Ask Jimmy #1

August 27, 2018

Most readers will be only dimly aware of Rock Solid Game founder Jimmy Jambone [1] who was my next-door neighbour at Chateau Hampstead. Those of you who’ve read Balls Deep and A Deplorable Cad will have a rather more fleshed-out image of the man [2]. He is perhaps best known in the modern London Daygame community by his nickname, “Krauser’s Jimmy”.

Memoir readers are well aware that for several years in my player’s journey I’d encounter perplexing problems with girls and game. I’d get a text message I couldn’t interpret, or get blocked on a date and not know why, or stumble in constructing a good DHV story. Whenever something in game confused me I had a simple go-to strategy to solve it:

Ask Jimmy.

Liam Gallagher

Oh Mr. Jambone, what did you say?

It crossed my mind that perhaps my readers would like a similar opportunity. So with that in mind allow me to announce a new irregular feature on my blog [3]Ask Jimmy. I’ve got the ball rolling by pitching him a few high-level game questions that he’s written answers for that I’ll post across several days. If you ask questions he fancies answering, this could go on quite a while. So without further ado lets get to it.

How do I differentiate myself from other day-gamers? Does other men stopping girls hurt my odds e.g. with same girls?

I remember back in 2010 people in the London game community were saying that game was becoming too well-known and the bars were full of pickup artists asking the same questions (to girls). They were probably right to some extent. Certain bars in London then were as populated with PUAs as Oxford Street is today. The saturation complaint has been consistently raised for as long as I’ve been around. First it was London bars that were saturated; then it was the London streets, now it’s the European streets.

These days the London bars are all so loud that the only pickup I see being done is physical escalation. AKA: Filtering for sluts, drunks or girls that just happen to like you and are up for it, rather than working a girl’s nature and ever changing social dynamics with finesse to get her to see you in a positive light. It’s now just turning cards until you draw an ace.

We complained in 2010 about game imminently becoming too well known, then things developed and everyone moved on, got married and never thought about it again. The guys from 2010 aren’t in the bars anymore. They’re not the guys I see on the streets. It’s all fresh faces. The girls of 2010 are by now in their 30s and even 40s. If they were complaining about pick up artists then, I seriously doubt they are now. I bet they think it’s a fad that ended, if they think anything of it at all. They certainly don’t realise they’re simply no longer the target. Every year that goes by you get a new influx of girls who are suddenly old enough and to them it’s all new. Guys drop out all the time for a variety of reasons. Eventually some guys get good, then they get what they want, then they drop out: removing some real competition from the market.

Much of the cohort of current players are fruits and losers. It was in 2010 too, believe me. This doesn’t mean you’re a fruit; there are tonnes of top lads in pickup too. You’re probably a fruit though, statistically speaking.

Pua Loverboy 29c63b7888cd - Loverboy

A fruit salad, yesterday

When I see the dinks in the London bars trying to escalate skirt, it looks pathetic. I politely nod and smile, but they’re not pickup artists really. They’re just pussy beggars flipping lots of stones, calling themselves pickup artists. Some of them are even ‘coaches’. Coaching what exactly? You can see stone flipping in any student union in any town all over the country. Flipping stones is just what lads do before they suss proper game. We reference it as ‘that time before I knew game’. Turn the music down for ten minutes and we’ll eat the stone flippers for breakfast, coaches and all.

I have no room to complain. I remember my uni days. My technique was to go into a bar with 5 to 10 friends and behave loudly and outrageously. After 20 minutes I’d know the 3 to 5 girls who’d been looking at me and I’d just turn those stones. A crude method, which worked well, but we got ourselves into a lot of fights (not great if, like me, you can’t fight all that well), banned from a lot of bars and a few nights in the cells on several occasions. I was lucky to make my graduation; I had so much legal strife in my final year including a court case in a foreign country. But, hey, I was really well known for getting laid.

So if you want to differentiate yourself from other day gamers, or PUAs, just be good and stick around. Ride out the saturation, they all fuck off eventually and in two years it’s all new girls anyway. The good news is that ‘good’ doesn’t have to be that high a standard to be better than the rest. Don’t be creepy, don’t be deceitful. Just be confident, fresh and happy, and dress in clothes that fit and colours that go well together. After that, slowly but surely build up a bit of game and let the attrition rate work its magic.

