Part 5 of the Daygame Infinite talk

March 7, 2018

Here’s some daygame content for a change, the next part of my Infinite talk.

In other news I booked up my first two months of travel for the 2018 season. I’m going to prioritise girlfriends, socialising with buddies, and drinking beer over the usual skirt chasing but I certainly expect to keep my hand in with the game. Should any pretty girl be sufficiently indiscreet to throw me a come-hither look you can bet I’ll still pounce upon it.

I’ve signed up all four of the residential coaching sessions I wanted to do this year. I’m may yet add to them, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested. Read the “Coaching” tab at the top of the page for details. As yet I’m undecided. People interested in coaching July/August are the most welcome to enquire.

I’m pleased to announce there’s a detailed third review of Daygame Infinite in the comments to this post. Here’s a few snippets:

“The case scenarios cover three different types of girls and also provides further “calibration examples” which is effectively more examples (that’s a good thing). I can say from my personal experience in adopting a similar style (not using same words, but style) that the engagement I am getting from girls has both increased and improved.”

“The book is damn good”

So click on the link if you’d like a third opinion on the product.


  1. I think getting girls in a huge quantity is bullshit
    a nice decent girlfriend is better than hustling around all day and getting the blowouts and flakes, and all of these shits

    • “hustling around all day and getting the blowouts and flakes, and all of these shits” makes a man out of you.
      A nice decent GF will keep you beta, counter. We’ve tried it, we realized this, now all that shit is growing our balls every day into the right kind of man who is naturally attractive.

      • “makes a man out of you”
        in the last period of daygame I felt more like a clown… If I imagine a very successful man getting big quantity hot girls I think of Dan Bilzerian… He is getting laid very often effortlessly… He is got game definitely, and he is a genius with that lifestyle social circle game what he is doing, I heard an interview from him when he talked about how he is doing it… Compare this to daygame….. well. nah…

        K! I remember your interview / book introduction video what you did with street attraction a couple of weeks /months ago…. You said, you don’t know, but maybe in the past there was guys, who maybe did it better , more successfully than the LDM guys, “just we don’t know” ….. This is false. A lot of big lords , sultans and those guys who had power had big harems and those stuff, and did something like Bilzerian… That social circle lifestyle game maybe the most effective.

        “A nice decent GF will keep you beta, counter.” false…infact what I’m starting realize chasing skirt all day is pointless… its useless… [Then give up and spare us your whining. K.]

      • “[Then give up and spare us your whining. K.]”
        I like to share my view, this is how people can change information and learn… and not in this passive agressive way.
        I did daygame for 2 years…. and tried this lifestyle, firstly thought that its cool,.. but in the reality, its just a shit ton of work and time, out on the streets, talking to a shit ton of people, a a flakes, dates, everything for a notch… just don’t get it how can it be this better than a proper relationship…

  2. Nick do you have a low opinion of hot girls who give up the sex fast? I’m having serious cognitive dissonance in game. On one hand we’re becoming more valuable men whilst on the other hand (potentially having sex with women we were never used to). I understand the R and K spectrum but most beautiful women goal isn’t to seek out fast sex (perhaps i’m not attractive enough to be the r-guy??). You even said Game is the “forbidden fruit of knowledge”.

  3. @Counter you want something for nothing you silly idiot. Comparing to Bilzerian, a guy who LITERALLY won the poker lottery is futile and exceptional to the average male.

    • why are you talking like this? Why are you that rude? did you saw this style from krauser and do you think that its cool? that makes even him a highly unliked person, who are here to give “free value” with this blog…

      anyway, my opinion about your previous question what you asked from krauser…. I think if you starts to loosing your gamma habits, that will solve your problem… honestly..

  4. I never knew a thing about gamma’s until I came onto this blog comment section. I’m being rude because you need to hear it.

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