You can’t compete with the London Eye

February 1, 2014

A month ago I’m out doing Sunday daygame with Bodi. We’ve both been in hibernation and not pushing it hard. London has been hit with excessive rain and flooding lately and the cold weather has been just slightly past the point where daygame is fun. So I’ve been catching up on my PS3 gaming and finalising my book.

It’s nice to keep my hand in, so I went out for a weekend and rustled up some new leads. Most of the time I was hanging onto one of Tom’s bootcamps just for the entertainment of it. I felt like I ought to see some beginners to remind myself what it’s like and get a bit of empathy for when I start marketing my book. I got a few sets in.

First was a gorgeous Siberian girl. Fresh off the boat, in London for three weeks and really into me. We text for about a week and she always has another plan. Madame Tussauds, Bath, Lion King and the London Eye. Momentum dies and we never have the first date.

That same day I’m walking past the Apple store on Regent Street when I see a squirrely tourist amble past with the rucksack-jeans-converse combo of vulnerability. She hooks strong, telling me she’s from Argentina and here for three weeks doing an art internship. She’s super-keen and does come out for the first date. As I push her into the taxi she tells me “I can’t have sex. I’m on my period. I don’t want you to be disappointed”. So I extract anyway, get the blowjob and four days later take her virginity.

At 5pm Bodi has a date with some Austrian girl who insists on bringing a Brazilian friend from her English school. Bodi asks me to take one for the team so I join him. Brazilian is ok, a bubbly high six but she has a shitty feminist-lite attitude, quite common in Brazilian girls. Bodi leads us all to a tea shop and works the set. Unfortunately he’s wigged out and I’m inadvertantly value-tapping him because he talks too much and my attempts to be silent to let him lead just end up positioning me as the cool aloof guy.

The Austrian really fancies me. She’s giving me the eye spazz and probably wants fucking. By the end of the tea the Brazilian has gone from giggly and excited to bored and cock-blocking, dragging the Austrian off to a dinner party. Stupid bitch. As we say goodbye Austrian gives me a long sexual look. Fuck.

So Bodi and I hit a Sam Smith’s pub for a half and a debrief. It’s quite easy to pick out the areas for improvement so Bodi leaves in higher spirits. We are crossing Regent Street when I just happen to see a DNA-tug girl ambling along by herself. It’s 7pm and quite dark, a sexual time of the evening. I instinctively open.

Almost identical body

Almost identical body

“You’re Brazilian”

That’s it. I’m encroaching her distance, she’s eye spazzing and giggling. This girl is a stunner. I later find out she’s a TV news girl. 23 year old SMV-prime. She arrived a few days earlier and is studying English three weeks. I walk her off on an idate, seeing Bodi shuffle off tail between his legs.

The idate goes well. All the usual stuff. We actually go back to the same table at the same pub I was in with Bodi. The glass collector hasn’t been so our empty glasses are still there. That’s how quickly things can change direction in daygame. I run all the usual Venue One material then walk her to the next door blues bar to escalate. We’re standing watching the live music and the vibe is great – she’s completely in the Love Bubble. All the kino hits and she’s letting me move her around but she won’t put herself into a kissable position. Verbal is going great and we are soon talking about sexual histories and fantasies. Two hours have passed and I walk her to a dark secluded Spanish bar. She refused the kiss and I let her go.

Five days pass. She’s at Madame Tussauds, Bath, Lion King and London Eye. Finally I get the Day 2. It’s similar stuff. An English pub where we get the sexual tension going and then a dark wine bar where she’s clearly ready to kiss and puts herself into position. So I take it. The vibe gets increasingly hot and sexual. She’s really into it. So I pull the trigger.

Outside Liberty department store a taxi comes and I push her in. At first she’s up for it but as we pull away the jitters hit and I can feel it coming unstuck. We get back out the cab at Marble Arch on her insistence. I figure I can pull her into another bar to rebuild momentum but everywhere is shut. Fuck. She uses that opportunity to derail the train and insist on getting the tube home. I push her up against a shop window and choke her, kiss her, pull her hair. Then I have to let her go.

