Bear baiting

November 22, 2013

Something just occured to me when reading Bodi’s recent post on workplace woes. He discusses the baiting tactics of office gammas and deltas and one particular tactic sprang to mind. Now bear in mind I write this from intellectual curiosity in the games people play rather than as a severe warning of a likely risk. I almost never encounter this tactic, mainly because I never let myself get drawn into the killzone of it. Unless someone can point me to psychology literature beating me to the punch I’m going to coin the term: The Bear Bait. It’s a way weak aggressive people can sway the crowd / bureaucratic institutions to dispose of a stronger opponent or to control the frame by the threat of such force. The tactic as explained from the position of the gamma / feminist aggressor:

A white man at an HR diversity seminar

A white man at an HR diversity seminar

Step One: Establish office reputation as harmless, helpful, normal person

Gammas are often excessively helpful to other staff when it’s measurable and recordable (e.g. an email answer to a problem posed) while resentful and value-taking in mood (e.g. talking down to you as they do it). Understand their behaviour is based on denying their low SMV by constructing an elaborate delusional reality in which the world is stupid and they are better than everybody else. Thus they are stubborn and aggressive (a frame-push) but also fragile and terrified. As Ricky Raw correctly observes they don’t feel guilt, just toxic shame. So you’ll find gammas frequently glad-handing the office and conspicuously engaging in impression management.

Step Two: Identify victim

Gammas are always looking for a recipient of their frame-push because they need to position themselves above everyone. Busybody women are always looking for an outlet for the screams of their barren wombs. If you have little involvement with these people they’ll leave you alone but if you find yourself sitting next to them or in regular team meetings you can expect trouble. Most office workers are spineless pushovers so their frame-push encounters no resistance but if you hold your frame expect them to make a project of you. This is why its best not to provide unnecessary ammunition from your personal life – don’t talk about Game, don’t offer political opinions and don’t flaunt how much better your life is than theirs – these are all digs into their toxic shame that will make them more resentful and more motivated to attack you because your very existence is an existential threat to their delusional reality.

Trouble brewing

Trouble brewing

Step Three: Engage victim in casual chat with other people in earshot

The aggressor will start chumming-up with you by making innocuous small-talk that gradually veers away from what is directly relevant to the job. Most of the time nothing comes of it except a mild pump for information to use against you later but every now and then the planets will align for them – you fall into a conversation and there’s lots of people who can overhear. Now this is when the trigger is pulled and it suddenly becomes a bait-and-switch from friendly chat to deliberate malicious attack. Precisely the reason it works is it lulls the victim into the killzone by exploiting their friendliness and goodwill.

Step Four: Utter socially-conventional (but completely untrue or nonsensical) platitude that forces victim into hard choice to either concede the frame (a) or argue a position that constitutes thoughtcrime (b)

The aggressor will accept either of two outcomes. Either you accept the frame-push, dicktuck, and can then be bled dry for fuel to power their delusional reality (that they are above you) or you resist and they try to destroy your life. Being passive-aggressive they are seeking to recruit external forces as their cat’s paw namely laws, social convention and HR departments. At a minimum they want co-workers to label you an outcast (“He’s a bit weird, that guy. A racist/sexist/bigot”) so they can use you as a foil for their own moral superiority when discussing you at the watercooler. The lottery jackpot is if they can twist something you say into an HR-actionable offence that has witnesses. Remember their reality can’t tolerate your existence outside of their frame so they will be ruthless and vindictive about it. So, examples (I lay it on thick, in practice they’ll be quite nuanced and subtle):

Him: Did you see that slavery case in the news? Three women were held for thirty years by some man. It’s horrific.

You: Yes.

Him: Don’t you think it’s awful that in this day and age we still have slavery and sex-trafficking in the UK? Men are still able to get away with it (this is the frame-push)

You (a): Yes, it’s terrible (concede frame)

You (b): Well, we don’t. These cases are extremely rare and are almost exclusively confined to immigrant populations from third-world countries. It’s not a “UK” problem (thoughtcrime)

Step Five (a): Continue to push victim by heaping more platitudes on them until receiving concession

Once they sense your willingless to submit they’ll demand total supplication because the further they beat you down the more superior they feel. Expect a long rant to consolidate their frame delivered with a watchful eye waiting for the slightest flicker in your eyes that allows them to bait you with a “don’t you think so?”. So for example:

Him: Yes, it’s terrible. There are still so many things wrong with this country from the legacy of colonialism. I think these women are very brave. The police should do more. I think those victims were ignored for so long because they are Malaysian and Irish. It’s just like the Lawrence Report said – the police are institutionally racist…. blah blah….

