Triumph of the Will – Texting Edition

March 21, 2015

I don’t half bang on about “taking a risk” and “be playfully racist” when dealing with women. The last thing a hot girl who fancies you wants is for you to reveal yourself as a push-over. Imagine pulling a smoking hot chick in a club, getting her home, and then while you are retrieving a condom she undresses and….. she has a dick. I think that’s how girls feel when the “hawt” guy turns out to be a pussy. So, take a risk.

With girls, no topic is truly taboo. If you’re sharp, you can turn anything into seduction. I once spent a day in 2010 opening girls and just talking about coffee beans until they excused themselves. Of course that was just a theoretical exercise – there’s a definite bandwidth within which optimal topics reside and coffee beans should be no more an one minute of it, maximum. Generally I avoid anything gross that could trigger a gag reflex or physical disgust. It’s far safer to stick to moral taboos. So faeces, vomit and filching are out whereas Nazis, incest, paedos and slavery are in. As an example of how nothing is really off limits allow me to present a short snippet of Nazi Genocide Game.

I guess given the topic, that was pretty mild.


  1. Lol, I had a good laugh at your “pureblood” comment. Good Lord. I remember a French girl and I once fell into a laugh out-loud discussion about a few things that shall not be mentioned…

    Anyway, before the inevitable race trolls come in, I’m pretty sure Krauser is fine with shared water-fountains…if you know what I mean. I’ll vouch for him as a minority myself.

  2. “Nazi Genocide Game” — okay this made me laugh out loud.

    Every woman loves a Nazi.

  3. Interesting comment about London rent. High rents in London mean I have to live in far flung zones and makes logistics difficult.

  4. It would be very dangerous to do this with an American girl. If anything went wrong she would have text ammunition to use against you. The point of this video is solid, girls will follow your frame pretty much wherever you lead them so long as she perceives you as strong, dominant and attractive. But in the Anglo world, especially in America, everything you do with women needs to take into account the reigning Leftist clerical class and the power they have over everyone.

  5. This is ridiculus.

    It was few years ago when I hung out with the local Erasmus crowd. I was totally blue pilled yet even a blind cow would have seen that this good looking spanish girl was into me. A lot of these exchange students come here because they fancy the country to some degree and naturally girls want to taste the d of a tall, blond guy. The Erasmus students are all big liberals and so was I. Now the problem was that some fat slovenian bitch was cockblocking me. I tried to befriend her and thus told her that of half my family is originally from slovenia (KuK ruling class though). The moment I said that, this seemingly liberal fatty yelled at her friend “LOOK; HE’S NOT EVEN PURE!!!”.
    I found it quite hillarious back then but to my surprise the attraction of the spanish girl was gone and she left a minute later. At first I didn’t want to believe that these girls were driven by any kind of racist motives. But as I stepped further into game and gained new experiences, I must admit that my heritage (and thus my looks) is in general my biggest asset. Both foreign and local girls often have that “master race” stigma inside their head and – whether I like it or not – I must game accordingly.

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