, our lives, to man up—as the fundament of being able to settle. As you and others point out, Jimmy never had this problem or solved it early on and that’s why he can write such a post.

        To me it was depressing to read Jimmy’s post but probably just because of the implicit reminder that I need to hurry, turning 50 in 6 weeks (FUCK), and either solve the problem for good (approach, lazy bum!) or settle sometime soon (stop the half-hearted shit).

      • I cannot speak for everyone, but I think some guys have just seen enough: and want to move on to do something else with their lives. Particularly when parents or other relatives die. That is a very sobering moment that can extend vision from the short-range, “who am I going to fuck today?” worldview into the long-range, “what is the meaning of my life and life arc?” question.

        I think the game is great. But after you have fucked 50 or 100 chicks… how much does #101 do for you? #102? Something, sure. Some guys want to do something different.

        If you’ve met enough girls, you’ve also seen some of them hit the wall. There is also a male wall. Later than the female wall, but there anyway.

    • >> And as I started lifting for the first time… I’m bigger than I’ve ever been.

      Yes… yes… let the swole flow threw you.

      Sorry, had to interject.

      (This is potentially the best blog post Krauser has ever published, by the way. And to think I unsubscribed right before it was posted because it was all book reviews, all the way down.)

      • Hey Pancake. Yeah… I’m back at it, after two weeks off. Trying not to stretch that area of my chest too much, but working out has been fine for the last week. Thanks for the advice.


        >> This is potentially the best blog post Krauser has ever published

        Strongly disagree… for purely personal reasons, as I’d rather hear Krausers POV on game than anything else. It terms of utility for daygamers… Jimmy’s post is completely predictable, mainstream thinking. No dis. But that’s why I can’t take anything away from it.

        But the COMMENTS have been very good here, IMAO.

        And watching Jimmy’s story compared to his demographics… is a great example of Chad vs Bluepill. And I’d never thought of it like that. These guys that are so good “naturally,” and relatively early in their lives… they LIKE the STATUS QUO… because they are at the top. Nothing wrong with that. So to see Jimmy say “normal is good, don’t miss normal” isn’t a surprise from his POV. He had extraordinary… the cream of normal… now, he wants a slice of “average domesticity” before it’s “too late.”

        That really is so different from non-Chads that did “bluepill” early, and then redpilled, and reinvented themselves.

        Who doesn’t know about “normal.” We want YHT… that is interesting. Normal… every sitcom can show me that.

        Very interesting case study.

  9. A really nice little read.
    Very honest, well thought out and something I’ve started to think about even though I’m 10 years younger than Jimmy.
    I agree with pretty much everything that’s been laid out but there are two points I’d like to make.
    The first is you thinking a guy in his 50’s can fuck 20 year olds. Fucking LOL, I don’t see that happening unless there’s money or fame/status involved.
    The second point is that some men are just not cut out for marriage. I do think it’s a tiny percent but for them it just doesn’t work. These men are normally extroverts, have solid friendships with other like minded men and are money/materialistic obsessed. They’re also fucking selfish.

    Thinking about it though the real reason for you wanting to settle down is children I guess. How would you feel if things didn’t work out with your other half after having had kids?

    • “The first is you thinking a guy in his 50’s can fuck 20 year olds. Fucking LOL, I don’t see that happening unless there’s money or fame/status involved.”

      Disagree, see xsplat comment below and
      Nope, no money involved (and no fame—she even didn’t recognize that celeb in the faded red leather jacket walking besides me;) And yes, some luck involved, having found that yes girl and not letting my inner game fuck it up (credit to Nick).

      It IS possible and also repeatedly, I believe, that’s the beauty of Daygame, with the required amount of sets done invested—although *I* cannot prove it because I’m currently not approaching a lot. But I may resume once 50, just to prove the point. Who knows 😉

  10. “The big thing is, you can be 50 and date a 21 year old 9, but it is more than likely going to be a sport fuck.”

    Yeah completely disagree with this. It did give me a good chuckle though 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Thank you Krauser, added Jimmy to my daily blogroll now. He has shared a message that I’ve been trying to get across for the past few years. Roosh is dancing around it, sort of accepting it but also not. Yohami accepted it readily and is now well on the way with his young family.

    There are transitions in life. When you are born and take your first breath, your heart changes from a 2 chamber heart like fish have, to a four chamber heart like air breathing mammals. I can tell you as a father, when your first child is born and you hold it in your arms, it feels like something similar happens to your heart. Everything shifts. You are a different person, with a whole new world opening up to you, a world of happiness and open doors you never had before.

  12. Great post Jimmy and the “end game” is a key topic we all have to plan for. You’re absolutely right as well we need to face it head on and make the choices that are best for us, instead of letting time decide for us.

    Me personally I did things in the wrong order and was married for most of my 20’s and 30’s, and only got into game again at 39. That said at 44 now the last two years especially have been very good to me. I wouldn’t do it this way again, but I know from the experience that although long term pair-bonding is great, long term monogamy doesn’t work. So whatever a man chooses, kids or not, he needs to set up his life where he has an open relationship with his pair-bounded long term partner. To me this helps balance the question of sexual variety and pair bonding, you get both.

    A few things I’ve noticed as I get older with game – completely in line with your thoughts:
    – you’re more “niched”. You appeal to less girls but the ones into you are really into you.
    – game needs to be on point. The late teens/early 20’s girls into older men want that gravitas and experience so that has to be who you are truly.
    – have to stay “fuckable”. Stay in shape and avoid the gut. This keeps your “ping range” as wide as possible.
    – Have to have a larger mission and an interesting life. Should go without saying but it’s amazing how many men fall short here. By your 40’s you should have your life together and it should show.

