End Game

September 20, 2014

I’ve just had the most physically painful week of my life. What should’ve been a week of finally knuckling down and churning out some leads on the FSU streets (after doing nothing for 2 weeks due to work) was completely sidetracked by a serious bout of toothache. I had the most ridiculous bad luck – first on Tuesday my emergency dental appointment identified an impacted wisdom tooth that needed extraction. They said they’d just clean it up, put in a microbiotic strip in the gap for 24 hours and the pain ought to go away until a week’s time when they had a slot for the operation.

24 hours of extreme pain later they pulled out the strip and it was still horrible. So painful that even taking the maximum Ibruprofen non-stop only dulled the edge but left plenty of discomfort and periodic sharp pain between doses. In this country you can’t get a prescription for stronger painkillers. So they said the pain would lessen but if there’s still trouble to come in on Friday. So I came in on Friday and this time the English-speaking specialist was gone and a middle-aged woman speaking zero English cleaned it up. The most dramatic moment being when she came at me with a scalpel (and she’d been unable to explain the planned procedure). My mouth was pissing blood but getting her to write a note that I could show to one of my girls, it turned out she’d done another clean but made a small incision to get at a deeper infection.

This morning, Saturday, the dental hospital was closed and I’d slept only 2 hours despite being on the full Ibruprofen dosage. So I called my landlord and he arranged a noon emergency appointment at a guy’s private practice who opened up shop just for me. After half an hour waiting with the nurse, the dentist called to say he’d had a minor car accident and would be at least another hour. So I went home, sorted myself out, and ordered steak at my favourite local cafe. Might as well have some food for the day.

He summoned me before the steak arrived so I had to pay for it and leave before it arrived. As I walked into his private office I saw he was the same dentist as I’d seen in the hospital. To get it done at his private place was double the price (but, admittedly, still a fraction of the UK price) so he went ahead and began. I figured it wouldn’t be so bad because I’ve had two wisdom teeth out five years ago and they each took about five seconds – just grab them with pliers and yank hard.

Oh no! I was in the chair a full forty-five minutes while he drilled, cut, hammered, yanked and split the tooth up. In total it was cut into six different pieces to get it out. He said it was one of his more complex extractions lately. The whole time I was petrified, getting a good test in emotional control. As I write the anaesthetic has worn off and I’m back on the Ibuprofen. My mouth is swelling up, but that’s normal. I’m just a little worried that the molar next to the extracted tooth is actually the source of the real problem because it seems decayed.

So…. fuck my luck. It’s been a thoroughly miserable week. I had a regular around last night and was in such a bad way I couldn’t even fuck her.

I think this week is one of those unwelcome but highly fruitful “re-base” periods that remind me that the normal routine of my life is exceptionally good and I really ought to count my blessings for my health, sound finances, good friends, and abundance with women. You can take that for granted – I certainly did the past few months. It’s amazing how some persistent pain drops you right down to the bottom of the hierarchy of needs. I really ought to be more grateful for the good things in life that come my way.

On another note, regular readers will have noticed they are becoming regular viewers. This is just a temporary thing. I’ve been writing so much for my Sigma Wolf books that I’m all tapped out for writing. There’s a new project very close to completion that’s taking all my writing energies. I think readers will be very pleased I chose to do this project rather than just continue the usual blogging service. We shall see. Until then, I hope you enjoy the change of pace the videos represent.


  1. Hope it’s fixed now 🙂
    Next time come to Romania, our dentists here are tall, slim, with long legs and they do their jobs with maximum efficiency (painkillers included).

    • I’m thinking of going to Romania for minor surgery. The story of that Japanese guy being killed by a pack of stray dogs puts me off a bit. I feel your pain Krauser I had lower back pain for a week from leg press and the elation at having my health back once it started wearing off almost made me jump around laughing.

      • I saw surprisingly few stray dogs in Bucharest last month compared to how many I see here in Sofia where I live. In any case, when I moved here I was surprised how non-aggressive nearly all the stray dogs here seem, generally looking friendly and a bit curious, but most of them staying at arms length from people. I have heard some stories about people getting attacked by groups of dogs, but I think that’s very rare and I imagine probably more likely because the dogs felt cornered than because they were actively “hunting”.
        Go to a suburban neighbourhood with lots of dog owners however, and it’s often all barks and bared teeth from the dogs with owners.

