The Calibration Glasses

December 15, 2013

Imagine if those x-ray glasses advertisements in the back of 1970s Marvel comics had been real. Imagine it was possible to don a pair of glasses that let you see through all the bullshit and see the world as it really is.

For back when women still had modesty

For back when women still had modesty

I had zero calibration as a child until well into my adult life. I’d run around doing my own thing, imposing my reality onto the world and then show total obliviousness to the responses of others. I never learned to read the subtle cues in peoples behaviour that betray what they really think. Perhaps I was an unusually blundering idiot but I think men generally are an oblivious bunch. We live in the world of direct obvious overt communication.

Two years into the Game I still marvelled at Jambone’s ability to just know where a girl was at and whether she was up for it. To me it seemed he had a superpower but really he’d just taught himself calibration by fucking 150 girls since he started university. When you go through enough sets from beginning to end you get calibrated. When I asked him to deconstruct and list the signals he was reading he couldn’t really do it. It was too internalised.

So one thing I’m doing with my book is deconstruction. I’m breaking everything down into tiny micro steps. Ultimately Game follows a simple mini-loop:

Provoke feedback -> Use girl’s response to place her -> Make an informed next move

When you read her IOIs you are doing this. When you compliance test her you are doing this. The further you can deconstruct the steps and the more precisely you can sort the signal from the noise, the faster and more reliably you can move the girl forwards. That’s the nuts and bolts of calibration but the end goal is to internalise it and make it intuitive.

As you get calibrated you see the world differently. It permeates your world view and can’t be unseen.

You see a chode on a first date. Immediately you classify him on the socio-sexual hierarchy and you calculate relative SMVs with the girl. You know where the girl is and what she’s looking for. You can future project the next ten years of their lives with actuarial certainty. You see people on the bus and you can see their inner game issues written into their face, their posture and their clothing. You start to see men as women see them, seperating them into “gets laid” and “doesn’t get laid” buckets.

It’s weird. There’s an unbelievable amount of information transmitted if only you know what signal to detect and how to process it. The Red Pill does the same thing. You start to see what the office environment really is. You can almost see dollar signs being transferred from the middle-aged professionals across to the welfare housing a few streets across the office. You can see the cage office chodes build around themselves.

People talk about red pill bitterness, that emotional reaction to realising everyone’s lied to you every year of your life to pick your pockets and frustrate your ambitions. Perhaps we should also talk about red pill disengagement, that Cassandra Complex of seeing things as they really are but being powerless to change them. Watching the lemmings marching to the cliff and wondering why they can’t see they are marching into the abyss.

I love John Carpenter movies. Watching They Live as a teenager really got me thinking “what would it be like to have a pair of glasses like that?” Well, twenty years later after swallowing the red pull, learning game and the fundamentals of economics I get it. The world is so simple and it amazes me the elusive obvious is so well hidden from so many.


  1. You’ve been posting some really powerful shit lately. It’s amazing knowledge like this is free.

  2. I am probably in a phase where I see people’s insecurities, I understand girl’s reactions to chodes etc. but in my own interactions I sometimes don’t believe she is interested and look for too much signal, although when I escalated those I succeeded in the past. It may be a fear of escalation more than lack of calibration. So I probably see it yet I am too comfortable to risk “losing her” which is bs as it then goes to slow friendzone anyway when there is too much comfort and familiarity.

  3. “red pill disengagement”

    A couple of weeks ago I had a moment when I felt “This is not my world, this is some other planet”. Very intense. It did shift my self understanding as being an outsider, an alien; being one of the few humans on an ape’s planet. The shift is permanent.

    And I am left with one question: “What am I to do?” All the aspirations I had since childhood were tailored for another world. I have no use for them now and no replacement is in sight. I’m left with disengagement.

    And every day I ask myself: what am I to do?

