I bang my first leggy 25 year old Russian programmer

June 27, 2013

Sometimes game comes down to recognising a small number of key signals and then acting accordingly. There’s always a reason why girls behave the way they do. Even when the signal is buried in a wall of noise if you know what to look for and how to read it, you can make things happen.

I’m in Russia with Steve Jabba. It’s my second day so I invite my gypsy fuck-buddy over for a rumble at 7pm. She’s the fourth girl to receive Krauser-lovin’ in the past nine days so when I’ve shot my bolt I collapse into bed and don’t want to leave for love nor money. Then Jabba gets on the blower telling me how much we need to go nightclubbing. Fucking hell….. that’s the last thing I want but he drags me out. We roll into one of the better clubs at 10pm on a Thursday night. It’s far from rammed but enough hot girls to make it worth the effort and this is Russia, after all, so they are way way hotter than the equivalent London club.

After a quick look around I sidle up to a bar in a quieter room next door to the main dance floor room. Leaning over I order beer and see a leggy blonde come in. She stands next to me to order. I roll off and tell Jabba (half-heartedly) “I’ll call that a proximity IOI”. That’s Signal One. At the time I’d have said it was 30% likely to have been a real IOI. She stays on her stool to drink. I’ll call that Signal Two, essentially prolonging the proximity IOI and now I think its 50% that she’s into me. She appears to be alone so far but its early days for the club. I open over my shoulder. Can’t remember what I said but it was playfully accusatory.

with worse fashion

with worse fashion

She hooks immediately. I can’t quite believe it because she’s taller than me, a typical long-legged Slav, and its not really in my reality to get girls like this in a club. So I stay diffident and low energy just pushing the conversation along then briefly bounce her to the nearby sofas. She wants to dance so I let her go. For the next twenty minutes or so I’m just talking to Steve from the edge of the dance floor.

Him: Somethings not quite right.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: She’s just dancing by herself on the edge of the dance floor. It’s not right.

Me: You think she’s a tart? She’s just in normal jeans, doesn’t look like a tart to me.

Him: Yes, but just something is a bit off.

I’m inclined to agree. A hot tall bird shouldn’t be in the club by herself, dancing. We are looking for needlessly complicated answers when I find out later the real reason. She looks at me a few times (Signal Three). “Get on the dance floor” admonishes Steve so we both go on and do some low-technique don’t-give-a-fuck dancing. Within a song or two the girl is dancing with us (Signal Four). She’s facing me the whole time and when I’m off to the toilet she’s doing the same to Steve. He later tells me she would’ve probably fucked both of us. I can believe it.

So I’m just dancing like a tool and it’s stalling out a bit. I don’t really know what I’m up to. It seems too easy, I can’t believe it could be like this. I’m looking for too much confirmation, too much signal rather than just trusting in what is there. Steve has a more intuitive grasp and nudges me, “take her off the dance floor”. So I do. She follows without a murmur.

We sit down on the sofas and I become more sure of myself. I give her five minutes of comfort, play with her hair and then kiss. She goes for it strongly. There’s still no friends interfering. She really is here alone. I review the signals:

  • Signal Zero: Girl comes alone to a nightclub on a Thursday night and just dances around by herself.
  • Signal One: Girl locates herself next to guy to order drink despite the bar being empty with lots of space.
  • Signal Two: Girl remains next to guy even though normal thing to do is take drink away from the bar.
  • Signal Three: Girl continues to snatch glances at guy from dancefloor.
  • Signal Four: Girl maneouvres into dancing close to the guy and smiles when he reciprocates. She doesn’t leave.

So really is there any doubt? One or two signals you could make a case for coincidence or an alternate reading but all together they point in one direction: it’s a DTF girl who fancies me. She’s latched onto the first guy who hit on her. I tell her “let’s go somewhere else” and she agrees. Taxi. Home. Shoes off. Music on. She just jumps me and tears my clothes off. She really really wants this. It’s an earth-shattering fuck. She’s gobbling my dick like a fatty at a McDonalds and screams in ecstasy anytime I touch her pussy. By the time I’m fucking her she’s got her eyes popping out of her head, clawing my back and screaming the house down. Fuck me does that bolster one’s confidence. Once I’m done she asks for my number and gets a taxi home.

Fuck me, that was easy.

Sure, I'll take that

Sure, I’ll take that

Discussing it over coffee with Jabba the next day I ask him to give his analysis so I can bring out the learning points for my lay report. “There’s nothing to analyse, she was just up for it” he says. Yup, it was that simple. It turns out she works hard as a computer programmer and just came out of a long relationship. She was due to return to her hometown for the weekend and wanted some fun. I was the right guy in the right place at the right time.