Just don’t be a fruit. If you stop her to tell her she looks ‘interesting’ and she starts to tell you about her university course, don’t ask her to ‘tell you a secret’.

‘I’m stopping you because, oh I don’t know, you just interest me in some way; you look like a little scientist’

‘Oh I am! My parents sacrificed all their lives and now I am the only girl ever to reach the final year at the Einstein schoo….’

‘Cool. So they’re the second best SHOES I’ve seen this week [4]. Hahaha’

Try to get to know the girl and work out what her switches are. Nobody I have coached in the last few years is even close to doing anything like this. It’s just not a philosophy that’s out there anymore. It’s all gambits and routines reeled off in any random order like they’re supposed to be magic spells.

I don’t deny that in the early 2010s we had it cushy; we were the first to go to Europe and do this type of game. I remember the first time I went to Zagreb with Nick, he did the first stop of the trip and I remember thinking ‘that’s probably the first ever street stop in this city, the first of many’. I even remember what the girl looked like. We were there for about eight days and we had the whole city to ourselves. Everywhere we went in Europe there were no day-gamers. Today it’s admittedly harder, there’s more competition. Back then even Nick could get laid.

You may suffer on occasion the dreaded ‘oh I’ve been stopped three times already today’, but for me this was never a big deal. I’d just nod, ignore the comment and talk about something else, assuming that the other guys were probably pencil necks anyway. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t, but we don’t care. We are absolutely convinced that our crew is the cool crew. If you’re not a fruit; then the chances are your crew is now the cool crew.

Every cloud has a silver lining, I am told. As it gets harder, people give up and before you know it, you’re the last of the few men standing. You’re all trained up and on easy street. You may actually get laid at some point.

If you think Jimmy is someone worth asking, leave your question in the comments but please, try not to ask obvious bullshit. If you don’t know who Jimmy is and thus whether he’s worth asking, try reading about him in Balls Deep and A Deplorable Cad. Or you could even try his blog here.

[1] Consider yourself lucky
[2] He’s also in the two Death By A Thousand Sluts books. So, four volumes of PUA memoir have him as a central character. Not bad going for a lazy layabout.
[3] If you know Jimmy you know why I’m not promising it as regular
[4] I am not saying this is a bad line; it’s just a bad choice in this context.


  1. >> “Krauser’s Jimmy”

    Full shiv!

    Wasn’t it rumored Dr Jambone was going to write a book? I thought he said so.

    And the thing that I believe about him… is that he claims to have proper, coordinated Wing Game. Is that right? I am thinking night game, which is not at all my thing but I’d like to hear all that spelled out anyway. I was hoping for this rumored book of his, and some specific stories that feature his version of wing game. If I had a question… for now… it would that.

  2. What do you think the impact of social media (Instagram, Tinder, etc) has been on daygame? Is it a non-factor, or is it making daygame increasingly difficult by giving girls more choice and validation?

    • ^^^ +1, to that question especially the impact of IG.

    • Regarding unlimited supply on tinder…yes that is true, but there is a paradox of choice. She gains on Tinder: checking all the social consequences boxes aka would my friends and family approve because girls don’t have physical types as proven out in studies and dating app data. Also, there are two things she is concerned with before she goes on a tinder date: am I safe, and I hope he’s not boring? Our job as daygamers is to not be boring but not be creepy. It can be a fine line.

      Unless you have data that says that before tinder the average guy got 1.5/100 on daygame sets and now it’s 0.87/100 why bother? Besides, when you talk about things like Instagram and Tinder you’re wasting mental energy on things that are outside your control…the choice is yours. I admit that sometimes I need to protect my ego, because it can be soul crushing.

      • I agree with you, why bother wasting mental energy on things outside your control?

        It is amazing to me when interacting with good daygamers how we have to be some freaking ubermensch to be able to make it. It’s like the minimum to get very good at this is that you need to become both strategic and tactical, and spiritual and hedonistic, and have a clear mental model of life yet be easy going and carefree, and have a slavish work ethic yet make sure on every date and every moment with the girl you have to be present. All these contradicting things you have to get a handle on them otherwise the results won’t be worth the effort. You have to become street smart and zen wise.