  2. So,there are some negatives in the FSU. I was thinking, it was all a pot of gold.

    • Define FSU. Czech healthcare is faster, cheaper (for patients) and better than british. In Britain I’d love to be a doctor because of better financial terms, but patients actually get worse care. Of course, Russia is different, but so is Italy or Spain:-)

      • The former Czechoslovakia was never part of the Soviet Union as never was Poland, Eastern Germany, Romania or Hungary.. They were part of what was called the Warsaw Pact.

  3. A few drops of MMS in a table spoon of water with a little bicarbonate, worked over the infected area for a couple of minutes will kill bacteria. Also a vitamin C paste, with bicarbonate, will kill bacteria. Don’t use as a mouth wash or rinse but work it hard into the infected area.
    At one radio network there’s a good interview with Al Huggins.

  4. Good video – There must have been a dozen slim blonde women walk by in the background during the video

    We’ve got widespread consumer societal programming going on that impels us to buy too much stuff which almost immediately becomes lower in value both in our own minds (like how a kid values his toys 3 weeks after Christmas) and in market terms (new car being worth less as soon as your drive it off the lot). The ‘having’ which entails drains on our current incomes in the form of payments (cars, houses, consumer debt) and the ‘wanting’ keep us enslaved to jobs and lifestyles more in conformity to what others are doing & what’s expected than what fulfill us. I just had a friend forego the very low interest rate and considerable tax deduction to pay off his reasonably priced condo. Why ? So he’d have the leeway to take some low paying but interesting, risky, and hopefully high potential job (he’s a single Dad so he can’t live the ramblin’ man lifestyle but he’s doing what he can to get the freedom/flexibility he can). I got him to consider taking it a step further and renting out his place on Airbnb to travelers to even get an income stream on the place.

    This consumer society and mindset grinds us down in making us prisoners of our belongings and occupations and I for one think it takes an even tougher mental and physical toll on women sitting on their ass all day in offices.

    The western cultural emphasis on ‘having’ (stuff & status) rather than ‘being’ (engaged in interesting/fulfilling work, fit, educated, interesting, well traveled, experienced) creates a lot of discontented and/or boring people.

    Tom Torero has had lots of good advice in recent years about unplugging from the matrix

    Maverick Traveler’s Blog is also a good stream of stories & insights & understand he’s coming out with his book

    “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley [Yup. K]

  5. I remember my mate Mark asking you this very question in Prague 🙂
    He actually misunderstood it as not having a logically path towards life in terms of what you want.

    But I instantly understood what you meant based on red-pill wisdom and the quest for happiness.

    Happiness is like a fuel tank that constantly needs refuelling over time. So it isn’t an end goal. It’s a state that you must always be in, which only comes from doing the things that makes you happy in the present moment.

    The problem is trying to explain this to your friends and family who are all ‘blue-pill’ who can’t quite get the new paradigm and thus seeing you as someone who has essentially failed at life.
    It’s a very sad situation to be in, which I’d imagine would be even more difficult for people who come from close knit families.

    • I fully agree with the fact that emotions follow actions and filling your days with activities you like is the only way. That said, I’d differentiate between hedonism, flow and meaning, I believe all three need to be present for a man to be content on all levels. That’s why Tom Torero wasn’t happy when he was just travelling and banging girls. He lacked meaning – the family and friends weren’t present, maybe no bigger book/video project going on…sure, he had the flow, he had hedonism, but it wasn’t enough. So everybody should be damn sure that on some level they include all three, and one acrtivity can in fact cover all three to various degrees. [I like this idea and just dropped a quick discussion of it into my new book. K.]

  6. I got all four (impacted) ones out recently, and it hurt like hell for a couple days afterwards. I got prescribed really high strength painkillers, but didn’t take anything stronger than ibuprofen. As Mike from D&P says, in ‘Murica, opiates are the opiate of the masses.

    I was told to do a salt rinse over the affected places every few hours, and a chlorhexidine gluconate rinse in the morning and night. Worked wonders.

  7. Great insights and timely. Since I’ve got my confidence back and begun gaming and banging younger, hotter and tighter I’ve begun to consider…do I settle? How does this “end”?

    But I think that is “Blue Pill” thinking. We create our own reality and define our own happiness. I should thank you for your insights and inspiration to make me move out of my comfort zone and into a place where I’m now meeting girls I never would have thought I’d be with.

    The “I’m the prize” mentality is possible but takes hard work and drive. I also like how in your book you lay out all the various models with a note that at some point most of this will become intuitive and the reader who gets better will start to adopt many of these ideas, lines, concepts as part of their regular personality.

