1. Huge Grant? Is that what you were given to produce this video?

  2. I wonder what Jason Statham’s game would be. Probably him scowling dominantly…followed by the cold-approached hottie stripping sexily in an apologetic manner. Fame amplified Krauser game


  3. i like this russian 😉

  4. Nice one, K. Thanks for sharing your adventures, I’ve now finished reading from start to finish.
    Inspirational stuff.
    Looking forward to your new book.

  5. Im booking my ticket now.. better Moscow, St. Petersburg or both for a first trip to Russia?

  6. K., check this out, it is a “life is a project” kind of book, could be a good complement to Daygame Mastery. Has specific actionable advice too.

  7. Shut up and take my money already!

  8. Is she doing this oh-là-là thing for real, or is she raiding the personality dressing-up box in a completely knowing way?

    Whichever it is, it’s pretty good. Bet she’d dig my virile, rippling set of research degrees.

    • You should spend less time doing research and more time outside addressing your crippling asperger’s. Reading blogs on social interaction won’t help much if you can’t pick up on the most elementary cues.

  9. haha just seen this chick on fiverr.com

    • Well spotted. Hadn’t even heard of fiverr.com, but I just peeked and there she is, with different hair and a coveted Krauser testimonial.

  10. What a stupid bimbo, Russia has far better and more handsome women to offer than this sore sample.

    Anybody else see that she has “проститутка” and “PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE” written all over her?

  11. Krauser, if you work in a finance related field, its a safe bet that:
    (a) you produce nothing of REAL value
    (b) your apparent ‘alpha’ cred is based on enslaving others indirectly (through propagating fiat)

    So does that make you a sociopath?? [This is what celibacy looks like. K.]

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but celibacy would imply choice? I think ol Sethy hasn’t got a lot of choice in the matter. Whats the possibilities of evil banker game?

      • I will be well impressed if K. has the b@lls to post this, but essentially, the REAL english alpha male competition has been removed from the gene pool by the upper class, leaving him and his ilk. No leaders. This is why the country is in the state it is in today. And he is welcome to his lifestyle and may even deserve it somewhat due to his past trouble in his relationship. But he worships game because it saved him, and it is only a temporary thing.

        He works in finance where other people are enslaved by debt that he and his ilk help propagate. He has helped to destroy England and enslave the English as much as the bankster; if England falls, it is because the English have become irresponsible, are betrayed from within, and are being overpopulated by other peoples who have a better leadership and evolutionary strategy (ie are alpha).

        He exists as he is today because of his social environment and because his competition have been removed. But at the pace things are going, men like him will not exist in ten years. And if the English had any sense, they would lynch men like him. [Yup. A gamma incel brimming with player-hate, blaming everyone but himself. K.]

    • Okay. Have it your way. But English people have become irresponsible halfwits. You are what a dying race looks like, a few decades before you cease to exist. It is amazing how you make retorts without being able to comprehend your own weakness.

      You are what extinction looks like.

  12. That’s hilarious. I lol’d.

    Money well spent IMO.

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