Be careful who you take advice from

February 20, 2018

“Try not to pick fights with other lifestyle coaches” I told myself on January 1st. “They aren’t all cunts, and many of them have valuable things to say.”

I’m not sure how well I’ll keep that New Years resolution.

On Sunday, I woke up at 11am with a minging hangover having been out getting smashed with Team Krauser in London. It was a grand old night. I have video of three of us doing a drunken pull-up competition from the pub lighting rig, and a random American was sparked out in another pub right at the end of the festivities [1]


“This way, lads” said Jimmy, with conviction

So, I have a few cups of coffee and wander into Covent Garden to do a hastily-arranged consultation that Eddie talked me into when I was drunk. So far, so good. However as the session developed my client (not Eddie) happened to be asking a question related to other pick-up/lifestyle coaches. I won’t name names or give details.

“Such and such a coach said…..” our conversation went. “What do you think?”

Now, I happen to have a rather low opinion of this particular coach, but that’s not really the point, nor is the specific content we were discussing. What interests me today is this question: Why do you take his advice?, and this: Be careful who you listen to.

London daygame [2] from the beginning was hyper-documented so it’s relatively easy to review a man’s public record of his bona fides and then decide whether to take him seriously or dismiss him as “just another charlatan PUA”. The euro-jaunt scene is also fairly close knit so it’s also quite easy to ask around to find a few people who’ve hung out with the expert/clown in question.

So, first thing I did in this consultation session to give my thoughts was bring up this PUA’s Instagram and we scrolled through his photos. It was rather underwhelming for someone who claims to know enough that he’s marketing himself as a coach. The Instagram showed a few unattractive women, almost no friends, and lots of DLVing. A few red flags too. So, even if this guy’s advice is effective, he doesn’t seem to be taking it himself [3]

Ok, so now you’re all wondering who I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter. I’m not going to tell you. I’m just suggesting that before elevating someone above “random man on internet” you look critically at his publicly available bona fides [4] and if possible find credible witnesses. Don’t assume someone is an expert just because they have a podcast, or a website, or some big name guy is shilling for his products.

For example, here’s a big-ish name. Have a look at these photos and ask yourself whether he’s an expert or a clown. I won’t give my own opinion. Is he hiding anything in his, ahem, closet?

Very elite

Literally pushing him away


If you’d like to take advice from me, and pay for the privilege, you’ll definitely enjoy Daygame Infinite. It’s widely believed, by me, to be the best game book ever written

[1] He deserved it, I think. It was no reflection on how much we respect his president.
[2] And, increasingly, other schools of pickup
[3] Or he might be the one public PUA in the whole world who respects privacy too much to ever allow a photo of himself with a hot girl become public
[4] Or lack of them, as a dog that didn’t bark. See The Adventure Of Silver Blaze if you don’t know what that means


  1. The disgust in the woman’s face, her hand pushing him away. It’s certainly a clown level “expert”. Didn’t know that guy

  2. Is that the same guy whom your client consul to you?

  3. Are you trying to suggest that the man in the photos is not masculine K? LoL

    Also I think if there was ever an advert to ditch the biker jacket look this is it.

  4. Two names come to mind.
    Sol dating or troy francis…
    Johnny berba too obvious

    I’m good 😉

    • Not Sol dating. Krauser has already given his unfiltered opinion on several dating coaches much more influential than him.

      Troy Francis is the only guy that Krauser would hesitate to expose openly because he has been endorsed by Torero, Craig Cassidy and TD Daygame. [Jesus, you’re all like a knitting circle of gossiping women. The point is a general attitude towards choosing your advisors. I’m not helping you all in your guesses on who inspired this train of thought. K.]

      • What do you think is the psychology behind that, K? I mean, I’m sure a man can intuitively realize that a certain guy can’t give advices on a certain topic, but he still goes for it. Isn’t it a sort of transfer? “I’m not good with women so I prefer taking advices from a man who’s not good with women either. I feel I can relate and bond with him more” [I think they build an audience from men who simply lack calibration. So many men want to believe and can’t tell a guy is a bit fruity. K.]

