Daygame Mastery extract – The Secret Society

December 4, 2013

My new book is a textbook. Every page offers specific actionable advice for what to say and do while interacting with a woman you’re trying to seduce. To adequately convey this advice I need to bring my poor reader up to speed on key concepts and mindsets so I’ve been writing little “box out” sections as tangents to the body of the text. During my chapter on “daygame is dirty” I go into detail about the female’s dualist sexual strategy:

  • R-selection: Acquire high-quality DNA
  • K-selection: Acquire long-term provision and protection.

This reminded me of the first time I ever heard PUAs reference what we now call the socio-sexual hierarchy. Tyler Durden wrote a celebrated post on the Bristol Lair called The Secret Society back when PUAs didn’t really have the vocabulary to parse the concepts but they knew they’d discovered something real. I’ve used this as a jumping off point for this particular box out. So to whet my reader’s appetites here’s an extract from Daygame Mastery……..*

This idate is looking promising

This idate is looking promising

Most men are, in carnival terms, rubes. They are easy marks. They have been brought up in a deeply fem-centric world and all of its delusions. They go to work, earn money, pay taxes, buy products, watch TV and have sex with a tiny number of homely women. Dysfunctional as this sounds it’s exactly what the grand meta-narrative of the feminine imperative wants. It’s a feature not a bug. It’s no conspiracy. Most people have bought into the ideology implicitly and women can’t even articulate why they want it this way, much less design and administer such a conspiracy.

What matters is the result: Most men don’t get it.

Most men don’t realise that sex is everywhere. That innocent-looking girl in a woolly jumper sitting in Starbucks reading Proust? Last week she was picked up in Hyde Park by a player who fucked her three hours later in the disabled toilet at Charing Cross Hotel. That Iranian girl with the head scarf and wide blue eyes? Once a month her father pays for her shopping trip to Harrods and she sneaks away to spend the night with a player who picked her up outside Knightsbridge underground station.

There is a world of sex going on underneath our noses. 99% of men have never participated in it and many don’t even believe it exists. While waiting in the queue at Whole Foods they see the customer in front making small talk with the cashier as she bags his items. Oblivious, the man saw but he didn’t observe. A keener eye would recognise that “small talk” was a flirty indirect-direct ping that raised a smile, followed up by some sparkling eye contact. The player was screening the cashier, giving her a come-on to gauge her interest. Sometimes a cashier gives her number and gets fucked in a hotel room three days later. Then she goes back to work with nobody the wiser.

All women have “indiscretions”. These are her R-selected moments. It’s just that she’s not having them with the K-selected man so he doesn’t even know they happen. There are precious few R-selected men in the world so they act as aggregators. Twenty women may each have only one indiscretion but they all happen with the same man. This is why when you become an Advanced Player you stories become literally unbelievable to the average man. He’s literally never seen that world. He was never allowed into the Secret Society.

According to the UK Office Of National Statistics, 20% of all females living in the UK are aged between 15 and 30 years old. According to me, approximately 20% of them are a six or better in hotness. Depending who you believe women of that generation will have between 10 and 20 lifetime sexual partners on average. So let’s run some simple maths (it’s a crude sketch, social statisticians beware!):

  • 4% of women in the UK are bangable (20% of 20%).
  • Each of these women will average 1 new notch per year during their bangable window.

Let’s assume half her notches are within stable LTRs with K-selected men while the other half are R-selected “indiscretions”, thus each girl has one Player Notch every two years. This means for one player to score 20 notches per year he is aggregating 40 girl-years of indiscretions. He’s stealing the lunch money of 39 other men. Not only that but we are only looking at the top 20% of the girls. Which leads us to quite a startling conclusion about R-selected men:

The hot girl population of the UK can only support a maximum of 0.1% of men being players before female notch-counts rise exponentially.

There’s a reason the society is kept a secret.

* Smarter readers will have observed I’ve given away one of the few extracts of my book which uses ideas that are already public domain. It’s not just the society that remains a secret!