        In other spheres of life, many men could get good at their work by half-assing it. And many can get to high levels yet stay fairly protected from the pain of life, so they never become strong internally. In Daygame, you’re put in a furnace of fire that clears away all impurities leaving pure gold AND you have to efficiently and effectively mold that gold into an exceptional statue.

        The shit we men do for pussy, for those sweet feminine girls, we wouldn’t do purely for money or material gain. The work that goes into daygame and improving our SMV and game is beyond anything 99.99% of people would put into their career, work, skill or whatever. [That’s what it takes to bang girls above your SMV without paying for it. K.]

  3. Great post, Nick, looking forward to read all the wisdom from the Great Jimbo, the most chilled and laid-back man I’ve ever met, back in the day of the DG Infinite presentation.
    Both questions above are good and of interest for me, too.

  4. It’s an honor and a privilege to hear from Jimmy, I’ve read so much about him in your memoirs Nick! Here are some questions that were swirling in my head:

    1) “Try to get to know the girl and work out what her switches are. Nobody I have coached in the last few years is even close to doing anything like this.”
    The “discomfort” I have and many guys have with this is that it might come across, just like Nick talked about in DG Infinite about licking pussy, as you being a guy who is aiming to please the girl rather than being on his path true to himself. If you’re working out her switches, and adapting to them, then you’re changing who you are and how you behave to accommodate her. And since girls are supposed to be highly perceptive socially, won’t this show you’re not the real strong masculine man on his path she wants? Aren’t you supposed to be a man on his path unyielding to what is around and attracting the girl rather than pursuing her? How do you “adapt to her switches” and still be that? Or am I misunderstanding this?

    2) Age is an important question. It seems the younger guys are too soft, they quit too easily, so there is a batch of 30+ guys who are sticking in it and working on their game. Yet we all understandably like girls who are in their prime 18-23 more than older. Like Matthew McConaughey said: “I keep on getting older, but these 19 years old girls keep on staying the same age.” Some people feel and think that age is a huge disadvantage. So two questions about this: Did you notice, after you became solid at game, that your results are getting better or diminishing with age? And, since men are supposed to get better with age like wine, what should a man work on to become much more attractive when he ages? (Other than using money and sugar-daddying).
    I say this because I noticed that Steve Jabba seems to have chosen the “money / sugar daddy” route now, dressing like a high level rich provider in his dating photos. And if Steve Jabba which is supposed to be one of the best PUAs ever is going the sugar daddy route, that means he feels that r-selection became harder for him, which means the prospects are bleak for the rest of us.
    On the other hand, Tyler has a latest video on how it’s hard for men over 40 to pursue goals or stay engaged with life because they see it all as meaningless, including him. And in it he talked about how guys who manage to stay progressing over 40 will be always much more attractive than guys on their 20s because they are more grounded, they know who they are more, and have spent a lot more time working on themselves. So age for him is a plus because it means you become more and more of a man rather than a boy, the trick is to stay motivated after 40 which he says he noticed for everyone who has achieved becomes almost impossible and they just stop caring and wanting to do more with their lives. What is your view?

    3) There is a new “wave” in pickup that says texting a girl is not a good idea. That you should have a cool instagram, add girls there when you go out, and only talk with girls that would show interest on your instagram, while keeping the others on the back burner soaking in your cool life. Do you see this as a true “next level” replacement for texting? Or just a fad?
    For me, it is a bit confusing because: I can see how a cool instagram can display pre-selection and DHVs and create comfort, but it also can take off the anonymity of r-selected sex if she sees the faces of other girls splattered all over there. And if you have a sausage fest instagram to not show other girls and threaten their anonymity, it looks loserish.

    4) What do you see as the future development in Daygame? Or do you think we pretty much “figured out” this ancient mating dance?

    • Dude,

      I have not chosen the money / sugar daddy route. You really should actually pay attention to what i ACTUALLY SAID AND WROTE before you spout off assumptions like this and paraphrase on the basis of a TROLL PHOTO!

      You couldn’t have got it more wrong if you tried. What I actually said is literally 100% diametrically opposed to your interpretation.

      What I actually said / wrote is that :

      Money / lack of finacial security has always been a huge issue for me. Much more so than anything else in my life.