      • Knowing Nick I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t give a rats ass about any endorsements.

        That being said I’ve never endorsed Troy as I’ve never seen him infield. But his stuff portraits accurate descriptions of thoughts and turmoils that are innate part of game. Just because he’s sharing ups and downs and because they look very familiar to what I went through, I’m leaning towards thinking he’s legit. I can’t say anything about his swingers/BDSM club game as I’ve never even been to such places.

        But as Nick said – you’re missing the point. Endorsements don’t mean anything. If you’re doing a lot of daygame you can easily tell if someone is legit. And if you’re not approaching any girls then maybe it’s the time to stop masturbating and get out there.

      • troy makes me feel a bit sick when I see him… there’s just something about him, his voice, posture, his sunglasses, I dunno, just something sickly about him….

  5. I like it when you name names… I miss the London buffoon series..

  6. To be fair mate, you come across as a cunt most of the time as well. But a funny, opinionated cunt who can write, which is why I stay. [Not sure I ever denied being a cunt. K.]

  7. i’m a long time listener of the pictured guy’s podcast. definitely provided me with a lot of value over the years, and you don’t get to the position he did by selling shit to idiots, as you would call it. [Haven’t seen Oprah, then? K.]
    the dig about being in the closet .. i dunno i think you’re trolling your readers to prompt negative comments.

    • edit: you don’t get to the position he did by being an incompetent buffoon

      still not sure what the point is. would be a great twist if jordan was the american who got “sparked out”. although kinda disappointed to hear you using such chavvy language

  8. Sol dating? That fucka ain’t even in the same fuckin ball park as that turd Deepak lol Who would pay that Ali G impersonating twat? Seriously he’s in the same league as berba except he’s a camel jockey of some description. Agree with you Nick, some very big talkers in the day game scene who can’t back up what they “teach”

  9. Don’t get me started about Troy Francis! No infield’s just appeared out of nowhere wrote a couple of crappy books and now he’s a so called guru lol. Never heard of the cunt until a year ago. If you’ve seen any of his YouTube videos he’s got all the charisma of my granny’s used panties! Beggars belief anyone would take or worse still pay for his “advice”, which btw is just a rehash of other people’s work nothing new there at all. Got a feeling he appeals more to the Paki/immigrant crowd

  10. These days simply going out enough and banging the most agreeable girl is passed as game. The Y-H-T marker is rarely met let alone consistently. It really pisses me off when I see good looking coaches trying to teach game when in their infield’s they have zero “chat”. Surprise surprise they don’t feel the rigours of the game so come off as happy go lucky. Eurgh!

  11. “You’re all like a knitting circle of gossiping women”
    Come on Nick you love a good gossip I’m guessing. All gammas do 🤣

  12. I personally think the best strategy when learning something is to constantly keep your mind open to new information from everyone. Some of my best discoveries have come from sources that actually weren’t directly related to the PUA community. I’ve also learned things from complete newbies and modeled some of their behaviors that I felt best fit my natural personality.

    My martial arts instructors constantly balabors this point to all of us in class, is that you must be eclectic in your learning and skill development. Any time you stay true to one strategy or tactic, you become almost like a product of that strategy with no personal flair or uniqueness of your own and become dangerously predictable. It’s the reason why MMA superstars like Anderson Silva for example was so lethal in the ring, due to his unorthordox approach to fighting. But his ability to truly express himself in the ring and show that individuality and uniqueness is what ultimately shined through.

    In terms of how people choose to live outside of their seduction escapades, I generally don’t like to judge since I’ve seen some very feminine looking guys with the most hottest girls i’ve ever seen, which goes totally against some of the modern beliefs of having to be and act alpha at all times. Of course, I could of course be wrong in all of this, but the idea of keeping your cup half full has never done be wrong and has always given me a slight edge.

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