Daygame Mastery – Edging closer to completion

December 27, 2013

The book is now in its final post-production stage. The layout guy is almost finished, the final art is almost all in, and the text has long since been past a copy editor. Probably I’ll release it mid-January.

If all goes to plan I will do a pre-release launch event in London in early January where fellow daygamers can join me for a meet’n’greet, look through a paper copy of the book, and perhaps I’ll even do a presentation on the new Krauser Daygame Model. Hopefully there’ll be some advance copies available to buy too. We shall see.


  1. How about an e-book this time. Your Nitro book is out there on torrents, so that paper-only decision didn’t end up preventing piracy — just makes it inconvenient for other would-be paying customers.

  2. I support the hardcopy only business model, at least for the initial rollout. If pirates gonna’ pirate, at least make them work for it.

    • I will buy an ebook. I will not buy a hardcopy. If that means waiting a year for the pirated ebook so be it. I don’t know why you wouldn’t release an ebook.

      • You’d wait a year to steal a book because the author refuses to release it in your preferred format. Sheesh…

      • Sure.Wait while others drag chicks to public toilets or go on dates because you’d have to read real book. What a horrible experience. Paper and everything.

  3. Can’t wait to get a copy.

  4. Lovely dog old boy – some sort of setter? Tell me you didn’t rent the god out along with the rest of your copy crew on fiverr!

    Clever bastard is doing a very fine retrieve indeed, my Golden Retriever goes after the damn frisbee and then tries to hoarde it for himself.

    Theres no finer accompaniment to a man’s life than a good dog and its unconditional love – puts the “love” girls profess to give to shame.

    All the whingers asking for an ebook want to pirate it. Nick knows this. Give our esteemed host the respect his hard work in the daygame trenches deserves and stop harping on about it.

  5. Hey mate can you record the presentation and upload it on your blog for guys that don’t live in London?


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