I bang my first 23 year old Romanian street racer

October 26, 2013

Girls are designed to derail the train.

It’s common to project our own thoughts and values onto others and to assume they share our outlook. The manosphere is full of much chortling at female rationalisations and solipsism such as how career women think men should value them for their intelligence, status and travel stories simply because that’s what the women value in men. It’s true. We men do have our own projection too though. Men are so completely notch-centric that we don’t fully appreciate how little women care about getting a new lay. They really don’t care if an interaction doesn’t lead to sex. They can walk away at any time. It’s only with tight game that you can get them invested enough to want to see it through.

A girl’s default programming towards sex with a new man is non-neediness. She will happily toss a spanner into the works at most inopportune moments because she simply doesn’t care if it all breaks down. A young hot girl will never run out of suitors. This Romanian girl was a hardcore derailer, worse than a band of WWII Ukranian partisans. She did the full inventory of derailments:

  • Don’t reply to messages
  • Divert conversations into dead ends
  • Leave the country
  • Try to provoke arguments
  • Try to annoy me so much I delete her number
  • Cancel or reschedule dates
WWII-era cockblocks

WWII-era cockblocks

In my new book I go into detail on what I call “playing silly buggers”. It’s not a shit test per se. She’s not testing me for my value. This Romanian girl absolutely adored me and was like a meek little kitten in person, totally under my spell. But once she had the seperation of Whatsapp between us she became a derailment machine. So this was a long battle…. full of emotional highs and lows… and then I won. Go me.

It begins on Oxford Street three months ago when the sun is shining and the streets are rammed with 7s. As I pick my way through a crowd I catch the faintest of IOIs from a slim brunette going the opposite direction. She’s separated from me by about five feet and seven people but I’m alive to it and catch that sideways flicker of her eyes. I open with something accusatory for an easy hook. We chat five minutes and it’s electric. She’s a cat (more categorisation in my book) and lapping up the sexual energy so I bounce for the idate outside a nearby pub. We are propped up against the outside wall in mid-afternoon sunshine so I can easily test kino, build rapport and within an hour I’ve kissed her. It seems so on I’m looking for the SDL. We move to a second bar and I’m seeding the extraction then…. ring ring ring. Her boss calls to demand she attend a client dinner a couple of hours later. Everything fizzles. We swap numbers.

This sort of thing

This sort of thing

As I walk her back to Oxford Circus she begins her silly buggers by crossing the street ahead of me and stomping along the pavement with a haughty expression while I hold my line on my side of the street. I’ve seen this game before. She wants to covertly induce me to following her. Nope, not me. After a few texts I quickly figure out her psychology. She loves to rub up against a guy’s manhood. Intermediates are easily confused by this because it’s pretty rare to find a girl who proactively and consistently does it and thus they mistake it for a shit test.

  • Shit test: Your value is in doubt so she throws you a test and your answer allows her to better place your value.
  • The rub: She enjoys the feeling of masculine dominance so she pushes a button precisely to trigger a slap down, because she loves the thrill of being slapped down.

In dysfunctional form The Rub is why battered women provoke violence from abusive boyfriends. This girl wasn’t that bad, just a naughty minx. As we move to Whatsapp I see her profile picture is walking a rottweiler and she sends me a photo of her on the back of her cousin’s superbike. Yes, her psychology is clear – she likes bad boys. Curiously there’s a twist to her make-up because she’s also very intelligent and has a real job that requires real administrative skill. She lets on she’s read alot of the classics and surprises me a little with her historical and geographical knowledge.

By now I’m rubbing my hands in glee. She can only be attracted to men who have shedloads of bad boy dominance as well as well-rounded intellectual sophistication…. and how often does a girl find both in one man? My prediction turns out right – she can’t stop messaging me and is like a moth drawn to a flame. The whatsapp messages are tremendously entertaining for me with a constant stream of her poking her head up and me slapping it down. Logistics interfere horribly though and her business trip ends before we get a Day 2. She tells me she doesn’t like London and will not return. Bugger. This news comes when I’m in a run of extremely bad luck of sets collapsing due to forces beyond my control. I write her off but the banter is good enough that I’m happy to keep the text messages going.

I get a few semi-naked selfies. She tells me she’s had dirty dreams about me. I want to move things further along into authentic communication and deep rapport but part of her derailment is to hold things in a fizzy banter-ish mode. She’s constantly breaking rapport and avoiding connection. Ok, I’m not going to force it. I’ve basically reached the point where the only reason I’m chatting to her is to test out new material and to pester her for naked photos. And then she gives me the news: “I’m coming to live in London.” Game on.

Of course it was never going to be that easy. She claims her boss is constantly making her work late, and she has trouble house-hunting. Finally I get her out a week after she arrives. It goes great and she’s bubbling with sexual energy. We have a civilised tea and then a pint, make-out but she hits me with another my-boss-needs-me-back-now evasion. Two weeks pass then she tells me she’s leaving London soon. Bugger. It’s such a pain to arrange things but finally we agree on Whatsapp to meet on Friday.

