Croatia – Another banging hot tall girl

December 14, 2010

Here’s the last of my videos from Croatia where the girl was exactly what I look for. Got another few vids of shorter fatter girls I might post later. There’s not much to say that’s not in the video. She was the fourth leggy girl I opened that afternoon.

0:09 – I had an opener ready but when she nearly choked on her food in surprise, I just ran with that.
0:17 – My usual preframe tease was unnecessary when I heard her accent. Natural game should be flexible, going with what the girl gives you rather than sticking to a script.
0:22 – Jambone wandering around aimlessly rather than videoing from a distance. Again.
0:26 – The first of many playfully challenging statements because she seems amenable to banter and it shows value.
0:57 – Vibing, starting to move the conversation onto her.
1:31 – Finally I need to root the conversation. I’ve already shown value for over a minute so its easy to go direct.
1:36 – I don’t think you’ll care about getting to that class darlin’
2:11 – Retarded shit in vibing, I’m self amusing.
2:25 – I like to tell girls off for being naughty.
2:42 – Playful qualifying on her cultural engagement.
2:48 – Shit test on my age. This is a confident girl who isn’t scared to throw things back at me.
3:03 – Pretty face I say.
3:23 – Hands on hips to show mock outrage. A nice IOI. These are signs that the vibing has reached its goal and I can mix in some investment from her.
3:36 – This is screening from me. I like girls who are smart but don’t get all hoighty-toighty about it. The fact she plays down her education is a sign of high esteem.
3:50 – But just incase she doesn’t pick up on the subtlety, I drop in my education too. I want her to think I’m a smart guy playing the retard, not an actual retard.
4:22 – A variant of the Mystery “beauty is common” principle.
4:54 – Playful qualification and teasing draws another hands-on-hip IOI. She’s emotionally investing.
5:15 – Snip thread and compliment. Push-pull.
5:30 – She gives me an easy in to a DHV.
5:51 – She’s asking about me and forgetting about her lecture. Good stuff.
6:23 – Another challenge.
6:48 – Treating her like a racehorse or showdog.
6:55 – Lead the thread away from generalities and back to her childhood.
7:29 – Projecting the frame that I’m interested but I don’t care if she doesn’t like me.
7:56 – Comfort and rapport. It’s good to tell the girl something about yourself that she can connect with.
9:08 – I’m probably talking a bit too much now but I’m enjoying the conversation.



  1. for a minute i thought that old lady in the background was going to blow it all up

  2. yes but that is not a real leather jacket, she must come from a pour family….just kidding, i watch the videos a couple of days ago, so i was waiting for your cometary. i loved how you said you are educated but act dumb. Disagree about her playing down her education, it’s more a sign of insecurity and submission to you.

    PS. seriously….i want to see girl’s faces. just blur the eyes or something….. Just a picture shows a lot about a person and we can understand why you can get away with what.

  3. What camera you using? I want to record my own pickups too.
    Intersting to watch afterwards isnt it?

  4. Krauser…I heard that you lived in Japan before. I am going to Tokyo for four months (january to may). Any day game tips? My japanese is about intermediate and I have lived in Japan for a year before, but that was 4 years ago and only did night game back then…

    • I’ve never sarged Japan. I lived there before I got into game. Look at “nanpa” on youtube (the Jap word for pickup). It’s appallingly bad. The big problem will be language – Japs are shockingly bad at English. You probably need to choose targets more carefully to get girls who are into English


        you mean those japs whose countries economy is entirely based on export… which means they need to deal with foreigners constantly…. and therefore must consider english important language.
        this is the worlds economic powerhouse.

        croatia is a 3rd world country in europe. broken goverment, broken education system. yet, you never mention any remarks about that.

        hhheheehehe, i know why is that. people mistreated you while you lived in japan… no woman would look at you. and you are filled with bitter memories.

  5. have you tried shorter interactions, grabbing a number and setting up a date for the evening? a la Janka style game. Is there a noticeable difference in results in spending 10 minutes with a girl instead of 2?

    • Yes. That sort of fast game doesn’t let you build rapport, investment of give a good non-physical reason to qualify her for another meeting. Therefore you are limiting yourself to girls who are already totally into you and fully available. Nothing wrong with that, but not why I got into game.

  6. just watched the one with the Croatian girl.

    how were u projecting the frame of interest but not caring? (the dogs drink out of toilets but you don’t?) was that it?

    Telling her you were a banker was sort of odd in my view its like your trying to build up value again. around 7:40 and sort of goes against the not caring thing.

    I am a social retard so don’t really know much. She does keep her hands across her chest most of the time protecting herself though psychologically it seems, but begins to clutch at the sides towards the end when you started talking about money. She opened up on the second video. Odd that she didn’t go for coffee.

    Very comfortable phone close especially after you shared pictures.

  7. Christ man, that was like a Cary Grant movie or something. Incredible conversation. Very genuine, rarely a false moment. Really entertaining. If you don’t marry her you’re a fool.

  8. man, why dont you show us some daygame on london streets.
    i mean, you can afford to say things like “i like your ass, i wanna cum all over it” in 3rd world countries…
    (croatia, estonia, spain, poland)
    girls dont understand half of what you are saying. a lot of them are poor and desperate to get out of country.

    you would get cops called on you.

    ps. picking up drunken whores doesnt count.

  9. 0:57 – Vibing, starting to move the conversation onto her.
    2:42 – Playful qualifying on her cultural engagement.
    2:48 – Shit test on my age. This is a confident girl who isn’t scared to throw things back at me.
    5:30 – She gives me an easy in to a DHV.
    5:15 – Snip thread and compliment. Push-pull.

    DHV? Vibing? Qualifying? Push-pull? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! what a dork.
    mental masturbation at its finest.

  10. Good stuff.

    Just think it would’ve helped if you steered the conversation into a more sexual tone.

    I like how you built rapport though

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