  1. So when & where can I buy your book? [2014. I’ll announce it when it’s ready. K.]

  2. Hello Krauser,

    Your R selected vs. K selected: In your opinion, does R selection require a certain genetic conponent? In other words, Do you need to have a latent R selection that you develop through Game?

    It sounds like only certain men have the capability to become R selected through Game. Because it requires you inherited genetically certain Dark Triad traits. As long as you are Blue Pill, the R selection remains latent. Game brings it to life

    It sounds to me like most men are genetically K selected to such an extent they can never become R selected no matter how much “Game” they learn.

    This is what you mean wn you’ve said “MOST men are not suited to Game” You are writing for a select group of men [Probably. K.]

  3. So whos the mastermind behind it all? [Nature. K.]

    • Krauser, I know you need to sell the thing to make cash and justify your lifestyle, but nature does not select for modern Englishmen who have been dumbed down and are genetic dregs, You are an exception but I am guessing you wont be having kids in future and even then, who is to say you will be a good parent? You exist now only to have the future owned by uber-rich whites (not you) and the other 97% from other races. Ive lived all over the world and outside of mabye 5% of English men, the other 95% are the most pathetic people to walk the face of the planet. You keep pulling out insults, but that’s only because the cognitive dissonance and self-denial prevents you from seeing the truth. Outside the wealthy, you guys have no future, at least not in this country. And you cannot compete even against white guys from other countries. You are owned.

      • Sethy, it is extremely hilarious and ironic you keep on hating Krauser for his lifestyle, while you are dedicated to writing a comment in each post he makes about how he has no future. Maybe you can do something with your life? The irony of calling ‘95% of English men pathetic’ while you yourself just keep hating when you can do much more productive things, you’re one of the most pathetic people I’ve ever seen.

  4. Krauser, I’ve been meaning to ask, what about the guy’s age vs the girls’ age? One can probably go on until his sixties and score respectable thirty-something women, but isn’t it already like playing in veterans league? With tight game, those women may be fine for their age, but not in their prime anymore. I am the same age as you. Sure, I would like to bang 19 year olds, but the thought that her dad at home may be the same age as me is a bit disturbing. The other weekend in a bar, I found myself with a quite hot 20 year old who definitely was a “yes” girl as you say. I enjoyed to find out that I’ve “still got it” but I lied about my age and also because of that I am hesitant about seeing her again. I would have to tell the truth. The other day I read something here about you and a 21 year old but in general, your target age bracket seems to have gone up a little. Where is your lower limit currently for the girl’s age? How do you see it developing in the next years? And do you ever lie about your age? Will your book address this issue as day game may be relatively more important for older guys? I find it very difficult to judge a girl’s age when she is walking past on the street.

    • I don’t want to answer for Nick Z, but I have a friend who’s 33 years old and he recently banged a Lithuanian girl who looked like she was 17 judging by her pics on Facebook. So it’s very possible to bang and date young girls. It all depends on your Game. He’s banged a total of 14 girls this year from night game. All 8’s and above.

      He does hit the gym 4 days a week though and looks very good for his age. So it all adds up. If you take care of yourself, age isn’t really a factor.

      • Yes Onder, agree that it’s possible to get girls that much younger in your thirties, which is the time I consider guys to be in their peak in terms both physically and in terms of being driven to accomplish new things. However, surely the minimum age will gradually rise as you come to your forties let alone fifties, wondering for example how many 40 year old guys are there consistently banging (western) hot 19-22 year old girls and how many of them have to lie about their age. I agree that those girls probably WILL want an older guy who keeps in shape and has game and will happily sleep with him – at least if they don’t know his true age or can at least trust that their social circles won’t find out about it.

  5. I seriously can’t even remember how many times I’ve been fucking a chick and she’s got a photo of her boyfriend up on the wall in her bedroom! LOL

    If only they new what nasty shit I was doing to their special snowflake.

