Deep Conversion

September 12, 2012

Total submission of body and soul in which the woman trusts and admires you so much she presents her whole being to you to do as you please.

If there’s one thing I do better than everyone else I’ve ever met, and do to a level where I don’t think I need ever improve, it is to deeply convert a girl. I used to call it Soul Collection and I’d gotten halfway through writing a book on it before Skeletor persuaded me not to. There’s plenty of guys out there who are better than me at getting women whether its lone-wolfing in bars/clubs or creaming off the top tier girls with little effort. That’s fine. I do my best and it’s acceptable to me. Game isn’t about gangbanging supermodels every weekend, it’s about improving your access to women over and above what you’d otherwise get.

But sometimes I shake my head when I hear how little control some guys have over their women, ending in a lose-lose inverse/low polarity relationship rather than a win-win balanced maledomfemsub. As Tolstoy remarked in opening Anna Karenina:

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Done correctly courting and relationships are plain sailing. Done incorrectly the pressure builds and bursts out in all manner of unpleasant acting out from disobedient women, lost in existential directionless dread, and pissing and moaning from delusional men. Things like:

All four of these problems are real and unavoidable within their own terms and in very specific cases. I don’t deny the legal system is anti-male, nor do I deny the rigmarole of dealing with bitchy shit-testing women, or the deep-seated genuine differences between male and female hardwiring for love. But these are extremes. The men who suffer most are those who have conditioned themselves to be soft targets, oblivious to danger signals. Even in the depths of the Great Depression, male unemployment was never above 25%, meaning 3/4 of men had jobs. It’s the weak and stupid who bear the brunt so while it’s worth outlining exactly what that brunt is, don’t become obsessed with it. If you know how to deeply convert a girl you are managing the risk to almost zero. Listen to the lyrics of these two songs. This is what a deeply converted girl sounds like. It’s in their soul to crave it.

Most guys are simply incapable of inspiring this kind of total soul surrender and devotion in a women. Most women never get to feel it and instead must get off on Deep Conversion Lite through sugar-rush books like 50 Shades of Grey. It’s the difference between spinning plates with fuck buddies and having a genuine harem where all your girls are exclusive to you. The women aren’t aligning with you out of cold calculation or temporary strung-out groupie lust, the connection runs far far deeper and feels wholesome to both of you.

Done correctly deep conversion is the most satisfying experience possible between a man and a woman. So long as you keep the elements in place, it has no natural time limit. I had my ex-wife in this state for eight of the nine years we were together (losing it only when I lost my mojo) and I’ve had four girlfriends in the past two years in the same position. I’ve got a few more on the boil now. It’s really not very hard to do if you have the following core competencies in place:

  1. An unshakeably strong frame. You are special, you know you’re special, and your masculinity is stratospheric compared to the chumps around you.
  2. Cheerful misogyny. You love women but don’t take them seriously. This is more than just the attraction phase teasing. You genuinely believe women are more like dogs or children, meaning they are a delight when well-lead and a nightmare when left ill-disciplined without a pack leader. It’s empathetic but not weak or equalist.
  3. Direction. Your life must be a straight line in a Deida-esque manner. Whether it’s your music, philosophy, career, fitness your life contains several arrows pointing the same direction… towards building the archetype of a fully developed man. If you are one-dimensional the girl will hold back.
  4. Sexual mastery. Understand that women crave dominance above all else in the bedroom. Give her the kind of sex that penetrates her soul. This isn’t high-fitness sport sex and G-spot finding. Those men will keep a woman around as her sexual provider, the guy she goes to when she wants a good fucking, the bedroom equivalent of a qualifying beta chump. A sexual master rocks a girl psychologically so even a half-assed knee trembler in a public toilet has her dreaming for weeks afterwards. The girl dreams of pleasing him, not him pleasing her.

All four elements increase with age if you live your life correctly. I don’t want to write too much about it and certainly the book will never be released. Just be aware that it has it’s own ego traps, its own risks…. but it is possible. When you’re tired of the notch-carousel you might want to look into it.