They know full-well they are goading you. That’s their pleasure – prodding a declawed bear with a pointed stick from safe distance.

Step Five (b): Feign incomprehension to draw out verboten opinion, making sure everyone in earshot hears and begins to pay attention.

The slightest crack in their reality causes them existential pain so if you push back at all they will try to destroy you. When you initially express crimethink they may leave you a bit more rope to hang yourself by nodding and making listening noises before suddenly raising their voice to paraphrase your opinion to the audience. Watch here for a deliberate attempt to squeeze your opinion under any thoughtcrime label e.g. racist, sexist, homophobic, right-wing, bigoted, reactionary, old-fashioned etc. Once the label is there the specifics of your opinion cease to matter and instead the “fact” of your “racist outburst” becomes part of the historical record.

Step Six: Immediately make it personal in a way that leaves victim false dilemma of either conceding frame (a) or making what can be twisted into a personal attack (b)

The next step is usually to either dredge up an identity politics card or to hypothetically create one. So for example:

Him: Angelina Jolie is such a good actress and a very morally-inspiring women. She’s really hot too.

You: Not my type.

Him: Why not? She’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, always winning prizes for it. Of course you’d want to date her.

You: She’s old, unpleasant and raising a bunch of other men’s children. I’m not interested.

He now has multiple lines of attack to pursure your verboten opinions and to make it personal. Such as:

  • What have you got against mature women? They don’t reach their sexual peak until forty you know. My girlfriend is 35 and in her prime. Are you saying she’s worthless?
  • What have you got against single mothers? She’s a role model for struggling women everywhere. My sister/friend/neighbour is a single mother. Would you discriminate against her because she has a child?
  • You only date silly young girls? Are you a paedophile or something?

Of course if you’re being attacked by a woman she’ll immediately find something about herself to personalise it along the lines of “you don’t like X. I am X, so you think I’m a bad person?” be it body fat, age, bastard kids, divorce, paper-shuffling pointless career, worthless degrees…… she’ll find a way to position herself as the subject of your “hate”.

Note how the stakes are raised. He/She is betting the farm that you will either (i) back down from your position because continuing your case can only result in a personal insult in an environment that punishes personal insults or (ii) say something that can be reframed as a personal insult precisely to trigger that punishment by her cat’s paws.

Step Seven: Condescending and self-congratulatory gloating (a) or immediately playing the defenceless victim (b)

So if you back down they’ll preen themselves now they are positioned above you or seek to record the “personal attack” as a “fact” which can now be actioned against you. Either way they’ve won.



Perhaps your first response is to think “no way are people that self-consciously manipulative” and if so, you’d be wrong. People are very devious. Just watch how naturally a pair of drunken bar thugs will execute a pincer movement on a victim with velociraptor-like telepathy. This stuff is hard-wired. The more oestrogen in a person’s system (i.e. women and gammas) the more likely they are to revert to this passive-aggressive aggressor-victim manipulation.

This tactic is writ large across the whole of society especially by race hustlers, feminists and the other Professionally Aggrieved and Offense Takers By Proxy. It’s utterly wicked because they know full well that the overwhelming social power is on their side yet they go out picking fights, little different to the packs of Pakistanis who go on the roam in Shadwell for solo white victims. The obvious question is how do I defend myself?

1. Don’t get set-up. The whole tactic is based on lulling a man into the killzone so learn to recognise the set-up. These gammas and women will throw out lots of little micro-tests to ping for your opinions. They’ll drop incidental comments expressing GoodThink then monitor if you enthusiastically agree or go silent – if its the latter they’ll mark your card for later. When you social acuity is tight you’ll spot these pings easily, as you’ll also spot the suppressed gamma rage / man-hate in their eyes and set of their jaw. I don’t rise to the comments and if they keep pushing I just tell them I don’t discuss that kind of thing at work.

2. Don’t take the bait. This should be obvious but when you feel the trigger being pulled, don’t do what they expect you to do. Don’t get involved. Make sure everyone can hear them needling you and trying to drag something out of you while you keep your opinions to yourself. If they are really insistent just call them out: “Just say what you mean” or “What are you trying to get me to say?”

