Zagreb diaries

October 10, 2012

First night in Zagreb is a thunderstorm. Excited teenagers huddle under shop awnings as their Sunday night plans are washed away. I head out to my favourite restaurant for steak and spend the rest of the night at my apartment, chatting on Facebook. Things unexpectedly perk up. Not only does my top girl confirm our Monday evening meeting but another cold lead, a stunningly beautiful Audrey Hepburn-alike, hits me up out of nowhere with “Hey, I see from your status you’re in Zagreb. Sorry I never replied to your messages but I don’t like Facebook chat. Do you want to meet?”. Fuck yeah, she’s a solid nine. I can’t stress enough how much she looks like Audrey Hepburn. It’s not a mere resemblance, she’s a spitting double. I hail mary all the other vaguely-warm Zagreb leads in my phonebook and get four responses out of ten but logistics eventually puts them all on the backburner.

I shit you not

Monday lunchtime Audrey shows up and we spend five hours drinking coffee, then whiskey and finally rum. It’s a funny old date. There’s no question she fancies me but I can feel a barrier and know it’s not on. Deep rapport is perfect and within two hours we are strongly connected and sharing alot of our identities. I really like this girl. But the kino isn’t there, she isn’t reciprocating the verbal escalation and she deftly maintains social distance. This presents something of a quandry. I can’t smoothly escalate but nor can I allow this date to end without making an unambiguous statement of intent. She has to know she’s dealing with a man, not a wuss. So three hours in I make my big move. I’m waiting for a hypnotic scanning moment but several times it almost happens and then she breaks it off just before it gets intense. So next time it happens I just tell her:

  • Me: I want to kiss you now
  • Her: You shouldn’t try
  • Me: *vacuum eyes*
  • Her: I can tell you why, if you want
  • Me: Tell me

She launches into a long explanation about how she does find me attractive and if I’d done this earlier in the year she’d have had sex with me but at the moment she’s hung up on her ex boyfriend and trying to get him back. Harumph! She orders another drink and I just go back to rapport and framing. My best bet is this is 50-50, when logistics clear. That’s better than the 0% I rated it 24 hours earlier. But we say our goodbyes and my mind quickly turns to Vampira (I’ll let a picture of her lookalike explain it)

One in the middle

She’s smoking hot. Properly jaw-dropping sultry beauty in a little ballerina-sized body. Imagine a slavic version of Penelope Cruz in From Dusk Till Dawn. Now this is how it looks when a girl is up for it! We meet in a whiskey bar at 8pm and she’s dolled up well and immediately giving me the eye. She’s in the fashion industry and looks it, dressed like a comic book siren. So I settle into my drink and just let things unfold. She’s knocking the vodka back fast. I know what that means. I hold position and let her come to me. Within an hour she’s climbing over me in the bar so I start looking towards extracting her. She insists on showing me a nearby bar which serves a blueberry liquor (tasty, as it happens) and agrees to the short five minute walk to my apartment giving herself the pretext that she wants to watch the Mad Max 1 rerun that starts two hours later. Pretty quickly she’s topless on my bed and I start breaking down the LMR.

It’s here that something just clicks into place mentally. I suddenly figure out what it is about this girl (and other previous girls) that I really liked sexually versus the girls who I quickly tired of. Vampira has a tight little ballerina’s body but her hips and breasts are almost bursting out of her clothes. They aren’t big per se but there’s a buxom quality to her proportions and skin tone. The closest analogy I can conjure is to imagine an inflated beachball. When fully (perhaps over-) inflated the rubber is struggling to contain the air pushing against it from inside and it takes on a tight stretched look with all the wrinkles pushed out of it. In a girl this is like smooth vibrant skin with good subcuteous fat and strong curves. The girl seems totally in bloom. This I like. Vampira had such a tight young body I was slavering like a hungry wolf. In contrast Myrka looked great in clothes but once they came off she had a slightly deflated look. The taut stretchy vibrance just wasn’t there. And that, dear readers, drains me of the will to fuck a girl.

I made a mental note of it then started biting her ass. “Harder, leave marks” she purrs.

Artist’s impression, yesterday

Just as I start yanking her tights down she tells me “I promised myself I wouldn’t go that far tonight”, and that’s that. I set her hindbrain against it but she’s not budging. So we roll around a bit having our jollies but I’m gonna have to wait another date to fuck her. Harumph!

Next day I drink coffee and fly home to the land of ugly women. God save the queen.


  1. Good stuff; a great read (you lucky bastard).

    I know what you mean about the inflated look
    and how it’s proportions (ratios?) as much as it is sheer size.

    Re the Audrey experience: timing, timing, timing (the eternal mystery, right?).
    We can only do so much, even when we fish in the best spots with the right bait.
    Odd how Audrey chose that day to make contact with you after all that silence before.
    Her timing seems contradictory (‘I ignored you back when I was available, but today I reached out when I’m unavailable’.) What do you make of that?

    Funny how when the time is right for her (any woman) she doesn’t notice or care that you need a shower, a shave, etc. and she just about knocks you down wherever you are at the moment.

    Seems to me a lot of what works is like advertising relentlessly (such as, cars, perhaps)
    and we can’t control who’s ready to buy and when.
    Only a ‘qualified buyer’ will do, but there are enough of those out there, and as long as we get enough of them (per week, month, etc), ‘we’re in business’.
    Like ‘The Tao of Steve’, we just have to maintain enticing contact but showing no more desire than she shows for us, and different ones will pounce at different times, when they are ready.

    What’s your opinion about all this, Krauser?

    Carry on old sod.

  2. Another good read – this is the inherent problem with these short foreign jaunts, you are working on very short deadlines, which necessarily starts making cracks in your non-needy frame.

