You have to crash the car

March 13, 2015

Almost every guy who gets into Game suffers from the same affliction – he’s too nice. That’s how we’re brought up. Be nice, be courteous, do that right thing. It becomes internalised so that we are the living breathing agents of the Feminine Imperative. Thus an important strategem in your early days of game is to crash the car. You never know how fast you can take the corner until you press the pedal to the metal.

Last night I put that to the test. I was on a first date with a Russian girl I’d met a few days earlier. Heading into the date I was not too enthused. I seemed to remember her as being fairly plain. Then she showed up dressed in her best clobber and I thought “mmmmmm”. Long legs, tight ass, long hair. Then she told me she’s eighteen. I immediately texted Tom: “I might be a bit late. She said she’s 18. It’s worth another hour.”. Then, as I grabbed her throat and threw her against a piss-stained wall she flinched. I put her hand on my dick and her eyes grew wider than a raccoon on cocaine.

“You haven’t touched a dick before, have you?” I politely enquired.

“No” she squeaked.

“Are you a virgin?”

“……. Yes”

Epic win.

So I pulled her hair and rubbed her pussy. Might as well crash the car. So in the spirit of rapid escalation here’s a video of me quite literally crashing a car bobsleigh*

* Note the speed. 48km/h is pretty damn good.


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  2. lol Looks like you boys had a good time.
    Had a brief chat about the nice guy vibe when Erdem came back. It’s so easy to fall into it when you’re nice and have to go to the extremes of the opposite end in order to find that balance. I still fall into it myself and have to give myself a check whenever it happens.
    Me and Erdem have a lot of work to do and will be filming our approaches. [Nice one. I’ll give you a shout next time I’m in town. K.]

  3. Hard to read from the inside of an office on a sunny day in USA. Inspiring nonetheless…

  4. Was chatting with Mrs. Gamer about my issue with a broad in my social circle and avoiding her. Mrs. Gamer was concerned about my rep in my social circle. I told her NBD. A couple of months and everything will blow over. Having a IDGAF attitude is so freeing. Also important to not care if you are viewed as a nice guy. Better to be viewed as a jerk that people fear to offend.

  5. One thing that helped me detach from the outcome was really focussing on treating it all as a numbers game. Just pretending there’s no skill, technique or experience involved, to keep my actions simple and to the point.

  6. Great advice from Tom as per usual.

  7. I replugged into the office Matrix for the winter and feel my vibe taking a massive hit. I see all the hot, spoiled daddy’s girls walking around as I’m grinding away on a computer while my boss and coworkers are gossiping nonsense around me.

    I watched a few of Tom’s vids the other day then fished on the job. I forced an IOI through the office window and ran after the girl. Told the boss I was running errands.

    Btw, Overkill’s cleared away a lot of daygame noise I’ve had over the past year. Still drafting up a proper review. [I look forward to reading it. There’s a big discussion of it starting on the blog soon, so you’re welcome to contribute. K.]

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