I bang my first 29 year old Italian school teacher

June 18, 2013

I’m very much into Mediterranean girls with their big thick black hair, dark eyes and olive skin. Doesn’t matter if they are Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, whatever – so long as they have the wop blood in them I’ll overlook their lazy hand-waving debt-repudiating cultural handicaps and focus on the dusky beauty.

I like wop girls. Wop men not so much. They are just half-adult mummy’s boys.

However I have trouble actually snagging a hot wop despite the aforementioned economic troubles causing a veritable flood of ’em entering London to work at Caffe Nero. They now seem to outnumber the East Europeans. Getting attraction is easy, getting them away from their social circle-selected boyfriend another matter entirely. A conundrum.

but a low eight

but a low eight

So I’m walking through Leicester Square one sunny Sunday afternoon with Bhodi when I spot a seated Chinese girl I can set him on. That set hooks so I wander off towards Trafalgar Square and soon find just what I’m looking for: tall, slim, pretty, introverted and… woppy. I open telling her she looks Portuguese and it’s a strong hook from the off. All green lights. She’s full of energy and trying just as hard to make conversation as I am. My woptimism grows. After about ten minutes I take the number and suggest a coffee. Text game is easy.

Me: Hey. It was nice to meet you. Are you always so friendly to strangers?

Her: It was nice to talk to you, I’m glad you stopped me for a chat… very brave!

Me: [next day] It’s a lovely day 🙂 I’m off to the park with friends.

Her: Nice! Beautiful day! unfortunately today is house viewing day for me.. can’t enjoy the sun properly! Fingers crossed for tomorrow… Enjoy the park and the lovely sun! 🙂

Me: Thanks hon. Good luck.

Me: [later that evening] How’s the viewing.. you still deciding between a palace and a cardboard box?

Her: Hahaha! I’m more oriented on the cardboard box at the minute! 🙂 how was your day at the park?

Me: Sunny. Just having a beer now. Is tomorrow good? About 5pm

Her: Fine with me! Let’s see the weather and decide where to meet… what do you reckon?

Me: Sure. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

The sun is shining so I take the wopportunity to meet her in the park. It’s just so on, so fast. She’s giving me green lights on everything. We lie on the grass by the lake and within five minutes I pull her down next to me and another five pass before we’re kissing. I’m now left with a dilemma of whether I should try to take her home this date. I resist. Generally speaking if you fuck a Euro-girl on the first date or earlier its a one-off and she won’t be back. That’s not an iron rule but you’ve set the frame of adventure sport sex and she might demur from a repeat. Seeing as my goal is to build a rotation I hold fire and just keep it clean. Comfort, a walk, a drink and then send her home after two hours.

I’d been seeding the next date of her coming round to cook me Italian food. She’s jumping at the chance. At no point did any of this feel like reaching for it. So two days later I meet her in town, walk her through a nice mom’n’pop Italian grocers for supplies, then the bus to my place. I’ve fucked her before we even unpack the shopping bags. Literally just did the house tour ending in my room and she was all over it once her ass hit my bed.

It’s nice when it goes easy.

It’s easy to be playful with this girl too. She’s got a very pleasant chatty demeanour and takes the banter brilliantly. So while she’s cooking she lets slip that she used to work for an NGO. A proper do-gooding lefty. She’s 29 now and mostly grown out of it but I still mercilessly rib her for the next hour with every non-PC comment I can muster. Then I fuck her again and send her home.

There’s not much in the way of learning points here. She was a Yes Girl from the very first moment so I just had to recognise that, restrain myself from overgaming, and shuttle her along the path to sex.