3. Pull the Reardon Gambit. Assuming you got caught off guard and have now expressed CrimeThink in front of an audience, you are in damage control mode. Your best defence is to explictly and overtly describe the tactic back to the crowd by either being uninvolved: “It’s obvious what you’ve done. You pushed me into expressing an opinion publically precisely so you can take offense at it. I only told you because you asked. Stop playing these weird games and let me just get on with my job. I came here to work, not to play politics. You’re transparent” or if you’re sharp you can reframe them as the aggressor: “I don’t think this is appropriate for a professional environment. I’m trying to do my job and I think it’s unfair to single me out and try to publically shame me for privately-held opinions. People can see your game.”

Whatever happens just know this person had it in for you from the moment they marked your card. If you must play this game it’s best to just chip away at their frame daily with tiny getures and comments that position you above or outside their frame but never reach the threshold of being actionable against you. It’s a bitch move but if they started it it’s fun to keep shaking their reality for lulz.


  1. The world became such a scary place after the red pill. I walk around slightly stressed most of the time now, unless I’m doing some meditation.

    • yes I understand that too and it’s because you now see how tooled you were in so many situations without realizing it. When you realize you were tooled you look to find ways to resist or overcome that: shit-tests for example. Now every time a girl I’m gaming says something I’m thinking “shit test shit test shit test…what’s the response???!!?” Each time I get a text or outreach I think rather than responding immediately: “What does this mean? What’s the subtext of this?”

      But i think that’s mostly coming from a mentality of living the life of an AFC and being quite happy in the ignorance that comes with it: “Oh well, maybe next time it’ll work out…”

      Now, I’m constantly in a competition with myself to do better.

      • True, true. You’re right – I have been tooled in many situations. Yeah…that’s powerful what you say about “competition with myself.” I just gotta get used to hunting to eat.

        Cheers mate

  2. I recently really started to hate gammas at school. There is one the girl literally called “harmless bear she could play with and who would never hurt her”. He obviously didn’t get the message. He tries hard to befriend me and talk to me, I almost wanted to give him red pill advice but he actually called me out when I was teasing a girl, something like “Really Ondrej? That was unnecessary.” when I wasn’t just kissing her ass and made a playful comment. I also noticed how he boasts about his big house, and once he mentioned his friend who was good with girls and immediately positioned himself as “not like other guys”. One of the girls actually caught my disgusted look as he did that and started to laugh loudly. I actually se the girls secretly making jokes about him while they publicly encourage his behaviour. He isn’t that much pathologic case either, a pretty positive person, well dressed, clever, but fat videogamer. The biggest irony is he is pretty good at biology and genetics. I used to be good at it too while being blue pill. One just simply ignores the truths biology serves him if he’s blue pill, you don’t realize what’s going on. After reading The Rational Male, it’s really painful to see how accurate Tomassi is.

  3. It’s all about enforcing gynocentrism.

    First the target is marked and semi-vetted for PC,then comes the false allegations,often to the highest biased authority available to them.

    I was ready to disagree right from reading the title,but this is spot-on and very serious business.

    Best not to talk to anyone these days.

    So how’s that weather?

  4. One game tactic that carries over to this setting is (1) never feel obliged to answer questions, and (2) when you do, ignore the question that was actually asked and respond to the underlying frame instead. Which gives you lots of ways to respond to the first example:

    “Do you really find politics this interesting?” If he tries to redirect back to slavery, you just redirect back again with “I always find politics so boring. You really find it interesting?”

    Changing the subject without seeming to is a time-honored game technique. “Yes, it’s horrible, and did you read about the bombings in Syria?”

    Another option is to pursue the “slavery” angle but drop the “men” bait on the floor. “You know why there’s still slavery in the UK? Because the government doesn’t try very hard to prosecute it. If they really wanted to get rid of slavery, they could do it overnight.” If the gamma tries to reintroduce “men”, just ignore the bait again and keep harping on government incompetence.

    Finally, if you’re the risk-taking type and want to have some fun, you can go in a direction like, “My girls have never complained. They say they really like being slaves.” The key is to keep this misdirection in a fantasy world where everyone is happy and nobody is oppressed, ergo no crimethink. Also, keep it as absurd as possible so everybody knows you’re not serious.

