Mastery Update Thoughts

February 10, 2018

I’ve considered numerous plans for my blog and business in 2018. On the one hand I’d like to do the “sell shit to idiots” market because that’s by far the most lucrative and also if I wanted to put out ebooks like what you see on Amazon, I could write one a week with little effort. I could tone that down a little and try the “sell beginners stuff to noobs” market, which is also lucrative. The problem with both markets is they are fundamentally unsatisfying to write for. The former would make me feel like a scammer and the latter like a mediocre mind.

It would be like fucking hookers or fucking Asian 5s, respectively. Not conducive to my peace of mind. Anyway, as an aside here’s the next part of my Infinite talk….

Before I make up my mind on whether to become yet another PUA Whore, I do have a little unfinished business, namely getting my “final” premium product line up completed. These are:

1. The textbooks: Daygame Infinite, Daygame Mastery
2. The video: Daygame Overkill
3. The narrative: The four volumes of memoir.

It is these which I care about above all else because they represent me conveying my knowledge at the limit of my ability to do so. Everything else is in some way a step down. Beginner Daygame was limited by its intended noob audience. Daygame Nitro and Black Book were deliberately simplified for similar reasons, of appealing to intermediates without over-complicating things. Womanizers Bible was openly embracing of mindwank. I think of those four products as diversions rather than as primary material.

The blog is my test bed of ideas, not the final distillation of those ideas. That comes later in the books. I rarely edit blog posts beyond a quick spelling and formatting check, whereas the books get a half dozen rewrites and paid editors.

Why am I rambling on like this? [1]

Because I am currently finalising the new colour edition of Daygame Mastery. My guess is it’s a month, maybe two, from release. The rationale is that I want to bring it up to the quality bar set by Infinite and harmonise the content a little so the two volumes fit more complimentary together. What does it mean for you, the reader? This is how I see the changes to the second edition:

1. Full colour edition with same matt finish cover and interior pages as Infinite.
2. New layout to match the more appealing visual style of Infinite.
3. New commentary and paragraphs added here and there to flesh out existing chapters.
4. One or two entirely new chapters to boost the overall value proposition from 400 pages (as it is now, in Infinite layout style) to nearer Infinite’s 524 pages.

I don’t know yet how well the final edition will meet my objectives but I’ll keep you all updated. For now, here are some screen grabs of how it looks so far. Let me know your thoughts.

Early drafts

[1] Aside from the pleasure to be had in rambling, which is quite considerable.


  1. I’m disagreeing with you at “Beginner Daygame” product case….. That product gave out so much value so cheapely… Maybe this is why it’s not on sale anymore…. That was enough to get good at game…

    Just arrived daygame infinite, looks good but I suprised a bit about the content… Just went through it fast, but it’s a bit weird when I saw you Nick in athlete T-shirt, or how it’s called, I don’t know., on pictures

  2. Sell shit to idiots LOL

    On your plans, you need to do some forecasting on what you think you can bring in from each of these types of product. Otherwise its impossible to try and weigh up what is worth doing from a financial standpoint. Of course you are doing this for reasons other than money. If it wasn’t Im sure you’d agree you should get out of the pickup space and move into a more lucrative business entirely.

    As a fellow finance guy, think of portfolio theory, you don’t have to be in one asset (type of product) or another. You can put your feet in different types of product and get a different return from each. Return here is not just defined as money but as personal satisfaction and achievement and/or money. I think perhaps do a split of something like 2/3 of your time in the commercial realm and spend the other 1/3 of your time writing about things which genuinely interest you. I remember in my last job before doing my own thing I hated the tasks set by management and just did it all mechanically, but then I choose to do certain little projects in the spare 30% of my time which gave me some personal satisfaction. This made the whole corporate thing almost bearable.

