Somebody has to fuck them

November 29, 2015

Fat girls are like lamposts to me. I don’t notice them unless I happen to walk into one by accident. They are just part of the furniture. The same goes with women over thirty – I just don’t really see them. They are like blurry silhouettes walking past me. It was only a few days ago that I learned Post-Wall women actually have personalities, hopes, dreams and all that kind of stuff.

Bloody hell! Really?

Furniture. Quite a nice rack.

Furniture. Quite a nice rack.

So presumeably fatties, uglies and oldies have a sex drive too. Hmmmmm. I wonder what they do to satisfy that drive. Obviously it’s not getting satisfied through me. I’d always wondered if fat people find each other attractive, or if sex for them is like us looking at a undercooked 99p Morrisons pizza and deciding “I’m so hungry and I have to eat something.” So I turned to the internet and tried to calculate how many unattractive women are out there getting fucked.

Step 1 – Demographics
These statistics break up the European Union population into age cohorts. Now, these stats aren’t perfect because the age buckets are less than ideal (17-25 and 25-54 is the important split) but we can use it as a rough proxy. Realistically, girls can still be reasonably hot up to 30 years old and except for a couple of indiscretions I think 17 is a bit young for me. Also, presumeably these stats don’t include illegal immigrants but again that’s not relevant because we’ll have hopefully murdered them all soon, removing them from the sampled population.

So, there are 11% of women who are young enough to bother with and old enough to be legal. There are an additional 42% who are young enough to be sexually active but too old to bother with.

Step 2 – Wild Assumptions
Let’s pull a number out of my arse for how many of that 11% group are hot or at least pretty. We’ll make the cut-off a 7/10 because 6s always have an element of shame. Based on my own eyes I’d say about 15% of English 17-25 year olds are fuckable without shame, rising to 25% on the Western half of the continent and then 40% when you go east. I’m not saying “hot”, just good enough that you don’t have a meltdown every time a sex flashback hits you.

So, using my magically statistical skills I’m gonna say 33% of women in Europe aged 17-25 are worth fucking for sport. Apply that to the 11% and we have 3.63% of the total female population are officially Younger-Hotter-Tighter. Let’s be generous and round it up to 4%


Step 3 – The Chilling Truth
The inverse conclusion is that 96% of the women having sex in the European Union are not above the “shame” level. There are varying degrees of shame between a plain-looking 19yr old butterface all the way down to a green-haired landwhale eating her 36th birthday cake, or the basement level of a 53yr old ex-hippy using Guardian Soulmates to temporarily dampen the cries of her barren womb. But only 4% of the sexually active population is YHT.

Let’s apply that to the next time you hear a lurid sex story from a friend or on the internet when no evidence is offered about the quality of the girl. What’s the likelihood she’s one of the 4%?

Step 4 – The Preening Joy
You really don’t need to be feeling jealous that everyone is getting laid better than you – statistically, they aren’t. If you compare yourselves to the top players (whether Game-trained or non-community) then of course you’re going to get a feeling of relative poverty. Take solace in the fact that even if you’re only knobbing a couple of 7s a year, you are outperforming probably 96% of men.

Not 96% of young, game-aware men. But the world is full of dweeby, boring chodes servicing unattractive women.


  1. I was thinking about this recently, it is such an statistical privilege, that is why it has to be earned, that is why it has so much merit to achieve it, that’s why all of the pain that comes with it is a reasonable cost.

  2. Photo looks like a little like a trannie. Mustache shadow, fake boobs. Arms are a tad muscular. Shiny forehead is ugly. Chin is feminine. Grin is scary.

  3. You might be being a bit harsh on the 30-35 age cohort. Yoga teachers and Asian chicks for example. In Balls Deep you mention on one or two hot 30 year old chicks you banged.

  4. A more interesting research would be answering to the following question: “now that I am able to consistently bang 7s, how can I open more 8s and 9s? Where do I find them?” . ‘Cause 8s ansd 9s appear to be scarce by nature, and there is just not enough of them to practice around. With more than 1100 sets and lots of good lays (mostly 7s and a couple of 8s), I’m pretty sure I never even talked to a 9. I just don’t see them around. Show me where they hide, and I’ll go and bang them.

