1. Hello Krauser,


    So can you explain – do you differ with

    Tomassi – if a girl is truly sexually aroused by you she will “flash’ you unprovoked – i.e., send you pics on her own desire

    Roissy – does not ask for pics up front as he argues 1) smells of desperation; 2) legal ramifications of asking unknown girls to send pics

    How are you avoiding looking needy by asking for pics up front. You don’t seem to be suffering in the ways these guys are above are talking. I’m trying to figure out
    if it’s because – if you are communicatig enough Sigma/Alpha you can get away with anythjig. And these kinds of rules don’t matter

    Strategically, also, – what are you trying to accomplish by squeezing

    1. Nude pics

    2. Getting them masturbating

    Up front? Is this a screening mechanism to see who will be time wasters

    Thank you, I like these verbatim transcripts [This was a girl I SDL’d in 2012 and hadn’t spoken to since, so it wasn’t “before”. Generally I think Rollo is a bit off on this point. Girls have a desire for you to see their naked selfies but it’s only alpha sport fuck guys who get them unbidden. Everyone else has to coax a bit. The main upside is it furthers the escalation and screens. I’ve had plenty of naked selfies before the first sex. K.]

    • There’s no harm in getting naked pics before having sex for the first time. I’ve done it plenty of times. I’ve also sent dick pics too. Works well with the long game that Krauser has detailed in the past.

  2. So Krauser do you normally send the first sexually explicit image in order to get one from the girl? [Usually her first. I’m just changing things up. K.]


    Her: “your seriously unimpressed attitude and lack of answers always makes me question myself. Fuck you your being but I like you on some level.” *sends you boobie shots*

    Wow. Just wow. Just…wow.

    I managed to get some chick’s kik from online game (this is a serious accomplishment). I got one face shot…we’ll see what the wicked night brings after I cajole her a bit.

  3. Where was this girl from? [Czech. K.]

  4. I’ve never had a convo that went like this with a girl, its because I’m a nice guy.. But she’s engaging and seems fun. Do all girls talk like this to bad boys/cool guys, or are some girls more boring and less open in texts to new guys?

    I ask because I want to make sure if I’m on the right track by the way she texts, if shes interested or boring or being nice. I’m a newbie

  5. Hey Krauser

    Just finished watching your approach anxiety webinar and there is a problem that i am faced with.

    Every now and then i tend to watch porn specifically femdom CBT porn, which is female domination slapping spitting etc..

    I used to watch this sort of thing alot but after getting into daygame i watch it now and then.

    My problem is i don’t know why im into this thing, yet im into daygame and meeting girls and talking to girls who i find sexually attractive, but i find myself fantasizing of the girl doing these things which is really a head spin.

    How can i go over and be this masculine guy when deep down i wouldn’t mind her being dominant. Yet i don’t want to feel this way because i sexuall attracted to these girls.

    Andy [What AA webinar did I do? K.]

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