I bang my first vengeful Brazilian wife

February 15, 2013

I’m still in a small town in Brazil, marking time before hitting Rio. Outside the sun is so oppressive that even the locals are indoors, collapsed on sofas with the fans humming. My buddy Suave suggests we hit a couple of bars towards midnight just as an excuse to get outside. So we roll up. On the way in some girl eyes me up. Standing at the bar another girl eyes me up as she walks past holding her boyfriend’s hand. “Brazil must be the only country in the world where I’ve gotten approach invitations” I tell Suave. Really, I just never get them. Every piece of attraction I get must be earned through game.

but bigger tits

but bigger tits

Standing outside an hour later some curvy black chick ambles past and gives me a long solid look. Really solid. I ask Suave if she’s a whore, it seems too strong to be legit. She doesn’t have the tart look and he says no she’s just a normal bird. Ten metres away I can see her still looking at me intensely, like I do when the new Bioshock is released. Hmmmm. Couldn’t rate her higher than a six but she’s got big tits and a Brazilian ass. Also, I don’t fuck enough black girls. I wave her over and she comes obediently.

It’s immediately apparent she doesn’t speak a word of English. She blabs on in some monologue the jist of which is she’s not a whore, she won’t have sex with me, but she’s just had an argument with her husband and stormed out the house and wants to talk to people. What’s that rule in Game?

When a woman tells you unbidden that she won’t have sex with you, it means she’s thinking of having sex with you.

I look at Suave. He shrugs. We know this is there for the taking.

A surreal conversation ensues in which I speak English against her Portuguese and neither of us has any idea what’s going on except the pieces Suave translates. She suggests we go for a drive somewhere. While waiting for Suave to bring his car up next to hers I kiss close. About ten minutes in. Then we follow him home to his buddy’s house I’m staying at. He leaves on the pretext of picking up a girlfriend and then me and the girl just sit in the front seats of her car listening to samba on the radio and sharing a can of Brahma.

and a car

and a car

There’s really very little to write about this. I needed no Game beyond recognising she’s up for it and then escalating correctly. I’m a talker but this didn’t even need words, relying upon me saying any old shit in a low seductive tone while eye fucking her. Soon we are on the back seats and she gives perfunctory LMR before I’ve got her riding me. It’s very very good sex. Squalid and dirty, me slamming her hard while I push her face into the seat, little moans of “ai ai” coming out her mouth like a metronome. I’m fucking some girl who picked me up on Valentine’s Day after an argument with her husband.

What did he do wrong? The chocolate wasn’t expensive enough? The reservation at the restaurant too close to the kitchen? Poor guy.

The sheer squalid lunacy of the situation appeals to me. Not one to miss a moment I make sure some of my cum misses her tits and face and hits the windows. Clean that off in the morning, hon. And don’t forget to pick up the condom off the floor before you give the car keys back to hubby.

This is what its like for good-looking guys. A girl goes to a bar DTF and then comes onto a guy she likes the look of. So you isolate, escalate and fuck. There’s no game at all. I will now no longer listen to good looking guys on anything except calibration and escalation. They don’t know what its like to actually win a girl over.

This was child’s play. Its a shame that when I return to Europe, I’ll return to reality.

* No idea of her age, or name, or anything else. Could be anywhere between 25-35. She wasn’t very happy when I pulled up my trousers, said thanks for the ride home, then disappeared inside to sleep.


  1. Your stories rival Roosh’s. But he seemed adamant that learning some Portuguese really upped your chances in Brazil. Sounds like you don’t know a word of it. And got two fucks in two days. Any insight appreciated from someone who can’t wait to go to Brazil.

  2. Even in England one can score with women who have just had a tiff with their husband, and fairly easily, however, unfortunately escape is not that easy: seduction is like a game of billiards; its not enough to just pot the red, you have to get that cue-ball back into a safe and useful position for the next shot, I always think.

    Did you feel safe in Brazil, Krauser?: South America always makes me feel nervous. I am not sure I would venture there, although, as a child, the door-to-door Onion Salesman always said someone with my complexion would do well there.

    • I agree with Opus.

      South America, especially Colombia has made me nervous to even think about visiting there.

      Only place in South America I’d do is Argentina and maybe Guyana.

  3. Good Report Nick,
    I had this argument with Roosh with one of his posts and might as well mention it here as it’s relevant.

    There’s really no such thing as a universally good looking guy. What really matters is finding your location or niche that women will love you on naturally and capitalize on it.

    Different types of girls fall for different types of guys. i know this for a fact. I’ve never seen a hot Essex girl for example, go out with a guy who didn’t look like a ‘Joey Essex’ or at least didn’t dress up like him.

