When deep conversion goes wrong, it does so dramatically

November 26, 2012

I’ve had alot of emails asking me for the inside track on Deep Conversion / Soul Collection, as I’m constantly talking around the subject on this blog. Yes I have a fully fledged how-to theory and yes it’s broken down into six one-hour powerpoint presentations. Yes I could write a book about it.

Yes, I turned down seconds.

But really, I’m not going to share this information. It’s powerful stuff and very damaging in the wrong hands. Sometimes those wrong hands are my own. Consider this message from a girl I hadn’t heard from at all since dumping her:

It’s bad enough that I sometimes create such bad feeling. Women are no angels. For as long as they are allowed to vote, drive and own shares then they’ll have to also be responsible for their own lives. So I’m not beating myself up over this one. But I’m not sharing.


  1. Hmm, this is food for thought….
    Krauser it’s good of you to share the negatives too;
    not presenting your life falsely by use of selective editing.
    I don’t recall exactly how you told her you won’t continue with her.
    Did you just tell her something like ‘I’ve lost my initial passion’?
    Do you suppose in a situation like that one it might be kinder to lie to her about why you won’t see her again? I’m not suggesting it, just wondering …

  2. Pat yourself on the back, she’s suffering from the classic 5 minutes of alpha.

  3. This is the reason why I always shake my head at the “leave them better than you found them” hamsterization tossed around the pua community. Many young, feminine girls will inevitably get hurt when you move on. They make their own choices, but comfort routines are designed to give targets false hope that you might commit to them or that they are somehow special to you.

  4. Of course she wouldn’t have left any beta schlubs feeling the equivalent in her time.


    You get what you give out whether you realise it or not

    • My sentiments exactly. I’ve lost count how many news articles i’ve read of beta guys in the same situation and being threatened of harassment while she goes out and gets porked by a local thug.
      To quote from ‘The Game’: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

  5. I get this kind of stuff quite a bit and being honest with them can cause even more damage than using the false ‘comfort routines’. I routinely explain to women (once I’m confident I will or have porked them) that I am a cad and bounder but many then see it as a kind of challenge or just ignore what I am saying. In fact it happens so often that I’ve developed a pre-empting defence against it. You may laugh but I once had a girl call me every week for over a year until I came back to the country. I told her I was engaged and she still kept hassling me. I had another one recently who called me over 30x after I dumped her and another two that keep offering sex as a way to get into my favours. You can get fed up with this.

    I have three points.

    1. You can pre-empt by looking out for statements/question that imply that she expects monogamy or worries that you are seeing other women. It’s usually the beginning of the end then. Don’t listen to a word they say directly but look out for these signs in their behaviour.

    2. As Krauser as outlined before, the best policy is to go radio silent and let her deal her way through the birth pangs of alpha widowdom alone so she can get over it. I absolutely despise these cunts who try and ‘be the nice guy’ by keeping in touch and ‘helping’ her through it. These callous wankers know they are hurting her but they enjoy the feeling of power they have over the girl. There is nothing wrong with being a cad but there is no excuse for being an ill mannered egotistical low class cunt.

    3. Never ever ever ever date a still grieving alpha widow. Look out for the signs, when you see them (endlessly talking about an ex, receiving phone calls from him, mentioning a previous relationship that went wrong for an ‘excusable’ or ‘random’ reason) then try to screw her asap. If you can’t, then walk away. Don’t look back. She will only try and do to you what she thinks was done to her.

  6. OK with men who use “club sluts”, those who “put out” after some days (they are unlikely permanently damaged by this), but to deliberately manipulate a young, naive woman over months, creating a false connection? Extremely cruel. Like another said, good you show this, thank you for that. But it’s sad you blame her, please take responsibility.

    Painful to read, I can imagine how damaged she is by this.. I’m myself the innocent, shy, inexperienced (virgin), cute type. Luckily for me, I’m completely turned off by men who has had a lot of sex outside a relationship, to me it screams insecurity. I get the vibe from men like you that you’re very insecure and therefore need an almost constant supply of sex to feel “macho”. It’s like you’re empty inside, and build up a persona you are not. Women don’t fall for who you really are, but who you portray or want to be. Maybe you can only have shallow relationship (using techniques) and no women loves you for who you are, I think it’s sad for you too. But for this girl, sex is probably connected with love, and to be used like this when she has hope for more, it’s extremely damaging. She will feel totally worthless, like trash to be thrown out. She may not trust men anymore to love her for who she is, and not because of her being a “conquest”.

    Men like this say I have “bitch shield” because their ego is so huge, they can’t possibly understand there can be something wrong with THEM. To me, manly man is someone who shows his worth by being intellectual and show he is not impulsive, has selfcontrol, he cares about quality. A “PUA” seems very unmanly to me, he is compensating, and is probably bitter and hurt in the past (maybe a bad woman was cruel to him). He is cruel to innocent good women, they start to distrust men, may turn into “bad woman” and hurt men, the cycle continues. It’s a sad superficial world, I almost lose hope. Hope exists a real man who is confident without needing sex to prove his worth, traditional role model that was lost in this modern world. Nothing would make me feel more feminine than to be with a man like that. Even if he’s virgin.

