Picking up pennies in front of a steamroller

March 18, 2015

There are certain changes a man must make in his daygame journey as he progresses through the learning curve. In the beginning it’s pretty simple: approach. Most noobs are terrified of rejection and tangled in a mess of limiting beliefs about what women want and how to deliver it. So on 90% of boot camps and one-on-one coaching sessions the strategy is simple:

  • Give him some simple lines
  • Psych him up to dive into opening

And that’s pretty much it. There’s only so much a student can learn when simply walking up to a girl and opening your mouth is a death-defying act. We tried to teach theory on beginner’s bootcamps and it just doesn’t work. The student’s adrenalin is inhibiting any ability to absorb complex information. It’s the same in boxing – first few times a guy spars his technique disappears and he’s suddenly chin-up, flat-footed and swiping air like a clumsy bear.

This problem can be fixed over time. Repeated exposure drills the muscle memory and reduces the adrenalin. Eventually the noob can calm down in set and begin to see what’s in front of him.

Five hundred sets later he’s acclimated to daygame and can start plotting his jump up to intermediate. This is when he must move from “social” to “sexual”. He already knows how to begin a conversation with a stranger, and he can spot when a girl gives him a topic and then run with it. So he gets hook point a lot and many flaky numbers. He’s now become the chatty guy.

That’s not daygame. It’s have a nice chat with a stranger. That’s a valuable skill to have and it represents progress but as an guy at this level can tell you it is immensely frustrating. Once in a blue moon he’ll encounter a Yes Girl who just needs to be gently eased downhill towards the bed but it’s rare. Most of the time he’s getting into interminable chats that end with a phone number to nowhere. If he’s able to do this with hot girls, he’ll have a YouTube channel and offer bootcamps because it’s not until you’re intermediate yourself that you can easily see through the smoke and mirrors.

So the strategy for this guy is also simple: go sexual. As a teacher, I’ll tell him:

  • Take some risks
  • Get close to her
  • Throw in sexual spikes

I’ve noticed the main barriers to a man implementing my advice are emotional, not technical. What I ask from him is technically easier than all the social stuff he’s doing. Really, all I’m asking him to do is take one step forwards, and repeat some simple one-liner spikes. A monkey can do that. The fact he’s already hooking and number-closing means he’s no monkey. It’s an emotional barrier.

He’s addicted to picking up pennies in front of the steamroller. Consider this quote from a review of Nassim Nicolas Taleb’s book The Black Swan:

“Another human failing stems from the nature of happiness. In the short run, people’s happiness is often shaped more by how many “positive events” occur in their day than by the arrival of one important piece of good news. Winning $100,000 in the lottery feels almost as good as winning $1 million. We therefore look, consciously or not, for small but repeated successes when we should be shooting for “one large win.” It’s easy to see why: Big payoffs come only rarely, and perhaps late in life; in the meantime, who wants to keep on feeling like a loser?”

There are many sweet hits of validation during a ten minute street stop. The first one is when you overcome your AA and open the girl – you get the thrill of having mastered your fear. Next is when you reach hook point, she has just validated you with the “this guy is interesting enough to chat to” thrill. A bit later you collect a worthless number but in the moment there’s the thrill of the number close. It’s all very validating, and by the time you’re five hundred sets in it’s a pretty regular occurrence. It’s also painting yourself into a corner because insiduously, you’ll be moving away from effective daygame. Instinctively you know the following “play it safe” tricks will maximise the amount of validation hits you get in one session of daygaming:

  • Turn off sexual threat
  • Let the chat meander towards rapport and common ground
  • Hide intent

This period is immensely frustrating because you’re “taking action” and “doing daygame” but any time you get laid it’s basically luck. You’re fooled by randomness. The step to Intermediate means taking control of the process again, instituting a tighter cause-effect relationship between what you do and what results you get. And your results will get worse before they get better. Your “easy win” validation hits will actually reduce. We’re now chasing the $1 million lottery, not the £10 scratch card.

I consider myself an advanced daygamer. I’ll talk a bit more about what this entails later, but in this context it means I deliberately court micro-failure. Anyone watching me on the street sees I get lots of blowouts. I have no patience with ten minute chats-to-nowhere. I’ve walked that road and it’s frustrating. Now, I want to find a girl, put my schtick on her and get a quick Yes/No/Maybe answer so I can either try to fuck her or else next her and find the girl who will fuck me.

