1. haha…. take away Statham’s good looks, charm, comprehendible diction, physical presence and talent, add some female hatred, a small chip on the shoulder, a head like a fucking potato and a couple of low esteem trashbags milling about you, and your almost there.

  2. the only thing that Jason Statham and Nick Krauser have in common is balding heads.

  3. Thats was the result of subconcious projection work from the host – the fact that hes had that Stratham picture on the right doing the rounds for several months (gr8 body language btw) makes a convenient subconcious goto for assanova when thinking of a comparison for K.

    Assanova is completely right about looks/working out etc btw. See so many pua and wannabe f***tards crashing set after set before having completely maximised their looks – do you want to have to work harder?

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  5. Nah, not Jason Statham but another British actor (again with a dodgy northern accent).

  6. That’s wild, I look like Jason Statham too irl.

  7. every week people tell me im his double

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