Reveal vs Restructure

April 30, 2016

I’ve noticed in person and on the internet that wannabe players are frequently talking at cross purposes. Game is a big big subject of infinite depth, wrapped up in a distortion field of ego and bullshit. It’s also an intensely personal journey where every man must find his own way.

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I was thinking recently why some men (I’ll call them Former Chumps) find the Player’s Journey to be a life-changing struggle of high drama and near collapse spread over four volumes of a Tolkien-esque memoir….

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…. whereas other men (I’ll call them Trainee Chads) would summarise their journey as “learned a few openers, put myself out there, and got laid plenty. Cool”. Naturally the fChumps tend to write detailed blogposts, build and memorise systems that are “a bit like looking at a Gothic cathedral or reading Ulysses: you are incredibly grateful that someone has put in the work and created the artifact before you, but it’s hard to fathom precisely how they went about doing it.”* In contrast the tChad is often ridiculing the fChump – “it’s just talking to girls. Dude.”

I recently finished a short coaching session with an American former Marine. That means he has finished USMC boot camp, picked up a rifle and at any time in his service could’ve been sent to a third world shithole to get shot at by camel-riding goat-fuckers hiding behind a line of children in the local mosque. Three days into our street hustling game he commented words to the effect of “this daygame thing might be the toughest thing I ever do.”

Tougher than USMC boot-camp? Tougher than getting shot at in war?

"I've got this set, mate. You just keep storming the machine gun nest"

“I’ve got this set, mate. You just keep storming the machine gun nest”

Somewhere on the internet, a tChad laughed derisively. And yet many men say the same thing – setting out on the Player’s Journey is harder than anything they’ve done before, just as it was for me despite me having already earned a tough professional finance qualification, competed in boxing and kickboxing matches, and completed the first three Souls games **

So why the divergence in opinion? I think it comes down to which side of this divide you fall on. Is your Journey a process of:

  1. Uncovering a pre-existing SMV and personality that is attractive to women, or;
  2. Ridding yourself of a Pussy Repellent virus and then building an attractive man from scratch.

The tChads are normal men with normal social skills and outlook and inhabit bodies that are reasonably attractive to a wide range of women. Some will require more work than others but all are building on a strong base. It’s like cooking a meal starting with fresh organic high quality ingredients. These men already have decent value, they just lack a Value Delivery Mechanism*** Teaching them Game is like having an out-of-shape teenage Usain Bolt show up on his first day of Learn To Sprint School. They have to put in the work but the rewards are almost immediate. There’s never any real struggle.

"Dude, it's not rocket science. You just say hi and escalate"

“Dude, it’s not rocket science. You just say hi and escalate”

In contrast, fChumps are a broken mess and the older they are upon discovering Game the more traumatic the transformation **** Whereas tChad just needs a daygame model and a shove in the back to start opening, fChump needs a complete overhaul of his entire personality and lifestyle. It’s like the difference between giving your house a lick of paint vs ripping out the entire edifice because every wooden board and beam is infested with woodworm and damp. They are not the same process.

  • The tChad is fundamentally attractive to women already. He just needs to reveal it.
  • The fChump is fundamentally unattractive to women and needs to restructure everything about him.

This is why the Player’s Journey can be so traumatic for many men. They are diving deep into their inner game to confront long-suppressed demons. They are learning entirely new ways of thinking and interacting (what Bodi calls the difference between Digital and Analog communication). They may have decrepit bodies that require extreme diet changes, cutting out all the food they like and changing their brain chemistry to overcome long-standing associations with food and mood. They might walk into a gym for the first time in their life and suddenly realise that gym discipline is, initially, very tough. And they are learning the model and hitting on girls.

Any one of those challenges is big in and of itself. Some faggots spend literally years in therapy and that’s the only thing they do. Others spend years in the gym and that’s the only thing they do. That’s normal – some people only have one “thing” that sucks up all their motivation and willpower. Most don’t even have one.

One.... more.... set

One…. more…. set

The poor little fChump is doing them all at the same time. Not only that, he has an additional emotional issue: The fear of discovering he’s sexually irrelevant.