I meet her again a few days later for seconds. Over drinks she tells me “the sex was fantastic” and slips that she’s been thinking about it non-stop since. I take her home for another blinder and get to practice my one-man-DP on her again (fuck me, she likes that).

The moral of the story is be alive to the signals when something falls into your lap. Don’t overcomplicate it.


  1. I love that country. My application and passport’s off for a 3 year visa (which they now allow) for Russia right now. Learning daygame and wanna take the show on the road at some point so looking forward to future posts on your Russia trip, lay report or no: doesn’t matter.

  2. Congrats, but careful with vids like that – people have been jailed for it in the UK. The little DHV for strangers is not worth the potential trouble

  3. she could smell all that pussy juice on you. jesus, what a story.

  4. “and its not really in my reality to get girls like this in a club.”

    it is now.

  5. Game would have fucked that up

  6. Superb LR!

    The video evidence are what make Nick number 1 in the manosphere. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

    The sphere is sadly full of charlatans, liars, hucksters, fakers and keyboard jockeys.

    This man is the only one consistently posting video evidence of his skills with women and as such he is just about the only guy I can trust for advice.

    The chances of him getting in trouble for posting short lay excerpts of unidentifiable anonymous chicks on an extremely niche blog is between slim and none.

    Having said that Nick, I would leave videos up for a day to reward your regular readers who monitor your blog closely and then make them private.

    Cheers and thumbs up.

  7. Which club was that ? I plan to visit as well soon.

  8. Krauser, you owe me a new pair of eyes that have now been burned out. We don’t need Krauser porn.

  9. Actually wanted to see the Russian blonde. [Too slow. K.]

    • I’ll describe it for you so you don’t miss out:

      Scene 1) Tall skinny blonde in jeans dancing in a Russian nightclub – dancing facing away and ostensibly ignoring alpha male who is soon to rail her.

      Scene 2) Said blonde getting railed by pasty white bald alpha male in nondescript apartment, female squealing in glee (literally) at being dominated, man handled and forcefully jack hammered from behind by a secret society member (credit Tyler) in exactly the way most females dream of being taken but won’t tell beta males they want.

  10. Stories like these inspire me to try game myself. The idea that this can even HAPPEN blows my mind. Been with a girl for a year and no sex. Game and the manosphere are inspiring me so much to seek a better world. I hope it’s not all fake hype. I find it hard to accept it all.

    • “I hope it’s not all fake hype.”

      sex is everywhere. girls are incredibly horny. they LUST for alpha cock and will do whatever it takes to get it. the red pill is for real. and the K master is for real too.

  11. To paraphrase Rollo Tomassi, don’t give a girl an excuse not to fuck you.

    I think this illustrates that if you’ve got the inner game sorted and some girl is giving IOI’s to go for it.

    I think in this situation I would have hesitated fearing that girl on her own may be 1) a hooker or 2) crazy.

    • Wala

      In your opinion does it take courage for a girl to club on her own, in contrast with men clubbing by themselves?!

      • I had similar IOI’s from women on their own–approaching me to sit with me at dinner etc.

        But I always was wary–at least here in Asia—that they were hookers.

        But they weren’t. By then they’d lost attraction. In a few cases they thought I was gay for not making a move.

        Courage? I think it demonstrates that when women want something, they’ll do it. When they don’t they’ll flake.

  12. on a side note to any guy thinking there is no battle or the sexes or other horseshit like this figure this out
    no guys acting like how the girl was would get any action in a million years in a club.
    sure she may be a programmer but the next time a chick says there’s no double standard refer to this story and get your mind right.

  13. How can I watch the video? 😀

  14. i missed the video link damn. i love seeing krauser fuck girls. [That’s a bit weird. K.]

  15. I miss the vid by 1 day?! Not fair!

  16. Those who missed it, refer to my description above. I’m selling copies at $1000 a pop – all inquiries to my press agent.

  17. Long time listener,first time caller…
    What is the One Man DP? Sounds right up my alley…
    Sorry if this has been covered before…tried a search but nothing.
    Thanks in advance…

  18. Thats gay you almost didnt go for it based on such an insignificant thing like height lol. Think of all the dudes who pass on girls because they believe theyre too short. Fail.

    If height actually mattered, short dudes wouldnt hook up with taller girls. But us alphas dont let something so insigificant stop us 😉

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