I bang my first 29 year old Cornish separatist

December 20, 2013

The internet would have you believe English girls possess sophisticated anti-Game powers that make them impervious to charisma. Anyone who has actually daygamed Europe will quickly tell you English girls aren’t harder, they are just unpleasant. The moment you step out of the Anglosphere it’s like stepping out the Fat Room of a carnival Hall of Mirrors and you realise it’s not you, it’s them. Anglosphere society is broken and most women with it.

Wonder Woman, 2013 version

Wonder Woman, 2013 version

Most human traits follow bell-shaped normal distribution yet different demographics can shift the whole curve left or right (see for example IQ by country). 66% of people are within one standard deviation of the mean. For Euro-girls under thirty that mean is a high 6. For FSU-girls it’s a high 7. For Brits, Yanks, Kiwis, Saffers, Aussies and Paddys it’s a low 5. In a nutshell that’s why it behooves every man to ignore native English-speaking girls. Exercise some cultural and geographical arbitrage to up the quality of the women in your life. I avoid English women. Their voice turns my stomach. Their frumpy ill-coordinated fashion hurts my eyes. They can’t follow a man’s lead and have nothing of interest to say. In general.

Pretend you didn't see this

Pretend you didn’t see this

So when I’m out one Saturday afternoon with Bodi near Buckingham Palace the last thing I’m expecting is to initiate an interaction with an English girl that ends with me fucking her a few days later. My vibe is still flat so when I see a Brazilian girl that’s a bit chubby for my taste but otherwise screaming to be opened I let Bodi have her. As he wanders off on an idate I hang around looking for targets. Amongst the trees outside St James Park I see a French-looking girl alone, inspecting a plaque of the local wildlife. Sorted. I open.

Incredibly she’s English. From Cornwall. I rapidly calculate that’s as far from (literally and culturally) London as a Brit can be and it shows in her vibe. She’s chatty, pleasant and (for a Brit) reasonably feminine. The set takes on that weird non-polarity English girls have where it’s chatty and fast-paced but there’s no crackle of man-woman vibe. She likes me. A Yes Girl. Text game progresses easily and I get her out a few days later…..

Me: So this is the chatty Cornish separatist 🙂
Her: Chatty? I could hardly get a word in!
Me: How memory deceives us….
Me: [next day] I’m sitting in a cafe with hot coffee and enthralling book 🙂 how are you?
Her: Sounds lovely. I’ve just had a very uninspiring Christmas lunch. Think I get to leave work early though, woo hoo!
Me: Works lunch? I get restless at those
Her: Desperate to leave! xxx
Me: Steal the mince pies and sell them to tramps
Her: I’m free! Nice plans this eve?
Me: None at all. Maybe exercise and video games
Me: Hang on… you’re cadging a date invitation aren’t you…. how smooth you move young lady 😀
Her: It may sound like that but actually I’m not free. You are very slow with your invites though. Where’s my cup of tea?
Me: Brewing
Her: Very good. I need to work on my patience!
Me: I approve

I’m really not much interested because I thought she’s a mid-6 and didn’t even have make-up on when I opened. She’s new in town and doesn’t know anyone. As 3pm rolls around my eyes wander to the darkening skies and bitter wind. I’m seriously thinking of flaking on her. Don’t care for new notches this year. I’ve had my fill. I want to go home and finish Operation Flashpoint Red River.

But no makeup a,nd unwashed hair

But no makeup and unwashed hair

But I’ve literally just finished drawing my Krauser Daygame Model flowchart for the book. Wouldn’t this be a great chance to run the model exactly as written in the model, step-by-step, with no variations. I could voice record it all and who knows, if I bang her on Day 2 it’s a full uninterrupted audio of the model *. Maybe I’ll meet her afterall. So I’m decided.

6pm in front of Top Shop on Friday evening and I walk her to a nearby tea shop. She’s hotter than I remember – a respectable seven but being English she’s still not wearing makeup and she came straight from uni with a hiking jacket, ill-fitting jeans and unwashed hair. It reminds me of one of my Serbs telling me about a day she visited her grandmother without putting on her makeup first (“How dare you come here looking like that?” Granny says, “Have some self respect, girl”).  Enroute to Venue Zero,  I actually say exactly the same dialogue examples as in my book. Over tea I follow the body language advice exactly. I bring up the same topics. I precisely monitor the energy levels per by model prediction. It’s literally textbook game. She loves it.

