Menstruation tracker

June 24, 2011

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for months is to start tracking my targets with more scientific precision. Waaay back when I first read Gunwitch he talked about spotting girls who were ovulating and opening them hard and pushing for SDLs. Just coming off Athol Kay’s book where he talks about tracking your wife’s menstruation cycle so you can more effectively mix the alpha / beta traits I decided to give it a try.

It’s pretty clear that girls in peak ovulation are the best bets for first-time sex. It’s also clear they respond well to douchebag / aloof asshole game.

So here’s what I’m doing. I’ve just set up a spreadsheet to track all my active / still alive targets. Each one has a four rows representing each week of their cycle. Whenever I get any evidence to suggest they are in one particular week I’ll input it alongside the date. It’s an imprecise science but hopefully if I gather enough evidence I can precisely date the cycles and thus the time to swoop. Examples of evidence:

  • Week 1 – Bleeding: tells me she’s on the rag, allows sexual touching but stops me at her panties, wears trousers, smells funny
  • Week 2 – Normal: no unusual behaviour
  • Week 3 – Ovulation: dresses sexy, talks and flirts, initiates touching, responds well to everything, allows escalation, gives back in sex chats, wisfully seeks excitement, goes clubbing
  • Week 4 – PMS: frumpy, lack of makeup, confused, bad moods, rejects all alpha / gamey banter, lack of interest in returning texts and calls


  1. Never trust a creature whose emotions are controlled by the moon.

  2. I have a much shorter list of targets, making it more manageable, but I still cannot recommend enough a free Android App called MyDays for this purpose. Make a new user profile for each girl, put in your best guess for the start of her menses, and it will handle the rest, even averaging over the last few cycles if she’s a bit irregular. Athol gave out another choice bit of knowledge in that birth control pills are timed to trigger menses and “ovulation” on Tuesdays. So if she or enough of her female flatmates are on the pill, you just have to figure out the nearest Tuesday to her cycle and you’ll probably be close enough.

  3. Using science to predict when girls are most likely to be up for it. As a geek, this pleases me.

  4. Suggest minor adjustment Krasuer.

    Ovulation is a very tight window of about two days on day 13-16 of their cycle. Day 1 being the first menstrual bleeding. So consider week 2 and 3 as fairly normal behavior, with the transition from week 2 to 3 being the ovulation window.

    Also they will often gobble Motrin like crack in week four and love anyone that has some. Motrin is very very cheap 🙂

  5. My experience is:
    Week 1 – no nookie (although I’ve been out with girls who are happy to do it)
    Week 2 – all over me like a rash, horny as hell.
    Week 3 – Happy to do but she won’t initiate it
    Week 4 – Will rip my throat out for no reason whatsoever.

    Each girl will probably be different.

  6. Some girls REALLY like to bang when Aunt Flo is in town but they can be embarrassed by the mess.They don’t like the CSI style crime scene that they wake up to with bloody hand prints on the wall and the sheets looking like a triple chainsaw murder took place.

    My current girl washes me off with a warm washcloth so I don’t see anything. She is very light though.

    Frankly, when I was married, I wouldn’t touch the stuff. My ex was really irregular and would go months without her period so to abstain for 6 or 7 of the bloodiest days a year was no big deal.

  7. Been reading your blog and it is amazingly loaded with useful advice for noobs like me who just started day game not long ago.

    Anyways back to the subject, to track PMS you can also use free website .

  8. Ooo! Research ;-)) I’m curious of the results!

    PS: Krauser, check my notes on calibration – . A lot of research went in there.

  9. You’re like a transatlantic spawn of bland American freedom rhetoric.

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    Females don’t necessarily menstruate together. The evidence for such….is spotty (no pun intended) and there are more studies that disprove it….

  13. Holy shit man, Holy shit! It’s so true about the tracker and the unresponsiveness when they are in pms mode. Its not their fault I guess. You know. They’ll probably reject every male when they’re in that state. Alpha or not. It’s just nature. They’re not ready to mate.

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