      I was extremely successful on sugar daddy websites WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING and had a cool system going. I even mentioned some of my results and laughed about it in my latest podcast, precisely because I had no money, lived in a squalid shit hole and was banging quite a few hotties. Funny because they aim to meet a rich sugar daddy, they end up meeting me, get railed, then go home on the last district line train (1 hour journey)

      It would have been even better if I had a decent pad. I mentioned it in passing because it’s not a big deal, but I found it all very amusing precisely because I had no money.

      I’ve also written and podcasted:

      I am eager to get back on the horse – next month and will be filming approaches etc.

      I do not think it will be any more difficult at age 42, nearly 43 than it was 5 years ago.

      Here is a quote from the latest article on my site:

      Is it possible to replicate this approach / lay ratio as a neary 43 year old man?

      Pretty sure the answer is yes. My journey continues. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out 🙂

      In future, please do me the courtesty of reading what I actually wrote / said before posting your interpretation.


  5. How has the balance between cold approach and social circle game changed over the course of his life (if at all?). Does most of his success still come from cold approach or does he complement it with other sources? Does he practice any kind of lifestyle game?

  6. How did you decide what your new goals were once hitting any arbitrary goals you had at the start of your journey? e.g. the arbitrary N=100 goal.

  7. I am also interested in the age question. What age range is it appropriate for a 40+ man to target in daygame and how should older guys do daygame? I see night game as more forgiving in that sense as the girls are already going out to meet people and can expect to be approached, but in daygame they are just going about their daily business. Should older guys only approach off IOIs, or risk being categorised as a creepy old dude regularly harassing young girls on the streets? Perhaps abandon the street stop entirely and only approach situationally. Or perhaps they should predominantly game in other locations than their (western) home city.

    • I think the words “age range is appropriate” are fucked up, with all due respect Jon.

      I am a man. Nobody tells me what is “appropriate”. I choose what is appropriate, and if there are some societal consequences, I took those into consideration before making the decision. So I am okay with them.

      My question was a bit more nuanced: How do we keep our ping range for 18-23 years old girls acceptable as we age? I mean, if we get to a point where we only get a girl younger than 23 once a year, for example,approaching enough every week, that will be fucked up.

      And you know the best cure is prevention, so how do we keep our SMV high and sexy and leaning towards r-selection well into our older age? Should we consider hormone replacement therapy for testosterone and face lifts and plastic surgery and shit?

      • Regarding the “appropriateness” of approaching young girls in daygame as an older guy, I appreciate your reminder that we should be the ones who define the frame. You are right to point out that we should not compromise on the YHT age range if what we are after is simply banging them and having fun. Those are the only girls with whom that kind of game is properly fun to play, with their youthful energy and no baggage or strict expectations with respect to relationships. Still, I do wonder how to do this as efficiently as possible. How does one keep playing the numbers game in order to find those young chicks who could be available to an older man, while also fitting in socially and looking good doing that. One component is of course to try to maintain an youthful and cool appearance for as long as possible – so it also looks more acceptable to any outsiders (that the girl thinks might be) watching. I am not quite sold though on relying just on medical options in order to accomplish that…

  8. Great seeing Jimmy come back for this Q&A. From the memoirs Krauser referenced and from the old posts on Jimmy’s blog it’s clear he’a been the source of a lot of solid game that’s been in turn passed down many those he’s taught.

    I’d love to hear Jimmy’s thoughts on setting up threesomes. Especially around how best to introduce two of your regulars who are both bi but have never met.

  9. Other dudes stopping girls CAN’T help your odds, but it’s not going to change you from a 1/20 guy to a 1/65 guy. I find myself reaching for the “hit on by other PUAs” excuse to rationalize not being good enough with that girl, at that moment. It protects me.

    Good game hits her limbic system which is pretty deep in her brain. There’s about as much chance of girls getting immune to good game, as there is for guys getting immune to proportionally sized but big tits, a symmetrical face, and a great hip-2-waste ratio…not happening anytime soon. Sure excess supply can’t help, but can she say no in this moment??? How fast is the hamster running?

    Question for Jimmy: What do you think about the idea that there are two kinds of girl 1) Yes girls 2) Girls you need to have social frame over, generated emotions with, and comfort /rapport, in varying degrees to cue up attraction?

