Which girls do you like?

October 31, 2011

As you get more experience with women you’ll probably find yourself becoming more discerning in your tastes, in much the same way that a conniseur of wine (or porn) learns to distinguish between not just subtle grades in quality but also in his personal taste. For example, a £100 bottle of wine is wasted on me because I can’t appreciate it any more than a £20 bottle.

There’s a strong tendency to overrate the women you date due to the ego issues involved and through lack of experience. It’s a running joke that PUA guys on forums think every girl they had some success with is an HB9 and then you see the (rare) photos and those girls are in fact merely 7s. Why is this? Probably it’s a failure to identify quality gradients. When I was married I was convinced my wife was a 10 because at the time, understandably, it was important to me. The reality is that I didn’t have any experience of 10s (or even 9s) so it’s like the top of the female value pyramid was obscured by the mountaintop clouds. So what was actually an 8 seemed to be the top and -ergo- a 10. The real top class of girls were outside my reality and thus didn’t even factor into my scale.

You’ll see this in my earliest blogposts where I clearly overate girls in my mind relative to the evidence of the photos.

One thing I always ask my students is “What type of girl do you like?” When I get an answer like “hot” or “big tits” I’m pretty sure the guy is a long way from success. He simply hasn’t learned to discern his own taste in what really matters. Being indiscriminate is unattractive and kills vibe. It gives poor boundaries because you don’t screen properly. My book goes into alot of details about how to introspect to find the type of girl that really makes you happy and how to screen for her.

Otherwise you end up fucking a bunch of rotters who you hate on, and that puts you on a dark side downward spiral.

Being romantically / sexually involved with a woman is supposed to be an invigorating joyful experience that fills your heart with a love for life. Being good at game is supposed to take you closer to happiness. If you find yourself driven forwards by the dark energy of sexual neediness (must… close…. new…. girl…), enduring unenjoyable interactions because that’s the price of getting her home, and then wanting to be rid of the girl once you’ve got the notch….. well then sir you have deep inner game issues and you’re banging the wrong women. Speaking from my personal experience….

It’s better to date a seven who you like, whose vibe brings you warmth and happiness, than to bang a ten who is unpleasant.

And this brings me to these two videos I came across while lying on my bed hungover and tired on Saturday morning. Just feel the difference between Agne’s vibe (blonde one in Abba) and that modern trash Aguilera. Agne doesn’t need the dance moves, prosser costume, or oh-so-serious facial expressions to be cute. Just looking at the two videos it’s easy to see which girl would be a delight to have in your life and which would just chip away at your soul day after day.


  1. In the agne/aguilera comparison we have something of a very crude comparison of the typical normal girl next door you can meet daygaming (some of which are teetollers or have been to a club 2 or 3 times in their lives) and the overdressed oversexualised fun seeking club girl.

    I have been reading swingcats and mysterys nightgame material recently to get a handle on my night game and the entertainer/dancing monkey/wanker garbage that should come out of your mouth in a good alcohol fuelled nightsarge is in no way congruent with the intelligent, discerning alpha high value man I am on my way to becoming. Can I be arsed to put on that act for an STR or verySTR?

    I think I may stick to daygame – the thought of banging dirty skanks like aguilera/britney spears makes my d*** shrivel up.

  2. Nothing beats having real experience and real standards.

    It’s the only way to be able to qualify girls for real and have it actually mean something.

  3. The first ones look clean, the other is dirty. Of course, any sane man will choose the clean ones; they taste sweeter anyway.

  4. I would take Agne over Aguilera any day of the week. Besides, I always go for the sweet girls in real life. I’ll jerk to the dirty bitches when I’ve nothing better to do.

  5. Must…….close……new……girl!. That about sums up my present mindset. Unfortunately, I will not lose this mindset just by reading posts such as this. the only way for me to get there is …..by…closing……new…..girls

  6. hah. you know the funny thing is when you said that there are some guys who want to get rid of girls as soon as they get the notch, I thought of Roosh. bless his dark heart.

  7. It really depends on my mood.
    If i’m ultra alpha/dominant, pissed off and horny. I tend to stray towards the hot, feisty and defensive types. There’s nothing more gratifying to my mood than to smash apart this type of girl on all levels and have her melt and succumb to my masculinity.

    Then there are days where i just want a nice connection. A sweet and happy girl is ideal in those situations.

    In my experience, i’ve yet to a find a girl who’s ultra hot and have those qualities due to their inability to be down to earth. The hotter they are, the more self conscious they are with their personal image.

    I think for me, finding a girl that’s a happy medium – Sweet and cheerful but feisty and sexual is my definition of a perfect woman.

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  9. “Being romantically / sexually involved with a woman is supposed to be an invigorating joyful experience that fills your heart with a love for life.”

    beautiful line, K man. great videos too.

    this whole concept you have about really developing your taste in girls, your preference — something gunwitch also mentioned — i think is a fascinating concept which deserves much more importance in the community overall. it just elevates the whole concept of game, and truly flips the script.

    simple put, a high value man has discerning taste in woman, as he has discerning taste in everything in life.

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