    Im doing some Game related writing myself and I have to say its a lot of investment in terms of time and energy. From observing most game guys I don’t think writing esp. heavy detailed tomes is the best approach for making money. These guys are usually not the type who like to read full stop.. Concentration levels are too low. Ive met a lot of guys in daygame and most haven’t even read the basic books (Mystery Method etc) which to be honest surprised me when I first got into all this. They had hit 100s sometimes thousands of sets but hadn’t even taken the time to study the basics properly. Daygame cowboys with inevitably poor results. Most of these guys resent buying a book which is probably the most information dense medium for 30 quid, but are happy to pay 150 quid for a online product which is full of waffle / badly filmed infields etc. Its mental laziness combined with being part of the instagram generation. What they don’t realise is that the same reason they dont read IS a lot of the reason they aren’t good with women. Anyway the upshot is that for your commercial part of your business maybe create more video based products instead. Do live events like seminars. Perhaps you could add some workshops and things like that with it. Basically you want easy to digest fun products as money spinners.


    • What are the other basic books? I thought it was just MM, then for many years rest of it was just derivatives. [I meant the bullshit internet marketers who just recycle other people’s ideas. There are very few good basic books. K.]

      • No no I was asking zatara, specifically in relation to this: “Ive met a lot of guys in daygame and most haven’t even read the basic books (Mystery Method etc)”

        But Nick’s response basically answers it. Nothing really other than MM in terms of “basic” for guys completely new who need an initial framework. [When I’m in a rush I don’t notice who is replying to who so I sometimes jump the gun. K.]

      • @M …theres a few things … both Mystery Method, Rollo’s two books, Daygame Mastery for daygame … the point is these guys have read next to nothing. Sometimes they had a book but it seemed like they’d leafed through it without taking much in. Contrast that to their knowledge of some of the talks given at things like Saturday Sarge by people like Yad and they knew them inside out. This one in particular lol

  3. Tip for Mastery update: you wrote on how to spot a rebel and that there are specific ways to game them but then never went into it (I left you a message about that many months ago).

    Cheers old man!

    • I think expanding a section on rebel girls, plus one good on on the long game will make this new Mastery update a MUST BUY. Thank you Nick for not just sharing our love for the game, but for using your brilliant mind to push daygame further than anybody we know of did. [Thanks. There’s a fair bit in Infinite on that. K.]

  4. K, there is another category which you might consider to your business plan. That is making your premium products available on secure websites or kindle.

    I am in the unique category where I cannot have large textbooks lying around the house. I presume there are others out there as well. Without explaining my reasons for my precondition, I would be a willing buyer of your tomes in electronic form if they become available. I know you have said “no” to this in the past, and I have always assumed this was a piracy concern of yours. But there are numerous coaches out in PUA, other daygamers, sex advice, online dating etc. that have figured this out and have quality products. They are doing so well they are literally printing money.

    Anyway, as a purchaser of Beginner’s Daygame and Primal Seduction… I am waiting in the wings for you to come over to the dark side. Respectfully, T

  5. Krauser,

    Please consider selling Infinite on Lulu. You’re making a Lulu edition of Mastery you should be able to do same for Infinite

    PayPal refuses to unlock my account over a BS issue and I have no way to buy Infinite 6 weeks and counting

    You see yourself you have various customers complaining about different issues with PayPal. They are a pain in the ass and you had smooth sailing in the past with Lulu [Sorry boss, I think you missed the posts where I explained that Lulu software can’t handle the layout of Infinite. It’s simply not possible. If you send me an email using an account not linked to your PayPal, I can send a payment request and you can use a one-time PayPal to buy it that way. K.]

  6. By only adding a chapter or two into new edition of Mastery is definitely not gonna enough for addressing beast appetite of your faithful readers, Nick.

    We need more..

    We need more!


  7. The “does she fancy me” positioning along with your ping text game with maybe girls are good learnings in Infinite.

    I’ve started the ping text with girls I’ve banged or made out with or number closed.

    It costs me nothing to ping text and banter and then suggest a meet up.

    If they’re still responding or up for sexualised but limited banter I keep it going.

    Prior to that I was nexting every girl who didn’t want to meet up or who I didn’t immediately convert.

    Some of the chats in Infinite are identical to mine with genuinely busy girls.

  8. Question related to the video: how do you excuse yourself from the set if she doesn’t give off the attraction signals? [Usually I do a physical compliance test and she excuses herself. In rare occasion she doesn’t I just tell her it was a nice chat and I have to go. K.]

