Texts from last night

July 31, 2013

Here’s the complete text chat with Bhodi as we had unrelated first dates in different parts of town with girls we’d number-closed on the weekend.

15:35 Him: First selfie from [recent close].… I’m on with the yank for tonight, no mention of a double date. got butterflies

18:36 Him: what was that brooklyn joke again [his date is from there – I retell the joke over a quick call]

18:55 Him: hows it going with Secret Tits? this bitch just sprung a double date on me 10 mins b4 meet up. v. angry

19:17 Me: My date has at least one more drink. Just keep me up to date

20:07 Me: Attraction done. Intellectual mastery done. Frame controlled. Now I shall lean back, make her chase then cement it with a kiss.

20:22 Him: mine talks a lot

21:00 Me: A bit of trouble now from mine. Prolly shit test. The second bird showed up?

21:07 Me: She refused kiss and said what if I never feel like it. I punished her with bad vibe. Now she’s buying me a drink when I expected her to make excuses and leave. Bitches be crazy.

21:12 Him: could be a meta shit test.

21:13 Him: i got kc at venue 2… heading to hawley arms for 1 then will try xtrct

21:14 Him: asking if her friend can come “for one” to hawley. im going to just forbid it.

21:26 Me: Don’t lose your nerve

22:57 Him: extracting.

23:02 Me: Brass neck it. No fear. No apologies

00:00 Me: Going for shaky extraction. Expect refusal.

00:38 Me: Grrrrr. Had to stop taxi. Sitting outside Great Portland Street eating beef monster munch.


01:50 Me: Extracted….

02:04 Him: BOOM! +1, L-town

03:24 Me: Me too. +1. Good work

14:04 Him: notching american girls is like shooting fish in a barrel.

14:08 Me: but Game doesn’t work on native speakers…..

18:41 Me: knobbed my German in the Charing Cross Hotel toilets. Decent 24 hours.

18:42 Him: lol. i’m exhausted but it’s glorious


  1. The best part: 14:08 Me: but Game doesn’t work on native speakers…..

  2. What do you mean by game doesn’t work on native speakers??

  3. “… but game doesn’t work on native speakers.”

    It’s an ironic retort to those who erroneously believe that because Krauser and company typically go for European women, game therefore doesn’t work on ‘native speakers’ i.e. English and American women ..

  4. How about logistics? How many closes do you miss out on because you live quite far north? Do the girls weigh up where you live in deciding whether to come back with you?

  5. K, I was reading your buddies blog ( I’m guessing Bhodi = Bhodisatta ) and ran across a rather depressing post: http://mygreatexperiment.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/50-sets-of-challenge-day-2-sets-6-to-14/

    If you read further posts after this one, it seems he has all but given up on his quest. I’m really curious what happened to him after that post. He also talks really badly about you and the other RSG guys in the comments section. What’s up with that? Why does he say he was your teacher when in fact you were his teacher. Huh??? Just bitter about a failed daygame outing or what? I’m gonna guess he eventually got back into daygame and is doing well now? [I don’t think his sarcasm is so subtle in that post. K.]

    • Lol! Just read it, t how the hell did you not get he was taking the piss?

      • Jay, maybe this shit is all fake and posts like that start to show the true reality of cold approach day game. K has a book to sell that he pumps up via fake lay reports and twitter +1’s. Any smart nerd can sit around and think up lay reports and fictional stories. Any asshole can take hidden cam videos of himself saying hello to random girls. Do we ever see hardcore proof he is actually going on dates, fucking and doing all the stuff in the lay reports? No, because there is no way even if he wanted to prove it. Even if he posted full on fuck videos, the girls could have been paid. Would be worthless. K might even be sitting back laughing, thinking “I can’t believe these fuckers think I’m for real!!!”

        Or.. maybe Bhodi had a real bad day, lost his faith, and made a post describing his lack of faith. Maybe K is for real, and worked really hard for a year facing his fear and establishing a solid frame.. and we all should too. Not just for the sake of getting laid, but for the sake of becoming true men.

        The only way to know if this stuff is real or fake is to do it yourself. Do 300 approaches. If you don’t get at least one lay.. or indication there is hope… give up. Simple as that.

  6. A bit nerdy bunch of guys you are, but then again that COULD just be the passion of it 😛

    Good stuff man

  7. K,do you fuck niggers? Any advice to pulla colored gal??

    • What’s wrong with you, fuckface? You think calling a black woman a “nigger” will get you laid? Remember even if you’re just typing this online, THIS is what your mind is thinking. So when you approach a “colored girl”, your subconscious mind is thinking “I’m fucking this nigger, she’s worth nothing because she’s african”, and that’s what your body language will communicate. Do you think that is attractive? No hope for you if you say yes.

      Get a clue man.

  8. Looking forward to reading this lay report Krauser.

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