    You just gotta laugh 🙂

  6. Please, do the e-book this time. I too have fond memories of the nineties but let’s be reasonable.

  7. Looking forward to this. I think you are a good writer with clever ideas. Will definitely be a good read!

  8. Day game is easier than night game for me. Less shit testing and bitch shields.

    • Natural is better. Sometimes we practice and do unnatural things, get better and over time they become natural. We are adapters evolutionarily, and if we allow our own egos to take a little beat down, put ourselves through the pain, we’d be quite surprised to find out how successful we can be relative to society’s and our own initial expectations.

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  10. Off topic but important thing

    2013 Daygame Masters Top 10

    1. Nick Krauser / Tom Torero
    2. Jon Matrix / Yad (for their infield products)
    3. Steve Jabba (good looking guy game example)
    4. Justin Wayne (for his bounceback videos)
    5. Simple Pickup crew (for their Project Go)
    6. RSD crew (for their daygame infields from Hotseat)
    7. James Marshall (Youtube infields)
    8. Liam McRae (Youtube infields)
    9. David Wygant (Oldie but goldie!)
    10. Paul Janka (Mr Smoothie)

    Andy Yosha and Roosh were left out because of their lack of infield evidence. Shame.

  11. Very much looking forward to the book, though wondering now if it’s “good looking guy game” (a redundant thing if ever there was one) and less handy to the normal looking. Either way, I’m getting it.

    Regardless, bless you for being a Brit who can use the word “literally” correctly. That drove me bananas when I was there.

    • Sure, Nick “Half Melon/Half Potato Head” Krauser is writing the book for The Chosen.

    • “good looking guy game” is far from redundant, esp if you were raised blue pill liberal fem. I’ve been good looking (AND funny!) my whole life, but have only started pulling consistent(ish) high quality tail in the last few years (I’m 29 now) [There’s still an art to it. Check out Boytoy Story and Good Looking Loser. I have no problem whatsoever with GLGG unless it’s sold as something normal-looking guys can do. K.]

      • Fair enough. (And Ondrej, I accept your good-natured reproof with humble humor.) Having been of middling (even odd) looks for aye, it’s always been a mystery to me why anyone more genetically blessed would need help. Weirdly reassuring to know it’s a possibility.

        Plus, this answers my question that the upcoming book is for us normal blue-pill-madhouse escapees. Definitely keeping an eye open for its arrival. My day game could use some serious analysis to get consistency going.

    • I am also really looking forward to the book, because if I filter out who is really worth reading from practical point of view for us of average looking who prefer to learn advanced daygame, only Krauser and Torero remain…other either look too good, rely on basic game, or are full of it.

  12. One of the finest minds in game; I`m expecting a number of interesting new ideas from Nick in this book.

  13. The essay by Tyler you link to at the beginning was and still is the most disturbing piece of PUA literature I have come across: a peek into a world that is both immensely fascinating and scary at the same time for any man who grew up in the blue pill paradigm. I still get a visceral reaction when I read it now, especially since I have experienced it’s reality. There is so much pussy to get, yet so little faithfulness to rely upon.

    I began my journey by forcing IOIs through eye contact while commuting, just as an exercise. The results stunned me. The sexual potential is very palpable when you actively look for eye contact with girls. Half the commuters I come across in the morning are going to school/uni, a very young crowd and definitely plenty of girls are seeking R-selection mating opportunities. I have no doubt whatsoever that Steve Jabba was able to pull girls on a 45 min. train journey. Its such a target rich environment that a man as skilled as he is will score.

  14. Hahaha I like what you did with that star thingie thingie at the end.

  15. Do you know when your book will be finished?

  16. Never read so much bullshit. I do understand that you want to sell your new book but please stay with your feet on the ground and stick to reality.

    • “There is a world of sex going on underneath our noses. 99% of men have never participated in it and many don’t even believe it exists”

      Pretty much sums you up mate.