    I wasn’t born a great athlete. But I run and train everyday to the point I was once in the top 500 of the entire half-marathon of my city. I didn’t just get there, I trained so that now I don’t really have to train hard to run some of these races.

  8. Fucking A. Sending over positive vibes. Get well soon, man.

  9. Great damn video. This was was definitely one of your best video blogs so far.

    The video has so many absolute stunners walking in the background… Holy shit!!! My jaw is still open. I am getting my money/time scammed in America- unbelievable…

  10. Living for today is key. Life is about how you spend your time, on a day to day basis. Are you spending your time doing what you want to do?

    I’ve been living with nerve pain for two years. Everything in my life is very good, except I have this chronic pain on a daily basis hanging over me. It’s a reminder that you have to live for today, in the future you may be old or have health issues.

    For me, I work to live for today as much as I can, despite chronic pain. In the future, we will only be older, and health will only be worse. I think it was Keynes who said, “in the future we’re all dead”.

  11. Very interesting.

    _Of course_ a future life-narrative is, as you say, illogical. That’s because the logical way of thinking is one side of the human intellect, while the other side is the metaphorical: logos and mythos. One side is “cleartext” (a cryptographic term for the plain or literal meaning) while the other side is “context”* (the overall frame of a human life)*.

    *(a bit of punning there, but with a serious intent).

    As for the so-called end-game, I’m going to live forever, or die in the attempt. I don’t drink, I eat a sparing, paleo diet and I avoid junk, I take supplements, I do light exercise, and I keep a tranquil state of mind – that covers biggest factors in longevity. That might well be enough to get me to longevity escape velocity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longevity_escape_velocity).

    • The first half of your comment is convoluted and hard to understand.

      It looks like you’re saying “Intellect == Logic == Literal Meaning == Logos,” and that “Narrative implies Mythos == Opposite of logic == Metaphorical == Context == Frame.”

      That’s sloppy and full of errors. It looks more like a game of word association than logic.

      Try this: https://www.google.com/search?q=philosophy+forum [You seem like a very smart guy, but lets not begin a status-jockeying competition on intelligence in the comments. Being intelligent and offering value = good. Using intelligence to put people down = gamma. You’re very welcome to comment, just keep it pleasant. K.]

  12. In the US we get our wisdom teeth out once they start coming in. Perhaps this is just a way for dentists to make more $ since I don’t think its common in Europe, at least not in Poland, but I’m glad not to have to worry about it. Hope things work out soon. Regarding the vids, I think they’re great. Whether you write or record, the content is top notch and the books are of high quality too, as I’m sure will be the next Sigma Wolf release. [Thanks boss. K.]

  13. get well soon my man. [Glad to see you’ve been smashing some girls. K.]

  14. A timely post. I was about to write a blog post, also called ‘Endgame’ this week along a similar theme. For me maybe endgame wasn’t the right word. It’s more about changing phases of life as I age.

    I’m early 30s now and I foresee a time within the next 10 years where it probably won’t be workable to live the way I currently do.

    At the moment I live in a cheap tiny flat, save little money, go on a date more or less each week, use online dating, plus go out to clubs and do day game. This is great for me at the moment, but in the future may no longer be right for me. I’ll want a better flat, and to spend less time on chasing women, and more time on building wealth. As well as wanting this my age may come to force it. Am I really going to be chasing young girls with any success when I’m 45? What about kids?

    I agree with the idea of life not having a final destination. A girlfriend I dumped in my pre game days said the whole relationship was a waste of time because it didn’t ‘lead’ anywhere. I told her life is not like a train journey heading towards a stop called ‘happiness’, and once you get there you’re done and you’re always happy from that point forwards. Instead life is just a series of moments. There are happy moments, there are sad moments and everything in-between. You just have to live your life in a way that maximises the happy moments. Although there’s no destination, I do think people enter into different phases in life. This is either prompted by ageing or changing values (fucking 2 new girls a month may well start to feel old after a while). When I talk about endgame I mean for this particular phase, and preplanning for the next phase, at the same time knowing that this next phase is just that. A phase that will probably change, not a final destination.

    For me gaming as I get older comes down to this: When I’m in a club with my main wing we sometimes see guys in their late 40s / 50s all dressed up and hitting on the girls. My wing will always look at these guys and tell me, “Don’t let me become like that. Make sure you stop me before I get that old”. I agree to some extent. I don’t want to be the old player who’s passed it but won’t admit it. Like the star who used to be famous in the 90s but just won’t admit he’s a normal person now, no longer a celeb. [I always read your blogposts so if you post about this I’ll be interested to see it. K.]

