Daygame, masculinity and identity

May 11, 2012

Recent readers will be aware I gave a talk recently to a get-together of London daygame guys. It’s a weekly event that’s grown out of the “find a wing” function of the local forum and has recently begun inviting speakers for a pre-infield talk. So here’s the video of my talk.

Krauser, Saturday

There’s not much to add aside to what’s already on the tape. There’s a section with lots of background noise from roadworks.


  1. That’s a good example of just how great you are, even with that horrible speech impediment, you still get lots of really hot girls!

  2. A most awesome talk! The three faces concept is amazing. The whole idea of Presence/Vibe/Intrigue/Mastery is also a really cool way to look at this.

  3. The three faces concept sounds a lot like the window of Johari, withouth the fourth window, the face you dont know who you are.

  4. Great talk. I like where your blog is going, emphasis on what it means to be a man, I find this greater than pickup theory, this is also where the old school guys never went, pickup is only half the equation.
    btw, good breakdown of the nationality / three things, that’s a great piece for any tourist area.
    Looking forward to the book you and crew are working on… I’m off to get Hitman Blood Money, don’t know how I never heard of it, looks sick.

  5. What’s up with Assanova? His site is not available anymore. [No idea. K.]

  6. I didn’t catch the title of the book you recommended at about the 9:50 mark in the first video. Can you give it to me in the comments?

  7. Is the guess-a-country and name 3 things applicable as a night game opener at all? I’d think so…

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