So I open aggressively, I immediately step in on her, I lay the eyes on, and I bust her hard in the first minute. She knows exactly what I want and that I don’t expect to wait a long time to get it. She also knows she’s free to leave at any time. These days I often see the wheels of her brain turning as she weighs the pros and cons of adventure sex.

The result is more blowouts and more lays. And if I was to post a day’s filming on YouTube the comments would all be “dude, why can’t you get more numbers?”


  1. Once in a blue moon on Friday the 13th he’ll encounter a Yes Girl who just needs to be told he wants to fakk her. Been there…. 40 years ago. She was an engaged friend. I was petrified as I tried to tell her when I was holding her hands sitting crosslegged facing her on the floor of her dorm room alone with her. Just think about how much encouragement there was from her and I was still petrified. And after sitting there tongue-tied for maybe 30 secs (and felt like ten minutes) as I was trying to get the words out and she was grinning at me, she threw two easy-to-pass 5h1t tests at me. Never tried this again.

  2. Makes a lot of sense. Im at this stage at the moment but can see glimpses of where I need to be when I get it right at time.
    The one time I got it was was a 17 year old I fucked after approaching her in Topshop. I had to stand very close due to where we were both positioned, but it created an intense sexual spark, which showed me exactly what I needed to do.
    Had it have been a normal approach, I probably would have screwed it up. As was expected, the escalation was fast and ended up fucking her quickly with no problems.

  3. “These days I often see the wheels of her brain turning as she weighs the pros and cons of adventure sex.”
    I *LOVE* seeing that look. It is good for so much validation I replay it in my mind almost more happily than the sex.

  4. Just wanted to say that this post was phenomenal and incredibly eye-opening. I’m now considering purchasing one of your outrageously-priced books just to reimburse you for the stellar advice. Thank you.

  5. Dear Krauser, either your writing is becoming so much more enjoyable or I am able to relate much more to it or both In any case thank you for the great posts..

  6. Great post. I feel many of the “gambits”, even those whose aim is to convey “I’m sexual”, cheeky stories etc. just add layers and don’t work as much as getting close, asking if she has a boyfriend, touching…even clever backhand compliments…this “amused mastery” often prevents facing harsh truths. And even if you get blown out more, the sets are 5x faster. The need for phases, many venues, texting mastery etc is not there because you already have an agreement and need just a little bit of “comfort” (not the old way, rather soft eyes, touch etc.).It’s win win as long as you can handle it emotionally. I know one natural who does this. First I thought it’s kind of unfair he gets so positive responses as he is not as covert, witty, smooth:-)That was my ego talking. I’m not fully comfortable with dump of sex. tension, still prefer strong covert to semi-overt sexual tension than talking about her tits straight away. But it’s totally different from when I started and more fun now.

  7. A good post for day gamers who play the friend card to try and get into her knickers. All those youtube videos are a joke I know for sure none of them are getting laid especially when the interaction hits the tedious 15 minute mark.
    However I think some girls just don’t buy the player vibe especially over the age of 23. And with the hotter girls it’s ok to orchastrate a bit of a mating dance. I have blown it enough times by being too smooth or ‘rapey’ in her words. I think its best to make a judgement call in the first minute on how to assume the interaction. But moving in too fast could come across as ‘creepy’ to a potential yes girl.
    Great post.

  8. Great stuff Krauser. Fascinating. Reminds me of some advice from Robert Glover (wrote No More Mr. Nice Guy) — something like ‘Get to rejection as soon as possible’. Of course he meant ‘Better to get rejected soon — while taking the right approach — than to waste time playing it safe and hiding your desire’. Also in the movie Tin Cup the guy says “Greatness courts failure” (but of course maybe it originated earlier, elsewhere).
    Krauser you make some great points to ponder (and apply, in action of course!). Thanks.

    • I find people only laugh/mock if the girl just completely ignores you and walks by. That is generally more rare. And if the girl is like a 8 and above even if you get blown out totally people respect you for the fact you’ve approached a stunner. But the only person that matters is you, everything else is a nonsensical and irrelevant.

  9. So when you now go out to daygame in a country with abundance of beautiful women…how much time does “the session” take and how many approaches you usually do? Seems far more implementable to daily routine than maybe 5/hour with less sexual model.

  10. Since making my daygame “dirtier”, I’ve noticed less overall frustration, both on sexual and inner fronts. People may laugh when a guy gets blown out, but who’s laughing when a “pleasant chat” number goes nowhere?