You'd think it was on

You’d think it was on

Another five days pass. She’s at another round of tourist sites then tells me she wants to see Greenwich. We have a delightful daytrip on the Clipper boat, the museum, the observatory and then walk through the tunnel under the river. She’s all over me again but just won’t extract. On the Central Line back into town we’re standing in the vestibule with me locked in against the glass partition and her doing the full-body press against me. And she insists on going back home alone.

That’s the last I see her. More tourist sites, more bitching about the rain and staying home then she flies back to Brazil. I mention my frustration to Tom. This is a solid nine in the prime of her SMV, famous on TV in her region. Exactly me type. She fancies the fuck out of me. And yet she just doesn’t want to fuck.

“You can’t compete with the London Eye, mate. Tourists are all the same. The whole city is shiny for them. It can be a nightmare getting them out.”


  1. It seems odd to “like” this post, seeing as the ‘ole London Eye got you this time. It must have been frustrating having a keen girl skedaddle for another boring museum.

    Also, I’ve always wondered how great daygamers don’t either scramble their girls’ brains or shoot each other in the foot on double dates, lol. Must be like tandem F1

    • “Also, I’ve always wondered how great daygamers don’t either scramble their girls’ brains or shoot each other in the foot on double dates, lol. Must be like tandem F1”

      So much of this. Happened to me, too. That´s why I generaly avoid going on double dates with other PUAs usually results in a desaster and two girls with fried brains, going crazy from cross attraction, which usually results in no score for anyone…

  2. This kind of stuff along with the end of year stats is, along with being instructional, is good for perspective and, as some pointed out in those year end stats posts, even liberating. To know this is how it goes takes the pressure off – of course it may not work out but you do it – helps you become outcome independent. All PUA guru fantasies and sales pitches aside, this is how it goes sometimes even for the most practiced/accomplished.

    I notice the similarity to the ‘real world’. I was out at my Dad’s place of work yesterday (he sells cars). The salesman next to him was making a call “Hi, Did your grandson find the car he needed yet? Yes ? All the best – good luck and thank you sir”. I said “who was that ?” he replied “Some guy who was looking last week”. I said “Followup calls, yeah. Important”. He said “I made 50 yesterday”. I asked him how many he ‘lookers’ he resuscitated – he said “2, maybe 3. Hopefully get one of those back in and get him in something”. The dealership is small but that guy singlehandedly turned the business around. Easy to read & understand, hard to do…

    Life imitates pickup…

    • Thank you for sharing that story about the car salesman. The part where you said “that guy singlehandedly turned the business around” really got to me.

      I still haven’t accepted the fact that you have to fail so, so much to succeed.

  3. What can trump the “London Eye” in all these cases ?

    Fame and Status. The only thing that could have trumped the shiny distractions of London. Obviously your Game is dialed in.

    As 50 Cent said, “Success that is publicly noted. Every single female in this room has just as much power as I do. Until you’re in my shoes yourself, you won’t see what I’m talking about.”

    [I think fame is misconceived. Fame game works AS A FILTER. It’s just ecosystem/social circle game where the size of your ecosystem is much wider – i.e. the breadth of your fame. Therefore a global superstar like Beiber or Jagger is filtering from a “social circle” that encompasses the globe and many female demographics whereas a local indie guitarist is doing the same thing on a far smaller scale. The end result is the girls who care about YOUR PARTICULAR BRAND OF FAME and also happen to fancy you will seek you out thus passing the filter. This creates the illusion that fame game is portable. It’s actually just a front-end pre-filter and a shortcut for the girl.

    I think fame game is far less effective in allowing you to target any particular girl. If you’ve already met a girl and she’s NOT down-to-fuck then fame game doesn’t give you much more. A small boost. She already knows you on a more direct level to ascertain your value so dressing it up in fame after the fact is not going to help much. Famous guys are chosen, not choosers. K.]