  15. Did your toothache somewhat trigger that reflexion about enjoying the moment ?
    Perhaps you realised that everything might very well fall apart at any given moment, thus as we say in French : “Un ‘tiens” vaut mieux que deux ‘tu l’auras'” (“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” I think you use).
    Hope you get better. Thanks for the videos.

  16. Being a young 22 year old I completely agreed with what you said happens to people my age. Now I haven’t ever had too much money to enjoy myself. But now that I have got a foot in and I’m getting some money, what do I do. There is no source of income which will allow me to enjoy and give me alot of free time to do what I want to.

    I havent been blessed with amazing writing skills. The only thing I can think of is moving around every couple of years, doing the same job I’m doing, with companies I want to work for and take breaks in between.

  17. Oh man that kind of pain can be excruciating…

    Speaking of excruciating pain – this guy happens to have a very similar name: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0915179237/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1411429463&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70

  18. Get well soon mate, there’s a new adventure coming along soon

  19. NPV of happiness. Interesting way to put it. Wonder if that’s compounded annually or semi-annually…

    On another note, I’m glad you’re alive. Now we can leach a few more good texts out of you!

    Perspectives on happiness somersault after chronic pain: been there.

  20. Most of us don’t know how to earn some money if you take us out of our cubicles.So we have litle or no time for doing what we enjoy.

  21. Hi all, got my copy of Primal Seduction this week and have poured through it. Firstly, it’s a seduction book like no other. This picks up where DayGame Mastery left off.. it’s a companion piece….it’s a stand-alone self-help book on positive masculinity…it’s a book that focuses on “Mindset” instead of pick up strategies and tactics. Reading and digesting this book takes tremendous discipline on the part of the reader. For newbies, it’s a Primer on getting into seduction. For myself, 5 years into game and now at a place where I’ve achieved most of what I want in terms of banging babes like a shaolin monk bangs a gong…it’s time for a reboot. My game is tight but my inner game needs work.

    This book focuses on all the areas I wanted to understand but couldn’t find in one place and articulated online: Authenticity, integrity, soft-dominance. The Rawness has a whole section devoted to why you shouldn’t get into “pick up” citing it’s all focused on getting girls to “like” you…a key symptom of co-dependence.

    I don’t know Steve Jabba personally but from the interviews/dialogues/polemics conducted between chapters between Krauser and Jabba you get to know a dude who has battled his own demons and instead of offering tricks and tactics challenges you to look deep inside to identify address those areas that hold you back from being a better “man”.

    The second part of the book seems to have more of a Krauser influence with its practical “Mechanics” and “Action Plan”. There are clear examples of how to deal with different situations in pick up.

    I can see how some would read this and get lost. It requires the reader on some level to suspend a bit of what they think they know about pick up and start inward rather than outward.

    This also requires the reader to have some self-awareness to clearly address the behaviours, thinking that ultimately prevent you from becoming more attractive.

    The book also clarified or offered new insights into some areas of personal confusion: pua wisdom says you must be a rock, never lose your cool, adopt the “Dark Triad” traits. Jabba talks honestly about situations where he lost it on a girl who had disrespected him. This story is interesting because it comes from a place of strength and integrity NOT butt-hurt insecurity. The difference is in establishing boundaries early.

    Some readers will find this book difficult to understand. Teaching someone how to neg, build comfort, push-pull is easier than challenging them to look deep inside themselves and identify their “value” and the “value” they bring to any interaction. There are clear criteria.

    Mindset…authenticity….Jabba and Krauser put these into a new context that challenges and offers a clear path. [Thanks for the detailed feedback. I’m very interested to hear what readers think of the book. Is there any chance you can post an abbreviated version of this on the Lulu sales page? K.]

    • Sure. I’ll capsulize it. I would say this book is more “inspirational” while DayGame is more “aspirational”… I’ll craft a review. I think overall this covers ground that is otherwise ignored. Rollo touches on some and The Rawness has a different take but this book changes the conversation in the pua community. There are some things in it I disagreed with and some that I found hard to fathom but the point is it’s a conversation starter… [Thanks boss. Could you rate it on Lulu? At the moment your review makes it look like 0/5 stars. K.]