Being English she’s already derailing it, talking total gibberish that would quickly kill the vibe if I didn’t haul her back on track. She likes me, she just doesn’t know how to be attractively feminine – being English and all. Venue One passes the test so I walk her on to Venue Two for a bright alcoholic drink. I run the twin escalation ladders (verbal and physical) in precise order and get my amber lights. So I move her to Venue Three at a dark blues bar to run the Questions Game and go for the kiss.

Textbook. She even refused the kiss twice to allow me to do my little Recovery Loop and keep moving forwards.

The questions game starts to break the fourth wall. She’s really loving it and starting to share such as her fantasy to have two men at once, how she just got out of a long long relationship, hasn’t had sex in three months and hasn’t had good sex in over a year. She masturbated last night to the fantasy of an investment banker she’s messaged on Match.com but hasn’t even met. She’s gagging for it. Sexual and Ambient Logistics are perfect.

As we walk out up Regent Street I’m looking to flag a cab. Her next question is:

“What do you think the odds are we have sex tonight?”

Of course my first thought is they just rose dramatically. I reply.

Me: On my side it’s 100%. I’m attracted to you, I like how we got on tonight, so I want to take you home and fuck you. On your side I think it’s 70%. You want sex and you think I’m probably the right man right now but you have a few reservations. Probably you think it’s a bit fast and you are concerned about adding to your Number.

Her: No, I don’t mind the number. I was in a very long relationship. And yes, I’m very horny these days. I fancy you but I think you’re a bit of a wanker

Me: Only a bit? Well, you’re a bit of a hippy. When the revolution comes we’ll be on opposite sides of the barricades

Her: I like that

Me: Yes. Forbidden fruit is the sweetest

A cab arrives and I push her in, saying she hasn’t agreed to anything so I won’t hold her to anything. Just a drink at my place and see how we feel. Back at my place I run the Venue Four bedroom escalation model. It’s still textbook. Five minutes after sitting down she can’t hold back and jumps me, initiating the kiss. Her clothes falls to the floor in seconds and she’s on her knees sucking me off. Her body is a nice surprise – firm, flat stomach, vibrant tight skin – country living and hiking has kept her looking young. I take her next door to get the notch and that’s it.

English girls are not harder. Just different.

* My phone runs out of battery midway through Venue Two.


  1. I am black African and I have the same problem with girls from my country (I find them unattractive & annoying) But on the other hand, I find English girls

    -little bit more challenging

    – less attractive than other European women!

    – they are slightly attracted to me and willing to give a small window to see what am about! Maybe because am different to what they normally date

    • Has anyone ever seen a Black hopping into the manosphere who didn’t spend his posts claiming that he sleeps with endless rows of White women, no matter what the topic? Not one of them mentions sleeping with Black women, because they know their race is hideous. But of course the Black poster is the exception, or so he says. Prove me wrong, find one Black who breaks the pattern. This one doesn’t. Bragging and posturing is to these boys what analytical fact-finding is to White men: not unique to them, but uniquely fundamental and valued. Black culture, it is. That and malt liquor. [Just so my other readers are aware, I usually delete comments like this. Just because I’m proud of white culture and our right to defend it doesn’t mean I think it’s ok to call blacks “hideous”. K.]

  2. Great field report as always. I’ve been had good success using all the concepts and ideas on this blog and look forward to your book.

    I found it interesting how when she asks you the chances of having sex you go direct and give her that very logical over-view.

    I’d like to hear more about the thinking behind that. Seems counter-intuitive like a pull-pull: “I’m interested, but I get you might not be up for it” type of thing…

  3. Cool LR because she is English. The dating scheme you use sounds the same as the GIRLFRIEND SEQUENCE program from Tom Torrero and daygame.com. Did you follow their idea of Comfort, Spikes and Intimacy but with one more venue? The Questions Game is in their program as well. Like walawala says it seems you go verbal instead of non verbal with intent when she asked you about chances of having sex. Interesting that it worked. Thanks for the report. [Tom and I have hung out for several years now and co-developed our models, hence the overlap. For example he got the Questions Game from me and I got the Elephant In The Room from him. It’ll be much clearer from the “guest appearances” we have in each other’s upcoming books. The Girlfriend Sequence and the Krauser Daygame Model are different ways of trying the same thing, like comparing judo to sambo. K.]

