Some rare bootcamps

June 14, 2012

My friend housemate Robusto is getting off his lazy fat arse and teaching a few bootcamps this month in London, inbetween stuffing lots of pies down his neck. They follow the usual format – lectures, daygame / nightgame infields – over a weekend. I am not personally involved in these ones because unlike Robusto I’m not a penniless scrounging Aussie, so I’ll be on holiday in the Land of Beautiful Women.

However, Robusto adheres to all the same concepts and principles I do and his daygame in particular is just like mine. I also vouch for his ability and personal integrity. Go have a look here.

Just make sure you hide your money under the soap.

One Comment

  1. Hahaha Nick, this had me laughing out loud…!! Great writing, great humour! Cheers!

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