  4. Calibration should not be confused with avoidance weasel. In every interaction there is a line where boldness should not be overshadowed by stupidity . There’s a great scene in the Will Ferrel comedy the other guys where the two rock star cops approach a building and look down and debate whether or not to jump. These two are so cool they can do no wrong. They have us believing they can fly. They jump….and of course fall and die.

    • That above comment is mine, Walkways is the fucking spell-check on iPhone.

      here’s that clip:

      • What the fuck are you on about mate? Confuse calibration for avoidance weasel? Are you high???

      • I lol-ed at that Wala. That’s the too much “badass” effect Tom talked about.

        What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done w/a girl that went well? I texted a girl “8======D” a week ago and it felt great

      • @byronicmate

        Boldest move I’ve ever done…

        I met a girl online and we met up for drinks. I got the idea she was up for things because my game had prompted her to say things like “Are you always this mysterious?” etc.

        So when we met up I was running tight game, I just leaned in and kissed her in the restaurant after 2 drinks.

        It was bold in the sense she suddenly stopped and was totally wet. “Why did you just kiss me?”

        Me: “I felt like it…” then continued talking about whatever we were talking about.

        I ended up taking her home and banging her.

        I sent photos of the Alberto Vargas girls from a website of pin up art to a girl I had been gaming saying “Ever heard of this artist? Which 3 do you like?”

        I sent photos from the eroticimage website to a girl who then started sending selfies of her tits.

        But calibration is the key. You can sense early what will and won’t work.

  5. I don’t have a clue what K. Is on about!

  6. I fucking love They Live that along with Fight Club started to wake me up many years ago but at the time didn’t know what I do now.

    I can relate in terms of being able to look at anyone in the street,bus,cafe etc.. and I could tell you their life story and probably were they will be in 20 years.

    It’s freaky but it really is like seeing the Matrix!

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot and if I had to sum up what the Red Pill is to someone that knows nothing about it…

    It would be Awareness.

  7. Hello K

    Please go ahead and post that in field audio

    Men need to hear you at this stage of your Game.

    Matrix said his in field is valuable not just for the ” how to” but also the Internalization. It’s true

    Lesser players benefit from internalizing a pro actually doing it. It’s the same as the apprentice I-banker, salesman, or boxer ” shadowing” the advanced killer he models when he slays real time

    I’ll be listening for what is said, but also your voice tone, pitch, composure

    Vibe is a very real thing.

  8. Women are born red pill. True saying: a woman’s intuition is more accurate than a man’s logic.

    I was as uncalibrated as K as a youth, i.e. a late developer. Common in high T males.

  9. Me standing still, feeling incredible inside. 2 girls are selling some BS, I open them, within 2 mintues I look down and say ‘this is rediculous, my shoes look better than yours, it is really inappropriate for a man to dress better than his girl.’ One of the girls walk around the corner, comes back 1 minute later and starts opening everybody, she’s excited. I maintain my present posture, when nobody is around the 2 girls start dancing a bit inappropriately, not in front of me but just in my field of vision.

    I’m sitting on a bench, a girl comes, stands next to me to check something on her phone.

    My vibe is amazing, I take the bus, sit next to a pretty girl, she turns her head to me and and stares like a deer in headlights.

    I take the train and begin reading a small, light book. I don’t look down to read it but instead hold to book up to my line of sight while keeping my chin held high. A girl blatenly turns her head from her seat to check me out.

    I move to a new city, take my second salsa class and we are switching girls every 5 minutes, it’s seems like a speeddating event, only with physical contact right off the bat. The teacher is telling the guys what to do while informing the girls to ‘just follow your man’. Instead of having a pleasent conversation with each girl, I need to tell them to relax their elbows, grab my hands with a firm grip and look me in the eyes. out of 10 girls, 4 hate me and 5 love me and one starts telling me what to do.

    A new girl enters class, she looks prettier than all the other girls, she makes them look like plain janes. She sits passively, confidently and never initaties contact. When writing she doesn’t hunch over like the rest of the women (and man). In 3 weeks time some classmates start a conversation with her, each in there own turn managed to talk for a while but nobody vibes. As faith would have it, I’m put next to her, I introduce myself and we haven’t been talking for 5 minutes as she already has her foot rubbing against my leg, in the middle of class.

