Some video of an idate

August 6, 2012

Here’s a so-so instant date video from my first week in Croatia, about a month ago. It was a roasting hot day and we were still struggling to get some decent leads. I tried camping out at a cafe near the train station when I saw this girl walk past. Something in her walk really appealed, very sultry, and I knew she was one for me. Unfortunately she’d ducked into a library before I caught up.

So I just sipped my coffee some more and got lucky that she came right back past me. I was very sexual in my subcommunication and making some overt sexual compliments on her sexy walk, legs, and the way she pushes her breasts up at times. Simple idate. After a couple of hours I thought I was on for an SDL but logisitcs intervened. Benefit of hindsight maybe it wasn’t really on anyway.

We had a good makeout and the next evening a date that went well but she was making a big deal out of saying she won’t have sex with me. Couldn’t extract and had to make do with sucking her tits in the park while she rubbed my cock. Squalid guttersniping fun.


  1. Nick,

    During the silences, where were you looking? At her? Around the room? Alternating? [a bit of everything. K.]

    Curious about that.

    These videos continue to be great. Thanks.

  2. Just got your book! I’m excited to read it.

  3. Krauser, do you still have that video compilation of some of your crash and burn approaches from your very early days? I found that quite motivating actually, especially now witnessing the stage you’re at. [It’ll be on an old post somewhere. K.]

  4. The most interesting part of this video for me was the “Goblin bar” comment…. it must be great to travel to new places with a guy you have winged with so many times that you have your own code. Is there any chance of a future post talking about this, not the actual codes but what sort of instructions you have coded and any insight into how you work with a wing to reel that target in, such as “reduce your value” or “I’m happy with the distribution” (this one was in a previous video)

  5. Stupid question: Is this the gum or wrist cam? [Almost everything from the past year is watch cam. K]

    The gum cam no doubt gets the best front on video for analysis but I still feel self conscious with it thinking I’ll get caught with it or someone will ask what it is. You’ve used it for years and I assume you’ve never been rumbled.

    The watch cam is perfectly discreet but you often only get descent audio as the angles all wrong.

  6. Why didn’t you follow her into the library and approach her there??? [It’s a bit weird, and there’d be a constant time pressure of her needing to do her things there, which would scotch the idate. She was always gonna have to come back out. K.]

  7. hey krauser, I noticed you go for the facebook close quite often. Do you try to go for both the FB and the number at the end of your approach? Any particular strategy here? Also wondering whether a facebook close leads to getting her # later… like…do you ever prioritize a facebook close over a number (less pressure on her perhaps). Wondering if you have a method, or thoughts on the subject of facebook…relating to your game. [Mostly its logistics, if one of us is unlikely to be around the next few days, or if there’s a boyfriend. K.]

  8. For some reason, you remind me of Jason Statham. And it’s not just the lack of hair.

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