  10. Does BangUp PUA prefer to game in Primark or TK Max?

  11. Could Jimmy, Krauser or other commenters give me their thoughts on the following video please?
    He is with Street Attraction (who I know Krauser has vouched for in the past) and they say his game is good due to his masculinity – but to me his game looks bad. However I am still a beginner (around 175 approaches) so seek the advice of more experienced daygamers.

    • Ok, here is my analysis:

      Two of the 3 first girls were Yes girls, with Bambi eyes right off the open. His game there was mostly not fucking it up.

      With the seated girl, she was a Maybe girl, or might even be available but not interested. At some point, he lost his state there, but she helped him out with the conversation. His state crash might be because of the camera (Around 06:10 and afterwards with that girl he lost his mojo, got nervous and was just gasping for anything to keep it going, it was much better with her before that moment but she was all along not that interested even though she probably was available, just not to him) and him realising how to keen eyes we see this set has hooked socially but not sexually no matter how much he tried. Which is normal and okay, and happens to all of us. Unless she has nothing better to do, she might come out on a date with him, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      The girl on the phone too, she was already ON at the open. She’s a Yes girl too. Which is normal to show on Youtube. He’s not making mistakes, which goes a LONG way when most other guys just fuck up one way or another. Notice also the difference in the light of the sky between the different approaches. He had been out all day it seems, so he got his fair share of rejections to cherry pick those Yes girls and the one Maybe chatty girl.

      Oh yes, when he was using his phone and getting ready to give it to the girl who he stopped, the girl that was on her phone, something changed in her vibe. You can see she has a thought in her mind like “What the hell am I doing!” and put her hand on her forehead, maybe he did something before that or remembered she had a boyfriend because she shit tested him hard (starting around 10:05). That girl won’t be texting him back.

      I don’t like how he finished with the seated girl with “Let’s keep in touch and carry on this conversation”. But this also shows experience, he realized she was a girl who is friendly but not that interested, so he didn’t want to risk the rejection on camera if he told her she was interested in her sexually. It stayed K-Selected “I don’t show you sexual interest, and you don’t reject me”.

      His subcommunications are good in conveying masculinity: Not trying, being the tree and her the squirrel, laying back. But to my liking, there wasn’t enough sexual subcom there. He’s just a masculine man in a sea of sissies, so he stands out.

      With that 18 years old girl who was a super YES (Or might seem like it, girls who are 17, 18 tend to respond very well to approaches, but then often end up false positives which is personally sad to me. When I approach a girl and discover she is 17 or 18, they sometimes spazz out like crazy without me doing much, the set goes too fizzy for me contain, but I noticed he tried in the end to calm her energy down which shows experience and good awareness of where the girl is at), he tried to get her to verbalise agreement to sex, and she rejected that. That was not a good move to do in the middle of the street, but he probably did it for the camera.

      Overall, he seems to have paid his dues and got the goundedness that comes from doing enough sets. He also seems to find enough Yes girls to probably be doing well, and he was doing okay with the Maybe girl. He’s being too K-selected for my own liking, but I am more sexual as a person so it transpires in my approaches much more than him.

      I prefer his style to Richard which seems to be clowning too much for my liking, dissipating too much of the sexual tension. But Richard has more sexual subcomms, especially in his eyes, compared to this new guy which has a neutral look in his eyes.

      If Nick’s game would be a considered on a scale to be a 10 (Nick really is much better and more dynamic and multi-dimensional in his game), I’d give this guy a solid 7.5. He seems to be experienced, but he seems to have tailored his style of game in a way where he focuses on “belligerence”, which has its niche of girls, of course. But if he opened up his style more, to a more MMA type of mix of various styles like Nick does, so it is more dynamic, I believe he’ll grow more in his game and open up his ping range.

      It seems he got his game style to a level where it is as good as it gets, so he’s probably hit a plateau where he’s not improving, he just knows probably his numbers and so puts in the approaches to get the results and he’s happy with that. His biggest weakness that I see is the lack of sexual subcom and dead eyes instead of mesmer eyes.

      But yes, he’s not making mistakes 95% of the time, which goes a LONG way. He goes nervous a couple of times, but that is probably due to being in front of the camera. It is normal to feel nervous in that situation.

