Ask yourself if your PUA method is a load of shit

November 26, 2012

A few weeks ago Roosh was in town so me and my buddy Steve had a few beers with him. It turned into quite a spirited chat on travel, girls and game. One topic was on what I label “value-based game“. Much of pick up teaching is focused on the in-set technical behaviours that are meant to shuttle you through the stages of your model. Taken to extremes this can lead you to becoming an approach machine, obsessing over micro-managing your technique and over-thinking it all. I’m all in favour of getting the technique right but lets not kid ourselves over it’s importance.

Men can mentally undress women in seconds. No amount of makeup and careful fashion styling can fool a sober man in the cold light of day. We are hard-wired to deconstruct a woman’s facial symmetry, proportions, posture, body fat, skin elasticity and so on. Where her grooming hides something we are instinctively attuned to watch for any movement, gesture or ray of light that fills in that blank. Put simply, men know how to assess the physical value of a women very very quickly. And once sussed out, 90% of women have already been screened in or out. It’s only in the grey areas, at the fringes of indecision, where grooming is make or break (extreme faux pas aside).

A low-value PUA method

Women are the same. They are hardwired to sniff out your value. If you don’t have it, all the technique in the world won’t save you. Being overly reliant on technique makes you one of those clowns running up and down Oxford Street opening 100 women in order to get one lay with the 95th-ugliest of them. As I’ve said before, you do have to put the time in. Just keep it in proportion while you also work on your value.

Unfortunately, marketing a PUA method towards the Technique Junkies is an easy sell. It requires the student ask few hard questions of himself and make few changes to his life. You may think you are giving it 100% by going out several times a week but unless you are assessing your whole life pattern, chances are you’re setting yourself an Ego Trap to avoid dealing with the main issues, issues that are still to painful to address.

The PUA industry has created its own little sub-ecosystem of junkies and enablers. Small companies of pretenders use smoke ‘n’ mirrors marketing guff to get technique junkies to pay to feel like they are really making changes. Think of it as the PUA version of a strip mall ninjitsu / tae kwon do club – the teachers pretend to teach and the students pretend to learn. If enough cheques clear, the student advances up the belt structure until he’s a fully-fledged blackbelt…. who can’t fight. This business model works because it requires little skill from the instructors and neatly sidesteps all the tough grind for the students. In sharp contrast, the attrition rate in a BJJ or boxing gym is horrendous. The brutal ego destruction students receive first time they step on a BJJ mat is enough to send most of them back into the fantasy world of the Karate Kid.

Youtube is full of promo come-ons for rubbishy instructors. My dear readers should be sufficiently savvy to recognise a two-bit operation when they see one so I’ll resist the urge to point and laugh. Women can sniff out the men who aren’t getting laid. Before you hand over money to a coach just size him up and ask yourself “does he look like the kind of guy a hot woman would fuck”?

* EDIT – I removed direct references to one particular company and instructor.


  1. I hope everybody else cringed as much as I did while watching this. If not, … may the gods help you.

  2. The reason why 99% of PUA methods are B.S. is that the sellers are trying to tell you there is a shortcut to greatness. Imagine if some fellow rolled into town, walked into the local bar and said: ” If you sign up for my course today (50% off if you sign up now!) I will teach you the tricks and stratagems that will allow you to win this years FA Cup! If this scenario ever took place in a UK bar the seller would find himself on the sidewalk, picking up his teeth with broken fingers. Why? because a pitch like that is complete shite. Remaking a man is a lot of work…it’s only for those with spines of steel. If you have taken the Red pill…I mean really taken the pill (licking it does not count) your spine should harden quite quickly. Put in the hours boys!

  3. Absolute clowns.

    First time i’ve watched the unconvincing threesome video.

    I’m sorry it has to be said….If that little turd is having threesomes and foursomes with desirable women, i’m Santa Fucking Claus.

    It does make me angry because idiots like this are denigrating the fine and beautiful art of pick up, which at its purest is a heart stoppingly beautiful real connection between man and woman. And it SHOULD mean something to you, even if just fleetingly.

    It makes me sick.

    Talentless little pricks trying to whore money.

  4. I bet he gets a lot of onesomes.

  5. Wtf is wrong with that jordan PUA shirt. It looks like a strange fit. It gives him a bit manboobs. No worse… put your finger over his face at a static shot. He looks like a woman. The effect is so odd.

  6. That looks like a woman’s jacket he’s wearing.

    Why did you scrub out the other post Krauser? About the stupid serb torn up about getting dumped. Don’t be a pussy, show the ugly side too. [Wait a day or two. K]

  7. LOL!

    Have you seen some of the comments on the video?

    Here are some of the funniest!

    “WTF – how many guys are now self-named PUA’s!!?? his look….lol…your dressed like Hilary Clinton hahaha”

    “Can’t take a guy serious who dresses like my economics professor.

    P.S My economics professor is a female”

    “Im sure you get laid dude.. but seriously, here are my tips: 1) Your Gran wants her coat back; 2) Stop putting ferrets down your pants, and relax on the fidgeting; 3) Stop talking like you are addressing nursery school children… unless they are your targets! :)”

    “That womans’ coat makes your head look overly large, your shoulder very narrow, your arms thin, and your tits..well it just makes you look like you have boobs.”

    “That coat makes it look like you have tits.”

    “Not to be offensive or anything but what do ppl mean when they say “tried” to commit suicide. Is it really that hard to kill yourself?”

    “Hahaha that is actually one of the funniest YouTube comments I’ve ever read! So funny. What on earth is that guy wearing?! Hilary Clinton? More like Kim Jong-Il from North Korea!”

    “Dude, you move about on your feet too often, I am a boxer and I don’t even move about as much as you do. Talking to you makes me feel like I am shadow boxing. “

  8. reading those comments was enlightening. Now compare it to the ones on your videos Steve, has socialkenny commented on this video

  9. the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    That’s probably what describes the PUA products the best.

    One of my good friends is a PUA instructor, and when he was starting out, he was shocked at how some of the “best” guys in the game are actually terrible with women, but are brilliant marketers. They know what you want to hear, they know how to get you to pay, and they operate in circles where they send each others users to one another for a little bit of affiliate commission.

    Sure, some, if not many of these guys want to help people, but you can’t help people while being broke as shit.

    Funny story – a very “well known” commercial PUA was upset that he was not ranked #1 in the “Top 10 PUAs of 20XX” list. So he paid another blogger to create his own. Shit like this is not uncommon

    • Wow… are you saying game also works on men? And some PUA teachings operate a bit like cults? A lot of paid stuff, or ‘free’ stuff that leads to paid stuff freak me out. A lot of manipulation.

  10. That was painful to watch. Your final assessment of ‘does he look like the kind of guy a hot woman would fuck’ is spot on and should be asked by any potential buyer of any seminar (although it seems like a joke entirely). Too bad the guys women want to fuck are all out there … fucking women.

  11. Stuff like this makes anyone who is interested in learning about PUA look foolish. Just a bad hat on the whole community.

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  13. BTW, who is Jordan PUA?

    And when y’all say PUA Method, is this in reference to PUA method the company out of the UK? I’m lost right now.

  14. I’m definitely not defending marketers, but look at it this way, marketers should be good with women in that when an average guy approaches a girl, he’s essentially marketing to her in order to win her over. So this is sort of a dichotomy that ppl would say that marketing PUA’s aren’t good with women.

  15. Where is the video you guys are referring to ? I can’t find any link in the article

  16. Too true man, too many guys teaching lessons, and many more with no skill worthy of doing such things.

    Peace and Love,


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