    I’m an INTJ, the only thing that I’m going for me is my relaxed vibe and confidence, I’ve been working on it for almost 4 years now. My outer game? It’s terrible, I need help.

  10. Hey Krauser, this will be my last comment. I don’t see the point in posting further and you and others do make some good points. However, whilst I get your endorsement of ‘game’ I do feel there are a few areas where you are far too harsh or misunderstand:
    (1) white guys in the West (and black) will always outdo asians/indians on average etc, because of white women’s preferences and because the social culture promotes white guys;
    (2) you are successful in gaming European women and such foreign women look at English men as a status symbol (again, its not the game, its the circumstances around it that make the success).
    (3) it is not surprising that mass immigration occurs here. There is more incentive for me to chase tail than there is to actually work and be a productive member of society (by work, I do not mean finanicial manipulation which devastates others’ economies and also oppresses domestic workers. You say you work in finance; this is perhaps what you do). Immigrants do the work which the English cannot/won’t do.

    By the way, i was born in this country, but I do prefer European women and have lived there and the States awhile. I have no incentive to want to help English people or men in general based on their ideology, which is unsustainable and self-destructive. I don’t blame the English either. But sooner or later, things that work will rise and those which don’t will falter. This is why England is having such a tough time. And whilst men like you thrive now, will that be the case in future? And who will have your back? I kinda feel that Orwell’s 1984 is right now and in the next 10 years, the English will find that their place is the same as the immigrant’s position, if not lower on the social scale. Your ideology is true (ie game works) but is based on a manipulated society and is unnatural; eventually the curtain will be pulled back from the theatrics to show you a barren landscape that you will get a decade from now.

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  12. K – I really like your description of this, it is really insightful. For me, the other aspect of the calibration glasses is turning them inwards and becoming even better at noticing my own feelings and thoughts. In the same way that the calibration glasses are about noticing where someone else is at (and even noticing things that they may be not conscious of) I think the calibration glasses can be applied to self i.e. the ability to begin to become more conscious of things that are buried in our unconscious. It’s easy to rationalise ‘why’ we do something without being aware of what is really driving it – like some great rationalisations I might make (I’m a bit tired, I’m leaving tomorrow) for not approaching when deep down I just fear rejection. Turning the calibration glasses inward is hard but in my experience is really worthwhile. What are your thoughts on this?

  13. I never got what ”swallowing the bitter red pill ” means.
    That girls actually are no saints like our society told us?
    That women are , or in some cases , more vile than men?
    That goverment is a institution that does not care about our well being?
    That jobs for the most part are meant to exploit us?
    That our western civilisation is at it’s last breaths?
    To me it seems like to much drama (”red pill bitterness”) around things that are pain and simple common sense.

  14. Great post. In your opinion, what are the distinctions between lack of social calibration and actual impairments such as aspergers? Did you ever fear it to be the case with yourself?

  15. I wish you’d use the word “screening.” It annoys me a bit and distracts from the content every time I see calibration used incorrectly.

  16. Last week I went out to a dance club, a girl approached me and asked me to dance. So I reply’d, after I made a of comments ‘I can’t dance’, ‘my name is peter, what’s yours?’ and ‘I just started dancing’ she kept telling me to STFU and dance… So I did, while dancing I made some more excuses (I’m such a faggot :p) then she told me ‘just do the best you can’, I was dumbfounded by her advice.

    Just do the best I can? Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Now I’m using this to lighten my mood whenever a ‘doom scenario’ hits me inside my head.

    I’m making a lot of progress, got a number from cold approach, a make out in a club and I’ve slept with a girl in the same bed (but couldn’t get past LMR) because the girl wanted me to show my vulnerable side, how the hell?

    Anyway, I was overthinking this stuff and a girl helped me to grab my balls.

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