In the beginning of a fChump’s Player’s Journey he doesn’t have the reference experiences that pretty girls like him. He doesn’t know if he has it in him to learn all these new things. He worries that the next string of bad blowouts might be the one that breaks his grip on the barrel wall and he tumbles back down into the mass of crabs below him. For a long time, it can be terrifying to contemplate that actually, no, sorry mate but you aren’t going to fuck pretty girls. You missed your window. You were born on the sexual scrap heap and you aren’t getting off it.

The tChads don’t deal with this fear nor that degree of personal restructuring. They do the work and get the results. The fChumps must do far more, far tougher work, and all the time cope with the uncertainty over whether results will ever come.

So, that’s why the fChump is rather self-obsessed during his early years and then extremely proud of his Hero’s Player’s Journey once he’s started banging hotties. The tChad might think those lay reports and +1 tweets are just ego validation. Yes, they are. He just doesn’t realise how vindicating it feels to finally get your leg over the rim of the barrel and roll onto solid ground, forever free of the crabs snapping their claws below you.

* Actual quote from a Daygame Mastery review.

** I only recently bought the fourth, Dark Souls III, so give me time.
*** Term introduced on page x of Daygame Mastery
**** For example, I started aged 34 so I’d already had 34 years of reference experiences built up of “hot girls don’t fancy you” and I’d passed the age window within which a young dog can learn new tricks.


  1. Nice post, If a 34 years old can fuck young hot girls, obviously every readers can do it. (I think some readers in this blog is much younger than 34) I’m 23 years old. This motivates me.

  2. I started the journey roughly after 30. Now I’m 32. I needed a complete overhaul of how I dressed plus my beliefs. Along the way I have briefly returned to being a chump by neglecting my fitness and slowly going back to my old female way of thinking. When I noticed its happening I catch myself slipping and I go back to my red pill and game awareness thinking. Each time going deeper and eradicating newer unrealized demons. So I think it’s a constant process. It would be great if game was easy, but it’s just not. Anything worthwhile in life is not supposed to be easy.

    Great post!

  3. I guess after “almost finishing” your books you just can’t stop writing. Or is it the way you now regenerate before the next jaunt? Whatever the reason, those are very insightful posts, keep them coming! [Thanks. I’ll keep talking as long as people are listening, and probably beyond. K.]

  4. I know broken chads. They were infected with FI psych viruses and plugged in to the Matrix. Stuff like “You’re stupid” or “I wish I had aborted you.” They get laid a lot, but have too much drama.

  5. I believe there’s a subset you miss out on Nick. I’d place it under tchad and that’s getting women who you aren’t necessarily their first choice race to date despite already doing well with your own race even before knowing about Game. It reminds me of a topic we did in third year Microeconomics. Several assumptions of ‘Arrows Impossibility Theorem’ are that it must be completeness (connexity), (it must be able to rank all possible social states) and Transivity (it must be consistent, if A is preferred to B, and B to C, A must be preferred to C). Where does this tie into Game? if A is a girls preferred ethnicity in dating B and C are irrelevant. My results would look phenomenal with black and mixed raced chicks even before knowing about Game. However, most girls in London are white. Maybe it’s my love for defying a challenge why I always get back on the bull.

    P.S. I get stronger leads on the continent tho. [I don’t really have the experience to judge this one. My only easy in pre-game was white Brits at university then Asian chicks in my twenties. K.]

    • I think mixed or brownish girls (whatever ethnicity you want to talk about) have some sort of underlying or even conscious preference for whatever race they perceive to be on top of the hierarchy. It’s totally racist, but vaginas don’t necessarily think nor do they care. All of my freebies have also been girls like you’ve described, I guess you could call it racial hypergamy.

      You see it a lot here in South America or in Asia too I hear. Blue-eyed blonde men get pussy thrown at them wherever they go – the girls here just assume that those traits = money and fitness. I’ve seen friends with 0 game have these girls all over them like he’s James Bond. Its girls of your own race that hold you to real standards b/c they’re not itching for what they think is the “prize”

      At least that’s my interpretation, and my observations surely aren’t novel. Can’t talk about Asians, mostly about SA latinas and Americans

      • I think you misunderstood me. I’m black. Gaming girls who are white is by order of magnitude harder as they prefer their own race. Not complaining at ALL. It’s probably just Western women’s inflated SMV. As in central, EE europe I do alright.

