Nick Krauser interview with Street Attraction

January 18, 2018

Readers of my 2015 memoir will remember [1] that’s the year I had my first Euro Jaunts with Eddie of Street Attraction, and also hung out with him and Richard in Belgrade during their long extensively-documented Balkan tour. That let me see their game up close and also become actual friends with them [2]

Since then, I’ve had nothing but good things to say about Street Attraction [3] and thus when Eddie suggested we do a joint Christmas event in London I enthusiastically agreed [4] and then when he suggested an interview on his YouTube channel I agreed yet more enthusiastically.

Here it is.

Daygame Infinite is available to purchase by clicking here.

What a difference it makes when someone with actual editing skill gets his hands on a video project! Makes me look like a bumbling amateur with my channel. Thank you Eddie, Richard, and George for having me on your show.

If you liked the thoughtful and cultured commentary George has about daygame, you’ll quite probably enjoy his new book Game: A Cure For Loneliness available here. [5]

[1] Actually, no they won’t. I haven’t gotten around to writing that one yet. If at all.
[2] Having friends in the community, as opposed to associates, wings or “people you haven’t back-stabbed yet”, is perhaps something of a revolutionary idea amongst PUAs.
[3] When sober. When drunk, my expressed opinions represent a fictionalised version of events that are dramatised for television and in no way represent nor are endorsed by my real opinions. I’ve been known to say bad things about even Donald J. Trump while drunk on whiskey.
[4] I will post video of my full talk eventually, so you don’t need to ask.
[5] I’m about 25% into it so far, and it is the kind of reflective and literary work you’d expect from his contribution to our interview here.


  1. I really hope you write that memoir. Just read A Deplorable Cad and it was fucking hilarious and really entertaining.

  2. Whatever work process you used to write your second memoir, copy it. By far your best written work in terms of flow and style and storytelling (technical game books obviously excluded). Big step up from the first memoir, which I greatly enjoyed but found it a bit disjointed, probably because of the lack of a linear structure. Can’t wait for the third to continue the narrative. Use the same team of editors/proofers/etc if you can, they brought out the best in you.

    (Fourth memoir I read a long time ago, so I’m going to withhold significant commentary on the writing style because it’s not as fresh in my mind, and reading it was my introduction to your world. I’ll read it again after the third comes out so that I can have at them sequentially.) [Thanks. Would appreciate a review on the Lulu page if you have the time. K.]

    • I agree, the second memoir is so good, whatever worked there is what brings the best out of you K, so that is the process to use and re-use 🙂 [Thanks. Would appreciate a review on the Lulu page if you have the time. K.]

    • Review up mate:

      Great book and Krauser’s best writing yet. The story now takes on a linear structure and includes real characterization from all the other personalities along for the ride. Ends with a wicked cliff hanger (what’s the deal with Jimmy? how does K reconcile the feeling that he’s reached the peak? what happens next with the girls?) and gets the reader excited for the next part of the story.

      Also some great squalid details about the danger of going down the wrong path, dubbed “The Dark Side.” Nick almost got caught in it but managed to stop himself in time.

      And, for active daygamers out there, or people who know the community, there are also previously-unreleased details aout Tom Torero’s true character, which absolutely destroyed the already twindling amount of respect I had for him. Props to Krauser for not making the details public on his blog before — the man has integrity, and honestly this could have wiped Tom’s credibility off the map. K didn’t want to do that, so he didn’t. Good guy. [Thanks a lot. This comment appears to have provoked a few crazies to send me emails, btw. Must be a full moon or something. K.]

  3. Enjoyed the interview but some kinda old school stuff. Waiting 4 dates for sex, isn’t that bait and switch pretending to be the bf. 4 dates would mean she has you on waiting list and you’re not her best option as rolls puts it [You’ve swallowed the PUA marketing hype. K.]

  4. Honestly, the SAD thing is like..

    That there’s NO correlation between the time when Nick conceptualizing-writing-launching his book and after that in regards of total amount of blog-post he actually publish; it’s not like he has promised before*)

    It’s really NOT going back, guys.

    *) The Cad Always Remember

  5. I don’t trust that George guy, Somethings a little off.. He seems very inauthentic using unnecessary words and hand gestures. Very try hard, trying to overcompensate for something else, maybe. Good for him on publishing a book though, I won’t be buying it for the above reasons.

  6. Just ordered your new daygame book. cant wait to start learning. Also great interview with street attraction.

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