    Same techniques applied to the second example:

    “Why are people so obsessed with celebrities?”
    “Is it true Brad Pitt has a new movie coming out?”
    “Last night she admitted to me she’s really a lesbian.”

  5. Yes…unfortunately I do get baited and dragged into this—less and less now because I recognize it. It’s probably one of the reasons I’m a leader in my field but rarely rise above the ranks in the matrix of office or social circle politics. Ultimately though the trajectory for these gammas is predictable….it gets old and so do they. Whatever offering they have usually becomes redundant.

    I hired a “gamma” 10 years ago who was a “friend” of mine. he was a total suck up, blamed the world and everyone around him for this problems and so out of loyalty and pity I hired him. Big mistake. This “gamma” has a nack for enlisting sympathy in “greater betas” which I was at that time. I think I’ve learned a lot since then.

    Clients would dump him or threaten to leave and the boss would always protect him. The weird sympathy this guy enlisted from superiors baffled everyone in the office who was hard-working and decent.

    He was a nightmare, did all those things…every time he fucked up, he’d find a way to blame me. Then he rallied the boss around him in a sympathy ploy and managed to get himself promoted. Nightmare. If I was to do this all over again I would have known better not to even get involved. I have avoided similar situations much better.

    In the end I left. He ended up bouncing through a few jobs after the boss retired and he had no one protecting him. The others in that office recognized his behaviours and just avoided him.

  6. Very good post

    You say the Gamma sees his low SMV, and constructs a delusion he is superior. Maybe so. But if the Gamma can persist in his delusion because the Alpha can’t fight back – guess what? The Gamma wins

    Today – the losers are somehow winners.

    All kinds of people are getting unearned deference, unearned courtesy, rights, and “respect” they have no right to and could never win on their own.

    Many of these people have no objective value. In a state of nature, they are worthless human refuse.

    That they are walking around and surviving is because we are living in a bizarre time where every animal on Noah’s Ark has been unloaded by a small tribe as payback for WWII in an act of soft genocide to bleed the white male dry financially, demoralize him in media, attack him physically on sidewalks in broad daylight, or destroy his career through thought crimes.

  7. Or you can be the self employed head of your own business, and be free to say and do exactly what you want, as the king of your professional domain.

  8. Have to be honest here.
    You’ve just described me to a t. You’re a very sharp guy krauser.

    Im trying to change though… [A gamma’s biggest problem is his delusion – he doesn’t realise what he is. So you’ve already overcome the most difficult hurdle. I was a natural gamma in many respects too. K.]

  9. Office politics was the biggest reason as to why my career has taken a massive dip because of the manipulation you clearly described above.

    The team I worked with in my last job was managed by a woman and I was only one person out of the 4 recruits who was male out of the new intake. It was clear about 2 months into my role that the manager was basically a male hating feminist who made it her interest to give me a hard time.

    Everything down to the baiting you described was happening, with one of the recruits being the loud mouth she was consistently goading me to argue with her, then backing off and seeing the results of her manipulation unfold.

    I knew there was something fishy going on in the office but couldn’t put my finger on it. And it’s not until now that it all makes sense. As much as I want to take responsibility for everything that happens in my life, there’s simply no getting away from the fact that social manipulation is always at play when it comes to groups and if you’re not prepared for it (like I wasn’t), you’ll simply get eaten alive.

    It’s the biggest reason why I’ve tried avoiding the 9-5’s so much because I know that deep down, it would make me even more depressed and pissed off than I would if I was jobless and on the dole. Even if I knew how to deal with it. The red pill simply makes everything that much more depressing.

  10. Gradually started questioning why i behave/d the way i do. Comes down to not being a very happy individual in most cases, manipulating others makes you feel in control/powerful for brief periods.
    But you’re only really fooling yourself at the end of the day.
    And its draining.

  11. Very insightful post K. You really nailed something i’ve long been intuitively aware of but never quite able to articulate or sequentially breakdown like you did. This type of passive aggression all done under the guise of plausible deniability is absolutely everywhere these days. Once you become consciously aware of it though it becomes so transparent and obvious. I find that pausing for a split second like walawala mentioned above and asking yourself “what’s the subtext!? what’s the subtext!?” is a great habit to try to cultivate.

    Really nice post. Thank you.

