Announcing the launch of Count Cervantes

March 8, 2012

A common pattern throughout my life has been the three-year cycle. Pretty much any activity or hobby that takes my interest will burn brightly for something like three years and then I tire of it and move on. University, banking, living in Japan, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, economics, playing in a band…. they all peaked around the second year and by the end of the third I was thoroughly bored, casting around for the next adventure.

So it is with pick up

I am rapidly approaching the third anniversary of my first ever cold approach. Regular readers will have noted how enthusiastically I threw myself into the pick up lifestyle and also recently how I’ve slowed down alot. I’ve probably done about 10 daygame approaches in 2012. Tops. My pick up identity tires me. It no longer takes me in the direction I wish to go. I’ve seen enough people trapped in the community long after they should’ve left.

This is not to deny Game. It works. I’ve met, befriended, and banged women far better and far more often than I could’ve hoped to without Game. But while I will continue to study, refine and use Game I will be moving in new directions. What is Hell? It is running around like a blue-arsed fly street-stopping 30 girls every weekend for ten years. Fun for a while (even necessary) but ultimately tiring.

You didn't think I meant the Don Quixote guy?

For six months I’ve been casting around for the next step. How do I continue to learn and build on the Game I’ve acquired these past three years yet still keep it fresh and exciting for myself? I realised that having already made significant progress with the technical side of in-set game, and having sorted most of my inner game, the next step is to spread my wings and live the lifestyle I most enjoy.

Thus I introduce you to my new blog – Count Cervantes.

I won’t pre-frame it any further. Check out a few posts and see what you think. Krauser will continue as normal with it’s usual focus on pickup, infields and game theory. I’ve got no plans to wind it down. However the forward thrust to my life will be on Count Cervantes. That’s where my passion now lies.


  1. Sounds good Count.

    Will you be conducting 2 sites simultaneously then? [Yes. They have different goals and content. K.]

  2. Good man, I shall be adding your other site which looks very interesting indeed, but please continue with a few commentated infields once in a while!

    How has the price reduction on Daygame Nitro turned out? I’m curious to know what the optimal pricepoint would be for a PUA instruction manual. Pretty sure the original price was above optimal and restricted sales, but then again I wonder just how little Roosh makes from each copy of his books sold… [I sold a ton, but at far reduced margin. K.]

  3. Hi Krauser,
    Only recently came across your blog and am enjoy reading it, seeing your progress over the years. Indeed am looking forward to reading your book. Some of the best writing on this blog however, are the observations of culture and the male place in it. I hope to see more of this on your new blog. Best of luck in your endeavours.

    [I try to avoid writing about manosphere/MRA topics because it hurts my vibe. There’s lots of good enthusiastic writers out there who cover this stuff. For example, InMalaFide. K.]

  4. Great progression. Do you think it would have been possible for you or any other man to have got to Cervantes without having gone through a Krauser? [For someone coming from my biography and with my combination of strengths and weaknesses….. probably not. It’s not the only path, though. K.]

  5. Amazing stuff… pls write a novel or something…you are a combination of Tom Robbins and jack kerouac….. ..ipressed

  6. this is insane. I was listening to the Cervantes theme song from soul edge, and look what pops up on the Krauser blog. divine providence?

  7. Krauser, I have a question. What is it like having a bald head? Sometimes I worry about doing pickup because I am bald and obviously that means ugly. But youre well ugly. So I want to know, what’s your advice. Rotter to rtter.

    • But awesome work, the new blog is even better than this one. It’s a good direction in which you’re (bald) headed. [I don’t think you can get where I’m headed. Your bandy girl legs won’t carry you that far, since they haven’t even taken you to F-town for over a year. K.]

  8. The new blog is very promising, and I like your project. Inspiring, as I’m transitioning into the midlife waters at the moment. Your enthousiasm also shone through in the prose, it’s well written. Kudos!

  9. “Pretty much any activity or hobby that takes my interest will burn brightly for something like three years and then I tire of it and move on.”

    Good to hear. I thought I was the only one that had this problem.

  10. At some point, people realize that “game” is just an idle past-time that doesn’t actually help them learn to keep a woman that really makes them happy. Sure, it helps some guys break out of their shell and end up meeting and sexing, sometimes, lots of women. But when it comes to having real fulfillment and happiness in life with a woman who makes everything easier and better… Game doesn’t really do the trick.

  11. Looks like it’s down for the count. 😉

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