You’re obviously a crazy Russian sex maniac

June 14, 2012

I’ve been dicking around on a Russian dating site recently filtering for the ones who live near London. Just a way of occupying my time for an hour while I wait for Jambone to wake up and drive us to LeMans. Here’s a few of the exchanges. Now, I’m not holding this up as an example of excellent online game – it’s just some fun. All the girls are stunningly hot.

A sex maniac, this morning

I sent out ten mails, and got 4 chats like this. Will wait an see if anything comes of it. Here’s another girl who I’d put at a high 8 / low 9.

They are everywhere


  1. But did you tell her you want to hear her say “Kill Moose and Squirrel”?

    Or are you too young to remember that show?

  2. I love your playfulness, Krauser. That is something that always works SO well. Women love to play and have FUN boys. Keep that in mind. You can be weird, you can be an asshole, you can be so many things, but if you’re confident, happy with yourself (this doesn’t mean smiles and loling all the damn time) and inspire her to have FUN, you will be light years ahead of the rest of men.

  3. Krause … you are an inspiration for us all, this is absolutely magic stuff.
    I’m of to Moscow in August for work and I’ve started doing some pipelining via POF. Which site have you been using, if don’t mind me asking ?

  4. hahahahaha. great chat.

  5. funny way of making an article – Wonder why so many russian women are that hot, besides they know how to be feminine and what attracts men.

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