Some of my recent sets

Some of my recent sets

She tries one more derailment by messaging me an hour before the date along the lines of “can we postpone till next week.” I swear I nearly throw my phone at the nearest woman. I take deep breaths, compose myself, then tell her off. No, we won’t postpone and it’s too late to do so. So we meet in Camden.

And predictably, it’s completely on. I walk her around the market a bit, we have some street food then a coffee in the upstairs of a secluded souk. I have her tits in my mouth there and every fibre of her being is screaming “fuck me”. So I walk her to the bus stop. “I’m not going back to your place” she pipes up but gets on the bus anyway. Back in my house it takes about half an hour of battling until finally I fuck her. It’s not fast but it’s definitely furious. A very hot young minx. I’m pleased with this one.

Learning points

  • Spot the difference between a shit test and the rub.
  • Strong leading remains essential when going for the close. Even in the texts before the sex date you may have to push hard with your logistics.
  • UPDATE: A fortnight later when she’s around for sex she tells me I’m the third guy to ever fuck her. Previous two were LTRs.


  1. “She enjoys the feeling of masculine dominance so she pushes a button precisely to trigger a slap down, because she loves the thrill of being slapped down.”

    Yes, if you’re a dom in a relationship or a dom type, you often find women acting out because they want to be punished. It’s not a shit test. They are not testing value. They know your value.

    They simply enjoy the punishment aspect so much that they will find ways to challenge/disobey you in order to get the discipline they so deeply crave.

    Depending on your look (mine is very masculine, not metro, no jewelry), women can sense right away that you’re that type.

    It took me a few times to understand what was really going on.

    A quick tell. When you’re going for the “kiss close,” put your hand around your neck, press her against a doorway, and squeeze gently when kissing her.

    If she doesn’t move your hand or reel away, then she is that type and will try to draw out your violent, dominant side.

    If you meet such a girl at night, it’s fun to see if you can get them to take a shortcut through an alley.

    Take the girl, then pin her in a recess in a wall or doorway. Say, “I can do whatever I want to you right now. No one will see a thing.”

    Then smirk, step back, and say, “But I won’t. Not yet.”

    You won’t get flakes if you find a girl who is into dominant types and if you establish dominance right away – especially by running “dark game” such as taking them into an alley, choking right away, and squeezing their arms just a little too firmly when doing kino. [Agreed. You just described something I do but haven’t written about. I’m always grabbing girls on the neck when I kiss them now. Never occured to me it can be used as a test / filter. Needless to say, this girl loves it. K.]

  2. Good point. Understanding heuristics is key. I have caucasoid features , tan brown skin and jet black hair. When dress down. Old gym shorts, old t-shirt and sweaty after a work out, I am perceived as a poor Hispanic. When I dress well I am perceived as a rich Italian or Arab. Guess which stereotypes get me more action.

  3. She’s hot. Nice job. I had a hot girl do “the rub” on me. She threw some shit out about “not having sex with me” even though I didn’t say shit about it and was throwing shit out in the wind. Looking back, I would of done things much differently. Ah well 🙂

  4. Very interesting and enlightening. One thing I started doing about a year or so ago was pulling a girl’s hair if she did something or said something silly in the interaction. I also take salsa classes so if a girl stepped on my foot or didn’t get the movement I did it.

    it’s surprising how the girl’s responded. In every case it instantly escalated things. When I was able to bang them, they all loved it rough but not painful.

    The hair pull and then holding my frame with amused mastery is a game changer.

    Even with some shy girls you have to work to it, for girls already giving strong IOI’s or responding to kino then I introduce this easy. I have to calibrate.

    As for this type of girl, yes, I’ve had a number of them. By text they are absolute cunts. But in person they are kittens.

    Displaying an ability to walk away or in fact walking away always works.

  5. Nick consistently writes the most intelligent and thoughtout LRs on the manosphere. A pleasure to read and insightful for the connoscenti.

  6. Just watched the video: always the really laid back, take it or leave it, pseudo passive bodylanguage in the runup to the fclose. Hands off the merchandise, letting the girl come to you etc.

    I can see the benefits in terms of conveying non neediness and absolute abundance, but it is so different to my active blitzkrieg to seal the deal. Is this something you´ve worked on? Whats the thinking behind it?

    Less fellatio more pandas!

  7. Thank you for yet another parsing: Shit test vs The Rub

    I see you got the Rub from Stage Two ‘s WordPress blog originally. I’ve read that piece several times trying to figure out: well, is a shit test a “value test” or something else. Never quite clear. Makes more sense now

    You are making clear another confusing thing for me: just how extreme Girls default position really is for non-neediness: Almost flagrantly they will try to throw it away. As you once wrote, “Girls cannot control who they will have sex with. She goes on dates thinking ‘I hope he wins me over’ You almost have to beat them into submission (figuratively). Bizarre but life’

    More clearer now. And Tight Game can trump it all

    Re: your book. Don’t know if you’ve decided on a title. A suggestion you are free to ponder is “Sigma Game”. This would be a good marketing position for you in the PUA marketplace. There are no Sigma how-to books, with a million “Alpha” books. It will get you attention.

