A juicy little blonde German

October 5, 2011

The prior post was a crappy-looking set that turned out well – I’ve got a date set up with her later this week. Here’s a contrary example, of a good-looking set that went nowhere. You’ll notice the girl was immediately smiley and happy to chat then she invested easily with very little prompting. For the last 2/3s of the set I barely had to talk. She IOIs a few times and agrees to a delayed idate.

Nothing happened. She begged out of the date later and then I never heard from her again.

Looking carefully at the video you’ll see she doesn’t really ask me any questions and her subcommunication is (as I call it in my book) “gormless”. It’s like she doesn’t realise this is a pick-up even though my eye contact is forcing a few fiddly IOIs from her. It’s difficult to predict sets but I’d say that although she is investing with her workrate she’s not investing emotionally by trying to build rapport with me – hence the flake.

But be wary of overanalysing sets. Just go out and do your best work, and then whatever happens happens.


  1. Aren’t there cultural issues at play here (and with the Turkish girl for instance?). I always found German girls a bit difficult to read (when it comes to romantic interest), for instance.

  2. She was not attracted to your looks. No offense, it happens to me all the time, and every guy for that matter. The weird thing is is that sometimes a very attractive woman will like a man’s looks and then sometimes a mediocre woman will not find that same man physically attractive. I know a girl who’s past boyfriends have all been medium height and muscular. I also know a girl whose past boyfriends have all been tall and skinny. Since after the approach and conversation, it is ultimately the girl who chooses the guy, it usually comes down to looks.

    Personally, I think that too many guys discount their success due to their looks. Mystery (even those who do not know him post-fame) gets approached all the time in bars because he is a really good-looking guy. I think the same could be said for the blogger formerly known as Roissy. Maybe you and Jambone too; I think I’ve seen some posts where you recount women approaching you. The same could be said in my own life, although I am not super good-looking, I have been approached on occasion, and I notice that my successes, such as after an approach, is rooted in small things to a large extent like the type of facial hair or hair style I’m sporting. Women, although not to the extent men are, are still very visual creatures.

    [I disagree. I’ve had many girls tell me they didn’t like my looks initially and then as they were pulled into my reality, they started to find me good looking. Your “look” is important. Once you’re ten minutes into a conversation your “looks” are not. Women have different attraction triggers. I’ll never know why this girl chose not to meet me. Could’ve been me, my game, or her and things in her life I’ll never know. K.]

  3. She’s a hot girl.

    You’re spot on about the flake or the reason for the flake.

    She never really committed except superficially I would say.

  4. “But be wary of overanalysing sets. Just go out and do your best work, and then whatever happens happens.”

    –> Good point. Analyzing too much about what went wrong is just emotionally unhealthy for me. I’d rather just call the shots. If a girl follows through, good deal. If not, oh well.

  5. Hey mate, first of all great blog – you’re a champion for posting up vids with detailed commentary! 🙂 Just one q, can you elaborate on what happened when you say she “begged out of the date”? In my opinion that was a solid approach/interaction, so it seems odd that she would flake. I can see signs of interest that are clear as day! My guess is maybe she had a BF and just didn’t feel comfortable bringing it up? I surely don’t think you did anything wrong, the fact that she was so talkative is evidence of this.

    [These things just happen. Girls can get really excited while in the love bubble, but once it bursts you are subject to her whims and logistics. In this case it was bad logistics. K.]

    I’m an Aussie that just met a German chick recently (very similar to your girl, playful + she’s new to the country). I had a Day 2, 3 & 4 with her (over the weekend), where I showed her my various social groups (where I demonstrated crazy Social Value), however I didn’t manage to do anything other than kino since we were amongst others. I feared I may have taken things too slow, but at the end of Day 4 I got a text late at night saying she wants to cook for me in the near future. 🙂 I waited a day and replied saying that would be great, but since then I haven’t received anything (this was 2 days ago). Wondering how you would suggest playing this.. as an Englishman I have no doubt you’d have a lot more experience with German girls that me down here in Australia! 🙂

    [Don’t piss around playing hard to get now. Lead. Call her, tell her she’s gonna cook you something. K.]

    • Thanks mate, appreciate your advice. Unfortunately, I got an obscure “you’re too forward” message from her tonight. No idea wtf that’s about, as she had suggested she wanted me over to her house and I merely agreed. Think it may be time to next her… the German mystery remains unsolved! 😉

  6. Good girl. Thanks for disclosing what (didn’t) happen with her. One never knows with online folk and that earns my trust in you. She’s K type maybe. I’m kind of proud of her. I’m happy to be a stud and for others to be that and maybe this is not the case with this girl but maybe she wants to save herself for a family or a nice German man. I don’t want all the women to be throwing themselves at every guy on the street. A good lock is unbreakable and only opens for right key. But I want some women to be open. But I especially like German women being traditional. That is my weakness, my vulnerability. Que Sera Sera but much respect for traditional German values and culture. I lived there. I’m high degree German and 100% northern European

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