    My daygame sticking point has become compliance. Girls can validate a man’s ego without complying for sex. Seeking validation is the road to nowhere. The process must be geared towards sex from inception.

    I find a lot of guys don’t want to admit this to themselves, let alone the girl. They want to “meet a nice girl”, “go out and have fun”, “see where things go”. Ok that’s fine but as some girls have asked me in the past, “What do you WANT?” Dancing around my intent sinks my inner game. It makes me feel like I’m lying to myself.

    It’s still not easy to put myself out there 100% authentically all the time, but I know when I do, a lot of pressure dissipates because I’m following my true desires.

    • Compliance is key. You can start with nonsexual compliance tests and escalate if she passes your tests. You can test her submissiveness and warmth. If you drop something, does she move to pick it up? If you need something, does she share what she has?

      Once a woman is compliant, you can feel more secure that she thinks of you as a man and a potential sexual partner.

      Try to isolate early if you are in a social setting. Even if she refuses to be isolated, that will still be a DHV and she will likely get a tingle surge.

    • “What do you want?” is a shit test. The way I deal with this question is to first ridicule it: “I want a good burger”…then when pushed say what I’ve gleaned from Krauser/Steve Jabba: “I’m a man and see you as a woman, not a friend. I see you as a potential romantic or sexual partner. Too many guys hide their desires and that only confuses the woman and that’s not good for anyone. I prefer to be honest and more direct and I think women appreciate that honesty don’t you?” and it has never failed me. This is a way of demonstrating masculinity but there is a degree of vulnerability in this—the willingness to be honest which usually sparks attraction.

      • Walla, try the mind-reading approach. “I’m into you as a woman and you think you might be into me as a man but you’re holding back because you’re not sure how much I’m into you. So I’ll show you when we slip away from prying eyes to somewhere intimate and romantic.” [Deliver with slow, halting speech and laser-eyes]

        Pings instigation, assumed intimacy, “just getting it”, deep rapport, fantasy

  11. Great post. This post and concept wouldn’t have made sense to me around 6 months ago. Now I rarely waste my time with “no/maybe” girls. I will go out with them 3-4 times and if there’s no thing, they’re gone. Once in a while I slip up and find myself spending more time or effort than is necessary and I now pull myself out of it.

    The reality is if you tell a girl after gaming her I want to fuck you…and she blows you off….I now feel.. “ok, so what”. But saying that usually gets me laid eventually. They may push back at first but if they’re responding to texts and engaging in some way, it’s only a matter of time before the dam breaks.

  12. I generally don’t like Sasha’s daygame style as he can be a bit jokey in set. But this approach was pretty solid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrHOicsobe8 [Sasha got much better when he calmed down and went more authentic. K.]

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  14. How many people who are attracted to this world are lacking in ways beyond ability to do well with women? To what extent are you picking up stragglers to sell them something they can’t really produce because they are are not at social rank basic level.

    This technique could be applied to everything about male self-confidence, will you at some point look to open it up to those lesser avenues? Males who are just not there, how to help them become Mr average etc. I feel like the people who desire these things, excepting the smaller percentage who really want to take it on and have the basic capacity, will end up banging their head against the wall. Its not really a criticism as such, but wouldn’t it be better to help struggling men be come better men, or even “men” to start with? Given all the immigration business isn’t this really submission? Fuck all these young women, don’t get them up the duff, and fck the future? Is that what the muslim breeders are doing across the UK? Where do you see it in twenty years? If you ain’t going to breed whats the fucking point? Its a dead end isn’t it?

    Its all over your twitter feed, its clear your good at what you do and your not the typical internet bullshitter, but there aint nothing without belief in family or tribe is there? Im seeing so much anti-white shit on the media now, anti-british, you aint british, theres no such thing as british etc etc etc. Isn’t it time to say fuck that? Get out of this game and turn to something real? Shit needs to happen. Its like people are “waiting” for someone to shine? It can change easily can’t it?

    Ive bought Day Game Nitro, don’t want you to think Im blubbing all over your blog for nothing.

    Im so full of shit lol!! The internet is a nightmare, it feeds the wrong in me. [I make no secret that what I do is difficult and most men can’t reach my level. However, they can get better than they currently are. I keep the culture war stuff to my twitter, so the blog stays about game. K.]

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