Be manly

June 20, 2013

So you want to look more masculine? Here’s the Krauser 4-Step Plan.

  1. Get older
  2. Grow a short beard / long stubble
  3. If you’re bald, crop your hair short. If you’re receding, don’t hide it.
  4. Don’t smile so much.

Just look at the difference in these Game of Thrones actors when clean cut (often in their younger incarnation) and when grizzled up.
















  1. I agree on the smiling…also keep the brows lowered to produce those pyramid wrinkles in between the eye brows.

  2. Can’t wait till my beard starts growing 😦 Almost 19…

  3. And dammit, I REFUSE to shave my chest hair.

  4. This is why, currently at 25, I do not fear getting older like some men do. All girls do.
    It’s been said wisely before (perhaps originally on here) “Men age like wine, women age like milk”

    • dude, i’m not sure if krauser is joking or not, but i strongly recommend you take care of your skin in particular. danger & play wrote some good posts about skin care. so did i. eating healthy makes a big difference, and using a night cream. it simply gives you more options.

  5. With regards to the beard/light stubble part, this article is really interesting:

  6. You must of been watching GoT boxset this week!! 🙂

  7. lol at the blood wedding reactions – those of use who read the books more than a decade ago have been enjoying the youtube reactions…

  8. What do you think of the long hair on the characters? It’s supposed to be effeminate but doesn’t really come across as such.

  9. small sample size but i asked a girl which ones were more attractive and she said left on every one, They look younger.

  10. Check out Putin v Obama for some great visuals of the two opposites

  11. Brad pitt from fightclub agrees

  12. So sad that shaving is out of fashion these days. Everybody with beards or with designer stubble. Nothing feels better then a shave with a straight razor and badger brush. Some guys can’t pull off beards(I’m one of them) because their hair grows patchy, so shaving remains as the only option.

  13. i thought alphas didnt watch tv, or own a tv, or even hear of tv.

  14. Hey K, This isn’t a question relevant to this post but would love to get your feedback on this. I’ve always leaned more towards red pill without knowing it but now i’ve fully embraced. It definitely shows in my demeanor and my hook up rate has increased but i’ve been running into one road block that I’m not sure how to overcome.

    3 of the last 4 chicks i’ve hooked up with asked me if I do this all the time and bring girls back and if i’m a “man whore”. My reaction is to go the opposite of beta and say of course i bring girls back and although it’s never derailed me and i’m sure saying no i don’t would It just still seems to consistently stifle the mood.

    Have you encountered this? Do you have a good way to plow through? All your advice is strong as fuck and thoughtful so i’d love to hear your take on these obstacles.


    – O’Connor

    • rule #1 of frame control: just because someone asks a question, doesn’t mean you have to answer it. rule #2 of frame control: every “hostile” question you are asked says something about the insecurity of the other person, it says nothing about you, so don’t talk about yourself, address the other person and their insecurity, they have just tipped their hand. rule #3 of frame control: answering a question with a question is the most effective way of reframing the topic to your advantage.

      a great example by roissy:

      girl in your apt: [feeling insecure] are you a manwhore? do you do this all the time?
      oconnor: of course, baby [with a grin]
      girl: [getting turned on despite herself] you asshole. [then proceeds to suck your dick]

      so you seen, your answer is pretty good, because it is alpha sincere, shows preselection, is bad ass, blah blah. maybe with one out of ten girls, she might get offended and leave. but probably not in today’s world.

      however, if you feel the girl might be a bit more skittish, and might react badly, try the reframe:

      girl in your apt [feeling insecure}: are you a manwhore? do you do this all the time?
      oconnor: oh baby, are you feeling jealous? [with a grin] don’t be. tonight you’re mine. come here and give me a kiss.
      girl [feeling both soothed and turned on, because you didn’t deny that you are a stud and didn’t supplicate, but you also addressed her emotional insecurities and showed your “big daddy” affection]: *kiss*
      oconnor: good girl [and you proceed to throw her on the bed]

      so there you go. for more tough, sexual girls, be the bad boy. for the more introverted, skittish girls, do what i call “baby girl game”.


  15. krauser you think instances of not pushing through lmr hard enough can ultimately blow your chances of the future lay?

    reconnected with a girl through fb hadnt talked in 8 years. she had a crush on me. saw eachother at a party last night, and i had her drive me and my friend home. ended up in bed w her. Sucked her tits, rubbed her pussy through her pants…and we made out hard. But she was putting up resistance, pulled my hand away when i went for her twatter. WOuldnt let me take her shirt off. She said something about she doesnt sleep around. it was 5 am i was fucking wiped and might have been able to blast through it, but ultimately i was just exhausted. Im bangin a 19 yr old right now so i was also pretty outcome independent.

    I wonder if not sufficientl;y burning through lmr is a common way of losing lays. However i literally recconected with her like 8 hours prior to this. So i can respect legir lmr. I wasnt unagressive, but i probably could have tried to get in her pussy a few more times. I was honestly running on fumes. Shes 26, at that stage of getting her life together.

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  17. What’s your thoughts on manscaping Krauser? Seems today that man have gotten serious into taking care of their looks. You should write a post about the subject. I think it has some connections to game.

  18. I agree with being manly, has a great impact. Thanks for showing us the how!

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