      • Oh, yeah, I did. Pic/post threw me off. Either way each individual person has their own interpretation as far my take goes, and I could be totally wrong. By these means you’d probably find a whole lot of luck with that right kind of girl instead of shooting for the masses. I know that definitely holds true for white travelers in South America. Have you been to the US? Would be curious to hear your take

      • That is my experience also. There is a full 3 point difference in the quality of white vs brown women I can pull with the same level of game.

  6. I definitely fall in the tChad category by raw description but have always felt like a fChump. Perhaps because I haven’t gone the whole way through and still have work to do (mainly just hard graft that I’m too lazy/busy to get down with), but regardless where you fall it feels good to believe you’ve overcome a list of obstacles to achieve something.

    Intellectually, I know that the tChad mentality as you describe is the only one that really matters, but there’s something self-satisfying or even romantic about the fChump line of reflection that I think everybody can see in themselves in their own personal way.

  7. I think it also depends on the quality you’re shooting for as well. A normal looking guy could be a tchad on the 6’s and 7’s but a tchump on the 9’s and 10’s.

  8. Gonna call out the elephant, and I think you’ll agree. Jabba is a tChad

    • I have a 450 page book and a 5 hour video product.

      Quit with the gross mischaracterisation.

      It’s also conveniently forgotten I started going to nightclubs alone aged 17. I was doing this stuff way before the PUA industry even started.

      Try using my pics on Tinder and tell me I have it easier than everyone else. Lazy, incorrect thinking.

      • Leave Jabba alone! I miss the guy, even though I used to troll him from time to time, his infields were actually very good (although the lazy bstd only put out a few)!

      • Jabba, you may or may not have game but your postulates are false ….

        1) making a product doesn’t confer any degree of skill or knowledge especially if the product is “self published” and there is no editing or filter for it. If you disagree I would cite Berba who has 100s (if not thousands) of hours of footage yet doesn’t have much game.

        2) how long you’ve been picking up girls is again no evidence that you’ve got any game. there are guys in the community who trudge the streets for years and years and haven’t got laid from daygame. They make up a large contingent of the “experienced” daygame community in London.

        How do we separate how much of your results come from a) looks b) general social skills c) status d) specific skill in seduction (game) e) randomness etc.? Difficult to say but I’ve seen your infields and would say you have some level of game but its not fully maxed out to what it could be. That’s understandable as what you do gets you the results you want. Its like a golfer who has a great drive who can get into a great position on the fairway every time who never has to learn how to hit the difficult pitch onto the green. I think the only proof of game from a decent looking guy 7/10+ is to pull the straight 9s/10s and 11s (special status girl which elevates SMV above the 10/10 .. the (proper working) model, actress or “VIP”. Your publicly available infield girls were at best 7.5/10 girls [Russian divorced milf 7/10 (maybe an 8 when younger, but marked down due to age)/Black girl with big arse 5/10 / South American girl in West End 7.5/10]. So if that’s the best you are doing you are able to pick up your SMV by 1/2 a point assuming you are a 7/10 guy as I would assess you to be which confirms my theory that you have some element of game. The best guys in game from my observations can pick up their SMV by a full 2 points.

  9. Labels aside, there is a social conditioning in play that men must overcome regardless of their status. It’s the sense of entitlement women have gained. I was just at a big party. I was talking to a male friend of mine who couldn’t make it. he said “I heard it wasn’t very good.” I paused thinking huh? I had a great time, tons of girls, great music…then I realized a mutual female acquaintance had been there, clearly not had a good time because there weren’t enough betas orbiting her and so had bad mouthed the event to my friend. I tried to set him straight…but then it comes down to credibility and belief. There’s always a tendency to for betas to listen to women’s opinions because they’ve been conditioned to “value” a woman’s opinion.

    So much of game is about defying the odds that society’s Feminist Imperative have set in front of men to prevent them from being men: movies, books, popular media, tv series, talk shows, news programs, legislation…

    When I first started to learn game 6 years ago the hardest thing was changing my mindset: learning routines, understanding a woman’s psychological triggers are easy. Facing my own fears about rejection….and success…was much harder. Imagine society tells you that as a 40 year old man you must find an “age appropriate” female…..How weird is it when you suddenly start banging 20 year olds—who enjoy being with you…”Wait….this isn’t supposed to happen…”

    That from a player’s journey perspective is a hard wall to climb. Once you cross it, the other side looks much brighter.