    • Nick

      It would be interesting to see if you worked “Fame” into your Game, how these situations might change

      I don’t know how feasible it is to say ” By the way I’m actually a name Pick Up Artist” on an Instant Date or Day 2. This would be a a Demostration of Fame for you.

      I know you tell long term girls this. I don’t know that you tell new girls this

      You could certainly say “I’m a specialist in Investment Banking who is a gun for hire – I pick and choose my jobs, while living off my wealth in-between”. This line would be very impressive

      As an experiment, maybe spell this out bluntly to new girls , see the reaction.

      Mystery has a line where he says, “At the bar, I’m all in favor of TAKING OUT YOUR ROLL OF CASH when you’re buying the next round. Flash your resources. At some point, you need to literally show the girl your high S&R value. Yes, I want to put it in her face”

      Best of luck with the new book. For your marketing, have you thought about guest posts on Heartiste and Roosh? This would be a nice visibility for you, beyond your own blog

      For them, it’s also a good marketing technique. You are creating some excitement and diversion for the readers. Guest bloggers are a fantastic trigger to spike hits [I don’t use bullshit to get girls. They like me for what I am, or they don’t like me. K.]

    • Thing is LWM,

      Fame and status only takes you so far. It’s a bit like having your own blog. Eventually you’re going to attract a certain demographic of people ‘who will like what you read’ (and a small handful of haters).

      Out of that group of people, a small percentage of them will ‘buy’ your products or services ‘with good marketing’ (game). In other words, it just makes the beginning stages easier and more efficient because you’re not actively going out and cold approaching people, but you still have to do the work to close them.

      You do this by providing value up front and giving them a reason to want to be with you in the first place. Fame alone doesn’t do this.

      Tom Cruise as an example is the most famous and highly paid actor in the world, but he’s beta as shit can’t manage to sustain an average quality girl for longer than a few years.

      Personally, I find the whole idea of using ‘my personality’ as far more valuable and alluring than relying on an ecosystem. Because it’s portable. The flexibility of it is far too great to ignore it. You can effectively go anywhere around the world and produce diamonds and gold from stone.

      I compare it to the self-made millionaire who loses all of his wealth and building it all again from scratch due to all the years he spent acquiring the experience and knowledge and more importantly, becoming the type of man to be worthy of it. There really is no short cuts.

      • Onder

        Sorry to say you are wrong

        Fame and status will not only take you very far – but could be all you need depending on the case

        The value is IN the fame. ” I fucked Fame” is all the value a girl needs. You don’t need to provide much else

        Girls fuck higher social value. They are mindless herd followers who are ” star fuckers ” at heart. A girl’s entire existence on Planet Earth is about social status. All roads lead back to being a whore to higher status

        The idea that “Fame Status and Money” are try-hard markers that people see through – this is media propaganda and you have fallen for it.

        Fame status and money are actually central to human existence and can perhaps be all you need.

        Otherwise you would not see girls wanting to fuck Bieber who is a try hard beta in reality

        A generation of men are being brainwashed to think, “Well, she’d better like me for me – or to hell with her” or ” Money is meaningless – it’s so superficial”

        The most superficial people you will meet are the tribes of people spewing propaganda that ” All you need is love”.

        Life is a resource competition between tribes. You can opt out of it, but then you will LOSE and so will your own descendants

        If you are not pursuing money and status, then Elites have one less competitor – and they get more of the marbles

        Onder – please wake up

  4. There’s a difference between ” Success” and “Success that is publicly noted.”

    There are lots of ” Successful Guys.” Much rarer are “Successful guys whose success is publicly noted.”

    Girls are biologically incapable of determining on their own your SMV. They determine your SMV based on

    1. Your own presentation of yourself, how much you appear to see yourself as high worth, and how congruent you are with this presentation. They are very good at sniffing out “behavior” and ” incongruence”

    2. What OTHER people seem to think about who you are. This is where Fame and ” Success that is publicly noted ” comes in.

    Females cannot decide on their own exactly what your SMV is. Girls are wired to be “herd followers” who follow the crowd. They need external markers for who and what to follow and who to reject.

    Girls are literally incapable of determining, on their own, what’s what in the world.