    It also probably aptly sums up who you are, who the book is geared for, and a clever way to introduce a “new level of Game” beyond the now-trite “Alpha”.

    • I don’t think labels like “alpha”, “beta”, “sigma” are useful in a book title as there is a tendency to abandon those terms and problems with definition. Would “The Rational Game” be seen as parasitism?:)) Or something geeky, like “Evidence-based pick-up”. In the end, the name doesn’t matter that much.

      • Then you have no understanding of marketing. Of course the name matters. Not only does the name matter, but it is everything if you are talking about grabbing a prospect’s attention in a world drowning in information

        What are you giving me, your opinion?

    • Sigma branding is stupid, as is Alpha branding. It reminds me of fighting over what/who is more alpha. Krauser’s readers are very dedicated, not many of them will hesitate to buy regardless of the name. Someone out of community won’t buy anyway.

    • Ad hominem attacks – low class. I am not interested in this kind of “debate”.

      • You are giving the ad hominem attack, first calling my comment “stupid.”

        Meanwhile, it is based on Marketing Facts.

        You, in turn, give me no facts, but your opinion.

        Why is “Sigma Game” “stupid” in your opinion? You cannot tell me based on anything in Fact, Marketing History, or Logic.

        Opinions with no facts – girlie man!

  8. “Men are so completely notch-centric that we don’t fully appreciate how little women care about getting a new lay.”

    Guys in the community go on about how women love sex, even more than men do, therefore it should be easy to get laid. Thing is, they’re confusing getting a new notch with repeated sex with a man they like and have had sex with before.

    Girls I’m casually dating nearly always want more sex than I do (repeated sex with a man they like), where as I’m much more focused on getting a new girl into bed for the first time (new notch sex).

  9. There’s lots of Romanians around town, I’m loving it, they really are dirty as hell

  10. I seem to experience this consistently. Typically after the first date after i’ve gone for the kiss.

    By that point, she knows you like her and gives her some breathing space knowing she has you enough to start playing games and testing for neediness.

    I’m currently dating a girl who using tactics from the book ‘The Rules’. She’s now employing the tactic where she will reply once i’ve pinged her twice. In the book theres a chapter where it recommends she only responds to every 2 texts a man gives you…

    I find the whole thing quite cute to be honest knowing what she’s basically trying to do lol

    But basically, Nick is right. When it comes to texting, the girl basically calls the shots, which is why it’s advised by many guys in the community to simply use texting as a means to get them out as quickly as possible.

    Use that guideline to gauge their interest level. If it’s proving to be a challenge to get them out and are legit being shady to get back to you. You really only have a few options by that point. Either continue pinging or move on to another girl. I generally move on if a girl behaves like that.

    There are simply far too many girls to interact with than to bother messing about with one over text.

  11. Message here for new guys is that a notch doesn’t always go smooth as you think. Derailment by the girl is very real and she will sometimes fight the meet up in hopes that you push push and push. I’m not quite sure if derailment is subconsciously done.

    • That may be true. But you’re looking at it from the female’s perspective, which is a bad move.

      For me personally, I make sure a girl knows that she only has a few chances with me. A lot of their derailment is a test to see what they can get away with. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you as a man to judge their character.

      It’s very common for a beta guy to focus on the lay and overlook all the red flags the girl presents during the chase. This is a bad play because you’re essentially training the girls that all is well in terms of what they do towards you.

      You have to always make it seem as if they’re walking on thin ice with you. I don’t see a shit test they do as a test any more. I simply look at it as a life line that she’s used up. Too many of those and she’s out.

      The girl I’m seeing right now for example took 5 straight days to text back with no formal apology to explain why she’s taken so long to respond.

      I’m basically letting her go now regardless of the fact that she got back to me ‘eventually’. Getting a lay at the expense of tarnishing your personal values is never a good idea.

      • I get what you’re saying and I advocate that. I wrote a post the other day called “Deleting girls” which is based on deleting girls whenever they play those types of games. I can’t begin to count the amount of girls I delete from whatsapp or BBM over shit like these.

        “Walking on thin ice” is a good way to define this predicament. But chicks usually use this role to tame the Beta by having him walk on thin ice instead.

      • Reading ch for 2years really corrupted my mind. The comments section always advocated if a girl flakes on you just move on..WRONG.

        I just banged a chick after 6months of getting her number. I gave up at the beginning, deleted her num straight away but somehow all these numbers were stored somewhere else on my phone so I mass texted everyone. She replied, it took the last two months of trying to get her out every weekend. Her guy housemates were cockblocking me which is why it took her so long to make up her mind! She’s an 8, bottle service girl at some club where I live, the reason why I chased so hard…

        Moral is, you’re the guy so you chase the shit out of every lead (depending on how fit they are). There is no shame in double texting or triple as long as you can convey that you’re funny and that her derailment tactics won’t effect you!

  12. “”Failed to follow my own Long Game checklist and now paying for it with a girl who won’t fuck. Overestimated my in-person hold on her.””

    Hi K, can we get a post on this? Your insights would be appreciated.

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