    My example for doing this right is the actor Cary Grant. He had a kid with his fourth wife when he was 61 and she was 32. Yes he was a famous movie star but my point is you can cash out later on your own terms if you have your shit together. Being in our 40’s we still have a lot of life to go.

    Thanks for taking the time and please keep up the great posts.

  13. I feel that relationship game is barely discussed on the popular blogs that deal with seduction. I have a long habit of living with much younger women, and at 52 my current live in of 8 months is 21. We get along very well, and she treats me well.

    I assume that just like day game, it’s a hard won skill that one continues to learn about and get better at. Of course it’s not just about set, or your internal framework, it’s also about setting, or the girl and her culture and your external setup. It’s still unusual and difficult to arrange bit age differences with an attractive young woman who isn’t bonkers, but it’s much easier in some places, such as SEA.

    And ya, people vary hugely, and while there may be trends, a lot of guys really aren’t built well for long term monogamy. And open relationships are possible but extremely challenging and volatile. The options for relationships are MUCH vaster than is generally discussed. The possibilities are MUCH bigger than is usually even hinted at.

    I assume because it’s an overlapping, but still distinct and separate skill set. You can’t just transition out of day game into relationship game, as if it’s all the same thing.

  14. This has nothing to do with the post but I just had first date sex with a two point hotter, SOLID 8, 20 year old Slovak good girl on my third day of solo daygame in Prague. I must admit I feel very strange. It felt way to easy considering her level of quality or maybe I was just unwittingly firing on all cylinders? I’d like to dedicate this lay to you Krauser for your unwavering support through blogs, podcasts, books etc. This is my first euro-jaunt lay so do forgive. [Well done. K.]

    • My God the world looks so brand new to me now! I’m off to have a celebratory decadent ice cream now. 🙂

    • Stop humble bragging and draining our serotonin 😉

      • Hey blue, I went out night gaming last saturday here in prague and I approached pretty sure a Ukrainian 9 walking to a cab. Her bf was 20 metres away but she allowed me to chat her up. He got angry at her. He was a brown guy with money I guess. What is it with Ukrainian girls and brown guys with no game/charisma?

      • You saw 1 and you want to generalize it, PP? Not a good idea.
        I saw in Kiev a short brown dude with a belly holding hands with a happy girl, ands he was probably one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. She looked happy, and they were in the metro. I was happy for the guy and applauded him, and Indian dude who’s not that good looking getting a girl like that and it didn’t seem about money, I applaud other’s success.
        But in general, Ukrainian girls don’t like to stand out from the crowd or do things frowned upon by society. So they go for white guys more than any other type. They don’t want to be thought of as a prostitute simply because they’re walking with a guy who might look Turkish. So beautiful Ukrainian girls with a brown dude (unless a sugar daddy) happens but is rare like a unicorn, can’t be generalized.

    • If you don’t mind my asking how old are you and what’s your physical condition PP?

    • Lay report is up for all you sagacious cunts. 🙂

  15. Getting close to 50 and living in an english speaking nation I think that it’s not as bad as some think. Here’s what i think.
    Try to eat well and stay fit.
    Don’t try to act like a kid, though be curious about life and enjoy the moment.
    It’s still the rare day that there’s no morning wood, although I tend to not bother chasing women I’m not really into. And this number seems to be getting smaller.
    Own your grayness and experience.

    One thing doesn’t change is that she still wants something. Be it validation, adventure, presents or rent paid.
    Daddy game is now everywhere and many young women openly seek it out.

    Do not look to celebrities for game models or inspiration.
    Don’t try celebrity game or rich game if you aint.
    And if your in your 20/30s you need to work on your wealth so you can you’re 50+.

    I find that even attractive women in their 40s are difficult to deal with in most cases.
    28-35 seems to work best.

  16. @PinkPanther “What is it with Ukrainian girls and brown guys with no game/charisma?”

    Probably an IG model or whore.
    Money matters most and that’s about it.

  17. OK so wtf I’v met a young model who is as Yes girls as they come unbafuckinglievable my mind has been fucked on this trip.

  18. Dude, luck happens, enjoy it, it doesn’t mean anything more than you getting some good luck, so smile 🙂

    If you want to understand more how life really works, read this book about luck and statistics:

    • Oh so discount the fact that i’ve painstakingly worked on my value past 6 months 😛 No I understand your point. Luck is a major thing in Daygame which is why I walk around with the mantra “preparation + opportunity = Luck” in my head whilst walking on the streets. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Does anyone know why such a soaring high has produced such a crushing low? I’m sitting in Costa feeling depressed 😦

  19. I’d rather take up some new hobbies like gardening or chess and flirt with the younger nurses at the care home than be stuck and grow old with a menopausal women. My grandad has been married 65 years and he can’t do anything right to please her, it’s just one big nagging tournament when i go to visit them..

  20. Deep. Thought-provoking. Excellent switch-up in theme.

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  22. [Ask JIM]

    Why The First 30 Notches Matters?

  23. Question for Nick:

    I’d love to hear your advice on tweaking game strategy for K selection.

    I’m a mid thirties professional in south east England. I’ve always wanted a K selected girl but in my pregame days I didn’t have much success. If I get the opportunity for a fling I won’t say no but I really want to focus on finding a high quality girl for a long term relationship.

    I’ve made decent progress as a novice with the LDM over the last three months. Do you have any specific advice about how to tweak the model to get more chance of getting high quality girls for a long term relationship?


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