  9. Random Nick but I’m actively working on my value (reading, working out, sorting out my finances etc) and I approach about 80 sets a month. The hot girls seem to want to be no more than friends and the plain Jane’s feel as if I’m selling them a dream. Is this just part of the journey of finding the right girl? I see guys on youtube making out with hot girls on dates and it makes me feel inadequate. Is my ethnic background the real issue? Sorry I’m not intending for a free consultation. [Probably you’re just caught between two stools. You’ve improved too much for one level of girl but not yet enough for the next level. Keep improving and don’t worry too much about other people. K.]

    • Looks like I’ve got a customer for my memoir 😀

    • I think this may in fact be the biggest difficulty in game for most guys and relates to the R/K Wilderness:

      A clueless guy may be able to wake up and achieve his potential value of say 7.

      But such a guy badly lacks reference experiences and is very k-minded, and may never really be able to cross over to r, as discussed in the video.

      5/6 girls start to see him as a k-bargain.

      7+ girls don’t see him as good enough k-value, but they don’t see that he has any r-value as an adventure fuck either.

      It’s only marginally better than being an incel, when the most you can hope for is an LTR with a girl you don’t really fancy.

  10. @pinkpantherpua
    honestly yes, your ethnic background might be the reason or that you’re not very attractive physically or you behave in a way hot girls just don’t react to in ways you’d wish. It could be a combination of those.
    There are dreams sold but the reality is only a few guys can consistently approach and fuck hot girls. Richard from street attraction is a decent looking guy but I’d say his personality is the key to his success. James tusk will tell his viewers this and that but anyone with even a small amount of common sense can see his looks are doing all the work.
    You’re doing a very decent number of sets a month and probably have been for some time. I think there’s answers for you in there. [Everyone has limits set by nature. I think his point is he’s doing okay at one level and getting nothing the next level up. This could be a transition issue rather than a hard limit at that level. K.]

    • I’m happy with the limits set by nature and the results they give me (mostly 6’s and few 7’s). I’m talking about the 8’s here excuse my greediness. I do well with the 8’s in my background ironically but it’s never fast sex and how many will I see in a weeks outing in London? Sometimes I feel like it’s hard enough to get the 8’s but when you’re an ethnic minority 6 it’s an even bigger mountain. Maybe I’m just ungrateful and unrealistic. This industry can come off as guy’s banging 20 year old 8’s month after month. [The industry is full of liars. K.]

      • For instance I stopped a Scandinavian model on oxford st. I messed up the stop so she was literally right in my face, we both held solid eye contact for about a minute. I’m thinking great a confident sexualized bird. She ask’s my job then excuses herself while suggesting I follow her on instagram. Like wtf??? maybe I’m over thinking and/or expecting too much. [Overthinking. Your strategy should always be the same: be has high value as you can be, and hit on girls. The results that follow will be the best results you can get. Anything beyond that is just social science and curiosity. K.]

      • 8s are rare, they have guys chasing them at work, buying them drinks in clubs, hovering around ALL the time! They also usually have a boyfriend. When one guy leaves, several want to take up that position, so there is little window where they are ever truly single. When you street approach you are putting FCK ALL investment in relative to all the other guys around her. Therefore what you are trying to do is HARD. There is a huge step change in difficulty in picking up a 7 to a 8. You better bring serious VALUE to the table which is obvious for her to see in 5 minutes. You need to be so high value compared to everyone else that she thinks … “well he only talked to me for 5 minutes, but he was so ____ that I must see him again”. If you are a regular nice enough dude you are going to get a flake most of the time. They have options. In Richards case from SA the value he brings is a huge wave of fun. Maybe you cant bring that much ‘fun’, I can’t, so you have to rely on other attributes (although brining massive fun is great as girls love fun, especially younger ones and those who can generate it have enormous value to them). I think that you need to work on your value which is a much longer term project than to just learn how to street approach. Thats where the results will come with higher value girls.

        As for ‘the industry’ its full of frauds most of whom pick up mediocre quality girls and then exaggerate about it. I suspect very few guys can pick up 8s and above from the street so don’t sweat it. Keep working on yourself.

