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  2. lol. Forgot it would show the video and not the code.. Add &w=480&h=360 at the end of the url [Done. Thanks! K.]

  3. Looks can be improved more than most in the community admit: face – plastic surgery in case of severe problem (I have septum deviation, quite assymetric nose) , acne treatment, haircut, eye operation, then consistency in the gym, eating real food, learning about style, fit, colours, then details like proper sunglasses for your face etc. The synergy fitness and style create is BIG.

    Almost verybody can be 8 or higher in looks when they do this for several years and are relatively young. Add proper daygame knowledge and it’s all much, much easier than constantly fighting the thoughts of “Am I good enough?” It is not necessary to max out ascribed but in my opinion much better than ecosystem or provider game, at least for 18 to 40 year olds. It is almost as portable and lasting as learned stuff. Of course, learned is the most important.

    • Even just a little attention to style and fit puts you miles ahead of the stinking teeming “dad jeans and white new balances” masses. No substitute for Game and social calibration, but it is a vital component.

  4. Krauser, when you talked about the concept of universal darwinism I had a sort of intellectual orgams. I wasn’t aware of it, and actually it’s the missing piece of the puzzle and the bridge of all my knowledge in economics, sociology and politics. It’s just make so much sense. I feel almost as I understand the life mystery, it’s a good feeling. [Unload it on a bookish introvert and watch the effect. K.]

  5. This is excellent. Thanks K and Tom. It is also kind of disturbing, why is that? Is it that you’ve broken down my beloved idea of love and sex into an almost loveless cluster of definitive variables ( looks, age, height, ecosystem ) forces we have some control over, but nowhere near as much as I thought. Kind of disheartening, but realistic I suppose. It’s almost like men are responsible for making the structure for love to occur in with these cold, hard facts, and women then fill in the space with love. The problem is the pain of thinking about this when you’ve been brainwashed into thinking love will just occur. It is a stretch to pull my brain over to this side coming from a romantic background. Not easy at all and a bit uncomfortable right now. [That’s the pain of swallowing the red pill. Rollo has a good post on it. The feeling passes. K.]

  6. Regarding long game as described in Mastery, would you recommend not to use it for guys who live in FSU country/country with supply of beautiful girls? I think you do it out of necessity when number farming in Europe but does this strategy make sense when you only game local girls or is it better to initiate completely new lead and run efficient sms short game? I feel the time put into pimping facebook and long chats might lead to weaseling, this seems to be the position of LaidNYC or McQueen who don’t use FB, at the same time I see the power of Long. Game as described in Mastery. How would the factor of being a college student aiming for 18-21 age group change the situation? Thanks. [Long Game is merely plan B if you can’t use short game. K.]

  7. Hey nick wondering your thoughts on this article about ‘auto rejection’ is it really as common and as is Chase describes it you think? Is their info on your new book about this? Cheers http://www.girlschase.com/content/attainability-woes-or-why-girls-who-you-reject-you [I don’t read any PUA stuff now, it turns my stomach. That includes the good stuff. Girlschase seem pretty good but I’m just not interested in this stuff anymore. All my new ideas of daygame come from (i) my first hand experience (ii) my wings (iii) non-community sources. I’m not ‘beyond game’ but the same stuff I used to hoover up voraciously several years ago now gives me a dull ache in the gut. K.]

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