    • ‘Hope exists a real man who is confident without needing sex to prove his worth, traditional role model that was lost in this modern world. Nothing would make me feel more feminine than to be with a man like that. Even if heโ€™s virgin.’

      Try the Hijra community in India.

      • I don’t want feminine man at all. How many people you “bang” is not what shows how man you are. He has to be traditional, conservative, intelligent, strong man, who knows he can get a woman, but doesn’t need to, he doesn’t need to prove how macho he is. He simply is manly! This is the highest quality man. Like man in the 50s. Did my comment hurt your feelings? ๐Ÿ™‚

        Anyway, Krauser, thank you for not showing the techniques to create deep false bond. It shows you are not COMPLETELY sociopathic. But I hope understand what this does to a innocent, good woman…

      • deep conversion?

        high-status guy from rich country does not need to run any deep conversion in poor country ๐Ÿ™‚

        just sextext her, fuck her good after and she feels in love [I guess if it’s that easy, there won’t be any guys in the UK whining they can’t get laid. They’ll all just go to EE and fuck supermodels. K.]

        just too bad she fell for sociopath

    • You don’t understand men at all. Worse, you are giving the vibe that you don’t *want* to understand men and would rather create a man in your own image. You seem like the type of woman who would be offended if you knew your man had watched porn.

      The human brain doesn’t run on magic, it runs on biochemistry. Men and women are biochemically different, and this creates different attitudes towards sex.

  7. I read a maxim on Heartiste’s that says something like “game is as sincere as its practitioner’s intent”. Fully aware that my intent may not be too sincere all the time (I’m still in the early stages of learning), is there a possibility that you might pass down this soul collection theory to someone so it doesn’t die with you. I understand that game is game, that all these funky names are actually repackaged fundamentals already taught out there. But still, I’m just curious…

  8. Can you run deep conversion whilst also dropping in the “I only see you as a piece of ass” at the same time?

  9. There’s only one person I’d want to do this to – my oneitis, I guess. Does the fact that she’s my oneitis make it impossible to do deep conversion on her?

  10. Good reason to publish anyway: I’ve messed up deep conversion more than once becaue I didn’t know what the hell i was doing, didn’t even know it was possible. Instruction from someone who actually knows how to do it right would have been good.

  11. Ugly…
    Poor chick – I really pity her, especially she’s not one of UK-bitches and been abused once.

    Hopefully, she will not find your blog – that might truly kill her.
    How about taking both posts offline, Krauser?

  12. You are right, this stuff can ruin people’s lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. But many people who come across your blog like myself are not into the pua community and are religious and only looking to get married. Completely against everything you say, yet we can benefit from your advice. We come here to learn because the stuff written here cannot really be found anywhere else.

    That is slowly starting to change with the LTR and marriage game blogs, but they are often softened up.

    I understand you being hesitant but I wish I could learn what you know.

  13. She deserves what happened to her. And in fact, there is no payback time for Krauser, she’s the one who is paying the price, most probably, for rejecting other men who would treat her better.

    • stupidity on her side, right

      but deserves? come on man, noone deserves shit like that

      this is work of sociopath

      • Exactly, she is a sociopath.

      • Um… why? I’m not seeing any evidence of “…a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood” in her post. She sounds like a normal person.

  14. Does your deep conversion ever involve disciplining a woman?

  15. With great power comes great responsibility – personally I would not want this on my conscience. Lots of guys bitter at women and looking for vengeance but it’s really nature that is fucked up. Despite their flawed nature I can’t help but feel sympathy in situations such as this. Having suffered heartbreak I’m not anxious to inflict it on others but perhaps I am unusual in the respect. I’m interested to see where the discussion of ethics in pickups leads to. Fascinating blog btw – pretty much read it in it’s entirety.

  16. Perhaps I’m too much of a beta chode, but even though I know more or less exactly how this feels, and even still feel it, I’m still not going to go about systematically ruining peoples’ lives just to get my end away.

    The game indeed is a piece of shit.

    • Indeed. Maybe someone needs to invent “ethical game”!

      • Ethical game is something of a fool’s errand. It requires you to take responsibility for all possible outcomes of unintended consequences from seduction, and in many cases, preempt actions leading to these consequences. It requires you to burn down a relationship if the differential of inner game strengths is too large, unless the weaker strength is looking for and agrees to a mentor/mentee relationship with the stronger.

        The closest example I can find to ethical game is with those practitioners of natural method (principles based) who have developed a high proficiency in inner game before starting mastery in outer game. I doubt there are many in the community that would find that seduction juice worth the squeeze.

  17. Is it possible to undo the effects of Deep Conversion by going full Beta in front of her eyes after some time?

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