  10. Off topic slightly, but if you are a fan of Sven Hassel, make sure you read Devils Guard! Best book I have read. Though i imagine you may have already.

    Interesting post!

  11. Could be that or just guys trying to motivate quitters.

  12. True for me. I’m pretty much an fChump.

    I’m 6 months into the player’s journey, with nearly 500 sets completed. Last month I realized what a bad childhood I had. My idealized false self just keeps getting unraveled/uncovered. It’s liberating, but since the player’s journey is solo, sanity testing.

    The upside of 1st becoming a man with value, and 2nd hanging with high value women, is worth it and just the manly thing to do.

  13. As usual, everything in my experience backs what Nick says. And I have more time on the planet than even him, complete with serious chump history and a slow, continuous discovery that under that well-meaning self-sabotage was something pretty widely wanted. Layer on a few more issues and questionable choices, and damn, is this whole article painfully familiar. This thing right here:

    In the beginning of a fChump’s Player’s Journey he doesn’t have the reference experiences that pretty girls like him. He doesn’t know if he has it in him to learn all these new things. He worries that the next string of bad blowouts might be the one that breaks his grip on the barrel wall and he tumbles back down into the mass of crabs below him. For a long time, it can be terrifying to contemplate that actually, no, sorry mate but you aren’t going to fuck pretty girls. You missed your window. You were born on the sexual scrap heap and you aren’t getting off it.

    Good God. Not that I’m actually all that proud of my progress (some of those issues I mentioned keep that in check), but I’m approaching the point where I can tell other men who fear they’ve missed their window that no, you can restructure – and I’ve used that word for my internal reconstruction for 3 years or so, now – and am figuring out how to show them. With luck I can also help the younger chaps who don’t want their life to suck the way most do.

    I can also 100% vouch for the Womanizer’s Bible course. Nick jokes that it’s a mind wank, but really, it’s a very practical way to shift how you think about things, because it directly shifts what you do. Really good stuff. [Thanks boss. I’m glad to see you are chipping away and making progress. K.]

  14. krauser is there any chance of you doing a post on hookers please? You’ve mentioned it several times in the comments but never seen discussed in itself as a post. I believe your view is that it offers no sense of satisfaction as you haven’t gamed the girl to sleep with her. Cheers.

    • Hey, I’m not Krauser but I’ve been with over a dozen of them so I figured you might like to hear my take. It’s not something I’d proudly proclaim in person but on the internet I could be brutally honest on them, and I hope I could be helpful. I like writing and this is all I think men should know about them.

      They’re not exploited women like the media will have you believe. It’s a business for them, and while many of them are single moms with no recourse, others are just scallywags trying to make $$ to travel and live well. And they do make a lot of money, most are independent and work with friends to share apartments and keep down costs. Some are depressed and only accept the life god has handed them, others just really like sex. And for a man that’s all it’s really about. I get horny and call one up because I want to get my dick wet today. That’s all. Sex on demand

      I may be deluded but I think they’ve taught me how to tell whether a woman is taking you as a means to an end and when she genuinely likes you. Your bullshit radar improves and when a hooker tries to control the interaction it’s a great test for your frame. When I was more of a virgin, I was very timid and my 1st few hookers treated me like one. Not good. Now, it’s actually a lot of fun and I’ve got no shame calling one up for a quick roll in the hay. Their job is to love you, but they’re still women and if you’re the alpha they’re going to fall into it and really enjoy fucking you. Just don’t forget that no matter how much you think she likes you, it’s always about the money and they’re too damaged to care otherwise. They’re religious about condoms so don’t worry too much about STDs, you’re probably more likely to get one from a dirty bar slut who just wants you inside her at all costs.