  1. With respect to #4, do you have any special tips or tricks that would improve the psychological aspect of it?

    Also, presumably you have done this with girls 25 and younger. I fear that doing this with older girls will make them want to get married and have babies. Have you ever encountered that, or have you just made it clear from the outset that that is not even in the cards? Have they still wanted it anyway? [Did it once with a 29yr old and regretted it. Young girls have more time to waste and more to learn so the upside for them is higher and the downside lower. K.]

  2. Joining the ASF – do you have any tips for #4?

  3. I have followed a bit of what Krauser has been writing. A lot of it is on point. I have maintained a lot of psychological influence over a number of women over the years, and the thing I have found is this: You can never give women the impression that you WANT SOMETHING OF VALUE **FROM THEM**. You should only give women the impression that you HAVE SOMETHING OF VALUE TO **OFFER TO THEM**. Just that one change in the way you think will work wonders with your sexual success with women.

  4. Krauser I think you are right, soul collection is the true essence of game, and ultimately it’s a reflection of women truly want – surrendering to the ultimate man. I would have loved to have read your book, perhaps you can come through with a few more future blog posts instead?

    I agree with your four general points, but I am curious if you are somehow only going after a certain type that can be “deeply converted” by your own personal Krauser style of those points. Would love to learn more.

  5. Very few men are in a position to do this. It would require them to have a passion in life not just a job or boilerplate career. That’s probably less than 5% of the male population. I agree that this is exactly what women want. Its probably the reason why female hypergamy is raging. Women are searching for that which is in very short supply. Game can compensate and get you to sex. But something like soul conversion would be necessary to prevent the woman from straying.

    You’re a thinking man’s Gamer Krauser. I hope you tease us more with this.

  6. It seems one huge advantage in all of this is having lots of time. The long fb chats krauser posts are super time consuming when you’re a busy person. All the more reason to aspire to a non 9-5 lifestyle.

  7. Great post. I think #3 is key to all of it. You have to have your shit figured out before before you can adequately accommodate a woman in your life. Reading Think and Grow Rich and How to Win Friends and Influence People will probably do more for your game than most PUA books and seminars.

    As Napoleon Hill stated in Chapter 11:

    Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires.

    When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches.

    Also, as was pointed out, you can’t convert older girls with a ticking biological clock. After breaking a few hearts, I realized I had to switch to young girls if I was going to keep up my serial monogamy and not be a dick. I abide by the campsite rule and try to leave them a little better than when I found them. At least they know what a real man can be, as most 22 year olds are used to dating worthless 22 year old boys.

    • For real. I had my sights set on this 27 year old russian. Got the bang. But i was actually very interested in her as relationship material. Didnt work out…the frame testing is non stop and she could never give in and submit. Partially my inexperience with older women and partly her own paranoid worry about finding mr right. Younger women are so much more to bond and dont obsess about your job. Every girl i hit on ovet 25 not so subtly tries to get the low down on jow much i make…its a buzzkill. G

  8. “The men who suffer most are those who have conditioned themselves to be soft targets, oblivious to danger signals. Even in the depths of the Great Depression, male unemployment was never above 25%, meaning 3/4 of men had jobs. It’s the weak and stupid who bear the brunt so while it’s worth outlining exactly what that brunt is, don’t become obsessed with it. If you know how to deeply convert a girl you are managing the risk to almost zero.”

    BOOM. Utterly profound.

  9. Mate,

    Bookedmarked this. Solid stuff. Seems like you’ve ‘arrived’. Keep it up look forward to more.

  10. Would you be willing to email some of that stuff? [No. K]

  11. Krauser,

    This is probably a groundbreaking post for the community. I found your blog a few weeks ago through Heartiste. I’ve been coming back.

    I’d say “Deep Conversion” is similar to “Social Dominance”/ “Hard Dominance” in certain ways –

    Yet I’ve found that there is a dearth of info in Game community. There is tons of material on “Value Based Attraction” – DHV routines, or “Emotional Based Attraction” which is amping her buying temperature through teasing, and role plays. But not much on this kind of jedi mind control — which is probably more fundamental than anything to happiness for a man, and his girl.

