Krauser gets a fashion styling

January 3, 2012

Early last year one of JJ‘s good buddies Belinda gave him a styling makeover to turn him from a shifty joy-riding chav into a Libertines-esque indie bad boy. It worked. He looked almost cool. So then Toe had a session and she was able to hide his unflattering curves and Aussie classlessness. If she can make those two reprobates presentable to the opposite sex I figured she might be able to take my dress sense that last step towards perfection. So as the New Year dawns I hear she’s about to go back to Melbourne. If I want to catch her I’ll have to stop procrastinating.

In advance I tell her I’m going for a dishevelled rock/rough look and send a few photos of guys I think look cool. I’m open to try new looks but need to keep the masculine edge. The last thing I need is to dress like Gok Wan.

Yes, I think these guys are cool

We spend a few hours in changing rooms experimenting with looks. I learn which jeans look right on me and how to wear them (e.g. “Put the pockets and buckle down so they rest over your hipbone. The belt is not to hold your trousers up, it’s an accessory”), the importance of layering and so on. We snap off a bunch of photos for different looks….

Being a tight bastard this was all done on a budget so I was going for clothes that can be used across a number of looks. In the end All Saints, Top Man and H&M were £300 richer and I had three new pairs of jeans, some boots, a few simple t-shirts for layering, and a couple of pullovers etc. Looking at the photos I see we were softening alot of the bad boy vibe and making me more street legal.

It feels good getting properly styled, getting small touches here and there and the occassional big change. I don’t have to think “am I well-dressed? does this work?” but instead can hit the streets knowing I have my fashion together. That’ll help my frame. Assanova is always banging on about how important it is to be the best-dressed man the girl has seen all day and now I can kinda see what he’s getting at.

Belinda is in Australia now and can be contacted for styling at Bella Charisma


  1. Cage looks real badass and alpha in the first pic’ collage above.

    Bellinda give some decent fashion tips.

  2. Did she get out of the changing room ‘intacto’?

  3. Finally somebody is listening to Assanova.

    My theory is that style and grooming are part of the social code, girls are very sensitive to that. Good style and grooming = social mastery. And this is very alpha.

    Take special care of the shoes. We all know the jokes about chicks and shoes, but fact is: they really do take note.

  4. Swagger is important bro,

    Its a bit underrated in the community. It can’t can not take away points, only add if any.

  5. -10 points for this post 🙂

  6. So? What inspired you to put up your photo on the site? Everyone knows what you look like now. People usually do this in a fit of stupidity or when they are ready to promote themselves. You already teach game part time as an instructor. So shall I take it you are trying to take your pick up instruction business to the next level?

  7. How tall are you, Krauser? Just curious. Great blog btw. [5’10”]

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