  1. The use of “woptimism” and “wopportunity” make this LR one of your best.

  2. But the use of “video proof” makes this LR even better 😀 Thumbs up from Denmark!

  3. Nick as you’re no longer posting approach videos, andas the risk of coming over all aspergic on you, I was curious what your current best practice for opening indirect direct is – you say in the LR “I open telling her she looks Portuguese and it’s a strong hook from the off”

    Is this the format you’re using (cribbed from your LSS street talk and daygame nitro and pasted direct from my personal game notes):

    “Hi, how is your English?” OR ”Hi, can I just say something…” Hold eye contact…”I was just over there having a coffee with my friends” Point back the way you came… “and I just saw you and…I wanted to tell you… you look really Russian…” Look at her from top to bottom… “ It’s your long silky hair, your crazy eyes, and your high heels.”

    Would you say that is how you opened the wop chick? [More or less. I don’t change it much. K.]

  4. “My woptimism grows.” — ha!

    this is the sound of a man in a good mood.

  5. “I’m glad you stopped me for a chat… very brave!”

    this is a great learning point. just stopping her the way you did — direct, not indirect — shows you are not afraid of her woppy beauty, and that is a huge DHV.

    excellent work. it all comes so easily to you now! three years of intense dedication to your craft.

  6. They understand “patriarchy” and know how to keep men happy. Well the good ones anyway.

  7. Nice one Nick

    Well handled.

    Quick opinion, I’m in Essex yesterday and open with a blond just out of Waitrose, the less artificial looking kind and stop with her ”

    Excuse me, I saw you in there and thought you looked very attractive, like maybe you do dancing or something like that..?”, she gives fuck all int he way of conversation back.
    I’ve noticed the girls on this side of town as opposed to city seem to be a bit more ready to dash lol, it’s in the body language. Maybe I unnerve them somehow,however I get why you made that comment about Essex girls a while back.

    What’s your thoughts?

    • Ignore the first minute if not first 5 minutes of a direct open – plough plough plough until she crosses her legs or hooks. Your feet are encased in concrete.

    • Be more specific, that ‘maybe u dance or something’ try, i noticed when u walked past me u waved your hair, it looked incredible in the sunlight, i took it as a greenlight, as u waved in my direction, and I figured I’d kick myself all day long in regret if I didn’t take this unique time to at least say hi’, she’ll respond differently to a specific, then capture her out of the shock she’ll be in with something more friendly, ‘so u out shopping, maybe leisure time, etc?’ then start with challenging her frames, cos her answers will be typically womany answers…’oh, no, i’m just heading to my car’ u reply with something ‘oh, i had a car, but it’s too big, it was a jeep, i used to go the beech and screw it all day long up and down there, ya know’ throws a bit of sexual undertext in there. [I wouldn’t do it this way. K.]

      • Yeh, it’s just a general principle, not a working model, it’s an attempt to get his creative juices flowing, bring some humour into his approaches and accept the rejections and move on.

  8. The girl in the picture looks blackish rather than woppish.

  9. Seems like conditions were woptimal.

  10. You’ve got it all on your face and hair. Go and wop that mess up.

  11. Perhaps when you next see her you could take to the wopera.

  12. Wop the hell are you all talking about?

  13. She certainly doesn’t seem like one of those sexually woppressed types.

  14. Damn your puns, I’m []opting out of this pun game

  15. As a Greek man I can attest to how easy mediterranean girls are.They have outer layers of social conservatism in their home countries which of course goes out of the window when they move to Western Europe. And Nick ,please, be more respectful to other european nationalities. I consider myself an Anglophile but your stereotyping makes me shiver. May i remind you that the only ally of the UK during the first stages of WW2 (Blitz) was Greece. Anyway, keep up the good work. [I’m an equal opportunities racist. When I knob a jap, chink, towelhead or squarehead I’ll blog it too. K.]

  16. Ha ha Krauser, one of my exes is from Italy and currently lives in London. I keep waiting to see if she’ll appear in one of your lay reports. Though she’s very healthy/health conscious she might be out of your ideal age range by now (she’s early 30s now).

  17. Wop goes around, comes around.

  18. Oh, and they’re right to repudiate the unearned, funny-paper, banker-manipulated, politically inspired “debt.” Indeed, the Icelanders didn’t go far enough in dealing with their banksters, they should have hunted them down and shot them. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” for the inside dope on how such international usury works.

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