  5. Which leaves me begging the question how are advanced day games opening so many girls? Its one the things that nag me the most because I can walk around London for whole day and not see anything above an 8. I actually believe day gamers aren’t banging really hot chicks either.

    • We bang what we like and what responds to us. Going after 7s sharpens our brain and our vibe so we are ready to act when we stumble upon the occasional 8 or 9. Really hot chicks are exceptions, but we still have more chances to meet them than the average guy who doesn’t game at all or plays standard social c. game

    • How many ‘advanced’ daygamers are there in london dude … perhaps 15 maximum at a stretch? This is being extremely generous, I reckon realistically 5-10 at any one time, note many of the coaches who are actually good spend most of their time abroad.

      I reckon if you spend 5 hours walking around fairly busy parts of central London you will see by my standards mostly 6/10 girls (the mean of distribution), perhaps 6 7/10 girls and perhaps 1 8/10. You may see one genuine 9/10 every two or three days you go out. Obviously you are not going to see 8s and 9s everywhere … you have a leptokurtic distribution in London. The super hotties are rare and usually FOB/travelling from EE, Russia or occasionally S America. Therefore your observation conforms with the norm.

  6. The problem with saying 7/10 and so on is that its subjective and largely based on your frame of reference. I have found on other PUAs descriptions of 7s upon looking at their mobile phones with I see what I would consider to be a 5, perhaps a 6. This makes any of the further statistical stuff very tenuous.

    You have a predisposition toward younger women, I like girls in the 19-23 age bracket for youthful playful energy … but they also have their annoying side, a childish mean spiritedness being the main one although general idiocy and delusion being a close second (I really cant be bothered to continually correct their fallacious thinking). Older women who are abnormally hot can be quite nice as they have mellowed a bit, are often more generous and life experience has taught them a few things. I grant you that the same women could have been a 9/10 when in early 20s though because of age factor 10 years later may have dropped a couple of points to perhaps a 7 or 8. These women are not worth writing off though at all.

    Of course if you are going for a quick bang its largely irrelevant what their personalities are like (I prefer tying to get high quality regulars which is different). I still think it would be worth opening your possibilities to very hot older women. Check out the following … I have made sure to link recent pics for accuracy.

    45 …

    34 …

    42 …

  7. These girls are around 16. They’ll never be as fuckable as they are now. I’d do all sorts of crazy things – including quit my cushy job and disown my friends – if it meant having one of them as my girlfriend or fuck buddy for a few months. And their beauty has this effect on every other man… for a season. A moment in time.


    Here’s a 28 year old woman. Practically a different species. She has no effect on me.


    Depressing, ain’t it?

    • dude you’re not comparing like with like … you are comparing decent looking young girls to an ugly old women (she ain’t 28 either by my guess). Comparing a hot 20 year old to a hot 30 year old would be more useful. [Says the man using photos of supermodels to claim old women are hot. K.]

      • That’s a good point Krauser 🙂 .. although I had to use supermodels as they were a convenient point of reference, still if the women I posted (supermodel or otherwise) are hot at 45/34/42 the hypothesis that only young women can be hot is invalidated.

        I would also add that I don’t think supermodels (or actresses) are necessarily the hottest women out there despite most of society believing that to be true … like other professionals there are other variables at play which create success other than underlying value in the job (here looking pretty), namely: willingness to be in the industry, connections, luck, having the right ‘look’ (usually judged by gay men whose ideal of female beauty is based more on similarities to young men than to women haha). Btw this belief has been confirmed by opening girls in west end in london on way to castings or just out and about in the daytime … most are nice looking, but not smoking hot and often have a bit of a weird look about them (highly chiselled jawlines which to me is a masculine trait). I will show you pics if I see you at a talk.

  8. Go to google search for your supermodels without makeup. Then search a young model, then tell me who you think is hot…

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