1. Most annoying thing ever, though perfectly understandable (assuming she wasn’t just wasting your time). Sometimes I forget that what we do isn’t normal.

  2. Every time i’ve challenged a girl’s resistance and eventually gave in, it always ended up with a dud.
    Nowadays, I simply walk and find another girl if I find she’s giving me a hard time getting her number or suggesting alternatives.
    A man is very rarely rewarded by playing under a girl’s rules. You have to be willing to walk. This takes a lot of discipline, especially in the beginning when you lack options.

  3. helloo krauser,how many Serbian girls till now krauser!!!!

  4. Love the smile on your face in that video… you’re still “high” from the approach, and it shows in that smile.

    And thank you for the breakdown.

    A question… would you ever call her out for “liking you” as you argue the toss? I have occasion to say “you like me” in sets, and have occasionally done this after some small rejection like you had here. When I do this, I almost always get a quick confirmation (on her face, and in her words). I only call her out for liking me when I’m certain she does, and it’s always a good shot of attraction. But… in general, the ones that argue don’t turn into dates much in my experience.

  5. Nice hat playboy.

  6. This reminds me of something you mentioned in Daygame Mastery that it’s just part of girls natural biological programming to derail the train even if she is interested in you.

    So in those situations it’s just a test to filter out all the guys who give up too early and find guys who actually will overcome her little challenges.

  7. I think I may have come up with a more precise definition of ‘Alpha male’.

    First some definitions for direct and indirect benefits in mate choice.


    Direct benefits are those that increase the fitness of the choosy sex through direct material advantages. These benefits include but are not limited to increased territory quality, increased parental care, and protection from predators. There is much support for maintenance of mate choice by direct benefits and it is the least controversial model to explain discriminate mating.

    Indirect benefits increase genetic fitness for the offspring. When it appears that the choosy sex does not receive direct benefits from his or her mate, indirect benefits may be the payoff for being selective. Examples of indirect benefits include better genetic quality and more attractive offspring. R. A. Fisher described this less obvious model in a book called The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection.[9] Fisher explained that, through indirect selection, fitter individuals inherit both the genes and the mating preference for some indicator trait. This linkage of an indicator trait and the preference for such trait results in exaggerated phenotypes and is known as Fisherian runaway selection.

    An ‘Alpha male’ is the male who gets the *best sex with the investment of the least direct benefits. Thus he is being selected primarily for indirect benefits.

    *Best sex= some optimum of quantity and quality. i.e. banging numerous hot 18 year old virgins is better sex than i) banging numerous hot 30 year old sluts, or ii) one hot 18 year old virgin. (Not sure if banging 1000 hot 18 year old virgins once is better than banging one hot 18 year old virgin for a lifetime, what one subjectively prefers would depend where one sits on the r vs K spectrum I imagine. (Personally I would prefer one hot 18 year old virgin for a lifetime who is also faithful and loyal over one night stands with 1000 different hot 18 year old virgins, but I guess I’m pretty K selected.))

    Or put even more precisely,

    An alpha male, is a male who is sexually selected maximally (or at the maximum) for indirect benefits while sexually selected minimally (or at the minimum) for direct benefits.

    This is also the optimum strategy for not being a cuckold.

    So a corollary of this definition would be that the alpha male, is the male who minimises the risk of cuckoldry.

    Framed another way, for example, the alpha male is the male women want to fuck because he is soooo sexy, even though he is not nice, his sexiness is just too overwhelming. i.e. maximum indirect benefits (being sexy) with minimum direct benefits (not being ‘nice’). [Interesting. It more or less comes to the same “adventure sex” conclusion as sigmas. K.]

  8. “Balls Deep” ! !. Fuckin’ hell Krauser. I just spat my tea out when I opened the page.

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