        On Swedish girls, don’t believe the hype, rampant feminists .. they are overtly knowingly feminist rather than covertly unknowingly feminist like English girls. Usually think they have great value based on very little. I don’t know what race you are but I can tell you what different races of girls make of Indians vs. Black guys etc. A certain subset of Swedish girls like black guys and actively look for them. In fact there are bars in Stockholm where ethnically Swedish girls go just to hookup with black guys. I have a Nigerian friend who was based there for a while and he used to get picked up by women in these places, taken back to their place, banged them then he’d never hear from them again! IOW they were pumping and dumping black guys. Everything upside down. If any of you guys is black and you want easy lays then ask K for my email and I will send you a list of these places if you like. If I was black Id probably do this myself despite Sweden being ridiculously expensive. GL.

      • Send me your email Z LOL

  11. I think it sounds more like he’s reached his level if I’m being completely honest.
    But to be certain would obviously need to know how he rates girls, how many approaches (roughly) to date, hottest girl he’s had…

  12. Hey K. I always wondered about this since in Womanizer’s Bible you talk about how age is a big factor for male hotness.

    Well, that made me hate and fear getting older. At the same time, I’m a MUCH better man than when I was 20 years old. At that time, I still wasn’t shaped by challenges, I had no emotional control, I didn’t dare go for what I wanted, I didn’t trust my own thinking and I was blue pilled as hell.

    Also, looking at the “hot guys” in their 20s, most the only thing they have is good looks and an ease around women that comes from early and frequent success, but they are weak because they didn’t need to build emotional strength. I am not hating on them, they are in a wonderful situation, I am just thinking out loud.

    So basically, as I get older I have more character, strength as a man, and understanding of how life really works. I do not believe I would have been able to build this fast, it simply takes time. So at least in my case character and strength come with age.

    However, am I fucking myself up with YHT?

    I mean building character and becoming a better man, is this just making me older, more k-selected, and less rabbity so I am making YHT harder for myself?

    Can increased dominance and character substitute for age enough that as long as I am becoming more and more of an exceptional man, I shouldn’t have a problem getting adventure sex with at least one YHT a month? (I remember you talked about the importance of dominance, so can male dominance be a superior and a somewhat more desirable trait in getting adventure sex from YHT than youthful male sexiness.)

    I trust you so that comment you made on age fucked me up lol About how the adventure sex SMV peaks at a much younger age for men than “security” k-selection based SMV. So does this mean as we get older we will get higher ROIs going the k-selection route?

    Thanks. [Just because it’s harder when you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t outperform individually. K.]

    • Id be fascinated to hear what Krauser had to say about this. Rollo had a graph in one of his books for male vs. female SMV. He said the peak was age 38 (pg 120 Rational Male). Puas have been using this late 30s figure as if its gospel. I have a lot of respect for Rollo’s stuff but I think that while he got the theoretical idea right (that women SMV curve is shifted to the left vs. men’s SMV / shape of the male SMV curve is different) he got the actual numbers wrong. This is because he’s a married man and didn’t actually field test the theory himself as he got older.

      Im in my late 30s and have realised a couple of things from actively gaming …

      1) SMV associated with a certain age varies between societies. Its not fixed for men across men across the world. In England, you are I’m sorry to say shit out of luck in your late 30s with young hot girls 18-23. They ideally want either young, effeminate pretty boys OR young jacked guys [you can get a kind of a hybrid … like the guys in a show like Geordie Shore). In most of E Europe / FSU there seems to be no issue regarding age in late 30s. I have started to get some funny comments from girls in more ‘progressive’ parts of E Europe though. Estonian and Polish girls come to mind where they say “Im still at University … ” or “Im only 20…”. This is not a good sign as it shows that feminism is sweeping over these places pretty quickly and that attitudes are changing. Ive noticed women in Asia dont mind dating men who are in their 50s and even 60s. Not talking about the whole S E Asian quasi mongering / gold digging scene but regular part of their society. I think its because the Asians (I mean Chinese and related races) are status obsessed. Therefore looks for a women are relegated to right to the back of the queue in terms of importance. You have a gold rolex, a Mercedes and are a doctor or a successful businessman you’re bringing a rocket launcher to a knife fight.