      They’ve desensitized me to the rush of new sex, making me both more comfortable and assertive when alone with the kind of girls I like. By fucking hookers that look your type you develop better vibe with those same girls when you meet them for real. The only thing they won’t teach you is how to deal with resistance, but even hookers have boundaries and the moment they decide they want your cock – that look on their face, is the same as it is for any other girl. It’s a weak but still helpful substitute for real escalation experience. The sex is as dirty as you want it to be and can be really good, or at least, it will make you better at fucking. It makes you more confident all around and nurtures your killer instinct.

      The only problem I’ve had with them is that they sap your motivation to go out and meet new girls. I feel rock solid when I do talk to a girl, and I’ve been doing a lot better in night-time venues now, but opening new girls is non-negotiable and getting hot sex off your cell-phone seems to really kill your drive to go meet them in person. In a bar I’ve got to look for the girls that are available and DTF, there’s no guarantee, and she may not even be that pretty anyway. But with a hooker, I can bang a sub-model for less $ than I’d spend consistently going out playing the odds to try and find one.

      In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend hookers to a virgin b/c it may screw with their head, but once a guy is comfortable enough getting laid that his drive for novelty/adventure is up, hookers can be a great way to climb a few levels and have some dirty fun. With the right mindset, you can definitely learn a lot from them. Having sex with a beautiful girl is very satisfying even if you paid for it, especially if she was really into it and you made her your bitch. It raises your confidence and sex feels very good in itself.

      Only thing I regret is not approaching as many real girls on the street, b/c that’s what matters the most imo. I think I need a handful more daygame lays to say I’m very proficient at this, but I already feel confident that I’ve got a clear vision on women and it’s personally all I need to be satisfied with them.

      The problem is that if others knew half of my lays were hookers I doubt they’d take me seriously. I probably shouldn’t care, but that’s where the cognitive dissonance comes in and the notch-count hyena starts yelling at me to get more daygame lays. And even then, the hookers thing will still be a dirty little secret. I suppose its the kind of thing you don’t care about but others do. A millionaire is a millionaire, but if he made it by illegally exploiting others, people we may say he’s not a real millionaire. But he’s still a millionaire, right?

    • Thanks TR for responding.

      I’d be curious to learn why you seem to value a daygame lay over a hooker lay? Feel free to correct me if I’ve made a false assumption here. For purposes of comparison assuming that the daygame lay is a one off lay, what do you feel are the differences to a hooker lay? Is there a different payoff psychologically? With a daygame lay you have a seduction process starting on the street and going on to perhaps one or two dates before the lay, which creates a challenge [the game], but in both cases you still have a similar payoff in terms of sex. [In fact the sex could be better with a hooker if the day game lay girl has little experience and the hooker is a professional]. So to draw an analogy the daygame lay is like climbing a tree to get an apple at the top, while in the other case the hooker lay, the apple is just sitting right in front of you (or perhaps taking the analogy too far you are going to a shop and buying the apple). The apple is still an apple though.

      Of course if you want a Long Term Relationship with a girl its different. You can do stuff together like boyfriend and girlfriend and there is a lot of affection there. However, I’m thinking about the comparison more in terms of the 100% R selected player lays vs. the hooker lays.

      • Oh forgot to ask, what did you mean by ‘sub model’? You meant almost as hot as a model?

      • I’m young, so don’t take me for an expert, but if you’re only talking about 1-off 100% R-selected sex there’s really not much of a difference. I like day game not just because it’s a real challenge that’s fun and exciting each time but because if things go well I can keep them around and have more satisfying relationships in my life. Day game lays are conducive to building that skill-set whereas hookers are just sweet bonus points.

        Bringing a girl home from a bar to fuck her is in the long-run the same as hiring a hooker. The thrill of the hunt is a cool memory, especially if fresh, but after years go by and notches rack up the whole thing is pretty meaningless. Especially if you go out routinely and get a new lay not so infrequently, because by that point you’re used to it. Hooker or not, It’s the sex I remember and smile about.

        I like your apple analogy, and it really is like going to a shop and buying the apple. Only you have no idea where the shop is and each time it’s a bit of an adventure. You really have no idea what the girl will actually be like and you’re going to have to be ready to handle her or walk if your gut is telling you to. Sometimes on the way back home I take advantage of the sex afterglow to do some daygame sets, but usually I won’t have the energy and drive. It’s the whole week after where the just-got-laid glow helps out.