    I’ve found no one is talking specifically about this kind of social dominance/hard dominance Game. And I think this may be one of your strengths – you touched on this a few weeks ago with your Hard Dominance post on the chavs in England.

    Agree with above commenters, would be interested in hearing more in future [There’s plenty of this stuff in my archives. Also try Alchemy42. K.]


  12. Bravo Krauser.
    It’s so refreshing to find this sensibility expressed (so well, in such a forum as this).
    Other high profile sites have gotten so tiresome in the last year or so
    (relentless toxic negativity, ignorance, immaturity, insecurity, illiteracy, superficiality, etc.).

    Krauser I’m looking forward to continuing to read your stuff.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    This kind of knowledge can be priceless (i.e., life-changing).

  13. dammit, release that book! BTW nice article

  14. why do you think RSD is about jumping through hoops? they talk about things like making the girl react to you rather than the other way round, and keeping a strong unapologetic frame with hard intent. doesn’t sound like jumping through hoops to me. [That’s why I linked the forum and not the DVD material. The DVDs are excellent, the forum is a cult-ish mess full of clowns. K.]

  15. I tend to acquire women slowly (lazy fuck that I am with women), but tend to get the deep-dive a high percentage of the time. Right now I have a girl 25 years my junior who is teetering on the edge of obsession with me. Fortunately I know enough to hold my ground and not let her inside the scheduling constraints I have set up. But it’s hard when she shows up on my doorstep like a horny puppy and would fuck me no discussion right there and I could send her home without a word. But that would only be rewarding behavior I don’t want (showing up unagreed-upon) so I send her along. Quality problems, I guess, the kind that are more of a challenge than a threat.

  16. This post is timely for me. Normally I’ve gamed hard and got the bang. I’ve tried something new with a girl i met through a friend of mine. We have a common interest. But I’ve gamed her and remained cool and aloof. I can see that she is now coming out to meet me, hanging out. I have kinoed her but largely left this as being interested, but not overly. This seems to be working. Not so much cocky funny—teasing, amused mastery, kino, but no sex talk, and meeting at club or public events. I had thought this was weak game. But after reading your post here and meeting up with her for our second outing last night, I texted her this morning to meet one-on-one for a hang out, photo exhibition, dinner thing. She replied within 10 minutes. I think that calibration is key. It doesn’t have to be overtly sexual right off the top, building up the mystery and surprise takes time but the fact that this girl is making herself exclusively available is a major IOI that up to now I had over-looked in my past gaming. Same principles: DHV, aloof, push-pull, teasing—but in varying levels. It doesn’t feel quite like my aggressive game but I’m still getting IOI’s, kino and compliance from her.

  17. Don’t understand – great subject you know a lot about, could shed some light on and earn yourself some cash – why would a friend dissuade you from that?

  18. I find that I share your attitude on many things. Really enjoyed this post. You are right – it’s not a common attitude or even interest to “soul collect”. You’d think the subject would interest a broader audience.

    What is keeping you from publishing your other thoughts on these subjects?

    • I am extremely interested in the deep conversion/soul collect.

      Do you have any post I should read or do you have an email address with which we could talk about it?

      • You can click on my icon to see my blog. Recently I’ve been talking about the themes of “love at first sight game”, and of incorporating emotions into dealing with girls instead of emphasizing being aloof.

        A few commentors have been trying again and again to get me to explain about how to get women to fall head over heels in love, and I keep trying, but don’t feel I’ve pinned down a system yet. I think it has a lot to do with wanting to.

  19. this is a hall of fame post. but the title should not be “deep conversation” but “how to be a real man” or something like that.

    “he girl dreams of pleasing him, not him pleasing her.”

    this observation is PERFECT.

  20. holy shit i read “conversation” not “conversion”. okay now it makes sense. great title. collect her soul. hell yeah.

