#49 – Front Line Theatre, Heinz Konsalik BOOK REVIEW

June 12, 2018

Konsalik Front Line Theatre

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the title of this WWII book? Perhaps that the theatre of war it concerns is on the front line of the Eastern Front? Or maybe you look at the red cross markings on the soldier prominently positioned on the cover and think it may describe a medical theatre and thus focus on medics?

I certainly did.

But would you think this book is, in a very literal sense, about a theatre on the front line? I mean the normal use of the word “theatre” as the place where primadonnas and faggots mince around on stage in front of an audience too la-di-da to go to the cinema. Yep, this book is about a touring theatre troupe sent into Russia.

I was a little disappointed. It’s like an episode of Eastenders, with background artillery noise. There’s not any actual battle scenes until about page 130, of a 179-page book. For all that, I still enjoyed it. Konsalik is up to his usual tricks in presenting a sweeping narrative from multiple locations in which various story-threads entwine until there’s a big fat knot at the end where they all end in the same place: in this case, in a small Russian village attacked by partisans ahead of the Russian advance.



It’s all very obvious and strikes predictable notes: the effeminate idealistic concert pianist who volunteered is blown up by a bomb and his hands ripped off, the wide-eyed teenage girl gets pregnant and finds love with a young soldier but they each believe the other dead in the fog of war, the fat sweaty Nazi functionary is a villain who abuses his position to creep on actresses, and the Soviet partisans are wild-eyed wolves pitilessly torturing anyone they find. All the WWII trash novel tropes are in here.

So, I enjoyed it.

I finished it today and by coincidence caught Vox’s latest Darkstream “I was wrong about Hitler”. It makes for a nice segue. A couple of years ago, a commentor here [1] directed me to Victor Suvorov’s book The Chief Culprit, whose thesis is that Stalin started WWII by baiting Hitler into invading Poland, so Britain and France would declare war. The USSR would roll up the weakened victors and take over Western Europe [2]. I bought the book and read the first half, fascinated by the idea.

It seemed to fit some anomalies I’d noticed, such as Guderian talking about military exercises teaching the Soviets blitzkrieg pre-war, about Stalin’s meddling in the Spanish Civil War against both the anarchists and the fascists (yet being harsher on the former), and his unusual (apparent) activity in the early war years.

Panzer Tactics DS

My WW2 wargaming is hardly Advanced Squad Leader

So I read Suvorov but felt I wasn’t in a position to judge his work. I lacked the necessary wide-reading in the Eastern Front [3] to judge whether Suvorov was fairly selecting and interpreting his evidence, or if it was a big spin job to make a name for himself on the back of persuasive bullshit [4]. I’d also read a good bit of The Wages Of Destruction a few years earlier which argued the Nazi economy was nowhere near as strong as legend has it and that Hitler had been pushed into war to revive flagging German fortunes. My mind was at least open to the idea that Hitler wasn’t the wildly aggressive leader he’d been painted as but that key strategic decisions may have been a result of choosing between poor options rather than being head of a dominant economy and army full of super soldiers.

I remember these key items that Suvorov provided evidence for to support his thesis:

  • Russia had the world’s first long-range strategic bombers but Stalin repeatedly cancelled orders to build them because they are only useful in defence. When you intend to conquer a city you don’t want to flatten it or you destroy your own prize.
  • Stalin instead built up lots of fast light fighter-bombers that are designed to take out defensive emplacements to clear the way for a ground invasion.
  • All Soviet forces were lined up in attack formations on the border with little defensive fortification
  • USSR took lots of military training from Germany in the 1930s including the emerging blitzkrieg ideas.
  • Stalin meddled in the 1933 election, getting the Communist Party to support the Nazis in order to keep out the Social Democrats, because the latter were less likely to start the war he wanted.

There’s more, I forget most of it because I was rather overwhelmed with detail. So, I parked his thesis as “interesting and likely true” but held it in mental quarantine until I knew more. This did not stop me adding it into my Jewish Question stack that I started using with girls on dates in 2015/16.

Yes, I would rail against Jews on dates in 2015 (in 2016 I swapped it out for my “Trump is greater than Alexander” stack). It was based on the Hitler Was Right idea and went roughly as follows:

“The main problem with the Final Solution is that it was not sufficiently final. There were two holocausts, one real and one fake. The real one was in Eastern Europe following Operation Barbarossa and it consisted of reserve battalions following the German advance. They’d roll up into a village, round up all the Jews, walk them into the forest and machine gun them into a mass grave. Done and dusted in one afternoon.”
“But Schindler’s List…” says the girl.
“It’s a Jew movie. Imagine for a minute you’re Hitler and you really want to exterminate Jews. You control the world’s greatest army and head the most efficient people who’ve ever lived. Say one of your subordinates presents you with this idea…. Let’s round up all the Jews and send them by train to different camps around Germany and Poland. We’ll feed them for several years, then on a whim push them into small shower rooms and use a weird gas to kill them, then burn them in ovens barely big enough to cook a modern pizza. That’s ridiculous. Plus there’s so little evidence the ‘death camps’ were anything more than ‘work camps’ or ‘internment camps’ that suffered the same malnutrition, outbreaks, and squalor as the rest of Germany towards the end of the war.”