        By sub-model I mean that they can be very hot but not the real deal. Most hookers are previously hot girls with lots of wear and tear around the age 30. Some are younger and absolutely gorgeous, others not so much at all. That’s what I mean when I say it improves your bullshit radar – you’re dealing with the underworld of womankind; the oldest, basest, rawest profession out there. They can be really hot, but don’t forget they’re essentially just saleswoman. Most are good people, but some are unscrupulous liars.

        So honestly, if money is not an object hookers are quite interchangeable with 1-night stands. Just don’t ever let it become a de facto replacement that prevents you from going out to meet girls. Consider it a supplement to a good workout program or a convenient way to break a dry spell so you’re primed to talk to real girls.

      • TR, I don’t remember the sex either that well, unless it created something out of the ordinary within the girl’s emotions. Probably this is why I love mind games during sex, but hey, I noticed most girls get off on it and the emotional roller-coaster combined with being fucked like by a roller coaster gets them off too.

        I’ve never been with a hooker, although I went with friends when they wanted to fuck whores. I seriously couldn’t fuck average hookers and there’s no way in hell I’ll pay the going rate for escorts I find sexy that have good girlfriend experience. The whole acting like a cheap whore behavior many hookers have is such a huge turn off for me. If you afford really good whores, then game might not even make sense for you unless you love picking girls up because it’s more time efficient to just pay.

      • Oligarch, yeah it’s not worth banging a cheap shitty whore. Sometimes the damage to your psyche and esteem is worse than the payoff of getting laid. The real risk is that you stop talking to real girls, because like you say, they become not worth your time. Either way, I disagree that game becomes unimportant because it always is.

        If you have no game and a madonna-whore complex that freaks you out you’re going to have a shitty time with a hooker. Even if she’s the type you’re actually really attracted to, it’s going to be weird. I had mental erectile dysfunction my first few times, it was pathetic and crossed over to other girls too, took me almost a year to get over.

        But that’s why game and the mindsets that go with it are so important. Most guys who fuck hookers are chodes I’ve been told, but if you come in strong you can give them a sexual/emotional rollercoaster too. They’ll only ever want you for your money, but they’re still girls and if you fuck them right it’ll turn out the same way.

      • Sorry, sexual/psychological, not so much emotional

  15. Very good post yet again Nick. Thanks.
    Let’s be honest game is really really really really tough. A guy who’s not had reference experiences growing up, always felt he’s not taken seriously by hot girls or is basically invisible will find this journey extremely painful to put it bluntly.
    You go through stages with game. Find out about approaching and feel alive for the first time. Then comes ghe polite no’s (really meaning never in a million years).

    You realise there’s work to do so you dress different stop hiding your dick as much (this is tough as you get more blowouts/unfriendly interactions).

    Then a breakthrough, the numbeds are solid and you start setting up dates. I feel this is a section that has largely been ignored by the pua community and where most guys are at.
    You’re so close yet so far and it’s absolutely soul destroying to do good work generate some numbers yet go home by yourself most of the time.
    It’s so taxing mentally/emotionally that you feel you should just give up. But then all that hard work gone to waste…

    Krauser any plans to make a product on infield dates (audio most likely) or if you could recommend one of your books or some guys you can vouch for I’d be grateful. Pretty beat up atm but not wanting to throw in the towel.

  16. What’s ironic is that during my university years I had a lot of fun with different girls. I went out three or four times a week with three different mixed groups and a group of a few friends.

    Because I had an idealistic view of relationships(based on how good the relationship between my parents is and the type of rare woman my mother is), I found most girls pretty pathetic and not worth my time during high school. Looking back, I could have fucked three classmates, at least. I gave up on this idiocy in my senior year and lost my virginity and after this relationship failed due to her moving overseas, I partied it the hell up.

    The issue is that I had huge social proof where I usually went because random people knew me or people in my groups and we usually had the most fun. It wasn’t only once another group followed the taxis of my group to ask us where we go for after hours. And the drugs…

    Then I finished my graduate degree, my girlfriend at the time moved to a foreign country and I declined moving with her or having a long distance thing and I started to fuck a couple of my exes while using drugs because I had a lot of horrible things happen in this time.