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  22. Remember all this is virtually embrionic, have we even began to explore the true depths that is womens submission…thinks ‘principality’ my take is this world is desperately in need of breed of men who know they are men and know how to allow women to be women, as for ‘soul-collecting’ i read in a book date 1700 something on commerce, soul = money 🙂

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  25. This is top notch shit Nick.

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  28. This post is elitist.

    Anyone who actually practices game for long enough starts to understand this–you’re basically inflicting oneitis on a girl. Strippers have started to read ‘The Game’ to use on guys, psychopaths and other emotionless freaks have been doing this since time immemorial with a total disregard for the poor girl. Nobody is being protected here.

    The only thing you’re accomplishing by not posting is teasing your fans with ‘the holy grail’, sacrificing a small amount of bread, and feeding your ego by hiding your methods from scrutiny–you get to feel secure that you know the ‘secret sauce’, nobody else gets to.

    Anyone who develops those four attributes will foster conversion in girls, the first time it happens will probably come as a surprise. You might want to add that while learning game is generally a process of learning to act like an extrovert, deep conversion is something that natural introverts can learn better–it’s the experience that allows them to possess the above attributes that is hard to acquire as an introvert.

    I strongly disagree with this post’s discussion of target selection. In the same way surprise dumpings, and other confidence killers will mess up a young man, falling too hard, too young, and being dumped, can cause fallout for the rest of some poor girl’s life. If you want to spread kindness with your game, ‘convert’ a woman in her mid-to-late thirties who has never felt it before, and in the face of the rapidly approaching wall, has given up on finding love. A deep conversion for one of these women, even with the soul-wrenching pain of losing you, is a gift they will treasure for the rest of their lives–if they have resigned themselves to never feeling a truly deep love, loving and losing is an acceptable second place.

    Feminism didn’t just fail men, it failed a whole generation of women who bit into it hook, line, and sinker; they sacrificed the things that made them whole in exchange for careers they hate, and more likely than not, do not understand that feminism was to blame–convert them and watch the attitude change.

    As far as your book goes, could you really top this one? Lowndes doesn’t write it clinically, and avoids directly discussing game, but the keys are all in there, especially if you have a grasp of pickup.

    • I think aloof game is a derivative of the desire for deep conversion.

      My theory is women have evolved to deeply convert to any man who has complete control over them.

      This complete control over a woman I theorize was quite common in our hunter gatherer days, when bride kidnapping was the primary means of finding a wife.

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  37. I agree with Skeletor that Nick is doing the right thing by not publishing details about how to go about doing Deep Conversion. His position is not elitist, but rather esoteric/mystical framed. If a student can not discover it on their own through strong inner game development, then they should find a guru to take them through the steps responsibly.

    The overriding concern is obeying the campsite rule, but reciprocally. Deep Conversion gone wrong can have negative consequences to the man, woman, or both that can take years to flush out. It is one of the few cases where you can cause damage to your own or another’s inner game.

    Here is an example. When I was 24, my girlfriend at the time had told me about three things that she would never do for any partner, even if asked to do them. Her culture was such that the women had rock solid frame control, even at that age. Without me ever asking, hinting, even thinking about it, two of those things she reversed her position and did them to please me. She was the immovable object when I requested on the third thing haven forgotten it was taboo. Doing the third would have shaken her inner game down to its foundation. I was careful never to ask for it again. When I left her to move to another continent, I made sure she was top of her game for whichever man was lucky enough to marry her.

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  39. Why don’t make a book on it? If you would,I would buy it.

    Deep Conversion is what I want.I’d like to become that man and I’m sure many others would want that too.

  40. Very important article. Thank you Mr. Krauser!

    Could I just add that one thing that can cause what you’re calling deep conversion IME is leading a previously non-ejaculating woman to ejaculatory orgasm, coupled with massage & deep relaxation.

  41. Very interesting stuff Krauser, when you say that you lost your mojo what exactly do you mean?

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  47. Such a beautiful post, always believes black women singing about their lovers is the only true music. There are better blues songs than this one. Anyway Im happy that not every anglo male is a whiteknight.

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