    Fame is an adrenalin shot for value. There is no more guesswork on her part. If you are ” known”, that end of her investigation is done.

    Now, she may accept you or reject you based on that fame. But the question as to whether you are actually high SMV or maybe not high SMV is already made up in her mind.

    If your success is not publicly noted, you need to have good Game, a good enough SMV, and hijack her hindbrain long enough to extract her and fuck her.

    When you are not able to do this, for whatever reason: the extraction fails, you get cockblocked, or you get LMR

  5. So to sum up,

    If you’re NOT famous

    you need to have solid value and solid Game, and then mesmerize her hindbrain long enough to trump her “shiny distractions” and stick your dick in her

    If you’re Famous;

    You can actually be a Beta at core and fuck loads of hot poon with no effort. See Kanye West and Ashton Kutcher as high betas at core

    Long term, the girls will find these guys out.

    The same with your local “multi-millionaire” Provider Chump. He is locally famous but the girl will lose interest ( in the film, “Casino” the DeNiro beta vs. the James Woods Alpha)

  6. ‘She fancies the fuck out of me. And yet she doesn’t want to fuck.’

    I don’t get this, if she was that into you she would have fucked you. I’d even go as far as to say if a girl is REALLY into a guy she will find a way to move things along. [Way too logical. K.]

    • Can you perhaps clarify this? You mentioned that she was keen but it didn’t happen. It appears you know your game but these non-lay outcomes still occur? Can you clarify these factors that result in no lay in such situations?

  7. Is it just your writing that makes this all sound joyless? That ya really guy writes and it sounds like theres a happy smiley face (less gay sounding/drugged) above his head. His comments skip along like he aint got a care in the world. Perhaps the underlying principles are the same though. I sound like a right cunt now and yet i bought your other book! Was good Nic. Cant see the £60 hardback bargain selling well though.

    I’m not getting laid.

    • I agree 60 quid is mispriced. I’m a fan of Nick’s work and bought Nitro but he should look to Torrero for pricing guidance. We’re not talking about a high level limited run academic textbook here. [That’s exactly what we’re talking about, but people are welcome to not buy it. K.]

      • Look, I read both Tom and Nick. I have Tom’s Daygame book, as well as his new book, Travels. Those are very enjoyable memoirs with some great tips on Daygame scattered around the book. But you don’t get complete picture. You’ll have blank spots. Plus, Tom doesn’t put that much effort into book as Nick does, for Tom it’s more like retelling funny stories after having several beers, who cares if he forgot this or that, didn’t emphasise this or that, it’s just fun. Nick strives for perfect self sustainable textbook with specific actionable advice. It really depends on what you want. I, for example, want to disconnect from the whole manosphere thing and just improve myself based on what I learned, and Nick’s book looks like the best guide for Daygame.

      • Who are you to tell the author how much to price his book?

      • I´m cosier with Nick that with Tom and have respect for both their material. Tom as a communicator (ie teacher) and Nick as a theorist (If I can even say that about daygame without cracking a grin).

        I wont be buying `Travels` as I had enough of bang memoirs with Tom´s first book that had nuggets of practicable info scattered throughout.

        In comparison Nitro was far more a useful practicable rundown of what was cutting edge day game a few years ago.

        Hence the disappointment with the price of the new book as its looks a real corker – I think its the kind of book that could sell quite well for being so niche but its price tag is going to drive away 99% of casuals. Nick will argue he doesn´t want casuals but in his heart of hearts he will want as many men as possible to benefit from the wisdom that has taken him so much effort to discover and then transcribe to book format.

        Nitro was similarly overpriced at release (which is when I bought it) before coming down to more normal pricing in softback format quite a few months later. I knew it would happen because we´ve had this conversation before with Nitro.

      • Alex, you don’t understand marketing

      • Also, Nick sells just the book while Tom has video products that are often marketed through the book as well (more info in Girfriend Sequence), which allows him to lower the price of books.

      • Xman,

        Never price anything based on what your own economics happen to be

        This is a Blue Pill mindset.