    Your Hepburn is a very similar case to my 9 shy blonde. Both I am sure have the pick of men, both showing big IOIs with deep comfort, but a feeling over several hours together that its just not going to happen without long game over several weeks, time we just don’t have. Shy blonde I dated 4 times (!!) in 1 week simply because I was running out of time before flying out. This didn’t help me as I would ideally have cut all contact for a week or so to show who was running the show.

    Vampirela was also only being seduced on her schedule, something very typical in these slavic girls and very frustrating. I had Miss Ukrainian state runner up, with her dress up, horny as hell, on my bed fondling everywhere, tonguing down etc and she calls a taxi in the middle of it. It just wasn’t in her timetable of events to go further that night. And of course, next day I had to leave!

  3. The brilliantly awesome stories continue. I need to travel through Europe again. Keep it up K.

  4. Krauser, good stuff. I like how honest you are with the twists and turns – you admit you cannot pull certain girls because you are still developing. You are at a high level, and still some girls can leave a guy twisting for no real reason

    I’m assuming these are 21-23 year old girls. [20-23]

    I am trying to figure out why exactly a 22 year old girl would fuck a 37 year old man (I am close in age to you). The one or two things to focus on in my development

    Rollo Tomassi at Rational Male says a ’23 year old girl wants the best genetic material, and she determines this by a guy who most sexually arouses her when in her presence”

    Tomassi claims they are not looking for providers, let alone provider betas. Young girls are looking for men who sexually arouse them, and this increasingly means ‘good looks,’ a ‘hot guy’ [I don’t think this accurately paraphrases Tomassi. Anyway, it’s wrong. Behaviour arouses women. I don’t do “provision”. K.]

    Roosh basically agrees claiming young hot girls are most quick to fuck “a hot guy with muscles” [About half of them, the other half want gravitas.]

    Would you agree with this – I’d wager not, because you don’t seem to fit into this stereotype. I’m guessing it is really a socially dominant frame is the ultimate in getting a young girl to fuck.

    For example: The PUA Sinn claims “Authority” is the #1 trigger to fuck young girls, which ties in with social dominance. You demonstrate Authority/Social Dominance which leads to Compliance leads to fucking.

    In your experience, what is the single biggest reason why a 23 year old girl would fuck a 37 year old guy ? [Manliness. I am way more man than the boys she’s used to hanging out with.]


    • This past week, I banged 3 girls, 2 were in their 20’s. The 23 year old was a kind of 5, but I gamed her and she was really into rough blow jobs.

      The second was 25, a 7, big tits, short–like the one described here, more cute but sexy in her own way.

      Why did they bang a 47 year old? First, they never asked my age. Secondly ,I gamed them hard, third, a certain type of adventurous girl–not always overtly slutty and wild, often more introverted and thoughtful—want to explore and feel a more mature guy is better than the silly boys their age.

      Some things I say: “You want a boy or a man?” or I make up some ridiculous age and say I’m Benjamin Button, or I will say “Do boys your own age excite you?”

      That usually gets them off the question. Age is a shit test.

    • Krauser has muscles, he does MMA. The overall package can overwhelm any individual characteristics/attributes.

  5. I am a bit too late (28) to wake up to the realities of life [I too am a bit late… there, that’s corrected now. K.] ….your blog is helping me a lot and I have just begun to approach during the day..(no conquests yet) I have a question: I find it hard to open direct(in daytime I get too nervous to open with direct intent; I need to work on it), but I am quite good at opening indirect, and can lead the conversation anywhere I want. Thank God, I have a deep masculine voice, speak at a slow pace (maybe an outcome of being in a country where people don’t speak English), comfortable with eye contact and pretty grounded (sometimes a bit too much, need to work on it too, as in may be it’s better to show some excitement or speak faster), My question: how to turn an innocuous/friendly looking interaction(general talks/sometimes a bit of tease) into an unambiguous man-to-woman frame (as you described here with you telling her that you want to kiss her)…It’s a bottleneck..So my interactions end up with nothing other than a good/funny conversation with a stranger! Any quick-fix, other than going direct in the beginning itself? Thanks! [My book talks about how to do the subcommunication to create a flirty vibe. Also try Steve’s article on the importance of sexual state. Probably you just fear rejection so you stay in the safe zone of not making a move. K.]

    • Ted – Thats the holy grail of indirect daygame… sexualising a low risk indirect opener. You want to have your cake and eat it…risk nothing on an indirect opener and then magically segue into a sexual frame should she be receptive. Its the reason most daygamers graduate to indirect-direct after first 200 approaches or so. Torrero has a good video on it which you can look up.

      Its tough to do and needs lots of practice – I have my own secret blend by I suggest manning up sooner rather than later and going indirect-direct. Consult the KDGM at the top of this page which is a fine synopsis of his book.

  6. Whats your bench press Krauser? [I don’t lift. Don’t like weights. K.]

  7. Thanks Krauser and Alex..It’s a barrier I have to cross..I have been reading “game” stuff for quite sometime now…and still end up making the same mistakes, mainly of not taking a risk and expressing my intent and go to the end. But I am happy about even approaching and the positive reactions I have got from women desirable women who otherwise look unapproachable/busy/in their own world/bitchy/closed/sad. It’s like my “new” comfort zone where I know nothing “bad” is going to happen and hence I get afraid of taking the next bold step and possibly messing up the “good” but worthless state of the interaction. I need to go to the next level and get some meaningful results 😀 Cheers!!

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  9. It’s not Penelope Cruz, it’s Salma Hayek.

    Know your lady, mate. [Wops all look the same. K.]

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