This is what a Maybe Girl sounds like

December 16, 2013

It’s pretty important to calibrate the girls you talk to. Roughly speaking you have Yes Girls who are available and into you and thus simply need to be shuttled along without fucking up. There’s No Girls who are unavailable or not into you. You have to spot them and then gracefully depart before wasting any more of your time.

The interesting ones are the Maybe Girls. They are mildly attracted to you and might be available. They’ll let you chat them up and see how their own emotions direct them. Tight game and a little luck will get them but it’s still a roll of the dice. So how do you recognise a Maybe Girl?

  • They stop and listen to you but make you work for hook point
  • They’ll give back in the conversation but are not overly enthusiastic or verbose
  • They’ll follow your lead after a few push-backs
  • All the lights will be Amber

This is where the real game is played. It takes little skill to move along a Yes Girl because they’ll pick up the ball any time you drop it and constantly give you state-pumping happy vibes. Maybe Girls require skill and finese.

So here’s an example. She’s a 21 year old Latvian blonde. Listen with an eye for how to calibrate her.

You’ll note my game doesn’t shift out of second gear. Sunday was dreary, rainy and I couldn’t quite find my vibe. Perhaps fucking that new girl on Friday took away my conviction and intent. So I was feeling pretty chill and stateless. I just run the model and grind the set out. Perhaps a 6/10 for technique. She’s been responding well to the texting.

* I’m quite happy to hear reader analysis on this set. Don’t be shy. There was more going on than I noted in the subtitles.


  1. Yes! I was just about to ask you to post the audio you said you recorded! Thanks for the share.

  2. At 6:52 she gives what sounds like an unconvincing answer “uuuuuhhhhhmmmm” Then at 6:53, after she say’s she’s going shopping she gives a nervous rapport building laugh + tells you “Im not sure I’ll make it!” in a higher pitched, sing song voice with inflection at the end. I’m assuming she looked up at you here while dipping her head, possibly touching her neck/chest.

    She then says she spent two hours in a book store…

    What did you sense that stopped you from doing an instant-date here? Or were you just not up for pushing hard since you closed Friday? [I don’t idate for the sake of it. Subcoms didn’t suggest SDL was possible. Just wanted to get the number and move on. K.]

  3. Krauser I’m curious why you rate your technique as a 6/10? What do you feel was missing? You manage to maintain her interest throughout. She’s seems engaged; isn’t rushing at any point; and I only noticed a couple of places where the conversation stalled but overall it was quite smooth. Given how much there’s that you can’t control, I’d rate this as an 8 or 9…which is why I’m curious to hear what you feel was missing.

    Even at the point where you were number-closing and suggesting tea, she continues to build on that thread rather than giving her number and walking off. The whole part about her having an “off” day seems like she’s qualifying herself to you. Hard to say without video (what were the non-verbals/body language like?), but if it were me, I’d count it as a good set. Would love to hear where this goes.

    On Yes vs. Maybe girls: it’s been my experience that Yes girls are distinguished from Maybe’s in that they are a lot more curious about you and will generally turn your questions back to you (in addition to the laughter, smiling, listening etc). [If I get one of my better sets on tape you’ll see the difference in what I rate 8/10 or better. I was happy with this set but my standards have risen. Her subcommunication was good. K.]

  4. Krauser you’re not still doing the canned stuff are you?

    Or has your fascination with Audrey Hepburn not changed for the past 4 years? [Everyone has favoured mini-routines. K.]

  5. At what stage do you recommend starting to record and analyze sets… if someone’s still relatively new to daygame could it lead to over-analysis?

  6. Hey K, thanks for the upload. Very relaxed and chill conversation. Longer than I would normally talk to someone, but the conversation played out nicely, and she definitely sounds more yes than no. Is this about the length of time you would normally speak for? How much kino do you like to employ?

  7. I’ve been following your blog for a few years now. Listening to the way you speak in this video compared with ones from a few years ago ( esp the corny ones that started off with a street fighter characters )… night and day. It’s almost like you’re a different dude, even though you’re saying pretty much the same stuff.

  8. These infield commentaries never disappoint. Post more! Also more theory. More more more.

  9. Some great things I picked up here. She says she’s study ii acting early on and later you say “I’m a man and I like…” And list masculine actors that she can relate to and link to you. Also that part where u invite her for tea and she says she doesn’t like english tea. You reply in the positive saying “you can learn” rather than the of to “really?” Or why not or seriously or something that sounds like begging. Great.

  10. I know it sounds random, but about 2:30 minutes into the recording a limiting belief suddenly popped into my consciousness: “You are not allowed to get personal fast with strangers”.
    With the resistance caused by this ‘socially correct’ behaviour, making ground is definitely an uphill battle.

  11. It was a fairly decent set Nick,

    I noticed that around the halfway mark, your energy levels increased slightly and did most of the talking.

    I don’t know if it was because you felt the vibe and her interest levels dropping, but it’s very different to how you usually handled your later sets where it was all low energy, smooth with a slight sexual vibe.

    Overall, it was a good set. If it was my set, I probably would have run out of things to say by about the 5 minute mark and gotten her number by that point. So it definitely explains some of my flakes and gives a good lesson on conversation flow.

    I’m going to be posting some infields on my own blog very soon. Going to do a daily10 approach challenge for 6 months and record all of my sets, including blow outs and successes.

  12. Nice audio mate,props.

    Pitty there was no video, nothing I like more than cute, blonde, eastern european 21 year olds! 🙂

  13. I suppose the thing that sticks out for me is she doesn’t ask you any questions, even th you have to do all the work pretty much the whole set, even though shes standing there and talking there’s no investment or real interest. Yes girls will be very forward in keeping the conversation going and their energy will be more positive.That’s why she’s a Maybe Girl.

    Guys new to game will think this set was amazing like the guy above that thinks this is a 8 or 9.
    A hot 21 year old blonde, any beginner/intermediate that approached this girl would get blown out.

  14. K, you are right about giving 6/10 and maybe even 5.
    The set is a maybe set, that is for sure. But the set is so monotone and sorry but your voice too. I mean, you don’t have enough energy and that is why maybe point not goes to YES point so fastly.
    Think about this, a time when you are too happy about your life and events. So, your attitude is too positive with higher energy and that influence the people on same way. I think in this set that was missing.
    Just my humble opinion.

  15. It’s a 10/10 for lead sourcing, and I think you are being a bit harsh with 6/10. We never really know what’s going on in a girl’s mind before an approach, and her lack of enthusiasm could come from a host of reasons, some of which could change in due course. You got the number. Phase II.

    One thing puzzled me. When she says she was in a bookshop for two hours, you started talking about her ‘wandering around’ etc. My gut feeling is that this was a missed opportunity. The very fact that you mention ‘wandering around’ puts the idea in her mind (NLP) that that is what YOU are doing. And the one impression that a daygamer doesn’t want a girl to think is that he is just some guy with idle time on his hands just randomly hitting on chicks in a park.

    “bookshop two hours” …”Lucky you. I wish had time for that, I’m so busy with my X” …”Oh, what is X” … “subtle DHV, DHV, DHV, but I rarely get free time like this “….

    Really like the line at the end “Well I’d like to see you again”. Assertive, and assuming and associating the meet as an initial date.

  16. Once you got to where she was rapport-seeking, why didn’t you start to flake a bit? Maybe give a little rapport, take some away, start to flake, etc.? You had her off-balance, toss her to the mat.

  17. To me this sounds like gay best friend game, like what Yad is doing. Lots of try hard rapport, but no tension. 6/10 at best. I think Daygame Mastery is great, would love to hear more infields, so to put the word into a practical context.

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