  12. Taleb Twitter;

    @EddyElfenbein Mr Elfebbein little wuss, why did you stop trolling me after I asked if you had #skininthegame ?
    10:53am – 22 Nov 13

  13. Very insightful analysis and well articulated Krauser – Thanks

  14. A must read for saving one’s ass at the workplace in this age. Thanks for writing this out explicitly!!

  15. I think it really comes down to understanding how to give amazingly diplomatic unobjectionable statements and thought terminating cliches.

    “Him: Angelina Jolie is such a good actress and a very morally-inspiring women. She’s really hot too.
    You: Not my type.”

    Instead of saying “not my type”, one can say, “Everyone’s beautiful in their own ways”.

    He’d be forced to go back and up his own PC-ness because you’re reminding him he’s using his own standard for judging woman, when “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

    You’re not giving an answer regarding anything personal about yourself, and you’re not giving in to his frame, while still remaining diplomatic and polite by saying something that’s unquestionable.

    “Him: Why not? She’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, always winning prizes for it. Of course you’d want to date her.
    You: She’s old, unpleasant and raising a bunch of other men’s children. I’m not interested.”

    For something like this you could answer back, “What’s important for me is a connection with a woman. The chemistry is everything.”

    By setting the standard for what you find attractive about a woman to be an undefinable concept, you essentially prevent yourself from ever having to reveal your own opinions on what you find hot in a woman. At the same time, you give back an answer that’s unobjectionable, diplomatic, and really most people would find your opinion to be a very respectable one.

    In the world of 2013, you are your own PR department.

    • I completely agree. Just go to work and fucking work. Don’t play the political game, just add economic value where you can, make sure you’re properly compensated, and let other people sink themselves with meaningless bullshit. I barely even go for drinks with coworkers anymore, and when I do I’m gone after 1-2 drinks.

      I experienced a lot of what the article is about when I was drastically underemployed, working in a cesspool of mediocre losers with no aspirations. I finally got a better job, working with intelligent people who are confident because of their accomplishments. Remarkably, people communicate much better and don’t bullshit. You don’t see much manipulation because the people there don’t need to prove their superiority or feed their fragile egos. [I’m lucky that my job puts me in the company of highly intelligent, highly trained and highly motivated people. It’s a little coccoon of excellence and I rarely have to experience all the petty ploys of mediocre minds. K.]

  16. Reading this a few more times, some more points:

    1. How do people become delusional and remain delusional about how powerful they are in the world?

    Answer: they are not given honest feedback by anyone about their true value/abilities.

    When a person can’t be told honestly – due to their race or the fact they are a woman – that they really are not “hot shit” , they will continue to act like they are. Because no one is allowed to say anything negative or derogatory about them

    The way to make people delusional: they have no feedback or consequences for their behavior

    2. It’s interesting whether K is saying all women are de facto Gammas, outside of Type 1 high SMV girls. It’s my experience that once any female grows older out of her SMV, or I have no attraction for – they all seem to become shrewish, solipstic Gammas. They are fully in a delusional “You go girl / You are so beautiful ” bubble – even at 250 pounds or age 65. It varies by the woman, but is always there.

    If a random man somehow hints they are not this, or is not giving them the automatic courtesy/ deference/ automatic White Knight they think they are entitled to just by breathing – they will mark you down on their card, or try to come after you as a highly functioning attractive man, doubly so if you are white

    3. You either keep control in this life or you GET controlled.

    If you concede your dominance in this world, the “other” WILL fill the void and seek to dominate you.

    The human animal seeks power, from smallest to largest

  17. I had similar experiences of being targeted when working for being an outsider in beliefs and behaviour, but I was never confronted face to face. The attack was made by being gossiped about behind my back. I would guess that this is the more usual way of doing it, since confrontation requires more alpha characteristics on the part of the confronter. There’s very little you can do about it too, you can only infer the extent of it, and for me it lead to general distrust and paranoia which is a shitty way to feel at work.

  18. I enjoy Bodi’s Polish Beta at work impressions.

  19. Avoid working in industries and places without many ethnics. AA means can do what they want.

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  21. If you are a white man working for a corporation in the West, you are in enemy territory. You need to camouflage your true identity/ideas to get that paycheck and also to play subversive tricks when possible. For instance, I get to select the pictures for certain internal weekly communication and since our company raves about diversity and inclusion all the time, instead of fighting it and trying to put some white faces in there, I have done the exact opposite. I choose non-white faces for EVERY SINGLE COMMUNICATION, in order to make the self-hating white liberal diversity commissars squirm. I want them to know that the end result of all of their Diversity efforts will be a world that does not include them at all. This is just one example of subversion you can achieve if you do not go around proclaiming your red pill creds to the brainwashed beta fools and childless feminist harpies that make up cubicle land.