        Always price based on what the market can bear.

        Ask: “How much will my prospect be willing the pay for X?” That is your paramount consideration.

        If you are selling “How To Get Sex,” that price can be very high indeed [If someone doesn’t want to meet the price, they are welcome to go without. K.]

      • Lucky white male
        You come across as patronising “bad boy” with superiority complex. Try to attract high value former soviet union girl with this personality. Or keep reading ROK.

      • Disclaimer: I make no money from pimping Nick’s book and I’m obviously his friend but….

        I don’t think it’s mispriced at all. It’s c.500 pages with no filler and contains a very detailed step-by-step model which I’ve never seen anywhere else and which actually WORKS. Plus, the production values have never been seen before in the community: this book is coffee-table level slick. I wish Nick would hurry up and release a proper promo-video then you’d have never even written these comments…

        Any guy with more than 300 sets under his belt can probably increase his chances of getting laid through daygame by about 50% by using the book so is £60 really that expensive? That’s not even a single night out in a London club.

  8. Seems like if you target tourists, you know why they’re there, so you should have some canned Tourist Attraction Destroyer stuff ready to go. That would be the next evolution of your game.

    Destroy the motivation or discover the root of the motivation and frame yourself to tie positively with the root of their motivation.

  9. Insightful post. What I pull from this are two things:

    1) You have to enjoy the time spent gaming because there is always a chance that you won’t bang the girl.

    2) No matter how tight your game, it’s never fool-proof so your inner game has to be solid to accept this let-down.

    • Daygame ( and game in general ) is like being blindfolded and throwing a dart at the dart board. Sure a certain amount of technique and theory can give you a small edge, but in the end it comes down to throwing the dart hundreds of times before you get that bullseye ( or even hit the board ). [Then don’t do it. K.]

      • That’s not what I wrote or meant. I meant that game gives you the skills and a huge advantage not a “small edge”.

        But you’re also dealing with girls who come with a range of emotional triggers and issues. Game will help you cut through them but nothing is fool-proof.

        I just banged a very cute 7 petite 34 year old I met online. When I met her she insisted she was very religious and that sex before marriage or sex without “love” was not possible.

        I was confident, didn’t back off the sexual vibe and banged her on our 4th meet up.

        That wasn’t being blindfolded and tossing darts nor was it “luck”. I knew what she was subcommunicating and the ASD that had to be overcome to make it her idea to bang me.

    • @ walawala,

      Congrats on banging the religious cutie.
      How did you respond when she first told you ‘There will be no sex before love & marriage’ ?
      What did you say? Did you stand back from physical escalation over the 4 meet-ups?
      I’m curious because I’ve encountered this situation before, and sometimes it’s an intriguing challenge, to be cool while you watch her inner fire melt her outer ice for you.
      Other times, her identity as a seriously religious woman means her conversation get tedious.
      I’ve tried different responses on different women. It can be funny.
      Sometimes you just hang out with her in private long enough and then she jumps you.
      After sex happens though, then the question is (if you keep seeing her) how she handles it when you won’t say “I love you” or give her all your free time or be exclusive with her …

      • P.S. @ walawala: just curious, per your first comment on this page:
        How much did you enjoy your time spent talking etc with your religious babe, from the time you met her to the time you banged her?
        I ask because sometimes I wonder to what extent a lot of guys are patiently enduring hours of boredom just to get the bang, versus truly enjoying the process each step of the way, enjoying each moment for what it’s worth, etc.
        The older I get, the more I want each moment to be its own reward, as much as I can make it that way for myself, especially when the desired end result is far from being a sure thing.
        To each his own; respect; just curious about the price other guys are willing to pay…

      • @lazy guy

        I just kept my frame and gamed her. When she demurred on sex I just stated clearly that too many guys keep their intentions hidden, I’m up front.

        I alternated between attraction and comfort when we met up.

        When she asked “how you define a relationship” I said it’s defined as it moves along by the people in it and the goal is happiness not some destination.

        I was also physical with her: kino etc.