      • Oh yeah, here’s another guy who thinks that even in less than 5 years time his a$$ won’t be owned. You are the loser. Compared to white Americans and other groups, I had to stop respecting white English men because they no longer exist. All we have left are these jokers who are going are be overrun; they’re too dumb to even recognise that they cannot compete in the modern arena. Scottish and Welsh are different, but English guys are the most brainwashed, pathetic dregs that ever existed (for the most part). They deserve what is happening to them. [Haters gonna hate. K.]

      • Off course dude 😉

  17. hey man

    I read some stuff on GLL and looking good is not ”everything” there , as was mentioned on this blog.
    The put heavy emphasis on being masculine and have some sort of NO BS filtered agressive game.
    What’s your take on Good Looking Loser and how does it differ from your ”game” (I recall Steve also always said that looking good and being masculine is a must? [Don’t get me wrong, GLL is a great site and those guys know what they are doing with seduction. You must see Game as an ecosystem where different predators use different strategies for different prey. It is not “one size fits all”. My style is heavily biased towards guys who are strong on intellect and story-telling but average on looks and status. GLL (from what I’ve read, which isn’t everything) is for guys who are strong on looks and vibe but average on intelligence and storytelling. Neither style is “better”, it’s about finding what fits your potential and the type of girls you like. GLL is Game, it’s just a different type of Game. Jabba is a bit of both, which explains his personal “outperformance” with women. K.]

  18. I agree that most men don’t get it, in fact I’d say some of the red pill bloggers out there don’t either. Their thirstiness is still evident with the sudden rise of red pill female bloggers. Maybe I don’t get it too but fuck me I’m not going to stop.

    ‘The Secret Society’ as with the rest of the world follows the same dog eat dog principle and you find that most guys will drop out and can’t handle the changes required to make it up there to be like a Jabba/Krauser/whoever. Even if the Manosphere and Pick-up culture become mainstream as fuck (far more than they already are), ‘The Secret Society’ will continue to exist as the best will be the best, and the rest will be the rest. The world of seduction and attraction isn’t socialist and never will be. [Manosphere is the men’s cosmetics industry. K.]

  19. Sounds great. Are you planning a Kindle version? [No. Maybe a pdf. K.]

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  21. Krauser,

    Who is this book really directed to? I mean I can buy it just to support you, because I believe this is important to do in a general sense, but ultimately, who will it be useful for? Is it a replacement for your other book? Should newbies buy it? Intermediates? Experts? After a certain point books are not helpful and you need to just get out in the field and play ball. Taking 100-200 swings will be more useful than some theory. I’m sure you’ve considered all of this already, but I would be curious as to who you think your intended audience is/should be and how you think this will benefit them.

  22. ◾R-selection: Acquire high-quality DNA
    ◾K-selection: Acquire long-term provision and protection.

    Solid paradigm, but with R-Selection being more about short-term flings, this surely heavily favours guys who are good looking? (Top 20% in the looks department). Most men didn’t win the genetic lottery (According to OKCupid, girls rate the other 80% of men as being ‘below average’ in looks), which , it is reasonable to assume, is a major part of the reason that they have to rely on K-Selection? [No. It’s because they don’t have any Game. K.]

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  24. Yeah, I know that pussy’s out there. Decades ago, as a virgin I screwed an engaged 9 for five days in a row (probably 15 times) in between her weekend visits to her fiancé (I got DTF mainly by just asking for it after a couple of relocates and holding hands during the second relocate and passing a couple of shit-tests) and got a lot of hurt from oxytocin withdrawal when our fling ended. I also have a problem with taking sloppy seconds, which you have to take if you’re a PUA. I married a virgin 10. Never did a ONS and never wanted to. So, yeah, a whole lotta used pussy is out there–I wanted virgin and I got it.

  25. “I married a virgin 10”

    Does anyone else have a slinking suspicion that this is not going to turn out well . . . .

    • My suspicion done slunk away. Decades ago, in fact, when I got married. She’s still pretty hot. How many of you all have been married for 20+ years and are still getting it when you want it?

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