      • This is a Magnum Opus on game…fills a gap in knowledge. But you guys may consider some type of web-chat or interactive q/a. There’s so much great stuff in this… [Steve’s always thinking about new product ideas, so perhaps that’ll happen. K.]

  22. Good video. I think what some people are getting at when they ask “What’s the end game?” is “Is this lifestyle satisfying in the long run?”.

    There are things which after having done them, I look back and don’t derive much lasting happiness from. Most meals I enjoy in the moment but later I’m ambivalent toward having eaten them. Most girls I’ve been with I look back on and am not particularly happy that I slept with them. Not that I regret it, but reflecting on them just leaves me indifferent. There are exceptions, which are basically the highest quality girls I’ve seduced. I’m not sure if I would be more satisfied from my conquests if all of them were of this high quality, or whether regardless of the quality of girl, it would always only be a handful of the best ones that gave me satisfaction.

    In contrast, all the work I’ve put into being a good hockey player is very satisfying, or when I spend months on a software project and end up having built something cool, I find it very satisfying.

    So another aspect of “What is the end game?” is: at the end of our lives, will we look back on all of our time spent pursuing women the same way that we look back on a week of playing video games? Perhaps playing video games was the most instantly gratifying thing we could have done at any given moment, but after a week you look back and think that you fell into a trap.

    I prefer the PUA lifestyle over the blue pill lifestyle. But what about the PUA lifestyle vs. the Elon Musk lifestyle? If I had spent 60% of the time I’ve spent pursuing women working on a startup, would I be more fulfilled now? My guess is that I would be, but that I’ve fallen into a trap, chasing immediate fun at the expense of long term satisfaction.

  23. “I don’t want to be the old player who’s passed it but won’t admit it.”

    I’m guessing these 40 and 50 somethings are trying to play Young Man Game when they should be playing Older Man Game. This reminds me of how the expression “practice makes perfect” is often wrong, and is really “practice makes permanent”. If you practice something incorrectly, you’ll have muscle memory on how to do it wrong…every time. This is not to say that the older players did it wrong from the start, but that if they persist in the same pattern with the same moves they aren’t learning. At some point their Game will no longer work correctly. They have permanence when they should have evolved.

    The question of End Game is keen in my mind now that at 52 I’m coming out of an extended period of MGTOW and am getting back into Game. The communication tools (Facebook, cell phones) and the accumulated knowledge of the seduction community simply didn’t exist when I got my start. Because the state-of-the-art and role models were so bad, and coming into the age of herpes and AIDS, I just decided to conduct my dating life alternating between what is now understood to be MGTOW and Sigma male. Now with such awesome tools available, its great fun to enjoy a seduction Renaissance in my life.

    My secret to finding a “perpetual end game” is using inner game to know where my core values are. With respect to Game, it’s that I love the company of women, and value their company over serving the notch-count hyena. My love for the feminine manifested itself in kindergarten, and by second grade I was courting a different crush. My frustration with the horrors of what social conditioning have done to men and women in frustrating their efforts to mate has not made me bitter. If anything I now feel more compassion for my bros and women compatriots. I see seduction now as a form of amateur, unlicensed sexual surrogacy.

    My inner game is about to plateau, and I’ve been working through all of Krauser’s blog to restore the state of my outer game. Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor behind The Most Interesting Man In The World (TMIMITW), actually has tight Game in real life. The fictional character and the real character make for not too shabby role models for Older Man Game. The YouTube clown who spouts TMIMITW quotes like pick up lines as if reading them from cue cards is not following the TMIMITW playbook. Living an interesting life, extracting the learning experiences, and distilling it down to its essential wisdom to share with women and bros, now THAT’S end game. And Krauser has already been doing it in his 30s. I hope my blog comments may add a sliver of insight to his inner game what he is contributing to restoring my outer game.

    • ‘For me gaming as I get older comes down to this: When I’m in a club with my main wing we sometimes see guys in their late 40s / 50s all dressed up and hitting on the girls. My wing will always look at these guys and tell me, “Don’t let me become like that. Make sure you stop me before I get that old”.’

      Hey, if you’re just asking women to dance and you click, how do you end up looking try-hard? And if you dress appropriately to the venue, how is that try-hard?

      I’m nearly 60 and last night was asked to play with a bachelorette party–dirty dancing, lap dancing, and a booty contest. One of the hotties with whom I had danced sent one of the other girls out looking for me specifically.

      The key is to move like you’re fit and dancing is great for that if you’ve been taught well. Also helps to have a mind that is still going on 14, heh.

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