      Oh yes, in the last section, there were those girls on the bicycle. At the open, the other girl was ON, but he focused on the nearer girl. The nearer girl did not hook sexually, only socially. This is probably because of his non-sexual K-Selected vibe. Which is ok, me might have done it on purpose because going full r-selected probably would have made that hoe say no. She was available but not interested in him specifically. [I haven’t checked it out but I met him a couple of times at Eddie’s house. Seemed fine to me. Eddie is pretty good at bringing guys through, so I reckon this lad will do just fine. K.]

      • Thanks for the detailed breakdown BlueValentine. You’ve mentioned a number of things I wouldn’t have even thought of looking out for.
        I’ll watch the video again with your comments as a guide.
        Thanks for the help!

  12. @stevejabba why do you not have any money?
    I remember you banging on about how important money was years ago and that it was your main focus and yet you still haven’t cracked it..
    There might be a lesson to be learned here.
    Some guys do daygame for years, putting in long hard hours gaming and at the end of it they’re banging 6’s every now and then but still cling to the fantasy of fucking a couple of 8’s on a weekly basis.
    Even though you’re 40 something you could probably still wipe the floor with 99.9% of MPUA’s and you’re not even that bothered about women by all accounts lol
    My point is some guys will always be good at bedding attractive women with minimal effort.

    Others are pretty average with chicks even after years of “self development” but have a knack of being able to make large sums of cash. It’s just the way things go.
    Play to your strengths 😁

    • Negative, thouroughly mediocre mindset. Nasty. I hope it’s not infectious.

      I’ve been bothered, worried about it for approx 6 years, before that was a well paid IT contractor.

      As I’ve stated on my site, been close a couple of times but nope, not made it by my own standards.

      I’ve identified a lot of what I was doing wrong and have fixed it. Plus I always have lots of new ideas. I took my foot off the gas TBH. Won’t let that happen again.

      Let me put it this way, if I do crack this, I will have acheived everything I ever wanted in life. It’s the 1 thing I have not cracked, and I cannot have that.

      I wonder how many men of my age could say that? I’d estimate less than 1%.

      Are you one of them?

      Keep trolling. Hope you enjoy it. Personally I’d rather focus on working hard and acheiving my dreams so I can make the remainder of my life happier than ever before.

  13. I very much doubt you’ve been close a couple of times if you’ve now been forced to move back to the UK. A “well paid IT contractor” till six years ago and then suddenly out of the blue you have money worries ??
    Something doesn’t add up.
    A guy with that background would have savings, various investments and so on.
    Trolling isn’t really what I’m doing. I’m being honest, possibly a little harsh but well intentioned nonetheless.
    And yes, I think more than 1% of men where I live have money.
    Honestly it doesn’t change things to the degree you think it will.

  14. Nick, could you please take into consideration these ideas for an upcoming product?

    New infields with your latest type of game + the “checklist” of what you look for in interactions + going deep into what Jimmy talked about “how to figure out girl’s switches” + some advanced text game, I remember Philander wrote in his review of your Moscow resi how you and him spent time talking for each text about the emotional state of the girl on each text and what she requires and responding accordingly. Going deep into such “psychology of texting”, something focused on this specifically without other things coming in between, that is more focused on this than Infinite for example, will be great. Also some semi-deep-conversion (without revealing the darker secrets) so we get girls addicted to us for the longer term would ROCK.

    Just throwing out some ideas of things that you are particularly positioned to talk about expertly and that the guys in this market full of charlatans and marketers with no experience but with theories that sounds good (but don’t work) need. I mean, if there is a cool goal to have, it might be really to save the few guys worth saving from going into impasses or getting stuck because of the 99% shit that is out there retarding their development. Also, there is only 1 Nick Krauser, and not many guys can get access to him, so helping those guys who are willing to invest money into more products is worthwhile indeed. A big principle of marketing is that the more value you give out in your products, the more guys are willing to get your coaching: so it makes sense to talk about everything that someone who might not be able to get coaching from you might need, while the people who get coached are those who want the “luxury” version of direct interaction with you and tailired feedback, which no product can really cover. Unless you consider a product based on your coaching with avatars for typical types of guys who seek your help, their typical problems, and mythologies (same as you do with girls) and how each can fix it. That could be a GREAT coaching-in-a-box tailored product.

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