    My cousin understands this and consistently goes for the same spots in London because he figured out what types of girls will fall for him. Granted, he’s since started to clean up his act a little bit as he wants to find a better quality girl and settle down lol

    But i can also say from experience that i’ve had the same thing happen. I’ve been told i’m quite good looking and have had some places where no girls gave me a second glimpse and other places where i was getting looks left right and centre (Camden Town)

    Brazil may likely be your niche Nick… I won’t be surprised at all if you get at least 5 more lay reports in a few weeks 😉

    • Yeh I live in Essex and i’ve noticed that can be a pattern mate. I found the girls you meet in London are generally more interesting.Nick’s appreciation for foreign girls makes a lot of sense.

  4. What? No “comfort”? You bastard! I’m just trying to learn soft-dominance from you ….and THIS!! Oustanding!

  5. Being white is awesome pretty much anywhere there isn’t much of us or Muslims (bar Indonesia i hear).

  6. “They don’t know what its like to actually win a girl over.”

    well said.

  7. how do you go about winnning girls over [Step 1: don’t expect people to just hand you everything on a plate. K.]

  8. you fuck niggers?

  9. Pretty funny Nick! God bless ya. I can imagine your shocked face as this was brewing!

  10. Maybe Brazil is your niche, for whatever reason. I doubt it’s just because you’re white.

  11. Krauser, I came across a post of yours on the LSS from September 2012 where you wrote about having an off-vibe and being uncalibrated/”aspie”, and you recommended some reading material that I believe you haven’t mentioned on your blog before. Any chance of expanding that advice into a blog post?

  12. Hey Krauser – do you really get no approach invitations at all in Europe, or are you exaggerating a little to highlight the effectiveness of your game? I’m in my 40’s and still get a (slowly diminishing) number of IOI’s from attractive females nearly every day (not boasting, shows what a chump I am that I still only get laid once in a blue moon). In some of your videos I’ve seen girls fixing their hair looking at you as they walk past when you’re in the middle of a set – but I guess that would be ‘social proof’ and the fact you are talking to an attractive woman.

    I notice you don’t do those hidden cam videos anymore. You’re famous for giving the most sophisticated and detailed analyses of approaches. Perhaps to make a little more income from your PUA expertise you could offer to break down (privately) the approaches of readers that they have recorded on their hidden cams. Not everybody can or wants to attend bootcamps – this might be a popular alternative for them.

    BTW, I’m not sure that you need budget airlines, but Easyjet are starting flights to Moscow this spring. It would be monumental to see you have a crack at Moscow girls!

  13. just a fun observation in your lay reports, from the 21 year old serbian volleyball player, you went older…and older…

    21, 24, 28, 31, ? [Quite unplanned. K.]


  14. For the same reason, I never listen to White Anglo guys who get laid here in South East Asia. Their game is just being white. Same in Japan. There may be questions about you doing EE girls as well, Krauser. I know you disagree. Just saying. Been to London. The English girls are not all that bad looking as you claim.

  15. I live in SE Asia. You need game to get girls. Local guys are generally beta, supplicating to their girlfriends so there’s an expectation from girls in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong especially that if they pout and shit-test, they’ll get their way. Until I learned game, I was all over the place. Now it’s clear I can target and last year my notch count was 11 with half under 30. All 7 or above, professional, buying me gifts, banging me, hanging off my every word. That takes game.

  16. Dude, I’ve been here longer than you can imagine. You want to meet decent 7’s and above in their 20’s…you need game. You want to meet a domestic helper…”Hello” is an opening line.

  17. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China: Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore. If you’re talking about meeting up with domestic helpers or “Enthusiastic amateurs” in Bangkok bars, Jakarta—different story. But women in the cities and countries I’m talking about aren’t sluts and aren’t seeking passports. They need to be gamed.

    • Can’t speak about Mainland China or taiwan, but Singapore? Really? Singapore? You’ve done that there? You’re aware that women in these countries have a white guy fetish, right?
      Do you think you could pull this off in England, Aus, U.S. or Canada?

  18. Is that what you’ve read? Or what you discovered while backpacking in your flip-flops? Or have you actually lived in Asia?

    • I’ve done projects in asia over periods of a few months in the days I used to work instead of being on the dole. I’ve seen white guys get hit on in the bars here. All they need to do here is “not be wierd or creepy.” I am also revisiting Asia this month. White guys still kill it here. Need to be back in the states by the end of the month to collect my welfare check in person. How the hell to Euro welfare cases get their welfare payments while living in Asia for months on end? Anyway, you did not answer my question regarding whether you think the “game” that you have will help you have a harem in the Anglo world.

  19. Have you seen Brent Smith’s videos on youtube? He is all about women pursuing… do you think he’s legit?

  20. “There’s really very little to write about this. I needed no Game beyond recognising she’s up for it and then escalating correctly.”

    Arrgh…even that is difficult for some dudes.

    Let me say though, your story sent me reeling. I lived in Paraguay for a couple of years, and we too drank lots of Brahma…the girls in Paraguay aren’t nearly as down for random hookups though.

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