An adorable French “maybe” girl

February 23, 2011

Some girls hook strong at the beginning and are totally into you.  You’re their type, they are looking for a man, and everything clicks. These are “yes” girls. This is the numbers game part of pick-up. If you introduce yourself to enough girls you’ll get some of them. It doesn’t really take skill. Just not fucking up. Conversely there are “no” girls. Married, engaged, loved-up, fucked-up or just simply not into you. You have to filter them out quickly because nothing will ever progress with them. These no-girls are precisely why anyone who tells you he can get 100% success is a liying theiving piece of shit.

The best girls are “maybe” girls. They kinda like you, they might be available. What you do in-set will massively change the outcome. This is where the Game is played. Few things are as satisfying as turning around a maybe girl. And almost every high-value/high-self esteem girl is a maybe. Very few of them are “yes” girls.

I’m doing some daygame yesterday afternoon when I get a good five minute set with a teenage French girl. Exactly my type. In fact I wouldn’t change a single thing about her. Well, perhaps bigger tits and longer legs. And not French. But apart from that, a Krauser girl.

I rate her very highly

I don’t mind that I’ve already banged a Frenchie. I don’t do any of that lame flags bullshit.

The hook is not especially strong, I’m twice her age, and she’s with her family. All the signs of a difficult close. So I’m thinking I’ll just try to invest her a bit and see how it goes. Practice doing retarded attraction material. At 4pm the next day I see her online. I re-open. This is the entirety of our chat:

Me: oh, she’s checking me out…….    the crazy little French girl..
Her: [twenty minutes later] LOL    how are you ?  [low investment! I need to tease her hard, kick away that pedestal]
Me: I’m good    I just had a look at your photo    You have loooooooong arms    Like Mr Tickle

sexy. weird  [flagrantly stolen from Jimmy]
Me: when you wake up in the morning, are they in knots?
Her: wait i just need to take a dictionnary    just in case    so no they arent    :p
Me: 😛 x4
Her: On which picture have you seen that i have long arms ?
Me: None. I was just teasing  [occasionally ground myself as a normal person despite a theme of retarded attraction material. she’s young so probably flakey and ADHD]
Her: Oh okay
Me: Where are you now?  [Logistics. Is it possible to fuck this girl with short game?]
Her: im not in London    i visit my ante    in the suburb
Me: boooooooring!  [keep challenging her to pique interest]
Her: Yeahh it is    lol
Me: Did you go somewhere nice with your mum yesterday?
Her: no just shoppinbg    what about you    what did you do yesterday    ?
Me: I nearly had a fight    That’s very unusual for me    :/
Her: Why ?
Me: I was in Camden, drinking with friends    Some Brazilian guy was very rude. He really hated everything English  [there’s a post coming on this. It was on a date]
Her: So    what did you do ?
Me: For the first hour I ignored him    but he really really wanted to offend me  [frame myself as the reluctant aggressive guy]
Her: and .. ?  [I force her to keep asking for me to continue. It’s a mild form of investment]
Me: So I teased him for a while    Made jokes about Brazil    until he called me racist (for no reason)    I had a till receipt which I’d rolled into a little ball. I flicked it into his face
Me: It hit him between the eyes
Her: so funny
Me: a perfect shot 😀    Everyone laughed. He stood up, very angry    I stayed seated. Gave him “the finger”    and waited for the violence to begin    …  [obviously I frame myself as the hero of the story. Although all of this is true, reality wasn’t quite as cool – I was really angry with the guy]
Her: seriously ?    ..    so bad :p
Me: I don’t usually do this    but he was on a mission to start trouble    Anyway, he looked at me and changed his mind    then he walked out of the bar    England 1 – Brazil 0    How long are you in London?
Her: until friday    on the morning    im coming back    just q minute
Her: im back
Me: 😉    I’m checking out your profile now….  [open a loop on her vanity]
Her: lol
Me: oh no!    the worst photos I’ve EVER seen
Her: im supposed to laugh right ?    :p
Me: I didn’t realise you are famous    I just googled your name, and found a great picture of you  [Jesus, this one never gets old]
Her: Of course i am    you should know it    😉    i took this picture last year
Me: Do you prefer tea or coffee?  [false dilemma for setting up a date]
Her: chocolate     i hate coffee    and i dont like tea
Me: Hot chocolate?
Her: yeap
Me: afternoon or evening?
Her: im not sure i can    im quite busy    until i leave england    actually im here because my grand mother is sick  [she gets the message. I assume all attraction is sexual attraction]
Me: how many of your family are in England?
Her: a cousin , 2 antes ang my grandparents
Me: It’s like an invasion :O  [again I’m focusing on attraction and retardation. Most sets I’d do comfort here but in this case I’m experimenting with low comfort]
Her: AHAha    IT IS
Me: Here’s my number. Text me if you wanna meet [my number]  [another experiment, suggested by Burto]
Her: Ok    thanks
Me: I’m in Starbucks now. Gonna buy a caramel shortbread    I forget, are you from Paris?  [then snip and stack]
Her: LOOL    Not really in Paris    in the suburb
Me: Not cool enough for Paris?
Her: ?    what ?
Me: Do you llike dogs or cats?  [didn’t want to explain a joke, so I snip and stack]
Her: i have an allergy
Me: -10 points    I love dogs     A real allergy?  [qualification]
Her: I hate dogs    lol    yeah    you have a dog ?
Me: No. I really want a siberian husky    They are like wolves    I have an image in my mind    of when I live by the beach again    talking my big siberian husky for a walk in the morning    wrestling him in the water    then hunting penguins together  [this is true, except for the penguins]
Her: LOOOOOL    i want a cat    but i cant because of my allergy    thats to bad
Me: My parents have five cats. I don’t like them    We can’t be friends  [false disqualifier]
Her: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA    youre so funny    :p  [big IOI]
Me: Can you cook?  [qualify her on  high]
Her: Nooo     im a desaster  [banter]
Me: -50 points  [qualify]
Her: in a kitchen     xD    LOOOOOOOOOOOL   [IOI]
Me: we can’t get married either  [bigger false disqualifier]
Me: is that French for “oh no!”?  [subtle flipping of script in this sequence]
Her: no    it means    LOL
Me: When we get divorced, I’m gonna keep the dog, the car, and the Playstation    you can have the pans, cups, and duvet
Her: you can keep everything    a kind of present for me    no for you    :p
Me: You are a naughty girl     I’m shocked     :O    What are you wearing?  [misdirection and sexualise]
Her: naughty ? why are you saying that    ?    a jeans    and    a t shirt
Me: not sexy at all    -5 points    What are you really good at?    (apart from gymnastics)  [doesn’t quite hit so don’t dwell on it, stack into a qualifier]
Her: school    the best of my class    Im good at everything in fact
Me: [don’t validate her]