At this point the girls are usually giving rapt attention just because of how unexpected the thesis is, so I followed it up with this…

“Germany had won WWI by 1916 but then the International Zionists met with the British War Council in London and promised to use their influence to get the USA into the war if Britain supported their claim to create Israel in Palestine. Obviously the British agreed, as it was something for nothing. USA came in, and WWI went on twice as long as it should have and the victor was changed. That’s a few million white Christians killed due to Jew tricks.”
“Then the Versailles Treaty wrecks Germany in order to force Germany to pay reparations to France and the UK, who use the money to repay loans to Jew bankers in the USA. The treaty was like the AIG bailout in 2008 that was really about covering Goldman Sachs who held the winning end of the trades with AIG. That’s an old Jew trick.”
“The result is the Jews got their money back and Germany hyper-inflated the currency to cover reparations. That destroyed all asset values in Germany, allowing the Jews to buy up all the industries and lock down the professions in the 1920s. They then blackballed ethnic Germans out of all economic opportunities. The late 1920s were a time of Jewish depredation and preying on German women, much like Hollywood and Manhattan today.”
“At the same time, the Jewish Bolsheviks had taken over Russia, the leaders Lenin and Trotsky facilitated by New York Jews. Almost 80% of the Politburo was Jewish. The Russian Revolution is best understood as a Jewish attack on Russia, with Russians as the victims. So, Lenin immediately begins agitating for a communist revolution in Germany, which is already in desperate straits. Terrorist attacks, uprisings, commie agit-prop. They are trying to destroy Germany.”
“Finally in 1933 the Nazis take over and quite politely begin unwinding the Jewish interference. So, in 1934 International Zionism literally declares war on Germany – you can find front page headlines of it on the internet. Germany’s already ruined economy loses another 20% GDP. Then in the mid-1930s the Jew Bolsheviks genocide ten million white Christians in Ukraine in the Holomodor.”
“The WWII kicks off in 1939 and Germany has incredible success that shocks even their own High Command. Guderian’s memoir even says they kept telling him to slow down. Then in 1941 they realise Stalin is amassing forces on the USSR’s western border, to attack Germany.”
“So, think of it this way…. starting in 1916 there have been 25 years of Jewish attacks on Germany, mostly successful. They made Germany lose a war they’d won, bankrupted the country, destroyed the currency, urged revolution, stolen the industry. They’d already murdered well over ten million white Christians, declared war, and were now amassing a massive army for invasion.”
“Really, in the circumstances, after 25 years of intense provocation, I think the Holocaust was little more than a mild overreaction by the Nazis. If anything, the Jews owe us at least 4 million more lives.”

Anyway, I don’t know how much of that is fair but it made for fun dates. It interests me that Vox Day – a man with vastly more military knowledge than myself – has just read The Chief Culprit and declares himself mostly convinced by the thesis that Stalin started WWII and intended to invade Western Europe [5]

Reading all these WWII novels written from the German perspective is making me increasingly sympathetic to the Nazi side. If only they weren’t so damn socialist. Churchill famously declared after WWII ended that “we butchered the wrong pig.”

If you’d like more anti-Jew rants I’m afraid you’ll find very little of it in my books. They are all about shagging hot white girls for free, which Jews appear to be unable to do without a casting couch or cocaine.

[1] I forget who. A pat on the back to you all the same, sir
[2] It turns out their funding of Western academia, unions, politicians, and feminists was far more successful in making Europe communist.
[3] Sven Hassel novels aside, which are hardly a documentary record
[4] Seeing as I’m part of the PUA industry and have a background in financial services, you can imagine I’ve been the victim of persuasive bullshit in my time and become quite suspicious.
[5] Stalin wasn’t a Jew but he married one and filled his Politburo with them.

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  1. Pretty much 100% agree with your views on WW2, saying this as someone who had a British great grandfather fight in Libya and a German great grandfather who was sent to the gulags. One can only imagine if the Brits and Germans formed an alliance and managed to escape the yoke of international Jewry. British Colonial Hegemony +German engineering, we could have colonized space by now.

    Great now I need to read some Anglo-German space fiction.

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