      2) I think Rollos male SMV graph is too extreme. I think the peak of male SMV in terms of age is actually more like in the late 20s, perhaps 27, then it curves down into your 30s falling away as you get into your 50s. Obviously I’d like to believe a lot of things, that male age doesn’t matter till right till the end, but its just not true from what I can tell. [Rollo’s graph combines marriage market and sex market. PUAs want to separate them. K.]

      • Zatara. K talks about that graph and other such details in length in his product The Womanizer’s Bible. I suggest you get it to know more.

        And that’s what messed me up a bit. I was all hopeful that my peak was coming over time while I am working on my value and I didn’t realize that my “sexiness” and hot quick sex value was diminishing rather than increasing while I was increasing my more “honorable” value.

      • Btw, just as a sizeable chunk of young guys like cougards and MILFs, a sizeable chunk of YHTs like older man.

        Anglo Saxon girls too 18-22 fit that bill in that there are among them a percentage that will love to call you Daddy. So don’t base the truth on what you see, a lot of older men just don’t approach enough young women for them to know that such girls are not extremely rare.

        And this talk about EE girls not minding older men, I don’t know about this. Just in 1 week in Ukraine I had 4 girls tell me that they prefer guys their age not older men, and I am in my early 30s and do not look older than my age. The thing is, I do not have money or a desirable passport to mask the truth. So I am in a way even more r-selected with less k-selection potential, so the girl’s decision has to be based on pure attraction not as my potential as a provider. That is why many Ukrainian girls, which was famed by men that have great passports, as not being a country where age difference matters, when my provider potential reduced, they would tell me that an age difference of 10 years is too big of an age gap.

        I don’t mind it. I have found enough girls who love being with an older men and even fetishize it (a girl was telling me about how her fantasy is some kinky thing called Daddy Dom / Little Girl: DDLG, and that girl is 18 and hot, so I flip the stones, take the rejections on the chin like a man and move on,

        Like K said : Just because it’s harder when you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t outperform individually.

        Or like I say: You can have any type of girl you want as long as you’re willing to flip enough stones somewhere where relevant stones exist.

      • @zatara interesting observations, confirms how depressing it is as an older guy being based in England.

        I came to the same conclusion about SMV.

        Assuming you’re talking more about r-value with potential k-value, and the guy has his shit together, I also think peak is about 27.

        It pisses me off when guys like Tom T bang on about how you can keep pulling hot birds until you’re like 60. It’s possible like winning the lottery is possible. [He should start by pulling hot birds when his current age. K.]

    • [Just because it’s harder when you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t outperform individually. K.]

      So, to be clear: Does this mean that for the average male, getting older means they will perform poorly with adventure sex with women?

      Then, is the inverse true as well? As a man working on my hotness and dominance and other fast sex attributes, does it mean that I will outperform my own self as I get older compared to what my adventure sex SMV would have been in my 20s? So does it mean as someone who is actively working on his value I have a real shot at being significantly sexier when I get into my 40s than I was in my 20s without all the work I have put in?

      Or are we just trying to maintain what we can maintain but out peak is well past us as older men, and it passed while I wasn’t even aware I could use it for adventure sex rather than being a blue pilled idiot.

  13. @Zatara thanks for the lengthy reply yes I do realise 8’s are rare.It’s only few months into the year and I’m getting impatient with “quality” results. I know they will come if I go out this whole year through rain and shine. I guess theres an element of self doubt. Sometimes there’s so much material out there from books to blogs detailing peoples success’s that you can forget that their success came eventually in time. My generation of daygamers want it all now. It’s a gift and a curse. I’m 26 and actively working on my value so I have high hopes that the 8’s will eventually come. I aim to have read over 200 books, jacked body, decent comfortable salary and well travelled by the age of 32.

  14. @pinkpantherpua
    A seven in my book is definitely an attractive girl. The type who is considered the pretty one in her group of friends. An 8 is a girl who could use her looks to fund her lifestyle e.g. actress, catalogue model etc
    A 9 is the highest of the high (the most attractive Victoria secret models, some Russian instagram models)
    I would say you’re having success with 7’s (if they are in fact 7’s) in eastern Europe it’s because whatever anyone says it is easier there. Loads more attractive women, sweeter more open personalities and nowhere near the competitive level of a place like London where there’s literally a handful of attractive girls with huge numbers of options.