  4. “[…]I fancy you but I think you’re a bit of a wanker” Did she insult you or is it some UK slang that i don’t know about.

    • Wanker is an insult in the UK, but in this context it’s not really an insult. It’s kind of like in the USA when a girl says, “OMG, you’re such an asshole!” but she wants to sleep with you. Lots of girls in the UK say the same / similar things to me and end up sleeping with me.

  5. Nick do you have an article where you give more details on your QUESTION GAME

  6. “She even refused the kiss twice to allow me to do my little Recovery Loop and keep moving forwards”

    Seduction imitates basketball

  7. I’d agree with her that you are a bit of a wanker* ** but after reading this blog and much more it’s obvious that this isn’t necessarily a barrier to banging someone. Well written report and I like the technical way you put things.

    *Of course I don’t know you, just basing this on watching your vids/reading your blog.
    ** I don’t want to bang you either way.

    Good work fella.

  8. Love the response to you’re a wanker. Shit test and your return was pure Hank Moody. For me this where you nail the whole thing. Looking forward to the book. Great marketing as well. Keep plugging it and giving the people a glimpse.

  9. The Questions Game is from Mystery (you could say from Ross Jeffries )
    http://www.theattractionforums.com/general-discussion/101525-question-game-v-2-0-a.html [That forum post is pretty good but never read it before. Mine’s better. K.]

    It was discussed heavily on the LSS from 2006 to 2010 with Sasha talking about it a lot too. [Then probably safe to disregard it.]

  10. That wanker comment is becoming a pretty typical anglosphere girl shit test… no wittiness just a blatant insult. I find the intellectual laziness as much of a turn off as the lack of femininity.

  11. Just wonder how many hours per week you spend in PU? Is this your job or do you have a fulltime job. Just curious becuase I have a FT job and I don’t have much time to do PU

  12. Krauser,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a month or two now and have just achieved my first dozen or so daygame approaches this past week. In those approaches I’ve gotten two numbers and an hour and a half instadate with an aspiring actress who clocked in at a hard 7. This past Sunday I opened my first two set, resulting in a truly remarkable SNL in their hotel room with my wing also f-closing. They were twins, I shit you not. I just posted my recount of it on my blog [hosted by tumblr unfortunately] but I would like to ask if there is a better forum to post this on among the ROK, PUA community that would perhaps merit me some credibility? It would be rewarding to author future posts, reports and commentaries from the perspective of a young, nurturing Canadian “PUA”, a point of view which I have not yet heard from. Can you steer me in the right direction with perhaps an email address or the like?


    C.S. [Just keep posting to your blog and if it’s any good you’ll draw traffic. K.]

  13. Can you guys actually approach inside a mall or retail store? I find I can approach pretty effortlessly on the streets but it’s gotten very cold, so I tried driving a huge mall a cpl hours away…Jesus. Very hard to motivate myself to approach there.

  14. Women over 22 should all just be rounded up and put in Antarctica to spend the rest of their remaining years on Earth. Because so many women are sexually worthless in the world, the overflow can be sent to the wilderness in Siberia where they can properly be housed without bothering anyone. . Keeping them in these remote locations is the best option to ensure they don’t pollute the Earth any more than what they already are simply still being on it when they have no sexual value anymore

  15. What about social class? You seem to prey on foreign women of modest means. For a Brit, with an interest in economics, I am surprised you omit this issue. Most PUAs do.

    I get it: game is game. But surely socioeconomics factors into the equation. [They don’t, unless you’re doing Provider Chump game. As evidenced by me fucking the girlfriends of three different multi-millionaires. K.]

  16. I’m in awe of your ability to meet and ultimately have sex with girls from cold approaching. I tried it about 50 times of the course of a few weeks, and I just got frustrated with me results. It took a lot of time (I was doing it around a college campus) and never really worked for me, unfortunately. I guess I’m more the type that likes to meet via social events. But obviously people are different, and obviously it has worked well for you., so congrats.

  17. Nice work dude. No videos like before?

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