    And I realized I can’t approach for shit and I feel invisible to the girls I like, while due to always fucking pretty girls, I can’t motivate myself to hit on girls I find sub par, especially since fucking my exes makes me satiated sexually.

    So I told those exes I’m not going to see them anymore and I’ll try a no wank period. It’s comical because I have really good relationship and general game(I loved daygame mastery, some of what you told girls in it felt like copy pastes from what I told girls) but I suck balls at building initial attraction because I relied on the social proof crutch. And now my friends are settling down and don’t want to go out, hit on girls and shit. So I can understand the fChumps. I feel like I need new friends and a lot of other things. Since I live alone in a two room apartment in a great area, I think of doing couch surfing. I mean, I’ll hit on the girls, go out with the guys? Lol

    I need to find more game blogs that actually motivate you to go out. For example, I felt like going out each time I read daygame mastery because it felt positive. When I read early roissy, I feel the same. But CH or Rollo make me feel like slitting my wrists sometimes.

    PinkPantherPUA, disregard how good you do with eastern European girls because you living in western Europe artificially inflates your SMV. On the other hand, it helps you that girls here don’t have reference experiences with blacks. If anything, blacks here are above average reference experiences since they’re largely exchange students and the like, instead of losers trying to bum cigs off you when you enter the tube like the blacks I had to deal with in London(I’m exaggerating, but you get the picture). Of course, have fun and fuck them, but they’re not an accurate representation of your game just like me going to Thailand and fucking Asian girls wouldn’t mean that much.

    Doordie, I feel like someone should do an encyclopedia of game concepts and routines and examples of implementation(e.g. Cocky funny, agree and amplifying, negging etc). You can’t build inner game without increasing your reference experiences and those experiences will be shit if you don’t do routine based game first.

    • So what you are describing you doing is called ‘social circle’ game … cant understand why you dumped this as a strategy if it was working well for you and you knew how to work this system! You also threw away your LTRs! Daygame expends a lot of energy and will often end up cannibalising the rest of your life. If I were you I would continue the social circle game as you know how to work this method, if the old social circle is disappearing then build another one as I can tell you are someone who enjoys socialising. Perhaps just keep daygame on the side as a kicker to meet women you feel real attraction to but cant meet through your circle. You could even do a hybrid social circle / daygame model where you invite girls out with your social circle thus benefiting from the social proof you have and be able to observe your value in a context where you will look your best.

      • There are multiple problems with my approach during my university days.
        1)when you’re a student, it’s easy because you spend most of your time with people you like and go out with. Having multiple social circles is a breeze because of the ease with which you can merge and unmerge groups, the abundance of new people that have similar interests(e.g. I met tons of new people through friends living in dorms)
        2)I simply can’t go out as much. It was amazing to be able to get shit faced drunk and feel fresh the next day. I’m in my mid 20s and I can no longer do that without feeling the pain for a day.
        3)I no longer want sluts calling me at 3am to front them money to get cocaine or whatever.
        4)I don’t want to spend a large part of my disposable income on going out. I used to play poker online(and some other things) to finance my partying, but making two average wages a month while investing minimal hours was possible then, not now, post black Friday.
        5)I want to build a career that’s based around mobility and that circumvents the lots of friends strategy. Being good at game helps making new friends wherever you go too. Just throw a few broads in the direction of whoever you want to be your friend. lol
        6)As I’ll get older, it will be harder to have a social circle that 16 to 25 years old girls will find amazing. I’m not going to be that weirdo going clubbing at 42.
        These are off the top of my head.

        And I don’t enjoy socializing as much as I’d enjoy manipulating the emotions of girls(I think most of the fun was the dopamine rush of drugs, alcohol and partying, not necessarily socializing that I enjoyed). The skills you build during daygame are good to have outside of a pick up context. For example, being funnier, better frame control, better at story telling etc. Having social proof alleviates much of the need for these things, except frame control. And I don’t think daygame is necessarily that taxing if you get good at it.