  22. “Bear Baiting” IS bullying. Period.

    Your most important To-Do about this is to learn about bullying, how to recognize it and how to deal with it – there are many good resources on the web, and in many locations there are seminars about bullying, for free or at nominal cost. Even if you do not have the problem now, learn the skills to deal with bullying and save yourself lots of grief in the future. Also, learn Game. I’m new to this but in the few months I’ve read about it have come to see it as a necessary social skill set.

    Anybody can be the victim of bullying but the traits which unite all victims is that they are of stronger character, do a better job, have diverging views of are just ‘different’ in some sort of way from the average office dweller. That portrays the white male working in a ‘diverse’ environment pretty well.

    From conflict management as well as military literature, if you have an unresolved conflict at hand, then you have several options: cede to the opponent, make it break out and solve it in your own best interest, attack (and others) – in the case of malicious office “politics” those three are the ones which count. The main take-away is that being white, male, intelligent and doing superior work does in no way leave you without options. The problem is that most people (me including) have never learned to deal with backstabbing fags and office queens, or learned the hard way.

    it should be perfectly feasible for anybody who understands a bit of ‘Game’ to break the bullying habit of the gammas and fags in any office environment simply by making your superior work output count in your favor rather than let these parasites use it against you.

    Again, learn Game and learn about bullying. Better, learn NLP, hypnotism, conflict management and use those skills to turn their shitgames against them.

    I’m new here BTW. Hellooow 🙂

    • Hey thanks for that. I’m trying to reconcile with family and I have considerable military connected issues I work with. The gamma is a bottom of the barrel, alcoholic, raised white trash sis’n law who got knocked up’n married in with my blue-pill, highly productive little brother-with a heart of gold. Fcking post describes her to a T!! Genius. Toxic shame, threatened by smart, authentic as fuck, caring, red-pill me. Rest of the family are asleep at the T.V., zombie types. And I’m trying not to just cut my loses, move, and live with this emptiness where my bro should be. It’s just that every time I’m around her I leave and lose sleep and obsess about what we do with a terrorist. I theorized she was a masochist but this post brings her into focus. I need new skillsets and this post is the key to figuring what to do, er, socially. Totes.

  23. Hats off to you Krauser. It’s a refresher course when I read your blog. It’s as if the whole male race has become nothing but a bunch of mambie pambie supplicators. They have bit into the pussy whipped role of monkey dancing for sex and never getting any. I hope that all men everywhere will go buy a bow and arrow or a gun and go kill a deer for crying out loud. Tap into that male energy.
    I also like the blog that you wrote about Alpha Male practice. This is more important to the survival of the male race than anything that can be conceived. Men should practice teasing women…and standing up to them. I have made it a practice of mine to open doors of argument with women just to practice and sharpen my alpha maleness, which I recently took back from the twelve years of female oppression that I received from the public school system. I’m not there yet but each day I gain a piece of myself back.
    Thanks again Krauser! [Thanks. You’re welcome. K.]

    • Thought before I spoke….always buy a deer tag before going deer hunting. Thanks….Signing out.

      • Interesting.. would a sigma, for example, buy a permit before bagging a deer? Would he even be doing what you suggest, as a self-development exercise, and not for for sustenance/survival, rather than buy some steak at the store? It seems forced and beta-ish. Indeed, any interaction with the state, unless at literal gunpoint, seems supplicatory and therefore unmanly. I’m trying to picture Wolverine or a Clint Eastwood style hired gun buying a deer-hunting tag, and failing.

      • You know what? Somebody’s gonna claim that my remark is gamma-ish, especially if they knew my anarcho-capitalist sympathies, but.. whatever. 😉

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  25. Well goodness gracious me, I haven’t been witness to any such behaviour for twelve years now, since becoming an independent consultant. There’s enormous power in being a small business: the power to select and filter ones human environment. I have the peace of mind that comes from actually being allowed to pursue my chosen profession without being forced to put up with fools.

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