        I didn’t over-emphasize it I made it part of who I am.

        Also, I let her ramble on without interrupting whenever she started rationalizing noting how she dressed and acted when we met up rather than what she said.

  10. If you’re going to do a double date, that can increase attraction if you do it right. First, get lots of kino and sexual tension going in multiple directions, then separate. Then, each of you play the aloof game and get the chick chasing you cuz her tingles will be set to max and she’s already lost one opportunity since you separated from each other, so she’ll be looking to nail down the remaining guy–she’ll be afraid that you’ll flake on her.

  11. Oh, I should add that you need to build her fear that you will flake on her over time to give her hamster time to justify chasing you. Say stuff like: “I’m losing the mood.” “I’m not sure I want to do this.” “Maybe it’s not meant to be.” “You’re such a nice girl that I’m not sure I feel that way about you.” “I’m not sure you’re into me that way.”

  12. Krauser, I understand London has loads of tourists and is a top 5 world destination… but it seems every single story is about you banging or almost banging a tourist girl that is only in town for X number of days and if the fuck goes down it would just be her “dirty little vacation secret”.

    Do you ever fuck girls that are in town on a more permanent basis? Do you ever get a harem of sorts together? I’d think a smart man like yourself would be keen on ROI. Daygame for X hours and get together a harem of girls who fuck you repeatedly.. or spend a ton of time getting a single fuck.

    Also it makes it look like tourists are the only girls who will go for a random stranger on the streets.

    • Read through his archives, he does meet girls who live in London.

    • You are neglecting to factor in some recognition for the quality of girls approached. We all know that it’s much easier to daygame a tourist girl, but also consider quality. If you want to hit on a local 8 (unless its in Kiev or somewhere like that), you are not going to have much chance, because she is likely to have a wide social circle of local guys chasing her. However, if you hit on a tourist 8, you might have a chance.

      Now think logically, what should you optimally do if your starting point is ‘I only want to daygame 8’s’?

      With ‘tourist game’, I’ve found the biggest problem (though maybe not such a big issue in London) to be the beta orbiters that they hook up with at the hostel. I guarantee you that a good looking girl walking into a hostel will have at least 2 or 3 offers of “Oh we’ve got a nice group together why not come out with us” before her first night is done. I see these little groups out all the time. No one is getting laid, and the hostel guys cockblock themselves by not doing any new approaches because they are too busy white-knighting chicks who really don’t need it.

  13. I am halfway through Daygame Mastery and it is very well presented. The design is good. But the content doesn’t seem that original (except for the online section). The street part is a rewording of the Daygame Blueprint and the date part is a direct copy of The Girlfriend Sequence. Krauser writes well and explains things clearly so I guess that is his spin on it with his variation. The price is fair because of the quality of the book and the size. Compared to any other pick up product then this is the right price. If you like the style of this blog then you will like the writing in the book. [Glad you like it. The street section of Mastery is the next-gen version of the model in Nitro. Nitro was released before the Daygame Blueprint was filmed. As Tom says in his talk, TGS was his version of a model we’ve co-developed. He wrote it for beginners which is Andy’s audience. I wrote my version for advanced. K.]

  14. The thing about our mind is often we are likely to mix up “not having intercourse” as rejection, which the feeling of rejection may be able to traced back very long time ago to significant moments in life such as teenagers years and childhood rejection that wounded us.

    And one’s maturity lies in how he is dealing with such “rejection”. Would it be a true let go of negative feeling or would it be hidden anger covered by going out to approach more?

    • Yes, it’s almost ridiculous what is considered “rejection”. Most girls are no girls by default, Brad Pitt would be rejected. If you get 1 girl you consider to be a 9, that’s what you should expect, your new baseline, even if 100 9’s “rejected” you before.

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  16. Hey Krauser – any chance of buying a signed copy of the hardcover for the international release? [I’m afraid not. The printing and shipping is entirely outsourced to Lulu. The books never pass through my hands. K.]

  17. Didn’t know it was order-able until I read LaidNYC’s review. I see Tom T’s new book also available.

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