        I can’t run a hybrid thing because I’d have to get good at pick up while getting laid already, which is sapping all my motivation. And my social circles are scattered all over Europe now or moved on to marrying or focusing on careers. I’d have to start from scratch and that would mean going out by myself and befriending random people. Might as well waste all that time hitting on girls and honing my skills. The use of this crutch also didn’t alleviate some of my social anxieties that being good at typical game would. I like traveling so I’d like to be able to pick girls up wherever I am if I feel like it.

        *regarding the LTRs, I was just fucking a couple of girls I ‘dated’ that have other boyfriends now. I don’t really mind since it’s hilarious to make fun of their predicament of wanting your dick while they date some nice guy, but these girls aren’t impervious to aging. They were hotter when I ‘dated’ them and it’s all downhill from here. Why keep them around? If I’ll feel really down and horny, they’re a phone call away anyway insofar as they can get away from their boyfriends, but this arrangement kept me satiated sexually enough to not feel like hitting on girls, but not pleased enough with it or myself to be content.

      • I forgot to mention. In many European cities, Tinder is really big(e.g. London). Would you invite your cool friends on your Tinder dates until you hook them? lol

  17. Imagine society tells you that as a 40 year old man you must find an “age appropriate” female…..How weird is it when you suddenly start banging 20 year olds—who enjoy being with you…”Wait….this isn’t supposed to happen…”

    Ya, and then if you try to explain that is is possible, feels great, and ask others why they aren’t doing it, people will fling shit at you.

    It’s forbidden knowledge that guys actively DO NOT WANT TO HEAR.

    And if you start to talk about your own experience as proof that it’s possible, or use your own life as examples of things that you do to point out relationship dynamics, then people get extremely miffed. You’ll be accused of just bragging and showing off – as if even if that were true it somehow invalidated the facts.

    Older men dating younger women is an EXTREMELY emotional, touchy subject. Many men will go to any length to invalidate the idea.

  18. For example, I felt like going out each time I read daygame mastery because it felt positive. When I read early roissy, I feel the same. But CH or Rollo make me feel like slitting my wrists sometimes.

    There is a definite contrast between the first person how to do X blogs, and the arm-chair philosophy blogs. One will talk about going outside of the comfort zone, and the value of ambition and perseverance. The other isn’t about doing anything.

  19. Krauser, we have a new mayor! .. hopefully keep the police working hard on fighting terrorism. Ps I’m now walking and avoiding buses and tubes wherever possible.

  20. My problem was at the opposite end of the date. After the first girl I asked out, I rarely had any problem with that, but I didn’t know how to recognize that she was ready. (Got invited up to my date’s dorm room on second date, she tells me her roomate spends the nights with her BF in another dorm; lost my virginity over a decade later). Of course, the rejections I piled up by not closing reduced me to an fChump from a tChad.

  21. good post but i am disaapointed with the end of the post. i’d like to know how it ends for the chump. do all chumps end up banging smoking hot women?

  22. Krauser have you noticed street attractions new infield were a Japanese student lays a hot girl in Croatia( I think,not sure which country) ,its pretty interesting because you just brought up this topic of tchaps/fchumps. I reckon its wise to assume that this Japanese student has a narrow ping range for him to chase white girls, but he stilled pulled of an incredible(I dare say lucky) lay, this guy ( i think) supposes to have low SMV in the eyes of white girls but he stilled same day layed a hot white girl- this cuts straight threw the fchump/tchap analogy you just made- How would you consider this situation of the Japanese student same day lay? [I met him when they showed up in Belgrade a week later. He has a good vibe and opened a shit ton of sets. Sometimes you find a girl who is horny and up for it. It’s a great story. K.]

  23. K,

    Appreciating that some men have a far longer & harder journey than others is a sign of wisdom.

    Writing it down to validate that reality for others to see and appreciate is real “adding value.”

    Giving others the courage to start and stay on the course of self-improvement is plain doing good for others.


  24. ” just as it was for me despite me having already earned a tough professional finance qualification”. Are you a CFA?

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  27. Hey there!

    I’m 32 now, started reading the red pill like a week or two ago, and totally relate to what you wrote. In a different way for sure, but man does it feel good.

    And I must add I already got results. Small, yet the first ones. Very, very enjoyable!

    I will read your work from now on, that’s for sure.

    Keep it up!

    Hi from France

    Sully [Thanks for the kind words. Good luck. K.]

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