    • @Doordie There might be fewer hot girls in London but it doesn’t mean one cannot compete for them. I understand you’re a realist and that is very important to be real but I don’t find your comments very helpful. The whole point of undertaking this journey is to become a High value Man. Sure we all have limits but some guys have potential to do really well with the right coaching, minor tweaks here and there, and a long term commitment to self development. Not everyone who posts on Nicks forum is a basement dwelling neck bearded java programmer. Again, your comments aren’t very helpful particularly as this journey is mired in self-doubt and second guessing.

      I’m just thinking about the helpless newbie who may want to give Game a try.

  15. I have the answer!
    Do mastery 2nd edition in paper back instead, cheaper and you will get better sales. Although, i do understand why a hard back will be appealing to you, so in that case update the book thus, add all the newer daygame overkill stuff in mastery too.

  16. Also if you really want to add value give us all the secret gutter game stuff which is just short of being rapey.

  17. Krauser, could you please write a post with the subjects you think you will add to Mastery? So we know, and maybe the comments will help out with ideas of what to talk about or even change that totally into something the market desires more. [Probably. I should clarify that this new edition is NOT rewritten. I’ll add some extra content but I’m not rewriting the existing text. K.]

  18. you could absolutely clear up by writing extended beginner and intermediate textbooks, you would find a way to write enough for each level and differentiate them are individually viable products. The nature of this beast is that exuberant beginners would (rightly or wrongly) buy the full suite of books. The beginner text book could be an overlay to the original mystery method covering foundtational principles (but with an LDM gloss) – need not even be limited to day game. You could also earily write a separate textbook on euro-jaunting and the peculiarities of that. A lot of possible material out there that gammas/keyboard PUAs would be pleased to line your pockets for. [Possibly, but it’s very low priority right now. K.]

  19. Hey Nick, Daygame Infinite is probably my favorite book right now, Your concept of PreApproaching made such a HUGE difference in how much fun Daygame is now, a lot less of the stingy direct rejections that used to take some of the joy out of my day.

    Because of the book and this talk, I had 2 questions:

    1) When I Pre-Approach, I feel a slight bit of guilt that maybe the girls who didn’t respond well to my PreApproach could have been potential Maybe girls. Nothing in reality confirms this, only PUA theory about plowing, persistence, and how girls give a first reaction but with some times you can turn it around. But can you? [Pre-approach pinging is Plan A. You can still cold open girls who didn’t respond to your ping, just accept it’s lower probability. K.]

    2) You talk in this video about signs of “Does she Fancy Me?” Well, lately if I don’t get any signs of “Does She Fancy Me?” within the first 30 seconds, I eject the set. Am I being foolish? A lot of PUA theory is about how you can create attraction. I know you say it is your SMV not your game that gets you laid. AND you have much more experience than me. So is that wise to eject if no “Fancy Me” sign within 30 seconds, or should i actually “create attraction” and see if the signs are there? [Are you enjoying the chat? If so, there’s no hurry to eject. Also, some girls won’t give you anything for over a minute just to test you. Make your mind up based on how stable your vibe feels that day. K.]

    I guess both come down to one question: can you create attraction or does it either exist or not? [I believe it can only be amplified. K.]

    I know in the book you talk about how some girls might be available but not interested in you, so they will basically waste your time but not contribute much. Which might tangentially answer this but not directly.

    So the question is basically: Can we create attraction? Or if you see no signs of her fancying you very early, within the first 30 seconds, then it’s a waste of time to “plow” and better spend that time finding a girl who will show a sign of fancying me from the very beginning?

    Of course, I don’t mean the girl will drop down and suck my cock at Hello. I mean something like the flicker of her eyes or stopping her momentum easier or something like that rather than seeming polite. Because of much PUA theory I was under the impression you can “make girls like you” so even if a girl is polite, or gives you a fast rejection you better plow with “one more thing” and eventually you can create attraction. And this belief that attraction can be created is making me feel a bit guilty about only going for girls who show IOI on PreApproach or within a few seconds of open.

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