Her: so cute
Me: I was top of my class in everything every year    but I don’t tell people    oh    I just did….    :/
Her: LOL
Me: I’m actually very modest    I only believe I’m half as good as I really am
Her: yeahh i see that
Me: What colour underwear are you wearing?    if it’s not a personal question…..  [sexualise]
Her: black  [surprised she answered]
Me: I prefer red  [demanding]
Her: Yesterday    it was red   [I’m surprised again]
Me: sexy, or like an old woman’s underwear?

[half an hour passes with her offline – this could be a shit test to see if I chase, bad internet, or she just has other things to do]

Her: hey  [She blinked first]
Me: don’t you “hey” me! 😀  [I like to tell girls off]
Her: lol
Me: did you finish cooking my dinner?  [frame her as my slave]
Her: not yet
Me: I want roast potatoes    with cheese    and gravy
Her: mais bien sur    :p
Me: no onion    no mushroom
Her: okay    :p
Me: I want red wine too    maybe you can sing while you cook
Her: if you like the rain    why not    :p
Me: Your internet is not good
Her: its my internet    its me
Me: you’re a crazy french girl    My mother warned me about girls like you  [frame her]
Her: what do you mean girl like me ?    and what did she tells you ?
Me: she said “be careful of dark brunette french gymnasts”   “they are sex maniacs”  [blame her for the sexualisation]
Her: MDRRRRR    its not true
Me: Yeah, those girls are not all sex maniacs    only you are
Her: we heard the same thing about    english girls
Me: English girls are always fucking    But they are fat 😦  [generalised sex talk]
Me: I prefer skinny girls. More fun to slap their ass
Her: dont be rude    ^^  [simple shit test]
Me: I’m a man. It’s normal    But I guess you are still a shy little girl  [don’t back down, frame her as the weird one]
Her: Probably  [neither acceptance nor rejection. so I back off the sexualisation]
Me: Anyway, you’re fun.    I like that  [time to get real and give her a reason I like her]
Her: lol
Me: I like girls who have energy and can joke around    it’s sexy  [SOIing her]
Her: thanks
Me: I’m going home now. My friends are cooking me a meal    Send me a text tomorrow and we’ll get a quick drink  [assume the sale]
Her: thats nice
Me: I’ve probably only got an hour spare  [FTC]
Her: I’ll thimk about it    okay  [= probably not, but I am above her attraction threshold]
Me: have a good evening    😉
Her: thanks    you too

Conclusions? She’s a maybe girl. There’s some obstacle somewhere whether it’s logistics, a boyfriend, insufficient attraction, whatever. She’s on the backburner for Long Game. With that much family in London she’ll be back. The important thing is she spent three hours chatting to me, investing, and re-opening. I’m now “the guy she talks to on facebook” and from this in lots of beautiful things can be built.


  1. you come across a bit gamey here tbh, good shit though that aside.

  2. 1) She’s well worth fucking. Did you film the set? Would be good to see you open “impossible” sets e.g. girls with their parents.
    2) Pugs are better than huskies.
    3) Your Facebook game is good. I’m starting to see how you do it now.
    4) I hate the French because a) I’m jealous of their totally biased national pride and wish the British ‘educated’ middle class had some b) they are cowards c) they are slimey woggish liars d) they are pretentious dilettantes e) they come in the hundreds of thousands to London to get work that Paris can’t provide and they make a little ghetto, get their own radio station and complain about everything British. Fuck off. f) they assume everything French is better despite all logic or reason g) they don’t wash h) the women have hairy cunts i) when I was a chode I fucked a gross fat French girl because I thought it was all I could get and she had a disgusting, massively hairy massive cunt and it made me sick and I never forgave them for it.

  3. Fucking gorgeous….

    I love France, and french people. Go to Montpellier in the summer and come back and tell me you hate the french. The most gorgeous, classiest birds you have ever seen….

  4. Not sure I have the patience to invest so much time on facebook game – the opportunity cost would kill me – N – send me your malaga logistics please.


  5. Other than Japanese, you never inject any of the vocabulary of a girl’s mother-tongue. Might that be because you would risk losing dominance of the conversation?

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